Locke Ness Monster?Locke Ness Monster?


Welfare sucks.

This is basically how it all started when I was just 18 years old and my baby was just barely 6 month old.

Welfare was making my life hell because I had worked a few nights a week as a waitress and not declared what I had made. They held up and then also screwed with my cheque, which got me in deep trouble with my landlord for being behind on the rent for this one-bedroom apartment in his basement. My baby was an angel and I was a very quiet tenant so it was strictly a money problem with my landlord.

The feisty old landlord was somewhat understanding at first and said that he understood why I was one month behind but later when he found out that I had earned a little money on the side he wanted his share. What I really earned was about $70 a week and with my reduced welfare it somehow came to less than I was making before. It seemed like the world was against me and there was no point in working. He gave me until the end of the week to come up with something or he said I would have to leave. Needless to say I was in shock, I had nobody to turn to and I already knew that Welfare wouldn’t help.

I gave him a day to cool down and then went upstairs to see him and hopefully come to some agreement. He lived alone upstairs and I think the old coot was in his early 70’s.


“Look Mr. Locke I really need a little time until I can get this mess cleared up with welfare, I’m willing to do things for you like cleaning up, doing laundry, anything. Please don’t throw me and my baby out on the street, I honestly have nowhere to go.” I told him.

“Well Annie you have been a good and quiet tenant, but I could use the money. I only have a small government pension myself plus a company pension.” He said.

“I’m sure there must be something I can do. Anything at all, Mr. Locke. Anything! Just until I get things straight.” I said and tried a cute smile.

“I’m a little old for THAT young lady, I don’t even know if I could get it up, if that’s what you are thinking.” He said crustily.

“Well I wasn’t really thinking THAT, but if you wanted THAT and IF it would change things, then I would.” I told him and he seemed to look at me a little differently, there was maybe a hint of a smile.

“You would Annie?” He said.

“Yes, Mr. Locke, I would, that’s how desperate I am.” I replied.

“Well I must admit Annie, I’ve seen you in the backyard sunbathing and you do have a mighty fine figure. But as I say, it’s been so long, almost 12 years since Betty died that I probably can’t anyway.” He said as he gave me a sad look.

“I’ll try if you want.” I told him, hoping that it would buy me more time.

He looked me up and down for several minutes and seemed lost for words, I thought that I had already blown my chances of getting a negotiated settlement, but then he smiled and looked at me again.

“What time do you put the baby to bed Annie?” He asked and I told him about 8 o’clock for the night, but she doesn’t sleep through normally.

“Well mecidiyeköy escort Annie, come on back upstairs about 8:30 tonight and we will see what happens, but don’t expect no five minute job it may take hours. Leave the doors open downstairs so you can hear her if she cries. Oh, just make sure you draw the curtains and lock the front and back doors up here also.” He said.

“Thank you Mr. Locke.”

I went back downstairs happier than when I came up; at last there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t mind having it off with old Mr. Locke if it would mean I didn’t have to move because I had grown attached to this place. It certainly was the best place that I had lived in for a long while.

He wouldn’t be the first old guy to poke me, but he would be the oldest. I remembered when I ran away from my very last foster home and had to hitchhike then trade my arse for a series of rides with some old truck drivers. But I couldn’t complain the truckers had been good to me and I got where I wanted to go for zero cash cost.

I cleaned around my apartment and played with the baby as the clock ticked closer to 8 o’clock and the time to put my baby to bed. It was almost like she knew, she went to sleep right away after I sat with her and stroked her back softly. It was already 8:30 so I went upstairs and made sure the doors were locked then I noticed that the light was on in the bathroom and the door was wide open.

“Come on inside, Annie.” He said as he heard me moving around so I walked into the bathroom and he was sat in the bathtub with his back to me.

“I’m here Mr. Locke.” I said as I moved forward to face him.

“Good, now take your clothes off young lady and get in the bath with me, then you can wash my back and my front.” He said and I was a bit shocked at his abruptness, but maybe that’s what he needed I thought to get it up. I wasn’t wearing too much so it only took a minute and I was stepping in behind him. He passed the little squirt container of liquid soap over his shoulder so I washed his shoulders then his neck and back.

“Did you want me to wash your hair also?” I asked and he said okay so I looked after that too. “Okay turn around let me do the front.” I said but he told me that it was easier for him if I stepped around him and got in front so I did.

When I was seated in front of him I finally got a good look at what must have been his pride and joy in years past. I’m not sure what size it was by the way he was sat, except to say that it was a reasonable sized fat dangly snake of a thing. I soaped my hands and gently washed his chest as his hands came up and held my breasts and stayed there. I smiled at him as I moved down to his belly then moved further back and washed his feet and legs. When I came close again he held my breasts again.

“They are really nice ones Annie.” He said and I told him to lay right back, so I could get to him better. He moved back a little and stretched out then opened his legs some more. I soaped up my hands again taksim escort and washed his wrinkled balls then I started to hold up his thick dangling snake out of the water so that I could give it a good wash. I started to stroke it as I washed and it began to slowly grow, bit by bit.

