Lady of the LakeLady of the Lake


I float on my back turning over the events of the previous nights in my mind. The water, still heated from the warmth of the day, feels nice against my skin. I look up at the clear night sky taking in the summer constellations as I mull it all over. It must have been the wine. It’s always the wine, of course, but this weekend’s events took me totally by surprise. I hadn’t planned a thing. I can’t say that I hadn’t thought about it before, fantasized actually.

For the past couple of months my family and I have been staying at our friends Mike and Sasha’s weekend house. It is a cute little cabin tucked away in the woods with access to a private swimming hole. We have been living overseas for a few years and this summer we decided it was time to take a few months off to visit family and friends back home. Sasha offered up her family’s place and since they don’t live far away they’ve joined us some evenings and weekends at the cabin.

This weekend Sasha and I were hanging out with the kids while the guys went on a little road trip. We had spent Friday afternoon taking in a museum with the kids so by the evening we were ready to make a nice dinner, put the kids to bed, and enjoy a bottle of wine together on the porch. The bottle turned into to two and by the time we were opening the third the conversation really started to loosen up.

We started sharing secrets about our marriages and our sex lives. We had been friends for a long time so she already knew a lot about me, but I had a few surprises up my sleeve. As the conversation heated up so did we and I felt us moving closer together. I told her that I had been with women before even though I was sure she already knew. My husband and I had gone on vacation with another couple once and I knew that it had gone around the gossip circuit that there had been some bed swapping during the trip. I was never really sure what she thought about it and I had been afraid to ask. She hinted that she knew about that one and didn’t seemed too shocked so I told her about a few other experiences I’d had. I told her about a sexy camping trip with a friend and another story involving some heavy petting on the couch while my husband was away on business. I think that she was more shocked by the infidelity than the fact that I had slept with women. I took a sip of wine and looked into her eyes. She didn’t look away, in fact she leaned in closer. Our lips touched lightly.

“I’m trembling right now,” she whispered against my mouth.

I was trembling too, but I pulled her in closer and completed the kiss running my hands down her back. We kissed and touched for a while. This felt dangerous, but it felt so good that I didn’t want to stop.

“I’d like to see your body,” she confessed.

I Ankara escort wanted nothing more than to see her’s too so I reached up and slipped the straps of her tank top down her shoulders freeing her breasts. I kissed them tenderly, stroking one of her nipples with my tongue. Her breasts were delicious and kissing them left me breathless. I could have kissed them all night when suddenly I heard a door close inside the house. One of the kids was awake and then suddenly the spell was broken. We stumbled back in the house, the lights temporarily blinding us. I ran upstairs to tuck my daughter back in. When I came back downstairs the lights were off and Sasha had gone to bed.

Saturday, I woke up tired and hung over. We spent the day with the kids playing and splashing in the lake. I was anxious that maybe I had gone too far. My husband knows me and knows that I occasionally like the ladies, but I didn’t know how this would play out in Sasha’s relationship. We found a few stolen moments to talk throughout the day, enough for me to know that the experience hadn’t been a total disaster. I didn’t think that it would happen again anytime soon, but at least she wasn’t embarrassed or freaking out about it.

That night I put the kids to bed early and slipped out of my cloths and into the lake for a head clearing swim. I swam to the middle of the lake and grabbed a spare float that had drifted out into the water. I didn’t expect to see Sasha anytime soon. She had gone to put her kids to bed over an hour ago and I suspected that she had fallen asleep. I started thinking about the night before and I felt a flush pass over my body. I was just reaching between my legs to stroke myself when I heard the screen door slam. The flush of passion turned into a blush of embarrassment. I slipped off the float into the water, hoping Sasha hadn’t seen what I was about to do. My legs churned up the colder water from deeper in the lake and my nipples grew hard making the feeling of desire and passion even more intense. I continued to tread water, clinging to the side of the float as I watched Sasha strip down to her bra and panties. She dove into the lake off the the end of the pier and swam about for a while. I was wondering if she had even seen me when she disappeared under the surface of the lake. I glanced about wondering where she would pop up when suddenly she emerged on the other side of the float smiling.

“Fancy meeting you here,” she joked.

She looked beautiful in the moonlight. Her dark hair fell in wet strands around her dark eyes and her smile hinted at something mischievous.

“I thought you had fallen asleep,” I stammered.

“I couldn’t have possibly fallen asleep,” she replied. “The guys are getting back tomorrow and Ankara escort bayan we have some unfinished business to attend to.”

