Aprons For Gayle Ch. 08Aprons For Gayle Ch. 08


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wanted to thank y’all for your votes and comments. It tweaks my heart that so many of you are enjoying this as much as I am writing it with Scooter.

SCOOTERS’ NOTE : Thank you, shysub, for your concern as to my well being. It is much appreciated. Unfortunately, care in the community deemed me unsuitable and the local pharmacy is out of valium, so I am still incarcerated in my padded cell. They have however allowed me internet so I can troll A2W with spam, unsolicited porn and hate mail on an hourly basis … and extremely therapeutic it is too 🙂 ………………Luvs ya really, sweetie

PS. All stories about Bessie are in fact true and based on my own, now departed, black Lab Bessie.

AUTHOR’S SIDE NOTE: mel_pomene: I was worried it would throw readers off with Jessie’s accent, but she says very little, really, and Hamish does ‘translate.’ I’ll loosen up on her words a little bit. Thanks for the dialogue tip!



Gayle was nervous as they waited for Dr. Jack in Hamish’s library, justifiably. She had just poured him another refill then knelt beside him on the dog pillow. Wanting to fuss at Gayle for taking her pillow, Bessie simply sat beside her, giving her a canine glare.

Her head was still down, and she repeated over and over what her boss’s expectations were. She was to sit or kneel on the pillow beside his chair and wait for instruction from Hamish, not Jack. She put it to his need for control and left it alone. She was not to speak unless spoken to, and speak to the doctor with respect, which would never be an issue for her.

Her right hand was itching like crazy, and she didn’t know how much longer she’d be able to hold off not scratching it. The burning was also intense, and she had to push back the pain. What made it worse was, that in the kneeling position her butt cheeks were wider, making the metal of the belt dig uncomfortably into the crack of her arse.

She had noticed through dinner, and this third drink that he’d become more mellow, different than when they were at the pub. And she remembered what happened when they got home from the pub just the day before.

Then her mind wandered to when his cock was in her mouth, and she had looked up at him and saw the look of lust in his eyes …

“Gayle! Damn it! Go get the door!” Hamish barked.

She was so startled she looked at him in shock. “I’m sorry, Sir!” she replied as she stood, completely aware that she’d exposed her crotch to him, though thankfully this time it was covered.

His eyebrow raised and he said, “I don’t think I like that belt covering your bits.” She blushed wildly. “What were you thinking? Your face is all flushed.”

“Oh, I was … yesterday, when –“

The doorbell rang again, and he waved his hand. “Never mind. You will tell me later. Now please, go let Jack in.”

“Yes Sir.”

As she walked to the door she realized how wet she was and feared the doctor would smell her just as Hamish did. She couldn’t worry about that now, though. She fingered her collar, wondering why he insisted she wear it. The doctor must know about their relationship, which only doubled her nervousness.

Using her left hand, which didn’t seem to be infected at all, she opened the door. Jack wasn’t exactly what she was expecting for a doctor. He was taller than Hamish but thinner, though not too thin. He had a full head of blonde hair with the bluest eyes she had ever seen. His cheeks were as rosy as Hamish’s, but he had high cheekbones and big forehead. She was expecting someone older, for some reason.

“Well, hello, Gayle. It’s a pleasure to meet you!” he said, and his voice was pure heaven.

“Hi, Dr. Jenkins.” She put out her right hand to shake his but thought better of it. “Sorry, my right hand is a bit sore. Come in.”

He stepped into the foyer carrying a medical case, and she offered to take his jacket, which she hung up on the coat rack by the back door while he went into Hamish’s library. Stepping into the room tentatively before settling back down on the pillow, the men were in a heated conversation about golf at the bar while Hamish made a drink for Jack.

“That bunker shot was NOT a fluke. If you noticed I had perfect poise and control at all times.” Hamish was defending his miraculous shot the day the two men played the round a few months earlier.

“Bollocks. You had your bloody eyes shut! It’s a wonder you hit the sodding thing at all,” Jack teased.

“I never did, and even if I did it was to keep the sand out.”

“But the sand only came up after you hit it, and you had your eyes shut before then.”

“You’re just sore because you lost the bet.”

“And speaking of which, how did you enjoy your evening with Ms. Winslett?”

“I will soooooo have you for that one you sod, though I have to admit the bit where she poses for the drawing in the scuddy is pretty damn hot. It would have almost been worth hitting the iceberg and drowning to have seen that.”

