A Mother’s Lust Ch. 07A Mother’s Lust Ch. 07


Many thanks for those of you who sent me kind words during this long hiatus. I apologize for taking so long, but my life has kept me busy. Hopefully I can get back to writing this story. Thank you all for your patience.

Karla didn’t schedule another affair with me for the rest of the month. This didn’t, of course, pause my friendship with her son during this time. He still invited me from time to time to have what little enjoyment I could get from his company. Not that I had grown distant from him at all. On the contrary, I was trying very hard to be as nice to him as possible, probably in the hopes of coping with my guilt. The reason I couldn’t enjoy his company much was because I was always terrified of having his mother lurking nearby.

From the simplest chess game to movies and videogames, I couldn’t rest easy whenever Karla walked into the living room, which she started doing suspiciously often. It got so bad at one point I could smell my own nervous sweat just because she chose to hum for a while that day.

His father was also around, enjoying the last of his vacations. I didn’t pity the man himself, probably because of how much I disliked him. It was, however, more than obvious that him and Karla were still getting into fights, which never made the atmosphere any easier. My consistent worry was that Karla would, in a miraculous turn of events, lose her cool and expose our affair. Irrational of me to fear this, I know. That woman never felt legitimate anger. When the whole family opted to leave town for an extended weekend at the beach, I must say I felt some relief.

Karla didn’t say a word during this time. Perhaps foolishly, I had hoped for a picture or two of her in a bikini, maybe even a nude. That wasn’t her style, now that I think of it. The last thing she would want would be for me to enjoy her body without actively taking a risk.

My first two days without her went by quite smoothly. You may be happy (or disgusted) to know I managed to maintain the guiltlessness I had been feeling since my last chat with Karla. This didn’t mean I wasn’t furious with her, though. There was hardly a moment I didn’t think about her, despite her absence, and the thoughts were not happy.

I hated how she made me feel like I was the worse person between the two of us just because I had cared about our infractions. I hated how I could never make myself argue better when the time to face her came. I still hated how she’d acknowledged how much I cared for her, only to completely discard it. And above all, I hated that I felt so understood by her.

It was during my third day that I received a call from an unknown number. The stupid, gullible half of me immediately hoped, with glee, that Karla was playing another of her lewd games; calling me from an unknown phone, maybe even her husband’s? The smarter half of me was unable to dissuade me from fostering this hope. I answered quickly enough for my inner self to immediately regret it.


Silence was my first and only reply. The phone line died right away. I feel incredibly stupid for assuming this was Karla’s doing, but like an idiot I got thrilled as I imagined what she had in store for me.

When the phone rang again, I opted to let it ring for a little while. I feel fucking pathetic just by remembering myself, eagerly watching my cell ring. I finally answered, granting my voice a lot more confidence this time.


Again, silence. I spoke again.



The voice wasn’t Karla’s. Not even close to her cocky, abrasive tone. This was a shy voice, one that wasn’t sure if this mistake was worth committing. Her sister’s voice.

My heart sank as I felt the world’s consequences catching up to me. Betty’s pregnant, I thought. This is fucking it. She is fucking pregnant and there’s no way it’s her husband’s and Karla is not even here for me to strangle her for roping me into this mess.

“B-Betty?” I tried not to let my voice break.

“Yes, it’s me,” she spoke timidly.

“Is… everything okay?” I winced as I ran through all the possible ways this question could be answered.

“Yeah… everything is… fine.”

That hesitation did nothing to tranquilize my paranoid little brain, now running loops to find out what kind of problem I was about to get hit by. The hand that was holding my phone was already shaking.

“I know I owe you an apology,” I ran a hand through my hair.

Had she told the police? Did it qualify as rape? Were the cops tracking the call as we spoke? As much as I hated and loved her, I fervently wished Karla was there. She would have, at the very least, punched me to calm my stress-addled self down. I deserved no less for losing control so fucking easily.

“A huge apology…”

“Karla gave me your number…” she kept going, seemingly oblivious to my insanity.

“I’m really sorry for… for taking advantage,” I kept talking, my thoughts strapped to a locomotive of panic and deafness.

“I was wondering if… you’d like to go get a cup of coffee Sarıyer escort bayan with me sometime.”

I had to freeze for a moment. My brain rewound her words over and over again, trying to figure if I had made out her sentence to be more amicable than it had really been.

