College Experience Ch. 02College Experience Ch. 02


Second term started and we were back in the swing of things. I had healed well and was back on the exercise bandwagon. My times were a bit slower in the pool, but I needed to work out 2 months of inactivity. Ryan always seemed busy and wasn’t around the room much. Tommy had a swim meet every weekend, so I had the dorm alone to myself quite a bit.

One thing did change, however. I started kicking off my boxers in the middle of the night. The first time it happened, I remember being frustrated that my boxers were riding up in my crotch. I kicked them off. They fell off my bunk at night and when I woke up in the morning I was freaked out. I wasn’t the exhibitionist that Ryan was. I slowly snuck down my ladder, so not to wake Tommy or Ryan. If I woke up last, I would wait in my bed until Tommy left the room for class or a shower. I wasn’t as concerned of Ryan. While Tommy traveled, Ryan started sleeping in the nude.

One night after drinking more than my fair share I stumbled into the room very late. I stripped down to my boxers for some reason wanted to lay on Ryan’s bed. It smelled like him and it made me happy. The bed started spinning and I was out.

I woke up the next morning all cozy and warm. An arm was around me and a hard body right up against me. I could also feel a very hard cock rubbing on my ass. It just felt so good, so warm and to right. I fell asleep for a while longer and woke when Ryan got up to go to the bathroom. Once he left the room, I grabbed a towel and headed to the shower. When I got back in the room Ryan was talking on the phone to his parents and smiled at me. I dressed, waived bye and headed off to grab breakfast, study and swim laps (it was my normal Saturday ritual). Ryan visited me in the library, but never mentioned our morning snuggle, and neither did I.

I returned in the afternoon and Ryan was hanging out in the room with some floor mates. They had started drinking earlier and were already silly. We went out for pizza and beer for dinner and they continued their drinking. I was still feeling it from the night before and the beer just didn’t taste right. I left early and watched some TV. Ryan came in about 11pm and was smashed. He was tripping over himself and was almost incoherent.

I helped him pull off his winter coat and he said, “strip me stud”.

I laughed and started helping him. Off came his shirt. It suddenly turned erotic for me when I undid his belt and his button-fly jeans. I pulled them down his hips and he wiggled in a really sexy way. He was wearing his smurf boxers. He lay back on his bed and I pulled off his shoes, pants and socks. He was out! He was snoring softly and I thought maybe I should take off his boxers, Tommy was gone and that is how he liked to sleep. I grabbed the waist band of his boxers and slowly pulled them down. His cock and balls rested neatly in his pubic hair. I removed the boxers completely. He was bare-assed naked right in front of me.

I hadn’t studied a naked male this closely since my summers at the lake with Lance. I leaned forward and looked at his chest. He wasn’t overly muscular, just toned. Not an ounce of fat on this kid. His nipples were small, pink and very flat. He had hair starting at his sternum which spread down the rest of his body. His cock looked to be about 3″ long when soft. He was circumcised and had a nice ridge around the head of his cock. I thought it looked really pretty and couldn’t help but notice it looked exactly like mine.

I knew dicks came in every size and shape. Ryan’s balls were like mine, too. Up tighter to the body and heavily covered with hair. I slowly reached up and tried to wake Ryan up to see if he was really asleep. When I didn’t get any movement from him, I tried opening his eyes. They were rolled glazed over. I again looked down to his midsection and lightly took hold of his cock. I slowly played with it and touched his balls. I eased his legs apart a bit and looked beneath. It was very hairy. I played with his cock and balls for a while and got no reaction from him. I really wanted to masturbate him and see him cum.

I leaned over him and slowly blew on his cock. Nothing. I leaned down and licked the head. Again, nothing. I don’t know why but I sucked in all into my mouth and istanbul escort covered it with my tongue. I went down farther and sucked on his nuts. The only think I experienced was getting some of his pubes in my mouth. Like Ryan, his dick was unresponsive.

I was so horny and completely hard. I climbed out of his bed and started stripping down. I dropped my boxers and rubbed my cock. I grabbed Ryan’s hand and circled it around my dick, jacking it lightly. I thought to myself that this was crazy and climbed up into my bed and started jacking off. I spread my legs and tugged on my balls. I was leaking a ton of precum. I lubed up a finger, spread my legs further and slowly started finger fucking myself. I hardly ever did that, but it felt so good. I didn’t last long and shot a load quickly. I cum a ton and ended up spaying my face and check with a number of loads. I licked my lips and tasted my cum. My desire had gone down, but I was a mess. I climbed back down and wiped myself off with an dirty t-shirt. I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for a shower.

Upon returning to the room I stared at Ryan for a while. I thought of climbing into bed with him again, but thought I would never get any sleep. Again, I climbed up to my bed and fell asleep thinking of what fun I could have with Ryan.