Turning to Gayle, he told her, Kartal Fetiş Escort “Ms. Boyce, please sit in this chair in front of the desk.”

Getting up more carefully than she had before making sure to be graceful, she sat in the chair that Hamish was standing behind, and Jack took the other chair. For about ten minutes, he asked Gayle about her medical background and what medications she was on and whether she needed a refill. She said she would in two weeks, so he gave her a prescription for birth control.

“Now let me get your blood pressure.”

He put the pressure cuff on her upper arm, put the diaphragm of the stethoscope inside the crook of her elbow then put in the ear tips. As he pumped the bulb several times, she sat in silence and watched him curiously, because as the seconds ticked by he frowned deeper and deeper.

“Gayle? Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure before?” he asked concerned as he removed the cuff.

“No Sss … No. What is it?”

“It’s 156 over 122, much too high.”

She thought, maybe it’s because I’m sitting here with no bra or underwear and a chastity belt reminding me I can’t diddle myself to orgasm.

“Hamish, tomorrow go to the chemists and buy a BP machine. Ask the pharmacist to show you how to take the pressure so you can show Gayle. Gayle, I want you to keep a record of your readings every morning and evening around dinnertime. This will need to be done for a week. It also needs to average no higher than 130 over 70.”

She assumed the chemist was the drugstore? “I will, Doctor.”

“Let me see your hand, please.”

Hamish turned on the desk lamp, and she put both hands under the light, noticing it was redder and more irritated than it was at dinner. Jack looked over the palms and fingers, but paid more attention to her right hand. “Good call, Dr. McDougal,” he chided his friend. “It was nettles.” He dug into his case and handed her a tube and bottle. “This is hydrocortisone for the irritation, and the antihistamine will stop the itching. Do not use your hand at all, and keep it out of cleaning solutions. Wash with soap and water, that’s fine. If you see no improvement by Sunday, Hamish, I want you to call me.”

“Will do.” Hamish leaned close to her ear when Jack went to put the glass back on the bar. Whispering, he said, “Go ahead and dress your wound, but be quick about it. Get in the position you were before.”

“Yes … Sir.” At first she was afraid she did wrong by using the title, but obviously he’d told Jack she was his maid, so it didn’t matter to her.

Out in the foyer, Jack turned to Hamish. “Mate, I have to tell you she is a little cracker, you lucky barstard!”

“Keep your cheating-golfing paws off of her!” he barked but then laughed. “She is that, and more. I think she’ll work out just fine,” he replied, trying to keep his contentment at a minimum.

“Hmm, as a maid or your future bride?”

“A maid, because I don’t share. I can’t see her wanting to marry me somehow. I don’t think she even likes me.”

“Can’t say I blame her.” “Have you told her about the Burns Supper yet?” Jack asked.

“Shit, no. I’ve got to have Jessie train her, first.”

“I’ll send you my bill, though I doubt you will be able to afford it.”

“No worries. I was planning on Bessie eating it, or losing it anyway.”

A few minutes later, Hamish walked back into his office. “You did well. I am pleased.” Although she wasn’t looking at him, she could hear the smile on his lips. He sat in his office chair, turned it to face her and leaned forward.

Looking up, she replied, “Thank you, Sir, and for having him look at my hands.” She wanted to ask him about Jack but was afraid of his reaction, considering he accused her of liking David, who was probably twice her age.

“I have a question for you,” he said a bit more firmly. “Why did you not ask him about the belt?” She frowned, not knowing what he was talking about. “I noticed after supper you are a bit red. It would be a shame if you’d fallen on your arse, too.” Regardless of his words, he had a certain twinkle in his eyes.

“Oh. I wasn’t hiding it from you. I was going to ask the doctor about it, but when he said to go to the drugstore I was going to ask you to buy some talcum powder.”

He narrowed his eyes then smiled. “Alright, fair enough.”

“Sir? May I ask how you two … I mean, you two seem like friends, not doctor/patient.”

“I’ll make a deal with you. You tell me what were you thinking before, waiting for Jack, and I’ll tell you how I know him.”

Her mind reeled. That is SO not fair, Hamish! Do I really want to know?! she pondered. A second later, she replied, “Yes.”

Little did she know he was going to ask her anyway, and it was no big deal to him whether she knew or not. “Our fathers were friends. We grew up together.”

She nodded, though she wanted more of an explanation. But hell, he’s a man. Us women have to explain everything, she thought and tried not to chuckle. “OK. Thank you, Sir.”

“Now, Kartal Gecelik Escort tell me your little blushing secret?”