“Peter? Are you there?”

“Yes, yes! I… Coffee?”

“Yes!” I heard her chuckle on her end of the phone.

“Are you sure you know what ‘Peter’ you’re speaking to…?” I asked hazily.

“Of course!” Betty giggled. “I begged for your… uhm…”

“Coffee?” I stopped her right there.

“Yes! How about a couple of hours from now?”


It was as if time had stopped. I wasn’t entirely certain if I hadn’t had a heart attack, and all of this was just my own mind hallucinating. It sure as hell didn’t make any sense to me. I was so buried in my own thoughts that I didn’t hear much of what Betty said next. Thankfully, I was able to just barely hang on to the word ‘typical’, before she hung up.

This would usually be construed as an aggressively sarcastic statement. In my hometown, however, that word had another meaning. Typical was actually the name of a café near our high school. Back when I studied there, it was common to see the cool kids smoking inside during break time, and even more common for every other kid to go there purchase packets of crisps after school was done.

It was a surprisingly clean place, now that I looked at it as an adult. I could only imagine the work the employees had to put in just to undo all of the mess created by the teenagers that were their primary source of income. In the summer, Typical enjoyed quiet days with few, if any, customers.

Having been a fairly boring teenager, I only now thought about how ironically atypical the café’s name was too. It wasn’t a franchise, as far as I know. A single café in a random town with its name like that, and nothing more.

You may be surprised to know that all of these thoughts happily raced through my mind as I walked there. Must have been the stress. My mind always runs aimlessly when my worries get the best of me. I hadn’t fully ruled out any of the worst-case scenarios I had imagined. To me, this could still very much be a trip to a café to find out I was about to father my friend’s first cousin.

I arrived half an hour early, still wondering if Karla wasn’t going to be lurking somewhere, orchestrating this whole thing. She was, perhaps unsurprisingly, nowhere to be found. The only thing I gained from that extra half hour to myself was the chance to extensively regret saying yes to this in the first place. Not that I was about to run away. I at least had that much courage left in me. Or I was too cowardly to even do that. Who knows?

Betty arrived very much on time. She only needed to step out of the car for me to remember just how attractive the woman I was dealing with was. I still wasn’t used to her breathtaking size as far as… well, everything went. She was wearing a flowery white dress that barely reached her knees. By stepping out of the car, Betty gave me a glimpse of her curvaceous thighs, right before her skirt fell down to cover them up.

As usual, no dress could handle her enormous breasts. Squished together in that same charming, uneven fashion as before, it looked as if her pale tits would pop out one at a time if she were to bend over in any way whatsoever. One of her shoulder straps had fallen off, and she only noticed it while crossing the road in my direction.

I was already more than ready to fuck her again. Much to my shame, my immediate wish was that I had whatever aphrodisiac Karla had already used on both of us. As she approached, I could see glimpses of her sister in her. The short, straight hair was just as red as Karla’s. Her eyes were a different green and far less cruel, but still familiar enough for me to gladly gaze into them. Being reminded she was somewhat taller than me when she got close enough only made me want her more.

By the time Betty was standing in front of me, I had no clue what I could say to her. Sorry for helping your sister dominate you? Sorry for ruining your marriage? Please let me fuck you again? None of the options felt adequate, especially when I noticed the shy smile she was giving me.

“I don’t know what to say to you,” I chose to be honest, for a change.

“Let’s take a seat first,” she guided me with a hand on the shoulder.

I faintly remember ordering whatever she ordered, before we started talking. Even that proved to be quite hard. Betty was the only woman I had ever met that was simply not built to sit at a café table. All it took was a minor lean forward for her breasts to spill on the surface and damage beyond repair any thought process I was trying to have. She giggled without offense when she noticed me struggling.

“You must be wondering why I sought you out.”

“Yes,” I gasped with some relief.

“Do you… want to guess?”

She bit her lip mischievously. This was Betty Silivri escort being playful.

“You’re trying to get me to stop having sex with Karla?”

Betty brought a hand to her chest and laughed. Need I say how badly I wished it was my hand pressed against her breast?

“I don’t care about policing my sister. That’s a fool’s errand if there’s ever been one.”

“Well, I really am at a loss, here,” I shrugged.

Her expression changed from playful to confused. It wasn’t that much less alluring to me.

“How do you and Karla usually do this?”

“Do what?”

