Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 54 Nifty: Please add this chapter to my story under your “Gay – Incest” section. Thank you. DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 54 ——————————————————————————- Mike’s journals continued much the same as usual until his first day in high school, the day he met me. I remember that first day when we met. Mike had come from a different middle school than I had, so we didn’t know each other. On our first day, we sat next to each other in homeroom. I struck up a conversation with him, and we soon found out that we both played guitar. With that in common, we quickly became friends. I was surprised when I read that when we first met, he instantly had the hots for me. He wrote about my ‘Adonis-like body, gorgeous blue eyes, and flowing dark hair’. He wrote that he hoped we’d become as good friends as he and Cody had been. It wasn’t long before we’d become good friends, and were hanging out together after school and on weekends, unless of course I was busy with Lynn. I had just starting getting interested in her. Mike wrote a lot about my developing relationship with Lynn. I wondered how I had never realized that he was jealous of her, and that he wanted me all to himself. Mike and I had sleepovers often during the first year we knew each other. During our sleepovers we looked at his brother’s or my Penthouse magazines and talked about sex a lot. We had both sheepishly admitted to each other that we jerked off, and had even discussed techniques. We never did anything together though. I was surprised, after reading Mike’s journals that we didn’t end up having sex, because in his journals Mike poured out his desire to do just that with me. I remembered times, before Lynn and I started having sex, that I wished Mike was gay, as I wanted to have sex with him too, considering I’d lost my other friend Mike, who I’d been fooling around with. I found though from his journal entries, that he felt I was completely consumed with getting together with Lynn. He said that he realized I was ‘completely straight’ and that he hadn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting together with me. If only he had known… I had tears in my eyes thinking about how different things might have been. As I read onward, I got quite a shock. One night when I’d slept over at Mike’s, he’d molested me while I slept! Like he’d done with his brother earlier, once I’d fallen asleep, Mike had exposed my penis and sucked on it! He had sucked me to full hardness, but then I’d begun to stir, so he’d chickened out and stopped. Mike was so upset then, because I’d rolled over onto my stomach. He wrote quite a description of my cock, saying what he wished he could’ve done to it. By the time I’d finished reading that part, I was ready to cream my pants! As time went on, the school year ended, and summer came. Mike told about how he and I had spent a lot of time together down at the Kriterkill skinny dipping. He said those were some of his favorite times, although he’d always had a hard time hiding his ‘semi’ from me. Thinking back on those days, I too wondered how Mike never saw me get a semi, as I watched his lithe body leaping into the water in the old swimming hole. As his journals continued, Mike told about the formation of ‘The Six Pack’ and our playing together. He also wrote quite a bit about my relationship with Lynn, especially about our pregnancy, Dylan’s birth, and Lynn’s suicide. I guess I’d been more messed up than I thought, as Mike wrote a hell of a lot about all he was doing to help me get through my grief. As I read onward, I remembered a lot of things I’d forgotten. I wept as I read some of this. During the summer before he died, Mike wrote about how he and I had gotten certified as life guards, and had gotten jobs together at the beach. I remembered all the fun we had guarding together all summer, and how we’d planned on doing so again this coming summer. In mid-July Mike began making odd entries in his journal. The first said “Joined the bank”. That’s all it said. Then about once a week for a few months, right up to and including Christmas Eve, there were entries that said “Made deposit”. I thought it was rather strange that Mike noted in his journal whenever he deposited money in the bank. There was no other mention about it though. Finally, during our senior year of high school, Mike started to write more about me again, and his feelings for me. He realized as school was starting up again, and after having spent the whole summer with me, just how deeply in love he was with me. I was surprised how deep his feelings were, and I was in tears through much of what he wrote about during the last few months of his life. After I had left for England, he’d been devastated by my absence. Although he understood the necessity of it, he felt it grossly unfair that I’d been taken away from him. It was clear from his journal entries, how hurt and angry he was, and he that he’d gone through quite a period of depression. The entries he wrote after he