My hair had finally reached that point where it got to be more trouble trying to keep it clean and combed each day than to make an appointment and get a haircut. Now all my life I’d gone to Elliot’s Haircut Store, that’s going on fifty some odd years now. Elliot cut my grandfather’s hair, he cut my father’s hair and then he cut my hair, that is until he passed away a few months ago. Yeah, that was another reason it’s been so long since my last haircut, I just didn’t have the courage to have anyone else cut my hair.

Well I had to do it so I took a drive down by the old store and saw it was open. I had read in the paper some of his kids or grandkids had taken over the shop. The store had the same old sign but around the windows and door there was some odd neon lights and I could hear rock and roll music inside. Now I ain’t that old and I can appreciate some good rock and roll like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin but this place was playing some of that strange Hop Hip stuff and I nearly walked away. The only thing that stopped me was when an attractive young girl called to me from the door.

“Mr. Johnson, is that you Mr. Johnson?”

“Yep, but who are you?”

“I’m Janey, Elliot’s great granddaughter. I was working the last time you came in for a haircut.”

“You were working then? But Elliot cut my hair.”

“Yeah he cut hair up until that last day. He talked me into getting my cosmetology license and then he gave the business to my brother and I.”

“You talking about little Billy, scrawny little kid.”

“Well Billy is graduating college this week. He played tackle almanbahis adres on the college team. That’s his helmet on the shelf over there.”

“So are you open now?”

“Yep, just opened up this morning.”

“Well where is everybody?”

“It’s too early in the morning for most of my clients. It looks like it will be just you for a while now, come on in.”

I walked in slowly, strolled over to my normal chair and climbed up. I sat there gazing about the room. It had changed a lot but some of the old things still haunted some of the shelves and corners. And I must admit Janey was sure a nice addition to the place, Elliot’s great granddaughter or not if I was about thirty years younger I might try to chase some of that.

She stepped up, lowered the chair and tossed a cape over me carefully fastening it around my neck. She spun the chair one way and then another and then asked, “Well how would you like me to cut this.”

“Well I don’t rightly know. I mean I just used to come in and Elliot cut my hair.”

“Okay, yeah I can do that. I just thought you might want to try something different, something sexy.”

“Something sexy? What would I do going around with something sexy?”

“Why Mr. Johnson you’d be surprised how good a man of your age can look sexy. Women will notice you too.”

“What would I do with a woman?” I asked as she started cutting my hair.

“Well you take them out to eat, perhaps see a movie or something like that. Then you can take her home and well, get a little bit closer.”

“Are you talking about what I think you almanbahis adresi are talking about?”

“You mean sex, of course.”

“No what would I…”

“Now Mr. Johnson, I bet you’d be an excellent lover.”

“Now, now what would make you say that?” I asked.

“Well, is that bulge in your lap just my imagination or are you ready now.”

“I… ah I…” quickly reaching under the cape I adjusted myself so my erection wasn’t that obvious. “You just got me to thinking…”

“Mr. Johnson, come with me.”

“Where we going.”

“I’m taking you back to the shampoo station just through these doors.” As we passed the door she closed and locked them. She led me to a washing station and pushed me back, but instead of washing my hair, she went directly for my pants.

“Wait, wait there Janey,” I said.

“No, now I’m going to show you just how sexy you are.” She pulled my cock out of my pants and slid her mouth down over it, sucking it hard.

Now it has been a long, long time since a woman did anything with me, much less a hot, young woman slide her mouth over my cock and I damn near came right there on the spot. She apparent sensed my situation because she pulled back away and stood up.

She quickly pulled off her pants and panties and then moved over me, straddling me. She then reached down, took hold of my cock and lowered herself down on me. I looked down and watched my cock slowly disappear as it slid between her beautiful pussy lips. She was wet and very tight as she slid down my entire length and then paused looking up at me with an stern almanbahis adres look on her face.

“Yes, you see what you can do to a woman,” she said as she began moving up and down. As she moved I was able to keep control, responding to her movement and soon I was lifting my hips to push my cock deeper into her as she descended upon me. It wasn’t very long before she cried out, “Oh yes, I’m coming.” She collapsed on top of me and I could feel her pussy pulsating on my cock.

“You see what you do to me,” she whispered as she began moving again. Quickening her pace she took him deep and then ground her clit against him as she moaned, “Oh yes, again.”

I think she came four or five times before I was able to work up to coming. It’s like that these days, if I don’t come right away it takes some time. Anyway, she had just come again and I could feel her pussy contracting around me when I shoved myself deep into her and came, spurting my cum deep inside her. I remained on top of me as my cock slowly shrank and then she stood up, letting it slide out of her.

Grabbing a towel she cleaned up the come that covered my cock and balls and then she pulled her panties and pants back on. She then washed my hair and led be out of the back room back to my chair. I must have dozed off then because the next thing I remember my hair was finished and there were several other people in the store getting their hair cut.

I got down out of the chair and walked over to Janey. “What do I owe you Janey?”

“Oh this one’s on the house Mr. Johnson and hey, if you keep your appointment for next month I’ll give you the same treatment for free again.”

“The same treatment?”

‘Yes, the same treatment.”

I nodded and then headed out the door. When I reached my car I looked up at the store window. Janey waved and then turned back and continued cutting someone’s hair.

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