My New Personal Assistant Ch. 03My New Personal Assistant Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – I never believed in this “tension” between protagonists

My life was great again! With the tiresome administrative out of the way, and other tasks I could lay on Thomas, I felt free, and finally, I could return to the work I loved. That man was an enormous help. He spent the rest of the week just sorting through everything, and soon I could see much improvement in my daily life. Pure happiness!

Nathasha tried to give me hard times but seeing me come home day after day more and more laid-back made her probably realize that if she destroyed my mood every day, I would rethink her value in my life.

Well, I may have said exactly those words to her. But thankfully for both of us, she decided it was worth thinking about, as Friday, she welcomed me in exquisite lingerie and a complete change of attitude. We spend Friday night and most of the weekend in bed.

The following week was even better! Everything was going so well that I forgot to look for a new assistant. Well, maybe I was worried that Natasha would ruin my mood again, so I decided to enjoy it for a bit. And Thomas started slowly to grow on me.

In the following few weeks, everything just started to fall into its place nicely. At work and home, everything was just perfect!

There were a few moments when I remembered the time I was jerking off to the idea of him watching me stroking my cock. That deep stern look he can give to a person sometimes. The memory of that thrill it gave me back then made me repeat that from time to time.

I realized after a few days that my time in the shower often ended with this image in my head and my hand jerking my dick furiously. It may sound strange, but I didn’t think much of it. I always liked experimenting with sex, and I loved Natasha watching me cum. I may be just curious as I never thought I’d find a man attractive enough.

It was Wednesday of the third week working with him when Thomas knocked on my door.

“Hi, Matt. Can I come in?”

I asked him if he would be ok with calling me by my name that Monday. It was a decision kind of in the heat of the moment as I just saw his veiny forearm and remembered jerking off to that the night prior. So I got nervous and just spurted it out. He looked like he was thinking about how appropriate that is, but I suppose, given that he is only temporary help, and most of my employees are calling me by my name anyway, he agreed.

For some reason, I felt at ease with him most of the time. But there were moments when I was weirdly nervous when he looked at me a certain way. Maybe I felt guilty about those occasional shower sessions when I cummed thinking about him.

“Right, sure. Come in. I just need to finish this, if that’s ok.” I answered, returning to the present.

“Sure, can I wait here?”

I nodded with a smile. I saved the progress and turned to him.

“What do you need, Thomas?”

“Did you get any of my emails?”

“Your emails?”

He chuckled, “Yes, my emails. I’ve sent you four, but you haven’t replied to any.”

“Damn. I am sorry I’ve got them, but I haven’t printed them yet. When do you need it?”

“Tomorrow.” He said it with a smile.

“Crap… “I opened one. “What do I need to do with them?”

“I already filled it. You need to read it and sign.”

“Damn, ok. Can you wait here?”

“Sure.” I sent all of the files from his emails to the printer.

“This one is great. Thank you. But where do I need to sign it?” I looked at it, hovering above the paper with pen in hand. “Who makes such stupid forms? I hate administration with every single atom of my brain.”

He grinned and came over to my desk while the rest was printing.

“Why do I have to sign all this crap?”

“Because you are an important person.” He was having fun watching me struggle. I could say. I had to smile myself, seeing him so amused.

“Here.” he pointed at the space at the bottom of the sheet.

“Thanks.” I signed it, and he took it. Then, he reached over to the printed documents behind me, leaning over the table just in front of me. As he did this, I got his subtle scent.

I got aroused but managed to compose myself when he put a few pieces of paper in front of me.

We spend a couple of minutes like this. I signed pointless papers, and Thomas leaned over me, helping me find different places to write my name. Who will read all this?

The longer he was close like this, the more I was aware of his fragrance, a slightly musky, manly odor mixed with his sweat and smell of soap. More disturbing than that was now only my slowly stiffening cock.

Then with one form, he had to really look where the fucking, stupid line was and leaned very close to me as he tried to find it. He was right in front of me, his neck on my eye level with that intriguing bulging vein right in front of my mouth! I couldn’t help but take a deep breath inhaling his scent, watching his muscled nape, and holding myself back so I wouldn’t lick it. It took istanbul travesti all my willpower and concentration!