heard I was coming home for a visit were exuberant! And on the day before I arrived, he wrote, “I can’t stand it anymore. While John’s home, I’m going to tell him I’m gay and that I’m in love with him!” Then we ran into each other at the mall that first day I was back and Mike found out I’d brought Andy with me. He was totally blown away that I had brought a new friend with me from England. Especially a boy who seemed ‘rather effeminate’ in his estimation, and who clearly seemed very close to me. Mike ranted about Andy for three pages! From his writing at the end of that day’s entry, I could tell that he was angry, frustrated, and very worried that there was more to Andy’s and my relationship than just friendship. I could hear the anguish in his words. As I read, I was crying right along with him. Finally, came the last few pages, and the last entry in his journal. It was written the night he died – after seeing me and Andy kissing in my care before our concert – after our concert, during which I sang to Andy, and he’d come to the realization that Andy and I were partners – after he’d left the bowling alley – after he’d seen me in the parking lot and couldn’t stop because he was too upset – after he’d cried his eyes out as he’d driven home – and after he’d decided to end his life. Near the end he wrote “…And then John started singing a new love song that everyone went wild over. I saw who he was looking at. He was staring at Andy! He was singing to HIM! Then I saw the look on his face, when he saw the look of adoration on Andy’s face, and the tears in Andy’s eyes! I know now that my life will never be like I want it to be. God I love him so much! Why couldn’t he have been singing that song to me????? WHY JOHN?????? My life isn’t worth living anymore! I just want to be dead! I can’t stand the pain in my chest. I want to be dead…” Mike’s heart was broken because of my relationship with Andy. It was clear that he was beyond simple depression over it. I sobbed as I read of the pain he was feeling, and of his feeling that he just couldn’t stand living anymore. Then he wrote about the anguish his parents and brother would feel, but he was beyond being able to stop himself. He talked about various methods of ending it all, and finally decided to use a combination of methods in case one didn’t work. He wrote that he was going to swallow a bottle of sleeping pills, and wash them down with the rest of the bottle of JD he was drinking. Then he was going to hang himself in the garage. He hoped he didn’t leave a big mess for anyone to have to clean up, and he felt terrible about the grief he was going to cause his family, but he simply couldn’t go on any longer. His final tear-stained entry was “… if anyone finds this and reads it, I’m so sorry if I hurt you by doing this. I love you all very much! It’s not your fault! It’s my life, and I cannot live without the person I love the most! I know now that he belongs to someone else, and he always will. John, Bruv, if you ever read this, please don’t blame yourself. You never knew! I couldn’t tell you. I was afraid you’d turn against me, and I couldnt have lived without you if you had! I had no idea you were gay too – or I would’ve told you I was. Maybe things would’ve been different. I love you Bruv, more than I can ever explain! I always will! Good-bye!” I was sobbing uncontrollably as I finished reading Mike’s journal. I must’ve been loud, as Andy, the boys, and Grandma all came in to see what was wrong. I closed Mike’s journal before they could see it, then tried my best to calm down. Wiping my eyes istanbul travesti I told them I was OK, but that I needed to be alone a while. Quietly they all left. Even Andy left, which surprised me. It was almost as if he knew what I was feeling, and thought it best if he didn’t stay, so I could sort out my feelings by myself. I was glad to be alone with my thoughts. I laid there sadly thinking about how different things might have been if Mike had opened up to me. I had loved him so much, in a brotherly way, that I felt certain that if he had declared his love for me, I’d have found I loved him the same way as well. Things would have been different. I probably would have been with Mike, and not Andy. I wondered if I’d have been as happy with Mike, as I was with Andy. I expected that things wouldn’t have been as easy between Mike and me, as they were between me and Andy. Even though Mike and I loved each other like brothers, we’d often butted heads over stupid stuff. Andy and I didn’t do that. As sad as I felt about Mike, I doubted I could’ve loved him as intensely as I did Andy. I cried some more for Mike when I realized this. Then I just laid there for a while, trying not to think at all. Eventually, I got up and put Mike’s journals back in their box and took it downstairs. Everyone looked up at me as I headed for the back door. I locked the box in my car’s trunk and came back in and joined everyone. “Those were some of Mike’s things that Brian wanted me to see,” I said, in explanation. “Sorry I got so emotional.” “It’s