Morning came and I was happy I didn’t drink much the night before. It was quiet in the room and I decided to get up and maybe make to church for a change. I crawled out of bed and was slowly sneaking down the ladder when I heard “nice ass”.

I turned and saw Ryan on the couch. He was under a blanket reading the campus newspaper. I jumped down and headed for my closet to grab some clothes.

Ryan said, “no way dude, today is nude Sunday. Tommy is gone for the day and I have officially declared this to be our first nude Sunday.”

I walked over to the couch and sat down at the other end. The couch was by the windows window and they were drafty in the winter. I reached for Ryan’s blanket and lifted it up. Sure enough, Ryan was nude.

Ryan handed me a section of the paper and I started reading, too. It was a bit odd being naked, but after last night I wasn’t checking out his body as I normally would. I did start getting cold and went under Ryan’s blanket. I was at one end, Ryan at another. It started innocently enough, our legs astride each other. Ryan got up for a moment, put on a robe and when down to the bathroom to pee. He came back, pulled off his robe and climbed back under the covers…making sure to drag his calf across my crotch. I started to feel a boner coming and got up, grabbed Ryan’s robe and went to the bathroom myself. When I got back, Tommy was in the room unpacking! I looked and Ryan was still sitting on the couch reading the paper giving me a weird look. I asked Tommy why he was back and he said they bus trouble and the coach wanted them to travel during daylight hours, so today’s meet was cancelled.

I saw Ryan’s boxer shorts over by his bed from the night before and slowly walked over toward them. While Tommy was putting something in his closet, I quickly picked them up and walked over by Ryan. I continued the small talk with Tommy and dropped the boxers behind me to Ryan. I then headed over to my closet and got dressed. The day progressed as normal…light studying, heavy football watching and joking between us. But there was a tension developing between Ryan and I.

The following day at practice we found out which swimmer had qualified for state. Tommy was on the list. We headed back to the dorm talking excitedly. When we got back, Tommy asked if he could use some of my razors. He needed to shave and only had an electric razor. I gave him my razor and some spare blades. He headed for the shower area. I walked to the restroom about 10 minutes later to pee and looked back into the shower area. Tommy had his left arm raised and was slowly shaving off his pit hair. It was really sexy to see. Tommy had sandy blonde hair and it was straight, not very curly like mine. I laughed at him and said to be careful, you don’t want to cut anything vital off.

Because we had seen each other nude and showered together after practice daily for the last three years, it didn’t seem odd to watch him avrupa yakası escort shave his body. After he completed his arm pits, he lathered up his right leg. He started at his ankles and continued up past his knee. He struggled with keep the blade clean, he was the hairiest beast from the waist down. He finally completed most of his right leg, having trouble with the back of his thigh. All the while we talked about how he was going to have to go on a protein and carb diet and practice twice a day for the next three weeks. I stood by, admiring his body from the other side of the shower area.

His left leg took another 10 minutes or so and he started to rinse off. When he turned around I saw the back of his legs. His ass was still covered in hair and he had missed most of the back of the thighs. I laughed and told him so. I left the shower area when he turned off the water and headed for his towel. He joined me in the room and got dressed, then headed over to the cafeteria for dinner. He was going to go back to the pool and practice his turns and asked me to time him. I agreed and we went over. While he went into the locker room to change, I grabbed the stop watch and powered up the lights.

Tommy came out in a speedo, this was odd because we usually practiced in jammers. But Tommy was trying to cut down his time and the smaller suit would help. When he walked past me I looked at him from behind. His hairy ass was mostly covered, but his legs looked ridiculous and I told him so. He reached around and felt it and said this has got to go.

“Come with me,” he said as he turned back to the locker room. He walked back to the coaches office and went straight back to the rear shower area, kind of a private shower area for the coach.

Tommy turned on the shower and started fishing through a locker alongside. He pulled out a razor and shaving cream.

He said “Drew, I need a hand here. Back in high school my buddies would all help each other out, shaving the backs of legs and backs.”

I told him I didn’t have my suit here, I brought it back to the dorm with me earlier to wash it. Tommy dug around and found a suit in the locker and threw it to me. I shook my head, but started stripping down, when I took a better look at the suit, it was a thong.

“No fucking way, Tommy!” I snapped.

“Go nude for all I care, but you gotta help me out. I helped you when you were layed up dude,” whined Tommy.

Well, guilt works well in my family, so I stripped off completely and donned the t-bar. It was a size medium and I typically wear a large, so it was tight to begin with. The tong part ridding up my ass felt good and it was rubbing up my crack. We both got in the shower. Actually, there was room enough for 6 in there.

