Katherine and Clarence Ch. 01Katherine and Clarence Ch. 01


Katherine has led a very privileged and worry-free life. Her family had been in the oil business for years and had made millions… Katherine and her older brother Vance lived on the family estate in Georgia, attended the best private schools and enjoyed a life of leisure since the day they were born.

Vance graduated from Princeton, got married, moved to Silicone Valley and bought half of a successful software company using part of his trust fund… He and his wife Marie soon bought a big house had two children and became part of the Silicone Valley elites.

Katherine attended Brown University. While at Brown she met Frank Gibson. She thought Frank was the most handsome, well built and personable man she had ever met, and was thrilled that he would pay any attention to her. Katherine had always been pretty, some people even say she is beautiful. She was 5’5″ tall, 125 pounds and 37-25-37. She had dark hair and a killer smile. But she couldn’t believe that this perfect hunk of manhood would want to be with her.

Frank was a few years older than Katherine, and he had discovered that Katherine’s family was one of the wealthiest in Georgia. With his graduation coming up, he thought that marrying Katherine would put him on easy street running a major oil company while still fucking around on the side.

So over the next two years, Frank took his time and worked his magic, and Katherine fell in love and they were soon engaged. Katherine wanted to remain a virgin until she was married, but eventually Frank wore her down. During her last week at Brown, they fucked once-a-week which still left him plenty of time to dip his cock in other young coeds.

They were married shortly after graduating and Frank went to work for his father-in-law as a vice president. The next year they had a son, and Katherine seemed to be on top of the world… All of Katherine’s friends were impressed with her a sexy hunk of a husband. It didn’t take long for Frank to figure that out and to begin fucking as many of them as he could. Unfortunately for Frank, he wasn’t all that careful and got one of them pregnant. He was fired, divorced and returned home to New York.

Katherine raised her son, survived her parents being killed while flying their plane home from a ski trip and became a recluse on the family estate for the next ten years. She was the CEO of her family’s oil company. At the age of 39, Katherine had gained a few pounds, but was still quite pretty. She now weighed 140 pounds and was a solid 38(c)-28-40 and still had a full head of dark hair. Since her son was attending college in California and working part time for her brother Vance, she decided it was about time to start dating again.

So on her 40th birthday, Katherine’s friend Jane set Katherine up with her friend John. John was a local attorney, and he was thrilled to finally get a shot at Katherine. He was extremely handsome, suave and had a muscular physique from all the time he spent at the local health club. Katherine had been out of the dating scene for almost 20 years , wasn’t aware of current dating practices. She dressed in a nice knee length skirt, conservative blouse and shoes with one inch heels.

John took his time and by the fifth date had convince her to fuck him. A month later she was sucking his 8 inch cock, and a couple of months later was insisting that she try nipple clamps and other sex toys. She was hesitant at first, but eventually she relented and told him to pick up what he wanted to use on her. After all, what did she know? Her marriage was a failure and she hadn’t been laid for years.

John and Katherine dated for just over six months. During that time, John let his imagination run wild because he knew that he could eventually convince Katherine to do whatever he wanted. He encouraged her to dress in shorter and tighter skirts and to show a lot of cleavage. He fondled her ass and breasts whenever he wanted. His next goal was to get her to fuck other men. So far he had been unsuccessful, but he was slowly wearing her down. Once he got her to fuck other men, he knew he wouldn’t have any trouble turning her in to a total whore. Maybe even put her on the street. And after wearing her down, he now had a plan to make it finally happen.

Katherine lived on the family’s 225 acre estate, much of which was wooded with walking trails, flower gardens and a beautiful lake. John’s plan was to pour a few strong drinks into her, take her into the woods, strip her, tie her up and then leave her. He would explain that the anticipation would drive her insane while she waited for him to return, cut her down and fuck her in the woods of her estate. He was confident that he could get her to go along with it. What he didn’t tell her was that shortly after he leaves her, his three friends would find her, release her and then fuck the shit out of her. He planned to give them an hour to work her over and then return, pretend to beat them up and then drag her well-fucked ass back to her mansion.

Saturday afternoon Beylikdüzü escort was perfect for his plan. He mixed a couple of strong cocktails, and as she drank, he began tweaking her hard nipples. She began to whimper, and then he slowly moved his hand down the front of her skirt. He whispered that her after she spent a few minutes naked and tied to a tree, the sex would be fantastic. Between the alcohol and the fingering of her pussy, her will was broken.

