The Maestro The Final ChapterThe Maestro The Final Chapter


Meredith sat in the empty lab, studying, until Matthew finished his last class. He stopped by, promising to pick her up at the front door in five minutes, then left to get his car. She walked slowly to the entrance, favoring her left foot, and emerged just as he drove up. She slid into the front seat, feeling quite comfortable and at home here.

They talked as he drove, discussing classes and the other students. He felt a special bond with her, one he hadn’t shared in a long time. It felt right to be talking about his day with her. He pulled into a favorite restaurant, glad to see the lot wasn’t full of cars yet. He walked around to help her out of the car, lending support as she hobbled inside.

They were shown to a corner booth and Meredith slid in first. As Matthew moved closer, she suddenly wondered what she should call him. As if reading her mind, he began to speak. “On campus, in classes, you can call me Dr. Scott, but when we are alone, please call me Matthew.” He smiled at her, making her heart beat a little harder.

She tried it out, the name sounding foreign on her tongue. But nice too. She liked his name, liked his voice, actually liked everything about him. Dinner was delicious. Matthew knew just what to order and how he wanted it prepared. They seemed to know him here and the service was excellent. Their conversation flowed easily, both enjoying having someone to talk and laugh with again.

All too soon, dinner was over. Both were reluctant to leave, but it was a school night and there was homework to do, lessons to prepare. In the car, Meredith just relaxed and enjoyed the music. Riding in silence didn’t bother her, it seemed comfortable. Matthew drove her home, walking around the car to help her out. He walked her up the steps, insisting on seeing her inside. At her door, he took the keys from her and unlocked her apartment. As the door swung open, his eyes grew wide with appreciation. The apartment was very homey and warm. Small as it was, it seemed a wonderful place to spend time.

Meredith invited him inside. He wandered around the living room while she went to her room to take off the hurtful shoes and get her slippers. He admired her CD collection, eclectic and vast. Her furniture looked like it had been bought at the second-hand store, but it was clean and colorful and seemed perfect for her. The kitchen was tiny, but painted a fresh white, yellow ducklings perched in unlikely places. He liked it. He felt at home here. The loneliness he felt in his own home was gone.

He didn’t hear her come up behind him. When he turned, there she was, looking fresh and pretty and desirable. He stepped forward, just one step, and stopped. He reached out his hands, taking hers. He smiled at her, hearing her breath catch.

“Good. She feels it too,” he thought. Her hands were warm in his, small and soft. They stood together, holding hands and waiting, not entirely sure what came next. Matthew leaned forward, his mouth moving toward hers, his mind closed to everything but the possibility of tasting her delectable lips.

They kissed. It was the meeting of warmth and softness. A gentle kiss, one that rested lightly on the lips, no invasion, no probing. Just two people unsure of the next move, but wanted to find out what it might be.

They sex hikayeleri stood together, the tiniest space between them, but enough to prevent them from feeling the other. They held hands together, out to the side, the only other contact their lips, resting upon each other.

Matthew felt he had come home. They stayed together, their lips parted now, breathing into each other. For the first time since Ariel’s death, Matthew felt an ease in his heart, a surcease of the pain. In all the minutes since she had left him so abruptly, Matthew had been sure he would feel the weight of her loss forever, but suddenly, he wasn’t so sure. Meredith was so real, so alive. His eyes opened to find her staring at him. It was comical, their eyes nearly crossed in the proximity, and they both laughed. He was able to pull away finally, but continued to hold her hands, enjoying the warmth and security it provided.

They walked to the overstuff sofa and sat together, finding solace and happiness in the solitude. After a busy, bustling day full of noise and ringing bells and chattering people, it was calming to just be. He helped her elevate her foot, positioning it on a pillow, smiling at her fuzzy yellow duck slippers. Both leaned their heads back, and just relaxed. When the phone rang, it startled them both awake. Meredith went to answer and Matthew stood to leave, trying to wake enough to drive home. After a short discussion, Merry hung up the phone and returned to Matthew, slipping into his arms and resting her cheek against his chest. She seemed so natural there. His arms encircled her, his hands resting on her back, happy to have her near him. They kissed once again, and then he told her goodnight. There was no discussion, but both knew that Matthew would be there in the morning to pick her up and that she would be watching for him to arrive.

When he left, Meredith walked around her small home, which suddenly seemed warmer and cozier. She sat on the couch, in the indentation made by Matthew, whimsically still feeling his body heat. Then she turned off lights and prepared for bed, still thinking of Matthew and her day with him.

They both moved into it easily, a life together. Matthew picked her up each morning for school. Meredith packed a mid-morning snack for sharing. They met, just to relax and share the day. Matthew dropped by her labs, interacting with the awed first-year students. And, the best part of the day, they drove home each evening to spend some time together in Meredith’s apartment. Again, without discussion, it was something they both looked forward to all day. They wanted that time to just be in each other’s arms, to listen to heartbeats and unspoken thoughts and share the intimacy of loving kisses. If Meredith wanted more, she never voiced it. If Matthew was fighting his own feelings, he did it quietly.

Both wanted this to be special and neither wanted to rush. They were content.

After the first month, Matthew would return home, to his quiet, lonely house, and wonder how to move forward. Ariel was the love of his life. He never expected to love again, but he knew now that he was in love with Meredith. He wanted to include her in every phase of his life, to be with her and share with her. Most of all, he wanted to make love with her. He spent sex hikayeleri the night, awake and deep in thought, remembering Ariel and all she had meant to him. Then he thought of Meredith, her quiet goodness and sweetness. He needed her. He loved her. And he wanted her.

