The Date Pt. 02The Date Pt. 02


I hold out my hand indicating for you to take it. When you reach out, I lightly hold your hand, turning you toward the massage table in the center of the room. It has a very pretty pink sheet on it, hugging the table itself so it doesn’t slide off. There is a small tabletop near the massage table that you hadn’t noticed before. As I lead you toward the massage table, you examine some of the things on the smaller table.

You see small bottles that you assume are oils. You register one of them as being a basic massage lotion plastic bottle. Also on the table are two strange looking instruments. Each one has a tennis-ball sized blue ball on the end that looks like rubber. Each of these balls has a thin metal piece attaching it to a wooden handle. You want to ask me about these two things, but you don’t want to ruin the mood that has been set before you.

I guide you to the table and, without breaking what is a very sensual silence, help you onto the table. You notice immediately that she sheet is a silky texture and you slide on it almost effortlessly. You lie face down, you know your head goes into the cradle and you adjust yourself to where you know you need to be.

You feel be adjust the pillow under your feet by reaching under the sheet. Then, as you lie there relaxing now that the pillow is in its proper place, you feel my fingers touching your foot. They slide up and down the bottom of your left food with a feather’s touch before going up over the heel, onto the tendon, and slowly sliding its way, inch by inch, up your calf.

My fingers press a little firmer and now it’s the pads of my fingers trailing up your thigh. I feel you quiver slightly under my touch as my hand seems to slow, but never stops on its journey upward. I get to the crease of your butt and this is the first time I have deviated from the direct path I was on. This time, I move slightly outward toward your hip, tracing your crease. Of course, I begin to move back toward the center once I have reached the side of your leg.

Closer to the center.


Just as you know I am about to touch your most tender area, I retract my fingers and go back to the middle of your thigh. I continue my previous path, over the cheek of your ass, still as light as a feather. Again, I deviate slightly by increasing my pressure to include my entire palm now as I make small circles over your cheek. My circling hand going wider and wider with each pass.

Soon, my hand is circling your entire butt softly; the highest rotation going to the divet at the top of your butt. The lowest point is right at the bottom of your ass, and you feel the heat from my hand so close to your own warm area.

I leave your rear end and continue my travels up your back. I continue to use the entire palm of my hand as I trace up your spine with that same feather light touch. Again, I feel you shiver from the touch and I smile, knowing you are going to love this massage.

As I get to your neck, I turn to look down upon your beautiful body from above your head. I grab the oil from the side table; you hear the metal cap spinning open. A few seconds later, you hear me set the glass bottle back on the table.

In anticipation, it feels like minutes are ticking away while you wait for my first touch of the massage. Just as you cannot stand the wait and are about to look to see when I am doing, a warmth lands directly between your shoulder blades.

A tension you didn’t even know was present instantly releases by way of a contented sigh from you. The warm droplets from my hands continue to cover the top part of your back just before my hands come into contact with your skin. You take another deep breath and sigh as my hands begin to move down your back slowly, on either side of your spine. You feel my fingers slightly tickling as they lead the way of the palms applying the pressure. Those tickling fingertips reach your waist and go slightly down to your ass making you wiggle; my palms stretching your back in the most delicious way.

I slide my hands back up your back, never losing the pressure. I hear you moan as I push some air from your body on the way up. I spread my hands outward at your shoulders and you feel the çekmeköy escort oil slicked pressure of my hands going over your outer shoulders and into the front your neck ever so slightly before returning for the stroke down your back again.

This time, however, as I get to your hips, my hands don’t stop for the stretch. Instead, my hands continue their way down over your ass before spreading outward over your hips, turning back up to slide up your sides, grazing the sides of your breasts as I return to your shoulders.

This continues for several minutes before I move to the side of the table and begin working on the side opposite where I am standing. My hands begin to knead your skin and muscles soothingly, beginning just at your shoulder blade, going over toward the side of your body, into your breast a little, before moving down your ribs, to your hip. I do this a few times before I rest my hand on your lower back, right at the crease to your ass. You feel my hand turn in place and you know I must be silently moving to the other side of the table to continue the same motions I just performed.

Your suspicions are confirmed when you feel my hands on your side, my fingers massaging your breast momentarily before I begin moving again. This time, however, when I am done with this technique, I rest my hand even further; my palm again the crack of your ass casually moving up and down as I reposition myself.