He let her wear sneakers and a light summer dress. He gave her another strong drink for the walk into the woods, which she finished during the 15 minute walk to the small clearing that John had selected. When they arrived, Katherine pleaded with him, “Please John. I don’t want to do this.”

John was pissed. He had planned this for two weeks. He reached out and ripped her dress down the front and said, “Shut the fuck up!” He ripped off the rest of her dress, took her shoes and tied her to a tree. Before he walked away, he turned and said, “Now I have to walk all the way back to the house to get you another dress. When I get back, you’re going to suck my cock.” Then he left.

Katherine struggled with the ropes, but they remained tight. As she stood there, even in her slightly inebriated mind, she knew that this was it. John had finally pushed her too far. She needed to get away from him before he made her do something that she would truly regret. But how do I get away from him?

What was that? She heard something. Maybe John had second thoughts and was coming back to get her. But what if it wasn’t John? She quietly waited.

“Mizz Katherine. Is that you, Mizz Katherine?”

“Who is it? Please. Who’s there?”

“It’s me, Mizz Katherine. Clarence Washington. What you doing out here? Where your clothes?”

“Please cut me loose, Clarence. I need you to cut me loose. Please.”

Clarence was the oldest son of the widow Hazel Washington. The Washingtons were a black family that had lived in the area since the end of the Civil War. Hazel’s four other children were between the ages of 11 and 16 and were all in the top half of their classes at school. Clarence, on the other hand, had been harassed by his classmates in elementary school for being slow. He would have ended up in special education if he hadn’t dropped out of school in the fourth grade after his dad died to help his mother support the family. He cut wood and shoveled coal. He did any odd jobs that the neighbors would pay him to do.

Clarence just turned 18 a few months ago. He was a big boy; 6’6″ and 275 pounds, some of which was muscle and some was fat. He was plump, but not obese. And he was strong. But he wasn’t much to look at. He had big soft lips, a flat nose, deep brown eyes and large ears.

Clarence had always liked Katherine because she was kind to him and let him spend time in the woods of her estate. Sometimes Clarence would even play with Katherine’s son in the woods of the estate, since they were the same age. And, even though he never said anything to anyone, ever since he first saw her when he was 8 years old, he thought she was the prettiest woman in town.

“I’ll help you Mizz Katherine.” He didn’t have a knife so he untied her, and she fell to the ground. He lifted her up like she was a rag doll and then took off his old tattered XXXL shirt and handed it to her. After Katherine put on Clarence’s shirt, she hugged him, partially to thank him and partially because she needed help to stand. Clarence’s shirt came almost to her knees and had a big hole on the right side exposing most of her breast.

“Well, isn’t this special? What are you doing with our woman, Boy?”

They both turned around to see three masked men coming into the clearing. Katherine held on to Clarence even tighter.

“Get away from her,Boy.”

Katherine said, “Please, Clarence. Help me.”

“I will, Mizz Katherine,” he said. “You fellas need to leave Mizz Katherine alone. Now why don’t you just leave?”

“How would you like an ass-whipping, Boy?” one of them asked. “Beatin this boy is a bonus that John didn’t mention.” They slowly walked toward Clarence and Katherine until they were just a couple of feet away. One of them reached out and grabbed Katherine’s arm and the other two grabbed Clarence’s arms. When Katherine was jerked away from Clarence, she screamed, “Clarence!” At the same time, the one holding Clarence’s left arm hit him in the head with a rock that he had picked up.

Clarence went down. Katherine tried to hit the man holding her and kept screaming. “Clarence. Clarence, help me!”

Clarence jumped to his feet and knocked one of the men unconscious with a roundhouse swing. He slammed the second one against a tree knocking him unconscious. He then grabbed the one holding Katherine by the neck and lifted him in the air and slammed him against the same tree. All three were out cold.

Katherine leaped back in to Clarence’s arms sobbing. When Clarence put his arm around Katherine, his Beylikdüzü escort hand accidently entered the hole in the side of the shirt and landed on her breast. Clarence was a little dizzy from the cut on his head, and with Katherine’s added 140 pounds, they both fell to the ground. After they stood up, Katherine saw that his head was bleeding.

“Come on back to the house, Clarence. I need to get you cleaned up and bandaged,” she said.

