On The College TripOn The College Trip


The guidance counselor, Megan Freedman, handed me the key to my hotel room and I couldn’t believe the day was finally over… well, after we do midnight bed checks, anyway. Today’s bus ride was long and the endless singing of the juniors didn’t make it go by any faster — I’m surprised I still have my hearing. Such is the life of a high school teacher.

Tonight is only the second night of our weeklong west coast college tour. Three colleges down, four to go before we return to our homes and families and comfortable beds. Four more colleges to go before my ex-boyfriend/still-fuckbuddy gives my pussy an amazing welcome-home fucking.

Yeah, that’s right, I said my pussy. I know some other gay men like to call their asses “pussies,” but that’s not what I’m talking about. I call my ass an ass… and I call my pussy a pussy. You can call it what you want, a pussy, a vagina, a “cockpit,” a “manhole,” whatever. All I know is that it’s factory-direct, I like to have it filled with cock and cum, and that the only people who know about it are those men I’ve invited to leave a load inside it. Definitely none of my students or colleagues know. I’ve always been Mr. John Collins to them and that’s the way I like it. But I digress…

I walked into my hotel room and found that my roommate, Steven Tate, Physics teacher extraordinaire and resident hottie, had already claimed the bed farther from the door and directly across from the TV. That left me with the bed right next to the musty air conditioner and facing the tacky oil painting of a southwestern landscape, dammit. I can always count on Steve to beat me to the room and take the best bed. He’s been doing it for years, but he provides me with some good eye candy and conversation — and we’re the only fags on staff — so we always end up rooming together anyhow. Life could be worse.

As I threw my bag onto the bed, I heard Steve turn on the shower. He always beats me to the shower, too, but I’m okay with that. It gives me a little private time to change my clothing and, if I hurry, to have a quick jerk before he’s done. Thankfully, Steve takes nice long showers. I quickly changed out of my dirty bus clothes and into my pajama pants and tank top. I always bring loose pajama pants so I have room to play around without having to take my pants off. So I settled back on my bed, spread my legs nice and wide, stuck my hand down my pants, and began to rub my stiff little cock. It’s only two inches long, but it gets nice and hard… and I’m so fucking horny.

I wish my fuckbuddy were here right now to tease my vulva with the helmet of his cock before plunging in and knocking up against my cervix. I reach a finger down into my wetness and try to simulate what it would feel like to have a raw cockhead teasing my opening right now, but I’ve never been able to recreate that feeling on my own, and boy have I tried. The only thing better than the first penetration, when a cockhead pushes through my swollen vulva deep into my canal and comes to rest against my cervix, slowly coating my tunnel with his pre-cum… is when his cockhead swells for the final time, his balls draw up, he pushes his cock as far into my pussy as humanly possible, and he sprays his thick, white, fertile load into me. This is what I was in the middle of imagining as I istanbul escort heard Steve turn the shower off. Fuck. If I had balls, they’d definitely be blue, and I know I won’t be able to take care of my “little problem” until Steve is sleeping soundly in a few hours.

Steve walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, as always, and he looked so delicious. I think he knows I’m hot for him and he does it to tease me. He took his towel off and began to dry off unselfconsciously, humming a little. His cock, though soft, was tempting me and I couldn’t help but steal glances at it when I thought Steve wouldn’t notice. He was uncut with a nice, long foreskin and, though it’s impossible to tell when a guy is soft, seemed average in size. His balls were another matter entirely.

Steve put his foot up on the bed to dry one of his legs and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven: in front of me hung the most perfect set of balls. They were large and lightly furred and looked firm, but still hung away from his body. I bet they’re just teeming with a huge load of wigglers. Nothing would have made me happier at that moment than if Steve had walked over, pushed me back on my bed, climbed on top of me, rubbed his furry balls all over my face and forced me to suck on them. Sadly, he didn’t.

But he did clear his throat and start a conversation.

“So how are things going with Mark? You haven’t mentioned him in a while.”

“Oh…well, that’s because we broke up a couple months ago. So nothing to talk about, really. I mean, we’re still friends and we still sometimes, you know, get together to, ummm, release the pressure a little, but it’s not romantic or anything. How about you… you still seeing Damon?”

Having finished drying off, Steve retied his towel around his waist and sat down on his bed facing me. The towel was so short that it barely hit halfway down his thigh. Thank god for tiny hotel towels. He gave me a worried look.

“What’s wrong? Are things not going well with Damon?,” I asked, concerned that I’d ventured into unsafe territory.

“I don’t know what happened.” He responded slowly. “I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with me.”

I’m pretty sure the look I gave him belied my confusion.

“I broke it off with Damon a couple months ago. He was lots of fun to be around and I think I was even in love with him.”

“So why did you dump him — was he cheating on you or something?”

He shook his head no and continued: “that’s what I’m saying… I’m only attracted to men and I only fall in love with men, but I’ve never enjoyed having sex with men. Even when I’m in love with a guy, I can’t get into the sex. I don’t like giving blow jobs, I don’t like assfucking or being fucked in the ass. The only part of it I like is the kissing and the body contact. I’m beginning to wonder whether I’m actually even gay.”

“Well, maybe you’re bi or straight?” I offered lamely. Some help I was.

He shook his head and chuckled a little. “My mom is still hoping that I am. The problem is that I don’t find women attractive and I don’t think I could fall in love with a woman.”

My curiousity having been piqued, I decided to pursue this a little further. “But have you ever had sex with a escort bayan woman?” I asked him.

He blushed slightly and I noticed his cock stirring a little under the short hotel towel.