You have no idea where I am standing, but you feel my other hand return to your skin, being placed right next to the one on your ass. My hands begin to knead your ass cheeks slowly, sensuously; barely using any pressure at first. You feel my fingers getting closer and closer to the crease of your ass, they delve ever so slightly into your crevice on their way down in the circle.

You feel the touch of my fingertips inching closer toward your center with each pass; the tickle of my fingers closing in. You know I am going to touch you there, the tenderness of your delicate folds throbs in anticipation. I’m almost there. The next pass will do it. No, not that one. The next pass.



The circle widens. You feel the fingertips delve further down your ass. I touch your folds as I pass by them, my fingers sliding into the tender flesh between your legs and your pussy. My hands never stop moving and I bring the circle back upward, over the very tops of your thighs, to your hips, and right back to your ass, continuing the smaller circles.

You realize you have spread your legs without thinking about it. You wonder how long you’ve had them open. You hope I will continue the circles and go back down between your legs. You can’t believe how turned on that made you; and I didn’t even touch your pussy!

My hands leave your butt, traveling down your right leg. You feel one of my hands go to the outside of your thigh while the other moves toward the inside. You believe you feel my fingers brush against your lower lips. But it was such a delicate touch you aren’t sure if I actually touched them. I hear you moan and after my hands come back up from your knee, going back up your thigh, I make no delicate moves toward you. You feel my fingers very firmly brush against the, now moist, folds of your pussy. I notice you raised your hips ever so slightly at the touch.

I pull my hands away slightly and begin to knead the muscles in your thigh. I actually hear you sigh as you realize I am not going to touch you again just yet. I massage your upper leg for a moment or two more before I move down to your calf. This part lasts about two minutes before I move to the other side of the table to continue the same treatment on the other leg. This time, however, when I start working on your left thigh, my hand goes straight to the inside and upward. I brush firmly against your pussy again. Except now you are certain it is my entire hand on your very hot spot.

You feel all four of my fingers brushing against you. My middle finger has found its way between the folds. You jump and raise your hips as you realize it isn’t your imagination; I am actually touching your clit!

Small circles around your cevizli escort clit.

Then my hand moves away again after only a matter of seconds touching you. I go back to kneading your left thigh the way I worked the other leg. Then I move down to your calf, just as before.

When I am done with this leg, I draw my hands back up both of your legs, over your ass, up your back, resting on your shoulders. You sense me move just above your head. You are not sure if you can actually feel me with the top of your head.

I slide my hands to your neck and begin a very gentle, soothing stroke. I move up to your head and begin giving light squeezes to your scalp. Your scalp massage only lasts a few moments, however, before I bend down low. You feel the heat from my breath on your left ear.

In the softest voice, I say, “It’s time to turn over. Scoot down for me.”

You lift you head as you begin to move. You notice that I am, indeed, right in front of you. You notice the very obvious bulge in my pants and you smile, knowing I am enjoying this as much as you. You turn completely, your front not fully exposed to me. You are unsure where to put your hands. Your instinct is to cover your breasts, but you want to show them off. You want me to see how hard your nipples are. You wonder if I can smell your arousal.

I can.

You can now watch as I move about the table. I move downward, right to the bottom. I pull a chair you didn’t even know was there to me and I sit down. My hands reach for your feet simultaneously. You jump at the touch, even though you knew it was coming.

I begin to massage your feet together for a moment or two. Then I concentrate on one with both of my hands. I slide my thumb up the arch on the underside; my fingers firmly gripping the top of your foot. You gasp as you begin to feel something else now, on your toes. You feel me giving you little kisses on each toe as my fingers do their work. You close your eyes and enjoy the sensations on your foot. I work your heel, your arch, and then you begin to feel the little areas between your toes getting worked. You aren’t sure if I am using my fingers or my tongue. You can’t figure out how you can’t tell, but you’re almost certain it’s my tongue working now between each toe.

I pull away and begin the same process on the other foot. But before you get to enjoy the massage on the other foot, I slide both hands up either calf before coming back to your foot.

Once I have done my work on your feet, you are now as relaxed as you can be as well as truly horny. I can see your breathing is steady, but rapid. Your breasts rising and falling is the focus of my attention for the briefest of moments. I want to rush you and take you for mine but your massage is not over yet.

My hands slide up again on your calf. This time, just your left one. My hands caress your calf, past your knee, up to your thigh. I slide down again, going to your ankle, then go right back up. With agonizing slowness, you feel my fingers on the inside of your thigh as I move upward. You feel them getting closer… closer.