OK John, we understand,” Grandma said. Before anyone could say anything else, Scott suggested we all have some ice cream, as ice cream always made him feel better. I chuckled then and told him that it usually helped me too, so we all went to the kitchen and had dishes of ice cream with chocolate sauce. As we were eating, I noticed John was suddenly looking a me, then Andy, and back at me, with a funny look on his face. “Where’d you come up with another class ring for Andy?” he asked, when he noticed me looking at him. “This one’s Mike’s,” I said, holding up my finger. “Oh, I didn’t know you had it,” John said. There was an uncomfortable pause, as everyone looked at me. “It’s OK, you don’t all have to get quiet on me if Mike’s name comes up,” I said, looking around the table at all of them. “I think it’s nice that you have Mike’s ring, and you gave your’s to Andy,” Grandma said, after a moment. “Well, I thought John should always have a little bit of Mike with him, so I told him he should wear Mike’s ring instead of his own. Then he got the idea to give me his own ring. So now, I always have a little bit of John with me too,” Andy said, smiling. Scott asked if anyone wanted second helpings of ice cream then. Andy, Grandma, and I declined, but the four boys each had a second dish, while we all visited together some more. Afterward we all watched the news together, then it was time to go to bed. * * * Later, as we laid in bed, I was thinking about Mike. Andy must’ve realized. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked. “No, but thanks,” I said. “I’m here if you change your mind,” he said. “I know. Thanks,” I said. Then a sudden realization hit me. “Please don’t tell anyone what you read in Mike’s journals,” I said. There was a pause, then Andy said “I won’t. I didn’t think you realized I looked in them. I’m sorry I broke your trust in me, but I needed to understand. I do now, and I’m so sorry about everything. I wish he was still here for you!” Without replying, I snuggled up to Andy, and let him wrap his arms around me, as I began crying softly again. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep as Andy held me. * * * The next morning, I was feeling a bit better. At school, most of the day was spent talking about the senior trip to DC, that began very early the next morning. We had a meeting about it in the auditorium after school. We were given our instructions and room assignments. We were booked two to a room, and due to the fact that Andy was my guest, he was slated to share my room with me. I smiled to myself thinking about the fun the two of us would have alone together in a hotel room, and made a mental note to pack extra lube! That evening, the weather was so nice, Grandma decided we should have a picnic outside. I grilled BBQ Chicken and Ribs, and we had potato salad, cole slaw, corn-on-the-cob, and rolls with it. Dessert was Strawberry short cake! After we ate, Andy and I packed for the trip, and I sat down a few minutes with Jacob and Harry and laid down the law about behaving Grandma while Andy and I were away. Not that I really had to – they were always pretty well behaved. Together, we called Elizabeth and Harry’s parents and checked in. All was well, and it was raining in England. Big surprise! Later after the others had all gone upstairs, I sat down at the piano with Mike’s songs and played through them. The melody of one of them in particular was awesome, even though Mike had written the guitar version of it. I quickly improvised the piano version and wrote it down. There weren’t any lyrics for the song though. As I sat there, staring at the sheet of music Mike had written, I knew I had to write the lyrics about him. To honor him. I played the chorus over and over and after about 45 minutes, I’d come up with some words that I thought were good for it. All I needed now was a few verses. It was getting late though, and it was time to go to bed, as we had to be up at 4 AM to get ready for the trip. So I took the music and went upstairs. Andy was already in bed. I grinned when I saw that he’d fallen asleep while reading a travel guide on Washington that I’d gotten him. Gently I took the book and marked his place, then stuffed it into his backpack. I put Mike’s songs away and went to get ready for bed. A few minutes later I was in bed, snuggled up to Andy, dozing off. * * * The alarm went off at 4:00, and I groaned. You couldn’t tell that Andy was excited about the trip, as oddly he popped out of bed and began bustling around getting ready to go, while I laid in bed moaning that I wanted to catch a few more Z’s. Eventually, he poked me to get me moving. “What’s wrong with this picture?” I said, sitting up and looking at him through bleary eyes. “What’s the matter?” Andy asked, as he started making the bed while I was still sitting in it. “You’re never perky in the morning! You’re always the one who’s groaning about not wanting to get up! Why are you all bouncy and I just want to sleep in?” I said. “John! We’re going to your nation’s Capital