“After I broke things off with Damon, I decided to give women a try.”

“That was only a couple months ago… so how was it?”

“Well, I’ve met up with her a bunch of times now.” His dick rose even more as he said this. It’s good that he’s no longer looking at me so he doesn’t see my shocked expression. I think he’s remembering having sex with her, whoever she is. “She’s really pretty, but I’m not attracted to her, you know? And I definitely couldn’t love her, but we have HOT sex. Really hot sex. The best sex I’ve ever had.” His towel is starting to look like a pup tent now. I decide to push him a little further.

“So what’s it like?”

He looks puzzled. I know I’m pushing my luck, but I’m interested in where I can take this.

“Having sex with a woman… what’s it like?” I ask him again.

“Oh, you’ve never done it? It’s like sticking your cock in hot, wet velvet… it’s awesome. I can cum and cum and cum in her.” He’s definitely remembering the feel of her pussy now… his pup tent has become a family sized tent. Maybe he’s less average than I initially thought.

“Birth control?”

“She’s on the pill. We used condoms at first also, just to be safe, but she just started letting me ride her raw… it’s amazing, especially when I shoot my load in her at the end and feel it oozing all around my cockhead.” He blushed again, but his dick got even harder and pushed up through the opening in his towel. I noticed that the foreskin had retracted and the head was throbbing with blood. It was so red that it was almost purpleish.

My pussy was now gushing with wetness and my little dick was throbbing against my PJs. I couldn’t have gotten up if I’d had to… I’m pretty sure there was a huge wet spot on my pajama pants and probably even on the bed beneath me.

So here’s my hot colleague, whom I’ve known for several years, sitting across from me in a hotel room with his erect cock — his incredibly hot erect cock — out in the open in front of me. All I wanted to do was get down on my knees in front of him and take his cock into my mouth while weighing his nuts in my palm… but all I could bring myself to do was stare wordlessly at his cock. Luckily, Steve was horny enough to break the silence.

“Look, I know we’re colleagues and it’s not really appropriate, but I really need to jerk off, John. What do you say?”

Now it sounds like an easy question to answer. He’s hot and hard, I’m hot and wet. He has a hard cock and is clearly craving a wet pussy to put it in… my wet pussy is dying to be filled by his cock. But he doesn’t know I’m transsexual… he doesn’t know that John was Jennifer in a previous life and that I have one very engorged, wet, and needy piece of Jennifer still left.

After the longest seconds of my life, my testosterone won out.

“I say that no matter what happens tonight, this needs to stay between us. And I will definitely find out if you tell anyone else about it.”

He nods as I lower my pants and I see his eyes getting wider and wider as he waits for my cock to come into view. When my pants Kartal escort are around my knees and he realizes what he’s seeing, his cock jumps a little and a small blob of cum squirts out of his piss slit and hangs thickly from his frenulum. He opens his mouth to ask a question, but I beat him to it.

“Questions later, after we get off… wanna fuck me or jerk off?”

I barely have time to pull my pajama pants off and lay back in the bed before he’s up over me. He moves in between my spread legs, rubs the head of his cock up and down my slit, over my little cock and between my vulva, up and down, but he doesn’t enter me yet…

And then he mounts me completely and pushes his cock all the way into my hole. I know that blob of cum that was dangling from his frenulum is now deep inside me, mixing with my copious juices and lubricating our fucking, and that I already have some of his sperm swimming around inside me. The thought of him inseminating my pussy gets me hotter. I clench and unclench my pussy around him as I move my hips in time with his thrusting.

We both moan together. He feels so good inside my hole… he fills me up so much.

He changes his stroke and I feel his cock head bump up against my cervix now every time his hips meet mine. He puts himself all the way inside me and presses deeply on my g-spot while he presses his lips against my ear. His soft whispering is incongruous with his deep, hard thrusts as he gets ready to fill me.

“Do you want to take my load? Should I shoot my cum inside your pussy? Are you ready to have your pussy full of my sperm? Should I try to put my baby in you?” he whispers softly and slowly as his cock continues to thrust deeply against my cervix and g-spot.

Moaning yes over and over again, I press my face deeply into his neck.

I feel him swelling inside me now and thrusting even harder, even deeper.

He pounds and pounds my pussy. My feet fly into the air and my toes curl.

“I’m ready to cum,” I nearly grunt, “cum with me… shoot your load into me as I cum. “

That set him off… and the hot wetness of his load filling my pussy sent me over the edge into my own orgasm.

Groggy, I woke up a half hour later to find Steve between my legs cleaning his load from my pussy with his tongue. When he noticed that I was awake, he got back on top of me, reinserted his rejuvenated cock and began fucking me again…and we continued like that on and off throughout the night until Steve had completely drained his balls into me. My pussy was satiated and my sheets were stained with evidence of our fucking.

The next morning, two of the female chaperones asked if we were kept up by the loud sex happening in one of the rooms on our floor. Luckily, they didn’t realize that the noises were coming from our room, but we tried to be quieter for the rest of the week.

I wish I’d brought a box of panty-liners to use in my briefs for the rest of the trip… they were almost always wet from the loads Steve shot into me every night dripping out of my pussy during our daily bus rides. I’m not sure what we’ll decide to do if I’m pregnant. It’s not likely right now because of the testosterone I take, but we haven’t been using any sort of birth control and he’s been filling me up with his sperm several times a night…and we probably will continue fucking raw, so it is an eventual possibility for us.

And there’s no longer any question in my mind that Steve is definitely gay: he just needed to find a man with a pussy to take his cock nightly.

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