“Here.” I heard a distant voice in the back of my mind, but it was like I was not even registering it.

He looked at me, probably because I wasn’t responding. His face was now only about 2 inches from the end of my nose. We could feel the air moving as we breathed, looking at each other.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I was never in such a situation. This cliche is something I was making fun of when Natasha made me watch some over-the-top romantic movies with all the excessive tension between protagonists.

So now, when I froze in a situation I deemed unrealistic, I had no idea how to react.

My face leaned closer to him without thinking, and my eyes were drawn to his lips. My partly opened mouth started to dry, and I had to swallow to ease the uncomfortable feeling. I wasn’t thinking at all. I just knew I wanted to kiss those full, soft lips in front of me.

My eyes shot back to his dark blue eyes that were watching me. What the heck is happening?

The moment went on for too long. I blinked, and I saw that we both realized what was happening. Thomas watched me silently, scanning my eyes as the anticipation slowly disappeared and heavy emptiness filled the room.

Should I apologize? What just happened?

He pointed with his finger, and I looked at it, I didn’t know what was happening.

“Here.” He said

“Right!” Get a grip Mattew! I signed, looking down in confused guilt

“Thank you, Matt. These too.”

We finished all the required signatures, and he took them with thanks. The way he watched me gave me chills.

Shortly after 8 pm, I went out. Thomas was turning off the computer.

“Can I drive you?”

“Yes, thank you.” He took his coat, and we walked to the elevator as every other night. I drove him home in complete silence. Usually, we talk about anything and everything, but tonight, there was this strange uncertainty between us, and I don’t know about him, but I was nervous and had to keep looking at him even though I told myself repeatedly to stop that. It was just always stronger than me.

Just now, stopping the car in front of his house, I realized we didn’t order any dinner tonight. I should be hungry, but I was so tense I wouldn’t be able to eat if you put juicy steak right in front of my nose.

I was worried the next day would be awkward, but by the time he came, I was flooded with tasks and had no time to worry.

When he arrived, he just said hello and sat silently at his desk. I suppose it was only in my head as the day went on as usual.

Since then, we have scheduled daily 30-minute meetings for signing and some organization. But as time passed, a couple of projects were closing, and I needed him more and more. He was amazing. Even at the fast pace, he didn’t seem anxious and handled it calmly. He usually listened with his notepad, and when he gave pointers, I was most of the time amazed at how his mind worked!

It’s hard to explain, but I had, by now, a genuine appreciation for this man. And truth be told, I started to jerk off thinking about him in the shower daily, even though Natasha and I had a fairly active sex life. I didn’t even question it anymore. It was stronger than me. I reassured myself that I couldn’t imagine doing any of that for real.

One drive home, we talked about upcoming projects, and I mentioned that it would be better for both of us if he would work on the second desk I have inside my office. Dora used to work there at times like these, as it was more convenient than constantly walking one after another or calling each other.

He listened to me and agreed to try that. So, the next day he moved his things into my office, and we both found out it was a great idea.

We were an excellent team and slowly became closer as kind of buddies.

We joked occasionally, and he quickly got used to me sometimes telling things and not realizing it may be inappropriate. Talking with him was relaxing. No gossip I despise, no chit-chat without purpose, and still, it had depth and volume.

I even told him a few things about Natasha and tried to share the good ones mostly. He told me about the company he is starting, and I gave him some advice. Still, mostly we talked about work, general stuff, economics, politics, and sports (yes, he was a swimmer in high school and college and still does it regularly). Only occasionally, we mentioned Dora or Nathasha. He hasn’t mentioned his partner once, and I didn’t feel like asking myself.

Deadlines got closer, and the workload increased for all of us. Also, the stress grew in the whole department. Most employees were staying late, and even Thomas started naturally getting in early in the morning and leaving with me past ten. By this point, I cherished this man immensely. He had this calm aura around him and could naturally defuse the pressure in the room and avoid upcoming istanbul travestileri catastrophes. He often helped us stay on point when we strayed, and his presence in meetings was addictive for all of us.

Everyone on my team fell in love with him. Me especially!

