Jessica and her DaddyJessica and her Daddy


This story is pure fiction.Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m 17.It was the middle of summer and I was bored waiting for my daddy to get home from work. I was in the pool in our back yard in my bikini feeling really horny, the way I always do when I wear my bikini. There’s something about having so much skin on show that had always been such a turn on to me! I’m a virgin, and the line I always tell the stupid guys I date is that I’m waiting until I’m married but that’s not true. I’m waiting for my daddy.For the last year or so I’d be fantasising almost every night about fucking my Daddy. My daddy is only 36 and he is absolutely gorgeous. He’s tall with jet black hair and an envious set of muscles that rival men years younger than him. He’s definitely better looking than any of the idiots şişli escort I’d be out with in my limited dating history anyway!I snapped out of my thoughts of Daddy when I heard the conservatory doors behind me slide open and my Daddy stepped out smiling, already in his swimming shorts. I’d often wondered if Daddy had the same thoughts as me from the way he looked at me, like he was in that second. His eyes lingered on my ample breasts for a few seconds before his gaze returned to my face smiling.”Hi princess, how was your day?” Daddy asked.”Fine Daddy.” I replied as he climbed in the pool. “How was yours?””Incredibly dull!” He replied yawning and stretching on the afternoon sun.I stared at Daddy for a few moments, wondering what it would be like to have his powerful mecidiyeköy escort arms around my body as he fucked me hard. All of a sudden I was overcome with the urge to confess my secret desires for him, what’s the worse that could happen? If you don’t ask in life you don’t get!”Daddy, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” I began nervously.”What’s that honey?” He asked without even glancing up at me.”I wanted to ask you about…sex.”Daddy’s head snapped up at the last word, his cheeks instantly flooding with embarrassment the way they always did when I brought up something he was uncomfortable talking about.”What about sex?” Daddy asked, stumbling over his words”I wanted to ask…who is the right person to have sex with Daddy?””Well, the right person mecidiyeköy eskort to have sex with is with someone you love and someone who loves you.””You love me don’t you Daddy?” I asked, batting my eyelashes and pushing my chest out.”Yes of course I do, why?” Daddy asked, looking confused.”Well, aren’t you the right person for me to have sex with then daddy?” “Jess! Don’t be ridiculous! I’m your father!””Yes Daddy, but you said I should have sex with someone who loves me! And who loves me more than you? Besides Daddy I have seen the way you look at me, I know you want me like I want you.” I said saucily, sliding closer to my daddy.”Jess, enough! You’re being-“I cut Daddy off mid sentence, suddenly pressing my lips against his.Daddy instantly kissed me back, devouring my mouth with desperation. I heard him groan as his hands cupped my bare ass cheeks as he filled his palms with smooth, soft skin. My body jerked against him, my arms coming around his neck, one leg bending so that my thigh rubbed against his as I struggled to get closer.

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