Her cheeks turned just as red as they were before. “I was thinking of yesterday when we got home and … I was …”

He grinned at her shyness. “When you had my cock in your mouth?”

She died inside. “Yes Sir.”

His grin widened. Leaning forward, he held her face and rubbed his thumbs over her cheek. She melted into his touch but then stopped herself. “Did you enjoy that?”

He brushed his lips against hers, and only then did she allow herself to melt against him. Damn, he’s a good kisser, she thought before he regretfully pulled away.

“I won’t lie, Sir. I did.”

“Hmm.” He hesitated a moment, thinking. “Go upstairs, undress and wait on the bed for me, arms over your head and legs spread.”

Her heart skipped a beat, though she didn’t know why. “Yes Sir.”

For what felt like hours, Gayle laid on her bed while Hamish probably let Bessie out and locked up the house. Her heart pounded harder and faster with every passing second, and she just knew it would explode.

It almost did when the hallway light came on and she heard steps and Bessie’s nail-clicking coming closer and closer. She waited. And waited. Then wished she could just fall asleep — if her damned heart would slow down.

When he walked in, she saw the rope in his hand with the bag from the toy store in the other. Oh, god. No. NO! Not again! she screamed. But she couldn’t deny something fluttered in the pit of her stomach that made her shut up rather quickly.

He placed the items at the end of the bed then sat down at her waist. Without a word, he ran his hand over her stomach softly, more like barely grazed her skin. She took in a breath as goose bumps erupted where his fingers touched, which spread quickly to her breast. Her nipples tingled as they seemed to triple in size, much to her chagrin. She didn’t want him to know how good it felt, but once again her body betrayed her.

He grinned wickedly as he circled her buds with a fingertip for a second before he trailed down her stomach to the inside of her thighs, again teasing her, watching every reaction, getting as close to her pussy as he could without reaching underneath the belt.

Not thinking, she pulled her arm down and touched his forearm, pushing just a little.

Taking his hand away, he shook his head and tsk’d. “Did I tell you that you could push me away?”

“Actually no, you didn’t … Sir,” she retorted, though her tone was way more sarcastic than she meant it to be.

“Are you trying to wind me up?”

“No, no Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“You should be, but too late now.” He stood up and went to the end of the bed. “Bend over my knees so that I can remove the butt plug.”

“Oh! Thank you, Sir!” It hadn’t been hurting her, but wearing it all day had become more than irritating.

Using a towel, he removed the plug and laid the towel at his feet. “Now, please stand by the side of the bed, facing away, Ms. Boyce.”

Sitting back on the bed, he pulled out the toys he’d bought the day before, already out of the packages and batteries inserted. Putting them on the floor out of view from her, leaving one item on the bed, he reached inside his jean pocket and pulled out the key to the chastity belt.

Putting his hands on her hips, he pulled her back a little, though there was no resistance. Quickly he unlocked it and pulled the two sections off of her and threw them to the floor. Indeed, there was some irritation, but only around her hips and one spot on her back where the sections joined. Taking the jar, he applied some of the cream.

“That smells good. What is it, Sir?”

“Calendula lotion. I already have some powder you can use before you go to bed.”

“Hmm, that does feel a little better. Thank you, Sir.”

Standing up, he told her to lie back down. When she did and looked up at him, she didn’t like the expression on his face … at all.

“I have to be honest,” he started as he grabbed a length of rope and restraints, showing them to her, “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Somehow she knew it wouldn’t be the last time she would hear that. Her eyes flew open, but she didn’t dare say anything.

Several minutes later, she was tied to the posts of the bed, wrists and ankles both slightly bent, though her legs were spread as wide as he could make them. She did notice as he tugged at the ropes to tighten them she felt more and more helpless. On the other hand, she also felt more and more … wet? Excited? Horny?

Testing the restraints to see if she could free herself, she was totally unable to move.

As he sat beside her again, he asked, “What is your color?”

She was perfectly comfortable, considering the situation she was in. “Green, Sir,” she finally replied.

“Good. Sit back and enjoy.”

I’d enjoy being at an amusement park right now, boss, she thought.

He started to touch her again, but this time it was Kartal Genç Escort completely different. It felt … incredible. His fingertips touched every single inch of her body, except her pussy, sadly for her. She was breathing harder, though she remained in control, or so she thought.

