Kuchman Diary Pt. 01 Ch. 04: Sisters plus 1Kuchman Diary Pt. 01 Ch. 04: Sisters plus 1


As we entered the main entrance for the Oberoi in Udaipur, we were greeted with a shower of rose petals.. and as they fell, I couldn’t but admire the women in front of me, walking into this luxurious place:

Pooja: Dressed as prescribed in a flimsy pink floral saree, white sleeveless and backless blouse with a pink bra visible; long earrings, high heels and jasmine flowers in her hair.

Priya: Tight white sleeveless chudidar with red dots.. white dupatta and high heels.

Payal: Blue kaftan over white tights.. I tried not to look to keep it professional, but her white bra was visible from the side of her kaftan when she lifted her arms.

All very dreamy and tempting!!

We were greeted by one of uniformed saree clad hostess, who showed us around the place describing it’s history and architecture, while we were offered a wonderfully tasting raw mango juice.. We were then led to our suites through the corridors.. making us feel like royalty.

The suite was elegant to say the least.. comfortably luxurious bed and spacious bath.. a side door leading to the patio by the private pool.. In the room, the corner sofa which is perfect to lean into and get some work done??

Pooja was settling us into one suite, while Payal and Priya were in the adjoining suite.. though you can’t walk into the other suite, we can meet by the pool, which is a common one across the suites.

This whole experience was too pleasure inducing.. laps of luxury (even with peacocks in the nearby colorful garden) and 2 beautiful women + 1.. when did my fantasies become real? Too unbelievable!!

I was leaning on that corner sofa looking at Pooja, who was going about unpacking and setting things away.. she saw me watching her, put what she had in her hand on the bed and walked straight at me and knelt before me. She unzipped my jeans, pulled it down along with my underwear. She touched the tip of my penis with her tongue, slowly circling it a few times. My penis didn’t need much prodding to become erect. She then took the entire erection into her mouth and sucked on it and released it. She then used her right hand to cup my balls, while using her left to stroke my penis, while she looked at me with a naughty smile. I was too aroused, but managed to give a satisfied smile. She then used her mouth again for a couple of strokes and then her hands.. and repeated it a few more times.. as she sensed my faster breathing and throbbing penis, she used her tongue and mouth with greater intensity and I erupted.. she swallowed it all, licked my penis clean, pulled up my underwear and jeans, zipped it and went back to what she going as though nothing happened.. while I was just looking at her mesmerized.. this is beyond luck!!

As evening rolled by, the four of us walked to the lake front watching the glow of the setting sun on the water, and a few boats going by. It was all very breathtaking, not to mention the 3 women who were looking very admirable.

We walked to the restaurant with outdoor seating in their garden. A troupe was playing traditional Rajasthani music, while a couple of dancers were dancing with lamps in their hands. It was a cozy setting for dinner and we were shown our table.

‘We’ll discuss business tomorrow after breakfast.. let us enjoy everything this place has to offer tonight’ I said.

‘Sir, the luxury here overwhelms me.. it’s like I am joying with burst..!’ Pooja said.

We all laughed at her fumbling of words.

‘Sir, in all sincerity, this is the extreme opposite of what we grew up with. We still can’t believe your care and generosity for us’ Priya chimed in.

‘I have been very lucky to have found you two. By the way Payal, tell us your story.’

‘Typical upper middle class story, sir. My dad was an higher up in a multinational.. my mom a well educated housewife who teaches as a hobby.. good private schools.. eventually got into IIM, lucking out with the gig I am in now. Couldn’t have asked for better!’ Payal replied.

‘You show a sense of confidence and beaming with knowledge, which is very admirable. I am glad you chose to join us.’ I said.

She blushed. ‘It’s quite a complement coming you sir.. won’t let you down!’

‘Pooja, you should probably join the dancers on the stage.. its quite an intimate setting!’

She got up and went to the stage when there was a logical break in the music and asked the dancers to teach her the steps. As they started showing her the steps, Payal and Priya joined as well.. I sat back watching these 3 beautiful women sexily dressed swaying to the music.

After a couple more songs, Priya came back and whispered, ‘That dancing got me all in the mood, sir.. may I give you a private dance?’

‘You are reading my mind too well these days.. I was getting aroused seeing you all swaying sexily..’