today! Come along! We mustn’t be late!” Andy said, and he dashed out of the room, across the hall, and into the bathroom. Groggily, I got up and finished making the bed. Then I trudged across the hall and joined Andy in the bathroom. He was already in the shower. I took a shit, shaved and brushed my teeth. As I was spitting, I swore I heard the sounds of Andy having an orgasm. “Are you – ah, never mind,” I said. “Come on already!” Andy said, peering from the side of the shower curtain. I plodded across the room and stepped in the shower and sure enough Andy had a boner, but it looked like it was deflating. “Did you just jack off?” I asked. “What if I did? You’re not that energetic this morning. Now, stand still!” he said, and he squatted in front of me and took my cock in his hand and stuffed it into his mouth. “OH!” I exclaimed, as my cock began to stiffen. Quickly, I grabbed the safety bar. Andy proceeded to bob up and down on my rod, sucking away on me, causing me great pleasure! I was fast becoming awake now. It only took Andy a couple minutes of sucking, before my orgasm began and moaning, I ejaculated a load of cum down his throat. He quickly swallowed it, as I shot another glob into his mouth. Andy continued sucking and swallowing, as I held onto the safety bars in the shower, moaning, and emptying my balls. Eventually my orgasm ended, and Andy stood up again. “Feel more awake now?” he asked, grinning at me. “Yeah! Thanks!” I said, grinning. “Sorry you’re done already though.” “I’ll let you make up for it tonight,” Andy said grinning saucily at me, as he stepped out of the shower. I finished showering, then we both dried and got dressed. I quickly looked in on the boys. Jacob and Harry were snoozing, comfortably spooned together, Harry behind Jacob. The twins were both in their own beds, laying on their stomachs. John was snoring, but Scott was moaning softly, and humping the mattress lightly. I wanted to stay and watch to see if he finished his wet dream successfully, without waking up, but Andy leaned in the door, and motioned for me to hurry up. We took our bags and went downstairs then. We were surprised to find Grandma in the kitchen, dishing up plates of eggs, bacon and toast for us, and pouring Andy some tea, and me a cup of coffee. “You didn’t have to get kadıköy travesti up and do all this!” I said. “I know. I wanted to. We’re going to miss you,” she said. “Thanks, and we’re going to miss you too,” Andy said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Are you sure you’ll be OK alone with all four boys?” I asked. “OF COURSE!” Grandma said, looking indignantly at me. Andy and I both snickered, and I said “Just checking.” Grandma smiled then and poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down with us while we ate. We chatted about the trip, and she told us about a couple things we might want to see in Washington. Then, when we were done eating, she sent us on our way, as we protested that we should do the dishes for her. “NO! Just get going! You’ll get a better seat on the bus if you’re early. Remember – don’t sit in the back – those bathrooms stink!” she said. We both laughed, then headed out to my car. * * * As Grandma had said, we were early, and got our pick of seats on the buses. We chose the newest bus, and sat right up front so that we could look out the front window as we drove along. The bus trip was nice. There really was nothing worth looking out the windows at, until we were off the NJ Turnpike and other highways though. The guys from the band all sat up front with us, so we had a good time visiting. At one point during the ride, I had to go to the bathroom. As I got up to go, Andy whispered, “I don’t suppose there’s a ‘mile-high’ club on buses?” I snickered, and said, “Not with this crowd. We’d get caught!” Andy feigned pouting, as I headed to the back of the bus alone. * * * Eventually, we reached Washington. “Look! There’s something up ahead! The white pointy thing!” Andy said excitedly. I looked ahead, chuckled, and said, “That, white, pointy thing is the Washington Monument! Out of respect to George Washington, no other structure in DC is allowed to be taller than it.” “Oh!” Andy said, tinging pink, as the guys around us all laughed. “Gee! You’re not excited or anything about being in DC, are you Whizzer?” Leg said. We all laughed then, even Andy. * * * We stopped at our hotel to check in and freshen up. We were only allowed 20 minutes, then we had to be back on the bus to begin our tour. Andy and I had a nice room that looked toward the Potomac. We could see the Jefferson Memorial in the distance, on the other side of the river, and a little closer to us was the Washington monument. Andy was thrilled. He immediately took a couple pictures from the window. We both peed, then having 8 minutes left, we gave each other real quick blow jobs, before heading back to the bus! “You guys didn’t just…???” Craig whispered when he saw that both of us looked flushed as we re-boarded the bus. We both just grinned at him, as he pouted and muttered, “Assholes! I