Soon enough she started to squirm and lift up her hips whenever he was around her crotch, but he never gave her more than he wanted. He just continued to tease her, loving her reactions, watching her breathing so she wouldn’t go too far mentally. He wanted her present, wanted her to remember what he was doing to her.

“Hmm, ohhh shiiit,” she whined, her face contorted in a sensual pain.

“Pull back, Ms. Boyce.”

“I … it’s just … oooohhh gggg …” She pulled her arms and kicked her feet as if that would set her free, but all she could do was shake her head back and forth.

He’d made her moan when he ran his finger from the bottom of her pussy to the hood of her clit. He smiled wickedly when it pulsed beneath his fingers and saw how wet she was. Alright, little fawn, he thought. You are quite ripe for phase number two.

Slipping off the bed, he said, “Whatever I do next, you are not allowed to come.” Her eyes flew open and she lifted her head, staring angrily at him. He grinned. “Did you forget already your orgasms belong to me? You are a stubborn one.”

Throwing her head back down on the pillow, she groaned, “Well, fuck!”

Chuckling, he pulled the metal vibrator out of the bag and two clothes pins, but he had no plans on using them right away. Again sitting down beside her, toys in reach, he cupped and massaged her breasts until she was back to sighing and moaning and cursing.

He loved how receptive she was, and it was time to strike. Supporting himself by placing his left hand on her right side, he bent down and dove his lips on her perky, hard nipple.

She gasped but kept her eyes closed. Her mind was reeling, going in a million different directions as her body came alive at what he was doing. The blood was rushing through her and her heart was pounding; hell, it hadn’t stopped since he walked into the room.

His lips held firmly onto the base of the nipple as he flicked the tip of his tongue on the end, causing more fighting and moaning. Unexpectedly, he sucked it in his mouth, watching her face as he did. With one hand he grasped her other breast, sucking gradually harder and harder.

She had totally gone out of her mind when he sucked her nipple; every nerve ending sent spasms straight to her pussy, and she actually felt it widen. Ohh myy god! What are you doing to me?! she screamed.

He pinched her other nipple with his fingers, squeezing harder and harder as he moved up to the tip. At the same time, he continued sucking in earnest, though his lips were still gentle.

“Siiir, god, please. Stop,” she cried breathlessly.

“Uh, uh,” he grumbled and continued what he was doing.

“Ggggd, please! ‘m gonnna …”

Taking the tip of her nipple with his teeth, he bit it before he pulled back, releasing it with a ‘pop.’ Looking down on her flushed face, he told her, “Hmm, you are that close? You have to learn to hold back. Period.”

I hate you! she shouted to herself. “Buuu,’ I cn’t. I n’ed to—AGH!!” she screamed out.

She took in a sharp breath and groaned loudly at the sting when he’d smacked her pussy hard. Her ears still echoed with the sound. Her entire crotch stung so badly it took her breath away.

“What the fuuuck did you do that for?!”

He laughed wickedly. “It made you stop begging, didn’t it?”

You butthead! Now isn’t the time to be logical! she thought. She didn’t answer but simply laid her head down and hoped he was done.

He wasn’t. Leaning down and grabbing the clothes pins, he ran his other hand over her cheek then down to her neck. He bent over and kissed her, softly at first before his own body began to welcome the surges that shot straight to his hardened and aching cock. He didn’t want to — he could have kissed her all night — but he pulled back.

A faint smile slowly crossed her lips. Forcing herself to look at him, she whispered, “Wow. You’re a … great kisser.” She hadn’t meant to tell him; it just slipped out. She was losing control of more than her body.

He grinned back. “It takes two for a kiss like that, Ms. Boyce.”

“Gayle,” she moaned, then instantly regretted it. Quickly, she finished, “Sir? When we’re … inside the bedroom, can you call me Gayle? Please?”

Her voice was so soft, kind and genuine that he couldn’t find any reason to deny her. “I see no harm in that. I’d prefer it, I think. As for me, I quite like ‘Your royal highness, fluffy bunny kins.’ Will that work for you?”

She looked at him startled because she thought he was serious. But when she saw his playful grin she chuckled. “No Sir, not a freakin’ bit!”

“Thank God!” He laughed. He kissed her quickly again before he asked, “So, would you still like to come?”

“Yes, yes Sir. Please?” she begged.

He chuckled at that. “Hmm. I gave you leeway on one request, but I will have to deny this one.”

“Noooo!” she whined.

“I’m afraid so, my little fawn. I need you to learn to prevent your orgasm, unless I allow it. Let me try something to help you keep your mind off orgasming.”

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