That night, he finally put away his Ariel shrine. He was able to pack away the memorabilia of their life together, and with it, felt himself finally able to move forward with his life.

Meredith sensed the difference the next morning. Matthew walked with a lightness that hadn’t been there before. He seemed easier with himself, happier, more open. That evening, after a wonderfully romantic dinner, instead of going home, he took her dancing. The music was swing and ballroom, the couples laughing, many in retro clothing. On the drive home, Matthew pulled her nearer to him, relishing the warmth of her body against his.

As they entered her apartment, Matthew again pulled her close, kissing her and touching her face. He held her and she felt his excitement. Instead of lighting candles and sitting on the sofa, he took her hand and led her into the bedroom. Still kissing her, he began to unbutton her shirt, his elegant fingers skillfully moving down her chest. Meredith felt her heart pounding, was sure he could hear it too. He smiled at her, taking his time, enjoying the slow unwrapping of his love. They began taking turns, unbuttoning and unzipping, removing obstacles, discovering the wonders of each other. Finally, they stood together, twins, clad only in underwear. Hands moved languorously, learning and seducing.

Moving to the bed, they lay side by side, holding each other. no words were spoken. They kissed deeply, feeling skin on skin, hearts beating against each other, softness, heat and need shared.

Matthew nuzzled her neck, that wonderfully curved area that was so incredibly Meredith. He kissed her there, inhaling her special fragrance, learning the feel of her flesh under his lips, hearing the moans he was creating. He slowly moved down her body, feeling the myriad of textures and tastes that were Meredith. His mouth found, for the first time, the tightness of her nipples. As he kissed them and sucked them deep into his mouth, she moaned loudly and arched up to him, offering herself for him. He licked them each, taking turns adoring her ruched skin, suckling and nuzzling, content to stay here forever. Until his thigh grazed her curlies. Her reaction was incredible. She cried out and moved her hands to his hip, pulling him against her, rubbing her needy center on him. He could feel her wetness coating him, feel the swollen slit against him. His fingers slid down, tracing her slightly curved tummy, finding her thick bush and plunging into it. Aaah, there it was, the needy flesh of an aroused woman. It had been so long, so long since he had been with a woman and felt her desire. His fingers played her, making beautiful music with her as he learned the feel of her lust. His mouth continued nursing on her tightened nipples, but his fingers moved restlessly over the soft mound of her womanhood. One tip slipped along the slit, moving up and down, then deep into her, feeling her slick pinkness, finding her hard clit. When he brushed against the nubbin, she actually jumped and cried out with sikiş hikayeleri joy. His fingers began to strum her tightened flesh, making a song of love for her to enjoy. Her nipple popped from his mouth, and he was too intent on her pleasure to notice. His mouth trailed down her body, his cheek resting on her thigh, too amazed by her responses to do more. He felt her tightening, her thighs tensing and locking into place. She stopped all movement, even breathing, and waited for the feeling to overwhelm her. Then, without warning, it did. She began to call his name and buck against his hand, her body in a spasm of delight.

Before the orgasm ended, she flipped herself up and onto Matthew. Without hesitation, she lowered her throbbing pussy onto his hard cock. It was enormous, fat and hot, dripping with precome. She spread her thighs across him and wrapped her tiny hand around his erection. Then she guided it into her heat, lowering herself completely, impaling her tender flesh on his. Her eyes widened with amazement at the feeling of her lover. She felt her spasms slowing on him, pulling him as deep as possible. Then she began to ride him, moving her hips up and down on his engorged dick. His hands moved to her hips, assisting her in setting the rhythm, lifting her slightly and then slamming her back down, the sounds of wet flesh on flesh filling the air. She leaned forward and kissed him, her mouth making love to him, sucking his tongue deep, imitating the mating dance. Her nipples raked his chest, still hard and tight in the cool air. Meredith was nearly frantic in her need. She had dreamed of making love with Matthew and now she was. It exceeded every fantasy she had.

She moved herself up and down on his manhood, enjoying the sensation of fullness and heat. She had never felt like this before, this wanton need and desire. She sat up straight, stilling all external movement, using her muscles to clench and massage his cock, driving him crazy. His hands circled her hips, holding her, feeling the smooth softness of her skin under his palms. She smiled lazily at him, continuing her massage, her powerful clenching. His grip tightened, and he lifted her from his cock, holding her above him. She looked at him, suddenly as womanly as she had ever been. She now knew the power of making him desire her, and held the key to his satisfaction. She watched his eyes, marking the changing emotions they held. Wriggling her hips, she slowly lowered herself onto him one last time. Just the tiniest bit, moving so slowly down his massive erection. He was able to see his cock disappearing into her, bit by bit, feeling her heat as she surrounded him again, took him home. She stopped, tensing her muscles again, massaging him, pulling back. Then, when his eyes glazed with desire, she plunged down, taking all of his cock into her smooth pinkness, enveloping him with heat. He paused, swelling, then exploded. She felt him as he came, filling her depths with warmth. She remained very still, allowing him to send repeated bursts of come into her. Then she began to rock, very gently, enjoying the feel of his cock still throbbing within her.

Meredith lowered her face to his, kissing him softly, completely. Keeping him deep inside of her, she raised her legs and stretched out along his length. His arms wrapped around her, his hands massaged her glowing skin.

She felt his breath in her hair, his lips along her forehead. His words were spoken to her heart. “I love you, Meredith. You have given me back my song.”

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