Like My Ass, When I Cut The GrassLike My Ass, When I Cut The Grass


I was out front cutting the grassWhen I noticed the neighbor watching my assSo I wiggled it more As I was doing my choreWhen through my sunglasses I seeHim looking out of his window at me I pushed and I shoved that mower of mine While he stroked his cock the whole time So my tits were bouncing As I hear him isveçbahis announcing “Damn that’s one fine ass,On that girl with class and sass.”I smiled and pushed my mowerWhile he stroked his cock slowerBending over to pull up a weedHe was getting ready to blow his seedWhen he looked a bit closer he sawThat isveçbahis giriş my ass was bare and he stared in aweThat bald pussy of mine Looked slick and wet and oh so fineHis stroking slowly increasedAs his palm was lubed and greasedMy legs opened a bit moreAs I heard him yell, “I want to fuck isveçbahis yeni giriş her for sure.”So naughty little meSmiled with gleeI sashayed into my houseUnbuttoning my blouseAnd who did I see in my room on my bedMy knight with his hard cock laying on my bed spreadI wiggled out of that skirt of mine To sit on his hard shaft, oh so fine “Ohh gawd, ohhh yesss,” was all I could sayAs he fucked me every which wayAt the end of this sessionI made my confession”I bent over for you with my pussy in view,Because I knew it was you I wanted to screw.”

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