wish Jeremy was here!” We both chuckled, and finally Craig smiled and winked at us. I noticed his crotch was bulging though. * * * Once everyone was on the buses, we went directly to the White House which was to be our first stop. “I’m so excited!” Andy said, “This is what I wanted to see the most!” I grinned, and some of the guys chuckled, as we all got off the bus. We had to go through metal detectors and heavy security to get in, but we all got in OK. We were lead on a very nice tour of several of the public rooms in the White House. The tour lasted about an hour. The White House was amazing. I could feel the history of the place seeping into my bones. Like Andy had said, this, was what I most wanted to see in DC too. While we were gathered in the Blue Room, we were shocked to see Mrs. Bush and the Bush’s Scottish Terrier, Barney, walk by in the hallway. Mrs. Bush happened to look in and saw us. She surprised us even more then, by stepping to the door of the Blue Room. Everyone suddenly quieted down. As Mrs. Bush welcomed us to the White House and said she hoped we enjoyed our visit, a bunch of us, myself included, snapped some pictures of her. Then she asked where we were from. Everyone started answering, telling her we were from Asbury Park, and it was our senior trip. She smiled politely, through the din. As everyone quieted down again, Mr. Warren, one of our teachers apologized and told her we were from Asbury Park High School, and we were on our senior trip. She told us she hoped we enjoyed our stay in Washington. Mr. Warren asked her then if she would mind posing with us for a picture, which he’d have put up on our school’s website. She thought that was a nice idea, and called Barney to join her. She and Barney stood with us, as the secret service milled about, looking cooly at us. Mr. Warren took a couple pictures. Then Mrs. Bush apologized, saying she had to leave. She and her entourage, with Barney in the lead, left then. Andy was very excited over our chance meeting with her. I thought it was neat myself, but I was glad the President hadn’t been with her, as I think he’s an ass. The rest of the tour was uneventful, but very interesting. “Damn! I was hoping they’d show us the backroom where Clinton got it on with Monica,” Legs said, grinning, as we walked back outside. We all laughed. It was lunchtime when we left the White House. We were to tour the Washington, Lincoln, and Vietnam War Memorials after lunch on our own, so we were let loose on the Mall, the big long park that sits perpendicular to the White House, across the Elipse, which is across the street from the South Lawn. The Mall stretches from the Lincoln Memorial on one end, to the Capitol on the other, with the Washington Memorial approximately in the middle of it. The Potomac and its Tidal Basin are kind of parallel to the Mall on the far side. The Smithsonian and other Museums and galleries, and the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials are also located on the Mall. We all found some food vendors, and got our lunches. Then we went and sat on the other side of the Mall, and ate while we watched the Potomac go by. Across the river was the Jefferson Memorial, which I took a couple of pictures of. When we’d finished eating, Andy, the guys and I decided to go see the Lincoln Memorial first. We all took turns posing for pictures in front of the big statue of Abe. Afterward, we went to the Vietnam War Memorial, which sits adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial. It was awesome, and very sad. Andy and I spent most of our time watching the other visitors as they left mementos for their loved ones who died in the war. Some, who could reach their soldier’s name on the wall, were making rubbings of it. A bunch of our classmates were at the memorial too. It surprised me how many of them were looking up people they knew. I noticed a guy named Don who’d been in a couple classes of mine the previous year kneeling in front of the wall. He had tears running down his cheeks. Van Gogh sidled over to me, as I snapped a picture of Don leaning on the wall, crying. “He just found his grandfather’s name,” Craig said. Don knelt for a couple minutes, staring at the wall. When he finally got up, he laid a bouquet in front of the wall. Then he turned and swiftly walked away. Andy, Craig and I walked over and looked down at the bouquet. There was a picture of Don stuck in the flowers. I snapped a picture of the bouquet, as it lay on the stones in front of the wall. Then I reached down and lifted out Don’s picture and turned it over. Scrawled across the back was “I wish I’d gotten to meet you Grandpa! Love, Don” Under it, he’d printed his grandfather’s name, rank, and unit. I put the picture back. “Look,” Craig said, “here it is.” He was pointing at Don’s grandfather’s name. I snapped a picture of it. “How very sad this place is,” Andy said. “Look at ALL the names!” I said. “They all died in just one war. And they were just from our side!” We stood for a while, looking up and down the