Tommy had kept his speedo on. He rinsed off and tilted the shower head down. He spread his legs apart and leaded forward braced against the wall. He pushed his ass out slightly. I shook the can of shaving cream and spayed some foam in my left hand. I rubbed both hands together and started spreading the shaving cream on his upper legs. Some got on his suit, but I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

I started shaving his right leg and got up near the bottom of his suit under his right ass cheek. I had one hand on the inside of his thigh to steady myself and could feel the heat radiating from his body. I asked him if I should stop at the suit.

“Wait a minute,” he replied. He pulled away and bent down, pulling the suit off him. I did a double take, when he bent over I saw the crease of his ass and his balls hanging from the front. Tommy had a wide butt with twin mounds made of 100% muscle.

He leaded forward again and spread his legs as before. I sprayed lather in my hands again and asked him how far up should I go?

“Just take it all off please,” he stated matter of factly. I hesitated for a moment, then started lathering his legs and finally he ass cheeks. He clenched his cheeks when I got near his promised land. I rinsed my hands and grabbed the razor. I started where I left off on the right leg. Again, I steadied myself by placing my hand on the inside of his upper thigh. I shaved him bare all the way up his leg and butt bahçelievler escort cheek. I repeated the same thing with his left leg, but this time put my hand on his left hip for support. My fingers were resting in his pubes from the front and I started to feel a tingle in my crotch.

I tried to think of other things and finished as quickly as possible. While both cheeks were cleaned, his cleft was still a forest of hair. Before I could say anything, he bent over and used both hands to pull his cheeks apart. I saw his star immediately. It had hair all around it, but was tightly puckered. Without a word between us, I ran shaving cream down his crack and carefully shaved all the hairs in his valley. When I was done I told him to rinse off. He rubbed his hands all over his ass and bent over slightly and asked if it was all gone. His hairy balls were visible from the front and his puckered asshole looked great. I told him he was done.

“Your turn” he said. I looked up at him and shook my head no. I didn’t want to get up from my crouching position because I had an immense hard on right now. Before I could start arguing, Tommy pulled me up by the armpits (almost pulled me off the ground – boy this kid is strong). He turned me around and pushed me up against he wall. The water felt good, hitting my neck and shoulders. Tommy grabbed the thong and pulled it down. The t-bar got hung in my ass crack for a moment, then was freed. My dick had been half way out the front already, and I instantly felt by cock dancing in front of me.

Tommy lathered up my legs. He started on my left right leg at my ankle and headed up. I don’t have nearly the amount of hair on my body, so it was easier work. Tommy had to apply more shaving cream for my thigh and butt. He repeated on the other side. He then kicked my legs farther apart and spread by checks apart, pulling my ass back at him. I was lost in bliss as he shaved by valley. Every time the razor or his finger touched my hole I would quiver. The first time he touched it I had to bit my lip to suppress a moan. The last time he did it, I was breathing heavy and leaking precum.

“Rinse,” he ordered, then grabbed me by the hips and turned me around.

I have never seen Tommy hard and he had never seen me until now. I was so embarrassed I just kept my eyes closed and wanted to go down the drain. My 6″ cock was pointing straight up to my navel. Tommy started lathering my right leg up past my knee and shaved me clean. He did the left leg up past my knee. He paused for a moment. I kept my eyes closed and hands down at my sides. I was expecting him to call me a freak or hit me, but instead felt him apply more shaving cream to my right leg…all the way up to my hip. After finishing my right leg, he followed with my left leg. When he was nearing the end he said, “yeah, I’m getting a little boned up too.”

I let out a sign of relief and looked down. Tommy’s cock was just like the rest of him – big. It was one of the thickest pieces of meat I had ever seen. It wasn’t much longer than mine, maybe a half inch or so. But it was really thick. A thatch of hair covered his balls and surrounded his cock. A small trail made its way up to his navel. My cock jerked in response and a thick drop of precum landed right between Tommy’s legs.

“Whoops” laughed Tommy. “How do you want the front” he said as he spread lather in his hands again.

“I can do it myself…no problem” I said as I backed away.

“Cool” was his reply as he stood and spread the shaving cream over his crotch. He handed me the can and said, “what should we do?”

I was confused, what did he mean ‘what should we do’? I had a bunch of ideas and never thought I would be trying them out on him.

He must have misunderstood my expression and said, “how should we shave it? I want to keep some hair, I am a man now. But I don’t want it to get in the way. In high school some guys went bare, but I usually kept a little landing strip up on top.”

I watched as he started shaving his ball and perineum. That was it for me. I wasn’t even touching myself and all the sudden I started spraying cum. The first 3 shots hit Tommy in the crotch and legs. It came so strong it was like I was peeing. My ass was clenched so tight I could have crushed walnuts. I groaned loudly and fell back against the wall still shooting rope after rope of cum down by our legs and feet. It was like I sprayed out all my energy and slowly slide down the shower wall to sit on my ass on the shower.

“What the fuck dude!”


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