“Would you do something for me, but don’t laugh.” He said and I expected him to ask me to suck him off.

“What can I do for you Mr. Locke?” I asked.

“Please stand up and pee on ME. But do it slow and let me watch.” He said and I thought what the heck, why not, so I stood.

“Oh, hold on, I guess my eyes are not that good anymore. Can you come further up and maybe squat over my chest and then do it.” He said so I carefully stepped around him and partially squatted.

“Oh Yes. That’s a good position; just stay right there a while. My god, you really are beautiful.” He said, as he looked me over closely.

“Now do it if you can.” He said and it took a moment but I finally peed.

“Like this Mr. Locke?”

“Oh my, that’s wonderful. Yes oh Yes. That’s just beautiful Annie, oh my, that’s so nice. My wife used to do that occasionally and it used to get me so horny.” He said as the golden stream swilled around his neck and chest. I turned my head and looked around to see a huge fat cock rising up then standing out of the water like a flagpole.

“Holy shit, that’s a monster. The Locke Ness Monster.” I said as I chuckled.

“Yes, it used to be a bit bigger but I swear it’s shrunk a fair bit. We better hurry and get out the tub before I lose it, what do you wanna do with it?” He said and I smiled as I bent down to kiss it and then opened my mouth really wide as I sucked the head for a few seconds.

I hopped out of the bathtub and grabbed some towels then helped him stand and quickly walked him to the bedroom, drying him as I went.

I threw a big towel down the middle of the bed and told him to lie down. He was still hard and it barely wavered, as it stood almost straight upwards. My insides were tingling with anticipation; I had never seen a penis so big before in real life.

“Did you want me to give you a handjob or a blowjob first?” I asked with a big grin.

“Oh god that would be nice, but then can you get it up again and fuck me?” He said and I told him I wouldn’t leave until I had tamed that monster.

Then we both laughed as I got over him and had my small arse in his face while I stroked his cock in my hand and licked it all over. Then I opened my mouth really wide again and sucked the swollen head into my mouth. I felt his hands on my bum cheeks as he massaged them and it sure felt good so I took a little more of his big piece of meat into my mouth but I still had ample in my hand, which I was slowly pumping. Then I started to bob up and down and sucked him faster and faster as I felt his mouth on my pussy doing wonderfully good things.

“Oh my goodness you are good but watch out, it’s going to happen any second.” He said softly as his old body spasmed and shook beşiktaş escort several times. Then he unloaded a huge amount of hot cum that I had no chance of swallowing so I moved my mouth and jerked him off rapidly as it shot all over the place. Once it started to subside I sunk my mouth over part of his cock again to finish him off.

Geez the whole situation had me so hot and wet like you wouldn’t believe and I was pushing my arse back into his whiskered face. His fingers sunk deep inside my wet pussy and I just about flipped out as I orgasmed right then and there. I kept sucking as deeply as I could on his cock while I rode out my orgasm and he managed to stay mostly hard all that time. Finally I turned around and lay by his side while I still held his waning monster in my hand. I told him that whatever he did to me was incredibly good.

“Whatever you did to me Annie was wonderful too.” He said as he reached for my breasts and stroked my erect nipples.

“Jesus I almost drowned with all that cum Mr. Locke, how long do you think you need before I can get that big cock inside my pussy?” I asked anxiously.

“We’ll have to wait and see Annie, but you seem to have a knack of making it stand up.” He said as he grinned.

“Well you might have to come down and sleep in my bed. I’m going to need a lot more than just once with this big mother and I better not fall asleep here; I need to listen for the baby. But don’t worry, I’ll do all the work.” I told him and he got out of bed and took a towel and said ‘let’s go then.’

He settled down in my bed and I played with his cock and kept sucking it slowly then after a while he suggested we go in the bathroom and I pee for him again. So I did, but I didn’t pee on him, he just got close and watched carefully. I can’t explain it but he got as rigid as a steel pipe and minutes later I was mounting him ever so slowly on my bed.

It was absolutely magnificent as he opened up my sopping wet pussy really wide and touched nerves that hadn’t been touched before. I was so hot and just dripping with anticipation as I slowly worked the entire Locke Ness Monster inside me and then I had orgasm after orgasm. Somehow I continued to ride him and then as a grand finale we actually cum together and it was like Niagara Falls running in my bed. After he had cum, he softened so I lay by his side and he held my breasts and said:

“I think I can reduce your rent Annie if you service me once a week.” He said.

“Why ONLY once a week?” I said quickly and then we both laughed.

– – – – – — – – — – — – – – — –

Well that was how it all started but that was almost 6 years ago. I stayed with Mr. Locke faithfully and looked after all of his household and sexual needs. We didn’t really become “romantic” lovers as such, but he did fill a huge void in my life as he slowly became more like a father figure to me. Which was truly wonderful, as I had never known my father. I also looked after him when he got very sick and I continued looking after him until sadly he passed away late last year.

But he was quite secretive in a way because in his “Will” he left the house and all the belongings to me, for my dedication and service.

Now, I simply love and adore older men.

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