We walked back to our suite and I took her to the verandah at the back.. We could see the gardens by us, and feel the music and dance from afar.. I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately, and we played almanbahis with our tongues. My hands started exploring her smooth and silky back, touching her bra straps and her tight chudidar.. I pulled her dupatta away slowly, and cupped her breasts gently over her bra.. she started rubbing me over my jeans.

‘Take off your chudidar and lean over that Verandah window facing the gardens and the music’ I said.

Swaying to the music, she slowly took off her chudidar. I asked her to pull down her bottom as well.. she was in her white bra, panties and high heels.. she then turned around, bent down to the wall and swayed her back to the music again.. oh, what a sight!

I took off my jeans and underwear and got close to her. I caressed her back, bent forward a little and cupped her bra, this time kneaded it a little harder.. she moaned in pleasure. I pulled down her panties and thumbed her labia and clit slowly at first, and applying greater pressure later as her moans got deeper. I then inserted my penis in her vagina all the way in one big thrust and paused to let it all sink in. I held her bra in the left hand and then rode her slowly, going in and out a few times and faster later, till neither of us could take it anymore. We both came with our bodies shaking and our knees weakening. I held onto her, till we both calmed down.

‘Wow.. it’s truly a pleasurable experience doing it in the midst of nature with music playing in the background’ Priya said.

‘Indeed, nature provides all the seduction needed.. including a beautiful sexy girl like you!’ I said. It sounded a little cheesy.. but, you can’t think of great words after such a wonderful fuck.

We heard a knock on the door. Priya dressed up and went over to her suite walking by the pool. I let Pooja in.

We slept fully naked, with me spooning her.

The breakfast buffet had south Indian, north Indian and continental items.. We sat is a cozy alcove linked to the dining area. Pooja got me coffee and rava dosa, and fruit bowl for the table. They got their breakfast items as well.

‘So, let’s start with the fabric, Pooja. What did you have in mind?’

‘Sir, I first was thinking bamboo fiber based fabric as it is very soft and breathable, but wanted to add something extra to it, something to make it softer and form fitting. So I am thinking of blending it with Pima cotton.’

‘Impressive.. how do you know about all this?’ I asked.

‘Secret Trade sir.. ayyo.. trade secret.. anyway, I was intrigued and learnt about it in the past.’

I let it be, as I saw some discomfort in her.

‘So where do we get this cotton from?’ I asked.

‘It needs very good weather, but without excessive rain. It is mostly in California.’ Pooja said.

‘Sir, how far are you willing to go regarding the investment..’ Payal asked.

‘If you have something in mind that will give us a purpose and change an industry, I can go as far as you want me to.’ I said.

‘Let us then bring the weather here sir. We can create a controlled environment vertical farm for this cotton.. and we can also vertically integrate the entire production!!’ Payal said excitedly.. and I saw Pooja’s eyes light up at that.. but, it was Priya’s comment, that got us all in the right mood and blushes.. ‘From the farm to the pussy..’ she said.

‘Good thinking Payal. It will be great from a sustainability perspective, more productive as we can grow more vertically in the same farming area and not worry about seasons. Also, we can control the entire process to be efficient. Done. Go for It!’ I said.

They all were looking at me in surprise.

‘If we can make a difference, money will take care of itself. Now, where will you build this vertical farm and the production plant?’

‘Maybe we pick a village which has come on hard times.. we can revive that village and recruit the people there to build this. They know farming and plants.. we just give them technology.’ Priya said.

I called Sanjay ( the real estate expert at Ramchand Brothers, who helped me buy the apartment for Pooja and Priya).

‘Yes sir, any problem with the apartment sir?’ he asked.

‘Oh no. I wanted your expertise in another real estate purchase. I am with Payal here from your office, and Pooja and Priya whom you have met. They have an idea for a business they want to start. Here let me give the phone to Payal, who can explain what we need. Then she can put you on speaker, so we can discuss how to proceed.’ I said.

Payal explained the concept of vertical farming and production plant along with the land and resources we will need.

Once on speaker, Sanjay said, ‘Actually I might have just the place sir.. my ancestral village in Haryana.. not too far from Delhi. More importantly I still have relatives there, who will be thrilled at this opportunity to not only improve their lives, but invigorate farming sir.’