My hand moves down again before you can feel my touch on your lips. When I get to your knee, I surprise you by going back up from there. That is when you feel it. As my outside hand went right up to your hip, my inside hand continued its path directly to your pussy. You feel my fingers brush against you firmly and it makes you squirm. You want me to end the massage right then and just take you but you stay quiet, aside from the whimper that just escaped your lips.

Of course I heard it. And that was my cue to move on. I finish massaging your thigh without touching you sexually, then I move on to your right leg. I begin the same way, except this time, I forgo the teasing and as I go up your leg the first time, you feel my finger not only touch your lips, but force its way between then. You gasp, your hips jerk. My fingertip has just entered you. You knew I had surprises, but you didn’t realize I could read you so well.

Just as quickly as my fingertip entered you, it was removed. I moved my hands down again to massage your thigh, before going erenköy escort back up. This time, however, I simply brush against your lips before moving on to massage your thigh completely.

You feel me move to the head of the table again. You do not want to open your eyes. My hands are on your chest now. You can feel my thumbs hooked to the back of your neck. My fingers massaging your upper chest, spreading outward like a fan. The massage and the stretch I am doing feel amazing to you, but you wish I would move lower and let my fingertips graze your nipples.

You can’t believe it when I do just that. My thumbs leave your neck and my hands begin to move lower on your chest. My fingers are now brushing your breasts as they move further and further downward.

My fingertips brush against your nipples and you arch your back to try to get more contact.

It works.

As you arch your back, my hands move lower still and begin to cup your breasts in both hands as I move them slightly outward. You had no idea that would feel so good to stretch like that, but that thought is only temporary as you begin to feel me give gentle squeezes to your breasts.

With your eyes still closed, you sense me leaning forward over you. You wonder just where that bulge is. I begin to give little kisses all over your breasts as my hands continue their massage.

You feel my tongue on your right nipple. It is flicking you before sucking you into my mouth. You gasp as one nipple is sucked on while the other is being given very light pinches. My tongue swirls around your nipple. It is so hard between my lips I don’t ever want to stop toying with it.

You find it incredibly difficult to leave your hands down and you decide you want to touch me. You reach up and put your hands in my hair, giving your own little massage. You tangle your fingers within my hair as I continue to massage and love on your breasts.

I feel your breathing increase a great deal and I know you are getting so close to your peak. I back away from your breasts but you try to pull me back by my hair. That is when I grab your wrists and put them on the table, back above your head.

My hands go back to your chest and merge to the space between your breasts. I slide them firmly downward, to your tummy, then past it. My fingers are once again sliding across your mound.

You lift your hips hoping I will be nice. My fingers spread out on either side of your pussy and go down the crease of your legs. You let out a small moan of frustration. We both know it won’t take you long if I ever stopped teasing.

My fingers, almost all the way to your ass now, curl in slightly and drag back up your pussy until I’ve reached your clit. I give it a little flick as I reach the top. Then, my fingers, more firm this time, slide back down. Except this time, my fingers spread your lips slightly, giving them their own little massage.

Your breathing is so fast now. Your breasts are pushing into me as I lean over you. You can feel the hardness in my pants as you move your head.

I begin to massage your pussy directly. You pray I am not teasing again.

You feel my index fingers drag back up on either side of your lips, sliding them apart. This time, you also feel me pull back the hood of your clit as I reach the top. My fingers hold everything back, exposing your most private area completely to my gaze.

You look absolutely beautiful this close up and it is everything I can do to not reach down and lick your clit. But I wait a moment more, continuing my ministrations with my fingers. I slide my finger inside you ever so slightly, just enough to get a little lubrication. Then I bring it back to your clit and use your juices to slide my finger over and around your clit, driving you nuts.

That is when I can no longer stand it, myself. I must have you in my mouth. I come around from the head of the table and stand next to you. I lean down again, and I must use my tongue on your hard, slippery, clit. I begin to lick it from side to side. It is so tasty to me I must have more.

I put my lips around your clit and suck it into my mouth. You feel my fingers slide down again and this time, there is no tease. My fingers move to your opening and slide right inside. I move my first two fingers within you, back and forth. I am effectively fucking you with my fingers as I devour your clit between my lips.

I feel your insides squeeze my fingers as you release yourself over my fingers. I hear you scream above me, but I don’t let up until I feel your spasms stop.

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