walkway. Periodically along the wall, there were people looking at the names. Some had flowers. One older woman had a teddybear. She was crying, as she sat it next to the wall. There were a couple of men in army uniforms, that were ill-fitting. They looked too old to be in the service any longer. I assumed they were survivors of the war, who’d come to pay their respects to their fallen comrades. “Can we go please? This is too depressing,” Andy said. “Yeah, let’s go see the Washington Monument,” I said. We walked along the walkway and away from the War Memorial, then walked along the reflecting pools toward the Washington Monument. There was a ring of flags circling the monument. It looked nice that way. We waited in line and eventually got to go up inside the Monument. Andy found it interesting. By the time we were back on the ground, we only had 15 minutes till the bus was to pick us up. So we headed to the designated area, and found many of my classmates were there already too. A few minutes bakırköy travesti later, the buses arrived. We boarded them, and after waiting for a few minutes for some last minute stragglers, our head count reconciled, so we took off. When we got back to the hotel, we were given a half hour to go to our rooms to freshen up, then we were due down in one of the banquet rooms for an informal supper buffet. After we ate, we were on our own for the rest of the evening, although we had an 11:00 curfew, and our chaperones would be checking us all in. Our group took a walk around the neighborhood for a while. There were some shops nearby, so we all bought some souvenirs. Then, we found a cafe and had banana splits and hot fudge sundaes. Afterward, even though it was only 9:00, we were tired, so we wandered back to our hotel. Mr. Warren was sitting in the lobby near the elevators. He asked if we were in for the night, and we told him we were. He asked our room numbers, and checked us off. He told us to keep the noise down, and to not be running around in the hallways. He expected us to stay in our rooms. Then he told us to make sure we were in the banquet room for breakfast by 8AM. He said we could leave wake up calls if we wanted, and told us how. Then he said Good-night. We said good-night then, and headed up to our rooms. Andy and I stopped at the soda and snack vending machines and got several cans of soda and some snacks, on our way. Once we got to our room, I ran back to the ice machine for some ice. Then, I put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door knob in the hallway, and we were in for the night. * * * While Andy looked at me laciviously, shut the curtains, and began to strip, I made a quick call to Grandma’s. They all talked to me using the speaker phone in the kitchen. Everything was OK there. So I reported our day’s events. As I was telling them about the Vietnam Memorial, Andy walked over to me naked, with a very impatient hardon, which was pointing directly at me. I handed him the phone, so he could say Hello, then as he was telling them about Mrs. Bush stopping to say hello, I dove for his crotch and sucked as much of his rod into my mouth as I could. He quickly covered the mouthpiece of the phone, just as he let out a loud gasp. As I began sucking up and down his shaft, he was having a very hard time trying to talk on the phone. Finally, after assuring Grandma, who’d asked if he was choking on something, that he was alright, he said he had to go. I heard the boys snickering as they said “Good-Bye”. After he’d hung up, I backed off Andy’s dick, and smirked at him. “Don’t ever do that again!” he cried feigning indignance. “Another minute and they’d have heard me blowing my load!” I roared then. Finally Andy laughed too. I went and got us a couple cans of soda and some glasses of ice then, and invited Andy to join me in bed. He was of course, most eager to. “How’d ya like me to finish what I started while you were on the phone?” I asked. Andy grinned at me, and said “I thought you’d never ask!” I grinned and crawled between Andy’s legs, which he splayed for me, as he leaned back into the pillows. I lassoed his hard cock with my mouth, and stuffed as much of it down my throat as possible. “OH!” Andy moaned huskily, as I began sucking up and down his dick. I sucked slowly up and down Andy’s rod, fondling his balls at the same time. I could tell he was in a heightened state of arousal, as his dick was leaking copius amounts of pre-cum. I let a bit of my saliva and his pre-cum leak out of my mouth, and onto a finger, then I pressed my moistened finger between his buttocks, and felt for his pucker. As I continued sucking Andy’s cock, and fondling his balls, I also began massaging his anus. Andy’s hips were beginning to get fidgety, and he started to gasp and whimper a little, as I sensuously slid my mouth up and down his rod, and prodded his hole. “Oh God John!” Andy exclaimed, as I gently slid my finger through his sphincter, and up into his rectum. I gently fucked my finger in and out of Andy’s asshole, as I sucked up and down the length of his