This came especially useful at one project meeting when James tried to cut costs on some features, and I stood up furious, explaining the mechanics and how big bullshit that is. It would have become a real warzone if Thomas hadn’t stepped in. With a calm voice, he explained to James what he thought I wanted to say, correctly, of course, and then he translated for me James’s intention. Thanks to him, bit by bit, we were able to find an excellent conclusion.

With that, I knew I needed this man in my life! My professional life, of course. Well… I kept thinking about him, and given that the shower was one of the few places where I had the needed privacy and could clean the cum easily, masturbating to the thought of him became a regular thing for me.

“Thomas, I just wanted to thank you,” I said as I sat back in my office.

“What for?”

“This meeting.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“I would really like it if you’d stay work for me full time.”

“I don’t know, Matt. I love it here, and you were really hot back there, fighting for your team that hard, but I always dreamed of my own company.”

My world stopped. What?

“Did you just say I was hot?”

“You were.” He said it just like a matter of fact and looked at me with that arousing, stoic, composed face. Was it my imagination, or was he looking into my eyes with strange depth?

I was confused.

“Do you think I am attractive?”

He smiled with a wicked spark in his eye

“Let’s not go there, Matt.”

I didn’t have much time to react as someone knocked on the door and walked in just then. I should also have a secretary who could deal with things like this when Thomas is working from my office.

The door flung open, and in walked Natasha in all her glory. She looked her best. I could tell she wanted to make the best first impression.

She was over last month just when Thomas ran an errand for me. So we had a quickie on my desk, and she was headed to lunch with Nina, her good friend from HR. They bonded on their ability to speak Russian and annoying everyone with it, but I think most people deal with it because she was my fiance and Nina was her friend. Thankfully she is not here (checking on me) that often lately.

Thomas had good instructions from Dora, and everyone in the office thought he looked straight as an arrow. My team knows, as he is open about it, and for a few weeks now, he has been joining us on lunch, but they were all shocked. The rest of our company probably doesn’t know it because Thomas is not ‘bragging’ about it and everyone on my team is a respectful person with no need for gossip. I chose my team carefully.

I have no need or right to out him, so Natasha has stayed out of my work life for heavenly two months now, with just this being the second visit.

“Hello Mattew!” she said in her most seductive voice as she strolled to me, disregarding Thomas or the fact that we may be busy.

She smirked like she did when she knew I was hot for her. Damn, I was probably blushing. Thankfully I suppose she thought it was because of her outfit. Which, let me tell you, was stunning! If I haven’t got a head full of Thomas’s remark, I would want to drag her somewhere and fuck her good!

As she leaned to kiss me, she made it in such a way that any straight man sitting behind her would definitely be checking her out, but when I looked at Thomas, he was watching her with a strange, curious look.

“What are you doing here, Natasha?”

“I am meeting Nina, of course. Do you want to go to lunch with us?”

“No, I am going as always with my team. You know that.” Since starting this department, I have always gone to lunch with my guys. It’s become our bonding time; most restaurants are already used to putting tables together for us. It’s fun. I find it helpful. We all became one big family this way.

“Can we join?”

“I won’t change my mind, woman, just because you ask me that in front of Thomas.”

“Thomas?” Now I glared at her and started to get angry. I don’t know her intention, but being disrespectful was unacceptable.

She turned towards him.

“Please forgive me; I was being rude. I was just so excited to see Mattew.”

He raised his eyebrow slightly and smirked a little.

“Don’t worry. It was entertaining.”

I didn’t see her face, but the silence was speaking volumes.

My phone started to ring. Both looked at me as I answered.

“Hi, Tim, what’s up?”

— Hi, I need you to come over. Glen found something. You are going to love it!” —

Should I leave Thomas alone with her?

“You need me to come there now?” I said, looking at Thomas. He smiled and nodded.

— If you can. —

“Ok, travesti istanbul then I will be there shortly.”

“Natasha, I need to go. I will see you at home. Say hi to Nina.” I kissed her, showing her the door.

“I need to talk with you about the wedding dress. I will wait.”

Not this again

“Natasha, I told you many times you have a more than generous budget. I don’t want to discuss that again, woman. We are busy.”

