Limousine Ride – Fuck SurpriseLimousine Ride – Fuck Surprise

Ava Addams

The long black limousine pulls up to the curb, at my place in the heart of Sydney. My gift has arrived – something special. I’m licking my lips as I climb in the back, with my silky smooth stockings and pink satin dress, riding up and hugging my ass.

“Meet Jill,” Mike says;” You are going to fuck her pussy, while I fuck you doggy style.”

She is very sexy, luscious Jill; with her bright red lips. She’s wearing fishnet black stockings up to her ass,and suspenders with red high heel pumps,the lowest neckline, with fuck-able tits hanging out. She is lying back on the seat with her legs spread wide, so I get a full view of my surprise; a very wet and sexy pussy with a landing strip.

“Oh Mike honey, what a great gift you have given me; when can I open and fuck it.” My mouth is getting wet, wanting to suck on those tits, and lick pussy very badly.

As you climb in behind me and slap my ass hard, running your hand up under my dress, to caress my pussy, with the silky smooth pink g-string between my swollen lips.

“Wait your turn Debs; I’ll get her ready.”

As the limousine pulls from the curb, you get down on your knees in front of Büyükbakkalköy Escort her, running your hands up her legs to grab her ass.

“Mmm, wearing no nickers, you are prepared. Been playing with your pussy too, it’s all wet; I’ll have to lick it clean, ready for my nice big wide cock.”

You are wearing that black business suit, with the crisp white shirt, black tie and shiny black shoes. Looking very sexy, you have that smile on your lips, and come fuck me eyes. You pull her ass off the seat slightly, enough for easy access for your rampant tongue, using your thumbs on either side; you start to lick her clit and pussy lips.

I take my seat across from you. She has her eyes half closed, watching what you’re doing to her, moaning and groaning as your two fingers enter her slightly. I’m getting horny; my pussy is reacting, and starts to juice up; throbbing for my tongue to start doing that.

Putting my hand down my silky smooth g- string, I spread my legs, sliding a finger down my pussy, over my clit, through my lips, into wetness; spreading my legs wider, finger fucking myself.

As I watch Büyükbakkalköy Escort Bayan your tongue licking her harder, while your fingers are moving in and out of her slit,I can see them wet with her juices.

I hear her gasping and moaning, causing my pussy to spasm, as I become short of breath. My finger is becoming more urgent on my clit, as I watch the show. I move over to the seat next to her, and take her swelling tits out of her bra. I cup them in my hands as I glance down her belly, watching your tongue become more insistent; licking her clit and pussy lips.

My wet mouth and tongue take her nipple, lick and suck it, drawing the nipple into my mouth, using my teeth to scrape the skin; she shivers and arches her back to your tongue moaning louder, enjoying the feelings. I spread my legs for easy access, as you run your hand up my leg to my crotch, sliding two fingers into my wet pussy as your other fingers are fucking her slit and ruthlessly frigging her g-spot.

“Mmm, fuck me honey, please now.”

As I am about to explode with my impending orgasm; I get down in front of you and push Escort Büyükbakkalköy my ass into your cock. You are sliding into my slit as you grab my hair, pushing my face towards her pussy. I take over the licking of pussy,which is about to let go with her explosion of sweet juices.

Jill is pushing her pussy into my face, as you’re ramming your cock into me doggy style. I am getting wet, and juice is running down my thighs, as you are watching your woman tongue fucking Jill; with the luscious tits and sexy eyes.

We are all moaning and groaning from the excitement and ecstasy, with your mouth, and sexy voice at my ear urging me on.

“You’re my fucking slut whore Debs; you love licking pussy, and getting dog fucked by my pussy fucker.”

Flicking my tongue tip all over her pussy, while moving my fingers in and out of her snatch. Your cock is swelling watching this,you thrust harder and faster into my cunt; suddenly jerking, exploding your cum into my orgasmic pussy.

As Jill lets loose, and arches her back up and down on my tongue, she orgasms loudly and wetly, spilling her juice, I’m sucking it up and slurping it down. The sweet nectar on my tongue, as my pussy is squeezing your cock, while you pump in and out of my juicy wet slit.

“Make sure you clean all that juice, you fucking bitch whore of mine, ready for my cock to fuck her; after I have finished with you.”

As the limousine stops outside the office building, for the bosses meeting …Just Another Fucking Fantasy.

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