“No, Mizz Katherine. I be OK,” he said. Although Clarence had played on the estate with Katherine’s son, he had never been to the family’s mansion before. He felt lucky to even be permitted on her estate.

“Please Clarence. I’m afraid. I think my boyfriend put these fellows up this. Would you please walk me back home?”

“Yes Maam, I’ll walk you home. I need to make sure you gets home alright.”

Clarence and Katherine held on to each other as they slowly walked back to Katherine’s house. Clarence was on Katherine’s right side so as he helped her walk, the side of her breast rubbed on Clarence’s bare stomach. Katherine didn’t notice, but Clarence had an erection for the entire walk. Katherine noticed that John’s Mercedes was still parked in her driveway. “Please come in, Clarence.”

Clarence said, “No Maam. My mamma wouldn’t want me to come in to your beautiful home. She say your family done a lot of things to help my family out and that I should never do nothing to bring disgrace to your family.”

“Clarence,” she said, “there’s a man in there that I need to throw out of my house. I don’t think he will leave when I tell him to. I think he will be mad and try to hurt me. Please come in.”

“Yes Maam. I don’t want nothing to happen to you.”

John was shocked when Katherine walked in followed by Clarence. He saw the dirty oversized shirt Katherine was wearing with the big hole in the side. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “I was just getting ready to come get you. And what’s that big dummy doing here? Is he lost?”

Katherine said, “Get out John! I know you planned this whole thing just to let other men fuck me. Get out and never come back.”

John started towards her and said, “Come on Katherine. You don’t mean that. You’d miss my cock if I left. I’m not leaving. Tell the big dummy to get out of here.”

“Then I’ll have the police remove you,” she said. “Then I’ll hit you where it hurts. I’ll have my company stop all future transactions with your firm. Now get the fuck out.”

“Why you little bitch. How dare you talk to me like that. I took you out and fucked you when no one else would,” he said. He started towards Katherine, and had only taken three steps when Clarence backhanded him. When John regained consciousness, he was behind the wheel of his car in the driveway. At first he thought that he wouldn’t give up on that rich bitch, but then realized that if his firm lost the oil company’s account, he would probably be fired…

Inside the house, Katherine had convinced Clarence to sit down so that she could treat his scalp wound. While she was washing and bandaging it, Clarence’s face was level with Katherine’s breasts, as they moved around in his shirt. He had a perfect view through the big hole on the right side and could see her whole breast. He felt himself getting hard, and tried to cover it with his hands.

He knew why he was getting hard. He had seen the prettiest woman in town naked just a short time ago. It didn’t matter that she was more than twice his age, she was still the prettiest.

Katherine looked down and noticed that he appeared to be mesmerized by her breasts. She was a little excited by him looking, and she noticed that her nipples were hard. She asked him if he had a girlfriend. “No Mizz Katherine,” he said. “Never had a girlfriend. I ain’t smart, Maam. And I’m big and ugly. No girls want old Clarence.”

She felt bad for this big dumb kid. She didn’t know why she asked her next question, “Have you ever been kissed by a girl, Clarence?”

Clarence looked down at the floor. “No Mizz K-Katherine, I ain’t n-n-never been k-kissed.”

She smiled at his nervousness and wondered whatever made her ask that question? You’ve embarrassed him. Without even thinking she said, “Let’s make a deal, Clarence. OK? You do something for me and I’ll do something for you.” She had finished bandaging Clarence’s head and stepped off to the left, not realizing that that gave Clarence a perfect view through the hole in his shirt. He could see her whole breast and when she moved, he could see both of them

“Yes, Mizz Katherine. Anything you want.”

She said, “OK Clarence, your part of the deal is to stop calling me Mizz Katherine and start calling me just Katherine. Can you do that?”

Clarence was looking at the floor. He said, “Umm, I don’t know Maam. My momma always said to be respectful to your family. And . . and you’re so pretty. It wouldn’t seem right to call you Katherine.”

“Clarence, please, I asked you to call me Katherine. Now Escort Beylikdüzü I want you to try it. Please, Clarence.”

He finally looked up and looked into her eyes. “Yes Maam,” Clarence said. “I mean , yes K-K-Katherine.”

Katherine had an ear to ear smile. “Thank you Clarence. Now for my part of the deal. You told me that you thought I’m pretty, Clarence. If you don’t think I’m too old, I would like to kiss you.?”