shaft. Andy’s hips were bucking up and down lightly off the mattress, and he was moaning continuously. It wasn’t long at all, before I felt his body begin to tense up a little. “Oh God! I’m going to blow!” Andy exclaimed, and I felt his balls increase slightly in size and pull up in his scrotum toward his body. I sucked a little harder and faster, and reached slightly deeper into his rectum, until I located his prostate, which felt enlarged, due to his excitement. I began rubbing his prostate then, as I sucked his cock. Suddenly, with a gasp, I felt Andy’s body go tense, and his asshole clamped around my finger. Then he groaned, as his cock flooded my mouth with semen. Moaning continuously as he spasmed over and over, Andy filled my mouth several times with his delicious cum! I swallowed all of it, and continued sucking on his cock, until I’d milked every last drop from it. Only then did I stop and collapse on the bed next to him! As we lay there next to each other, while Andy was recovering, he said, “Damn John! That was better than usual for some reason!” I chuckled and said, “I have no idea why.” After a while, once Andy had recovered, he rolled over and spread my legs apart and crawled in between them. I was still semi-hard. It didn’t take Andy but a couple seconds to fully revive my erection. He then expertly sucked on it, while fingering my asshole as well. Within a couple minutes, I was writhing on the bed beneath Andy, deep in the throes of my own orgasm, as I repeatedly filled Andy’s mouth with my seed, which he drank thirstily. * * * Afterward, we watched the last bit of “West Wing” and the beginning of the news on TV. Within a half hour though, we were both horny again. Andy asked me to fuck him then, which was something I could never refuse. We turned off the TV, and Andy turned over onto his stomach, placing a pillow beneath his hips, and positioning his hardon, so it was comfortably laying flat against his belly, pointing at his navel. Andy’s leg were spread apart widely. Before I fucked him, I decided I needed a taste of his lucious hole. I lowered my face to his ass and spread his cheeks a bit further apart, then began licking up the deepest part of his crack, from the back of his balls, all the way up to his lower back. Andy moaned, and his asshole clenched, as my tongue swept over it. I began licking directly at his pucker then, eliciting more grunts and groans of pleasure from him. After a minute or so, I began pressing on Andy’s asshole with the tip of my tongue. Gently I pushed my tongue all the way through it, stuffing it as far up inside him as I could. “Oh Fuck!”, Andy gasped. I began tongue-fucking Andy’s asshole then, as he began pushing his hips up and down. I tongue-fucked him for a minute or so, but then reached for the lube and squirted some on my fingers. I shoved first one, then a second finger through his hole, and began fucking him a bit harder with both fingers. “OK! Give me your dick now, John!” Andy cried. I pulled my fingers from Andy’s hole and lubed my dick, then positioned myself behind Andy and pressed the head of my cock against his asshole. Gently I pushed forward, as Andy pressed back against me. Then suddenly, the head of my cock pushed through his sphincter. I continued gently pushing foward. Andy moaned with pleasure, as my rigid shaft invaded his anal canal. “OH FUCK THAT’S GOOD!” Andy gasped, as I began fucking in and out of him. As we’d both just climaxed not long before, it took a while for our orgasms to begin to build. We both enjoyed our coupling very much though. Eventually, as I fucked my cock in and out of him, Andy’s hips began to fuck up and down off the pillow, and he started moaning. That was just the catalyst I needed for my orgasm to begin to build. I started shoving my dick in and out of Andy a little harder and faster, and he began to fuck the pillow faster and harder as well. Soon, we both began groaning. As my cock erupted and began filling Andy’s rectum with my sperm, I felt Andy’s asshole clamp my cock, as he began pumping his own load all over the pillow beneath him as well. As I continued fucking in and out of his hole, Andy and I both spasmed over and over, until eventually our orgasms subsided. We both lay there not moving then. I was sprawled over Andy’s back, my dick still shoved up inside him. Every so often, Andy’s asshole gave it a squeeze, which caused the last bits of my cum to ooze out of my now softening prick. Finally, after we’d laid together that way a few minutes, I pushed myself up and off Andy, and my cock popped out of his hole, making a little suction sound. We both grinned at each other, then went into the bathroom, and took a quick shower together. We dried off afterward, then crawled into bed together, in the other bed, which wasn’t streaked with Andy’s cum. Before we went to sleep, I left a wakeup call for the following morning. Then we snuggled up together and soon were both asleep… ——————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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