“I won’t keep you long.”

I folded my arms in front of my chest.

“Tell me.”

She fidgeted and told me she could wait till I was back.

“I don’t know how long I will be, woman.”

“Nina knows I may take longer. It’s fine, dear. Thomas can keep me company.”

“Thomas is busy.”

“It’s ok, Matt. I can make some time.”

I looked at Thomas again, and he nodded, watching me with a smirk.

Good, at least one of us is enjoying this.

“Very well, I will hurry.” I signed and left the room and wished him luck.

When I returned about 40 minutes later, Natasha sat in a chair looking irritated, and Thomas was calmly working with a slight smile. What happened here?

Both looked at me when I entered. Natasha came over to me with an accusing frown.

“You told me you hired a man!”

What the fuck??

Thomas and I looked at each other and back at her. He was grinning, but I was annoyed a little.

“Well, yes. He is a man.” I pointed with my hand in disbelief.

“He is obviously gay!” She leaned to me in a whisper loud enough for Thomas to hear.

I was speechless. I just glared at her — Careful, woman…

“I am sorry, Thomas. Are you gay?”

“Yes.” He said calmly

“Why the fuck does it matter if he’s gay?”

I was getting angrier by the second. The way she spoke was over the line.

“Look at him! He is cute!”


“So, you noticed! He’s obviously the female in bed.”

“For fuck’s sake, Natasha, I hope you are joking!”

This was too much. I had to move over to my desk because being close to her was getting dangerous when I was this angry. And I didn’t feel like revenge-fucking her right now to make this better. So I stood behind my desk, trying to compose myself and hoping she was smart enough to stop herself!

“Tell me he is not pretty?”

I looked at her. Mad! I was fucking mad now! The tone she used and how she made every single assistant I chose so uncomfortable they left the same day were replaying on a loop in my mind. If she makes him go, I will hate her!

“No, he is not! He is fucking beautiful! And competent and funny. But do you know what the most attractive thing about him is?! He doesn’t nag me in a way that I want to smash something in the wall so I wouldn’t punch him. Like, for real! I had fucking enough! If you make this man leave, you better leave that ring here because I will be taking it back! Thanks to that man, I can sleep, because I don’t have to deal with everything since you made every assistant I had found quit. I am fucking tired, and I-had-enough!”

That defiant look on her is often hot, but now she has crossed the fucking line!

“I hope he’s beautiful enough for you to fuck him! Cos you are not getting this in the near future, mister. How dare you raise your voice at me?”

“For your information, miss, I am top.” A chilling voice made us both turn to him. “One does not get to fuck me. One begs me nicely to fuck him so good he will become a moaning mess under me. You should know your fiance well enough to decide if I am a threat to you.”

The way he spoke made my whole body tremble. A wave of electricity ran down my spine, and my cock grew into semi just hearing those few sentences. Who the fuck is that man just now? Have I ever seen him like that?

I suppose that tone had a different effect on Natasha. She looked intimidated and angry.

“Are you going to let him talk to me like that?” She turned to me.

I rather sat down to hide the tent in my pants. Then, trying to sound angry but composed, I said.

“He hasn’t said anything offensive yet, woman. But, on the other hand, you should think if you don’t owe him an apology.”

“So, are you his bitch now?” Thankfully she is more than aware of how much I love women for me to try and play it as this notion is totally out of the question. Honestly, just a few months back, it definitely would be. Now, I started to doubt a few things about myself.

I attempted to sound very agitated by that question.

“For fucks sake, woman, this is the line! Remember how I fuck you and think about that again.”

She crossed her hands in front of her chest and stared at me angrily. I have had enough for quite some time now.

“Now get the fuck out of here. I don’t want to see you here until you apologize to Thomas!”

“Are you seriously kicking me out?”

“Woman I am furious now! You better leave before I make an even more drastic choice.”

She looked at me, hurt, and then she glared at Thomas, who now had a very unfamiliar expression. The way he looked at me was confusing, and I had no idea what he was thinking about.

She left, slamming the door behind her. I knew she was now angry, sad, and hurt but I was still too riled up to care.

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