Letting a Stranger in on the Fun Ch. 01Letting a Stranger in on the Fun Ch. 01


My husband Colton is driving us home after our anniversary dinner and I can see in his eyes that he is a little more than horny. So to tease him I say, “I took of my panties back at the restaurant and left them on my chair for the waiter.”

Colton raises his eyebrows, but remains silent. I was extremely horny myself and I almost wish he’d just pull over and take me here and now. Instead he just keeps driving, smiling to himself and looking across at me every so often. Then I notice we are not headed toward home and he has instead taken a detour down a street with no lights anywhere and I start to get excited.

Looking down at his lap, I can see that he is just as excited as I am. I reach over and start to caress the bulge in his pant, but he pushes my hand away and says, “Why don’t you show me what’s under there?”

I grin and raise my skirt up my smooth thighs and show my shaved pussy to him.

“Show me what you’d like me to do to you,” he orders.

Slowly, I part my legs and reach down, feeling the wetness that is coming from my pussy. I am wet from my horniness, but the way he is telling me what to do makes me even wetter. I start to flick my fingers over my swollen clit. I feel Colton’s hand touching one of my breasts and it almost brings me to the edge, but I stop and hold back. I’m not ready for an orgasm quite yet.

Colton parks the car in a secluded area and immediately reaches over and puts his hand on my pussy. I try to push myself onto his hand, but he just grins at me. I needed his fingers playing Bozkurt Escort with my throbbing clit or pushed inside me so badly. He can tell what I want, but instead of giving it to me he says, “I think I’ll keep you waiting for now. Come over and show me how you like to suck cock.”

Without any further encouragement I unzip his pants, pulling out his swollen cock. I lean over him, gently stroking it before gradually easing it into my mouth. I feel him relax as I take him further and further into my mouth, building up a good rhythm. As she starts to moan I reach down again to my pussy and begin to stroke it.

It is so wet as I plunge my fingers inside, but I still long for something bigger to satisfy me. I get up onto my knees on my seat with my legs wide open, fantasizing about having another cock in me.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Colton says. “It’s what you told me the other day isn’t it?” With my mouth full of his cock I just simply nod. Then I think you should get up for a minute.”

I look up to see another car has pulled up alongside us. I go to pull down my shirt and tell Colton to drive when I feel his hand sliding through my hair.

Gently and firmly, he grabs me and pulls me to him. He looks me in the eye and says, “You told me you wanted this. It’s why I brought you here.”

Lost for word I just nod. The idea just makes me even hornier.

“Show him your breasts,” he tells me and obediently I turn to face the car next to my window and pull up my top, taking Escort Bozkurt my bra with it.

My nipples ache to be touched and I rub my hands over them as I wonder if it can get any better than this. Colton undoes my skirt and I feel it drop down my thighs as I squeeze my nipples. Then he reaches in front of me and roughly grabs my breasts, sending shivers through me.

“Bend over,” he commands.

When I am on all fours, he begins teasing my hot pussy with his fingers and within no time at all I am whimpering. Without any warning I feel Colton push all of his cock deep into me. I don’t have a chance to scream before I am cumming hard and fast. All I can do is gasp as the ecstasy takes over. Colton holds me tight as he drives his cock into my shuddering pussy.

I look up to see the stranger from the next car standing outside the door with his rather large cock in his hand. He opens the door and says to Colton, “She looks like she enjoys sucking cock. Do you mind?”

“Go right ahead,” my husband replies.

I am shocked and delighted. This has been my fantasy for a long time and now I am living it. Taking his cock in my mouth I feel another orgasm swells inside me as he roughly pulls my head fully onto his shaft. Even as I gag as he hits the back of my throat, the feeling of being so used makes me hot and I can feel myself ready to cum again. Before I do, Colton pulls out of me and stays out while marveling at me taking this stranger’s entire cock down my throat.

“Good, isn’t Bozkort Escort Bayan she?” Colton asks.

“Fuck yeah she is,” the stranger replies.

“Turn around,” he orders me. Then he looks up at the man and says, “You should taste this pussy.”

Nice again I obediently turn around so my dripping pussy is displayed open to the stranger. The way he looks at my pussy makes me want even more. I look back at Colton, opening my mouth.

“Let me suck that beautiful cock of yours,” I say.

Colton lowers himself just enough that his cockhead is just teasing my lips, enough so I can just lick it. When I try to sit up he holds my shoulders down. Suddenly I feel the stranger’s head between my legs and I gasp as he fully penetrates me with his tongue. Feeling his tongue so unexpectantly fucking my pussy makes me push my hips up further to get even more of his tongue inside me.

He reaches up with his hand and starts to stroke my clit while Colton leans over me and licks my nipples until I can’t hold off any longer. Soon my orgasm is approaching again and I start to shudder and cry out loudly. Colton reaches down and guides his cock into my open mouth as I start cumming. I suck him as hard as I can as my whole body begins to explode with bursts of bliss. I hear the stranger swallowing loudly as I cum into his mouth. Colton squeezes my breasts hard and when I feel his whole body tense I know that I will soon be swallowing his cum. Before long he shoots his hot load into my throat and I gratefully swallow.

The stranger must have been masturbating as he licked me because as soon as Colton has finished he stands up and without warning cums all over my back and ass.

‘Fuck that was great,” he says with a massive smile.

Colton looks down at me and smiles. “How about we go home for your other surprise?”

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