Clarence had been looking at the floor. He slowly raised his eyes, looking at Katherine’s legs, the old shirt with the side of her breast showing, and finally her pretty face. “Mizz K-K-K. I mean Katherine,” he said, “you are the prettiest woman I have ever seen. I’m not smart, but I know that you are pretty. And you’ll never be too old to be pretty, K-K-Katherine. Whenever you used to stop and talk to me, I know you were being extra nice to me because I’m slow. But I always felt special when you talked to me because nobody as pretty as you ever talks to me except to make fun of me.”

“First of all, Clarence, I wasn’t being nice because you were slow. I never thought of you as slow. I think of you as a big strong handsome man. Now, may I kiss you?”

Clarence was stunned. He was at a loss for words. He couldn’t move or say anything. So Katherine slowly turned and stepped over to him. She reached to Clarence’s hands and lightly pulled to get him to his feet. She stood on her toes, reached behind his head and slowly pulled him down until their lips met. Katherine had planned to give Clarence a nice quick close mouthed ‘thank you’ kiss. But Clarence’s lips were so soft; and so warm and Clarence was being so tender. Katherine’s nipples were hard. He sighed and briefly parted his lips for a breath so, without thinking, Katherine took the opportunity and snaked her tongue into Clarence’s mouth. She opened an eye and saw the look of shock on his face.

As she broke off the kiss, she breathlessly asked, “Did you like that, Clarence?”

“Oh, yes Maam. B-b-but what…what did you d-d-do with your t-t-t-ongue?”

She smiled because she thought it was cute when he got nervous that he stuttered. “That’s called a French kiss, Clarence. If you liked it, we can do it again,” she breathed.

“Oh yes, Katherine. That was nice. I would like to do that again, if it’s ok with you,” Clarence said.

“Of course it’s ok, Clarence. I think it was nice too.”

Katherine again reached behind Clarence’s neck and pulled his head down until their lips met. This time he put his arms around her and pulled her in to him. Clarence’s lips were already parted so Katherine immediately inserted her tongue. After a couple of seconds, Clarence moved his tongue around Katherine’s and then into her mouth. Clarence’s hard cock was rubbing against her stomach.

This big black 18 year old holding Katherine, with his tongue in her mouth and his cock swelling against her stomach had Katherine’s pussy gushing down her legs. After a couple of minutes, Katherine finally pulled away and said, “Wow, Clarence! That’s the best kiss I’ve ever had. Thank you. Would you kiss me again? Please? Maybe we could sit on the couch and do it again.”

He couldn’t believe it. Here was this beautiful woman that he has dreamed about since he was a little boy asking this big fat ugly dummy to kiss her again. Katherine grabbed his left hand and as she led him to the den, he had a great view of her right breast through the hole in his shirt.

Clarence sat on the couch and Katherine sat beside him. As he looked into her eyes, she reached over and pulled him into a hug. They kissed, but after a few seconds, Katherine realized that sitting beside each other with their height difference wasn’t the best solution. She said, “Wait a minute. I have an idea.” She stood up and sat on Clarence’s left knee. “Now, let’s try it again,” she said. They put their arms around each other and kissed and tongue wrestled for the next ten minutes. Both were breathing heavily, and Clarence had a raging hard on and Katherine’s pussy was gushing Clarence’s pants. Katherine could feel his hard on and knew this had probably gone far enough.

With some reluctance, Katherine got up and said, “Wait here Clarence.” She left the room and came back a couple of minutes later wearing a knee length robe and holding Clarence’s shirt. She said, “Clarence, do you have a job?”

He said, “Not a full time job, Maam, but I do work for people in town. Y- – You know Maam, like cutting firewood and hauling stuff to the dump and fixin stuff. I make some money to help my momma out.”

“Would you come to work for me, Clarence?” she asked. “I already have gardeners and can hire people for major projects, but I need an everyday maintenance man. Since you’ve already fixed things for people, you would be perfect.”

“Really Mizz Kath . . Katherine? If you think I could do it without embarrassing you, I would do it. Are you sure you want me to work for you? I’m not smart, but I can fix things.”

Katherine knew that this could be a long and frustrating conversation so she leaned over, lifted Clarence’s chin and kissed him – a long wet kiss. She leaned back and said, “Can you start tomorrow at 8:00? You can have breakfast with me and then I’ll show you where you can begin.”

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