I didn’t say a word but leaned over and kissed her lightly. She dipped under the water and reemerged on my side of the float. I moved in closer until I felt the lace of her bra against my breasts. I slipped an arm around her and gave her a long deep kiss. Our legs brushed against each other under the surface of the water. We each held on to the float with one arm while letting our free hands explore the curves of backs and hips. We let go of the raft sinking in a twist of arms and legs coming up to breathe and kiss. It was all very sexy, but playful too. Sasha disappeared many times swimming under and around me, coming up in unexpected places. We splashed and played and laughed.

Sasha had stashed a cooler on the pier so we swam back towards shore and grabbed a couple of cold beers. Our float had drifted towards the pier as well so we held on to it once again and sipped our beers while we talked about nothing in particular. As we drifted Sasha wrapped her legs around my hips under the raft. I caressed her hip finding the the lace of her panties. I hooked one finger around the thin elastic and followed the lacy trim to just below her navel. When she didn’t object I inched my hand down slowly. I took my time feeling my way as I went: soft hair, inviting flesh and finally her warm moisture. She breathed in sharply, but then relaxed into my touch. With the raft between us it was difficult to kiss so I just explored her with my hand. I watched her lean back into the water, floating, enjoying my touch. I didn’t want to make her cum, not yet. I just wanted to give her that happy fluttering feeling inside and wake up her desire.

I felt her legs tighten around me as she straightened up to face me.

“Would you like to get out?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

She climbed out of the water first and stood dripping and shivering. She dried off, discarding her wet bra and panties on the bank and handed me the towel. There was a sleeping bag in a box on the deck that I often spread it out on the pier for star gazing. While I dried off she retrieved it and spread it out on the soft grass of the bank.

She sat down on the blanket and I joined her. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me in for a kiss. We kissed for a while as she softly caressed my breasts. Her skin was cool to the touch. I felt a little chilly from our long swim too, so I moved in closer holding her against me. I kissed her neck, her breasts, her belly. She leaned back, lying down, as I made my way down her body. I knelt between her legs looking down at her as she reclined, eyes closed. I ran my fingers down her, Escort Ankara lingering on her breasts, and tracing the same path that my mouth had just made. With both hands I held her hips lightly inching backwards slightly. I kissed her soft mound, her warm cleft and then parting her legs slightly I tasted her for the first time. Her warm softness beneath my tongue sent chills through me.

I gently explored her with my tongue, enjoying her taste and smell. She moaned softly and pushed her hips gently into my kisses. I slipped a finger inside her working it slowly back and forth while I continued to lick and nibble. She arched her back and sighed as I slid another finger inside her. I began to kiss my way back up her, lingering on her breasts. I sucked hard on her nipples while I continued to work her with my hand. I wanted time to slow down, I wanted to make it last, but I knew that we were past that point. She was on the verge of cumming and I was dizzy with desire. I made my way back down and she pressed her sex into my mouth calling out softly. I supported her hips with my hands moving my tongue back and forth. A shudder ran through her and I felt her, moist and throbbing beneath my tongue. Her hips relaxed against the blanket and I could hear her breathing quick and shallow.

This was the first time I had brought a woman to orgasm with my mouth and I was caught up in the electricity of it. I wanted more of her, but she had other ideas. She pulled me into an embrace, kissing me, and then rolled on top of me. “It’s my turn,” she whispered.

She made her way down my body slowly. She nibbled and kissed me lightly. I usually like things a little rough, but her gentle petting was driving me mad. I parted my legs and she ran her finger down me softly. She bowed her head moving between my thighs and I felt her mouth on me, kissing and licking me. I tilted my hips towards her, welcoming her caresses. I was already so turned on that it didn’t take much to push me over the edge. As I began to peak she slipped a finger inside of me, thrusting until a second wave passed over me. We both collapsed on the blanket and lay panting in each others’ arms.

We lay like that for as long as we could, holding hands and looking at the stars. At about midnight we collected our clothing, gave each other a long kiss goodnight and headed to our separate beds. Tomorrow the guys would come back and life would return to normal.

Today when we woke up we had our coffee as usual. We didn’t talk much, but the silence was more comfortable than awkward. The guys returned before lunch time and Sasha and Mike headed back home. We shared a warm hug and managed to keep our eyes dry. Tonight I’m enjoying one last swim in the lake while my husband puts the kids to bed. Tomorrow we head back to London and life. As I slip out of the water I feel like I’m leaving part of me behind. The Lady of the Lake slips down below the glassy surface of the water. Perhaps she’ll reemerge next year.

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