‘It’s becoming too easy with you Sanjay. Plan a trip next week with Payal, Pooja and Priya. It’s their decision. If they almanbahis yeni giriş like it, make it happen. Payal can officially take care of the paperwork and investment on my behalf.’

‘I just can’t thank you enough sir. I will call my relatives right now and brighten their lives, as I am sure the Ps will like the place’ Sanjay said. We disconnected.

‘That’s enough for me. I just wanted to get you all started.. I will step back now and leave it to the three of you.. Just two principles I will look for.. are we true to the purpose and are you being frugal enough throughout to get returns on investment. It is that return which will feed into our expansion.’

They continued discussing, while I was enjoying the view of the gardens, the lake and the beautiful passionate bodies in front of me. After a while I walked around the place, finally went to my suite and took a nap.

When I woke up, Pooja was in a nap. I went to the pool to laze on the chair there and get caught up on economic and financial news around the world.

‘Sir, Priya told me all about your arrangement.. and how very thankful they are for your generosity and are highly satisfied with your magic touch!’ Payal said. She had come over swimming in the pool.

‘They give me too much credit’ I said looking at her in her striped black and white bikini.. nice curves and what a body.. the nipples jutting out.. its tough to be professional!! She is taking all my will power.. I invited her to get the business started, not get myself into..

‘Will you take me also into your fold sir.. just for the benefits.. I just want a bit of your aura and that touch that leaves smirks on their faces.’ she said seductively.

That was it.. the green signal? ‘Are you really sure.. you are well off, beautiful, smart.. why would someone like you go for me? I am sure there’s a line back there for you.’

‘There’s something with you sir.. I just couldn’t take my mind off you since I saw you.. Please sir!’

I stood up, took off my jeans and got to the edge. I sat down with my legs in the water and she swam to be between my legs. I swirled my fingers gently around her nipples jutting out of her bikini a few times, and then gave a harder squeeze which got her to moan.. I repeated that a few times while I moved my lips to hers and started kissing. Her body reacted with pleasure at my kissing and squeezing of her nipples.. I then made her lean back in a float that was nearby, and had her legs come on to the edge of the pool and besides me. I then pulled off her bikini bottom and caressed her labia with my fingers, as my thumb pressed on her clit.. her moans were getting deeper. I bent and put my tongue on her clit and swirled it, while I inserted two fingers into her vagina.. she started shaking and moaning. I continued that for a while and with each stroke of my tongue and fingers, her body was getting more excited. She finally gave into it and had an orgasm rush through her. Her body shuddered and I let her go floating to calm herself.

She swam back to me, and pulled my underwear down and took my penis into her mouth fully in a rush.. I told her to pause and showed her how I would like her mouth and tongue on my penis, which she followed very well and improvised sending me into ecstasy. I held her wet hair gently as her head bobbed over my penis.. I can never get over that sight.. after a few minutes, I let go.. a heavy stream into her mouth which she fully swallowed.

‘That was terrific. Even if Priya hadn’t mentioned it, I would have begged you for this.’ Payal said.

‘So, you both are intimately acquainted now…’ Pooja said coming over to the pool and seeing me naked and a bottomless Payal and continued,’ Let me get you a towel and fresh underwear sir.’ and she went back in.

Payal smiled and blushed.

Over dinner, we decided to go sightseeing the next day..

We started the next day visiting the palaces and forts in the area.. it was marvelous to know how well they thought through the architecture to serve all the purposes from security to entertaining to natural air conditioning!!

As we were admiring all that, I saw Priya in one of the nooks with a window looking out to the city. She was in a traditional Rajasthani dress with one foot on the base of that window and the other on the floor.. she seemed to be enjoying the light breeze coming her way and visually rich expanse in front of her. There were not many guests that day and I knew Pooja and Payal were a little behind and would keep an eye. I just couldn’t resist the view.. I went behind her and gently wrapped my hands around her waist and let my index finger explore around her navel..

‘Really sir, it’s so pleasant here… umm..’

I played with my fingers around her waist.. seeing her soft skin react to it with dimples, and her body reacting with a mix of feeling ticklishness and moans..

I whispered, ‘ You make it even more pleasant.. I just couldn’t resist how attractive you were looking, perched on almanbahis giriş this window.’

I cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples a few times. Then I took the hem of her lehenga and pulled it up till my hands could caress her panties. I squeezed her bums and moved my fingers towards her labia, to find her panties wet.. what a delight. I unzipped my jeans, pulled down my underwear and her panties, bent her more into the window and entered her from behind. I could see her resisting her moans as we were in a public place, but her body was in ecstasy. I stroked hard a few times, then slowed to extend the pleasure and finally thrust a few more times with urgency and shot the load into her. I held her with me inside her for some time till our breathing came to normal. I pulled her panties up, let the lehenga go back to its normal state. I got dressed and whispered again, ‘That was truly a wonderful experience.. fantasy come true. Thank you.’

‘Sir, you always take me to a joyous state I can’t even imagine. I am forever indebted.’

We turned around to see Pooja and Payal a few yards away at different entrances keeping an eye out, so no one would have interrupted us..

At dinner that night, I said, ‘Once we reach Delhi tomorrow, I will be flying out. I will be back again in 3 weeks.. ‘

‘3 Weeks.. that’s a lot of time to be missing you, sir’ Pooja said.

‘You will be busy with your business!’

‘I hope to show you a detailed plan when you are back sir’ Payal said.

‘Certainly will look at it. But, I really meant it when I said, I will be passive. I don’t need to see any details.. the 3 of you just make it happen.. However, I would like to see two things.. one, the vertical farm when it is operating and the other… ‘

‘When the final product is on us!!’ Priya said excitedly adding a blush to it as well.

‘Wow.. you are quite a mind reader.. ‘ I said ‘Yes, that too in your store. Other than that, it is truly yours to run. You don’t need to convince me.. all of you have to feel it and move in the same direction’

Once we got to our suite, Pooja said. ‘I am really going to miss you sir. At the same time, this trip was truly marvelous.’

She was looking ravishing.. Red saree, White sleeveless blouse which was flimsy enough to show her bra, red bindi, long earrings, high heels.. and those red lips..

I pulled her towards me and hugged her, while my hands explored her back. I whispered to her, ‘I love what you are wearing.. ride me with your clothes on.’

She turned towards me and while unbuttoning my shirt, she whispered back, ‘That will be fun.. that way I will have you on my clothes and will help me get through the 3 weeks that you will be out!’

She then pulled off my jeans and underwear. I laid down on the bed.

She then put her right leg on the stool nearby and slowly removed her high heel. She put that leg down and lifted the left to do the same. This seduction.. high heel coming off.. her beautiful calf showing from her lifted saree and petticoat.. let’s just say, I got very aroused.

She then got near my feet and slowly started kissing and moving up my leg. I could see her cleavage from the flimsy pallu and was feeling her bra filling breasts on my legs. She moved ever so slowly caressing my legs that way with her kisses and her breasts, till she got to my erection. She didn’t kiss it as I expected. Instead, she moved her pallu a bit and moved left to right, let her blouse touch my penis.. my pre-cum was ready. She moved my penis inside her blouse and stroked it between her blouse and bra. I grew a few more inches and wet her blouse. She then carefully moved my penis inside her bra letting it touch her nipples, which themselves were very erect.

After teasing me like that for a while, she removed my penis from between her breasts, moved up further and kissed me for a while on my mouth. I was trying to hold on with this level of seduction getting to me.

She then stood up, put her legs on either side of me in a way her saree and petticoat were covering my mid section, right above my penis. She lowered herself down and put her hands on on my chest for support and rubbed her panties on my penis.. my mind was numbing.. I was feeling sparkles of pleasure in every nerve. With her left hand, she moved her panties to her side, positioned my penis and inserted it fully into her vagina. She moaned and stayed liked that for a while taking in all the pleasure. Then she slowly moved up the whole length and went back down and paused again. This was a sight to fantasize about, but it was real.. she wearing a beautiful red saree, white sleeveless blouse, with white bra showing, going up and down my penis, as her earrings swayed!! Her moans grew louder as she increased the pace..

‘Sir.. ‘ she said as the last loud moan as I shot a full load into her, while her body writhed with her orgasm.. that was intense. We stayed like that for a while. She then slowly released my penis, adjusted her panties, petticoat and saree. She came to my side and I cuddled her.. at some point we feel asleep.

I got up early morning, brushed and went to take a walk in the gardens just as the morning sun was breaking. It was very pleasant with flowers and peacocks and other birds waking up too.

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