“She said you play games together. Teasing, bantering, trying to get the other to snap…” she let out an adorable giggle.

“No, no, no,” I felt myself treading familiar ground. Karla I already knew. I kept my mouth shut as the waitress delivered our orders. It was coffee… I think. Whatever was in the cup, it sadly obstructed the view of Betty’s breasts. “Karla teases and banters and tries to make me snap. I simply get pissed off because of that. Then we fu- we have sex.”

Betty laughed once more, before kindly pushing the mug aside to let me feast my eyes on her without obstacles.

“Better?” she smirked.

“A lot,” I blurted out without thinking.

“So you hate your games?”

“I don’t…” I ran my hands through my hair. “It’s hard to say. Karla doesn’t do anything just because it’s a game. It’s not like, like…”

“Like doing this?” Betty bit her lip again as she placed the mug in its original position.

I went silent for a moment.

“Yes. Like that. Karla doesn’t do it because it’s a bit of naughty fun. She does it because she likes active risks. Or, more likely, she likes seeing me panic thanks to the active risks she forces us to take!”

“But you keep coming back.”

“Whose side are you on?!”

That at least made Betty laugh. I was quickly losing the stress that had haunted me every second since her phone call.

“You still haven’t told me why you opted to even look at me again,” I stirred my drink.

“You should keep guessing,” grinned Betty.

“If I have to keep doing this, then let me just…” I gently moved the mug out of the way once more, earning myself some more delightful laughter from my company.

God, I had forgotten how wonderful this felt. Making beautiful women laugh. Was there ever a better sensation? Karla had made me associate the idea of a beautiful woman’s laughter, her laughter, with hatred and rage. Hearing Betty’s feminine, good-willed giggles delighted me just as much as her beauty did. I chose not to delve too deeply into how unhealthy Karla had made me, at least not while I could enjoy that moment.

“You wanted to test how attractive that dress makes you look?”

“I think the mug has given me enough of an answer for that question.”

“True,” I chuckled. “The longer this conversation goes, the more my guesses seem to me like wishful thinking.”

“Go on…” she placed a hand on the table, as if threatening to bring the cup between us again. “Think wishfully.”

“You… want to try again without drugs?”

Betty nodded timidly with a smile. She wasn’t even touching me, yet my cock was throbbing inside my pants.

“Not that I have any objection,” I stared at her tits to make my point. “But… why? You were furious!”

“You get furious with Karla too, and you keep coming back. I spoke with her. That afternoon-“

“You see, that’s the mistake,” I interrupted her. “Karla has her little ways of convincing you that disregarding everything is always the right choice. I’m stupid. I’m young. I’m horny. I listen to her because I know she’ll reward me with the craziest sex I’ll probably ever have.”

“Did you just call me old?” Betty covered her mouth in a display of faux offense.

“I… I… I’m just saying speaking to Karla is the only step you need to take to keep making a mistake over and over again.”

I stopped and stared down at my own coffee, as if I was physically incapable of explaining myself any better than this.

“You didn’t let me finish, Peter,” she smiled tenderly. “That afternoon, you and Karla gave me the best sex I’ve had in the last five years, at least. I’m horny too. I’m younger than you think. Maybe I want to be a little stupid too…”

She stretched to place a hand on mine. Her tits were perfectly pressed against the table, the cloth that held them little more than a thin line over which her flesh spilled out. My brain and my body were both practically screaming at me to fuck this woman right now and never look back. It took a lot of focus for me to say anything at all.

“You’re beautiful, Betty…”

“Is that a yes I’m hearing?”

It felt a little wrong, somehow. No matter how many times I had done it with Karla, it had felt different compared to this. Karla was evil, and the one time I had fucked Betty she had been so drugged it was hardly fair to even consider her a willing participant in the adultery. Here, however, the choice was entirely Escort Topkapı hers. Well, not entirely, unfortunately. The second person whose choice mattered was me, and I was far from confident in my ability to do the right thing.

“You aren’t going to make yourself crueler and nastier just to match Karla, right?”

“I wouldn’t know where to begin,” she chuckled.

I glanced at her one more time. The innocent smile that was slowly losing its shyness, the massive breasts, her size; it all made me want her in a way Karla would never be able to emulate. The little voice I had left inside still badgering me about morality was yet again swiftly discarded.

“Thank God. That’s a yes from me, then.”

Betty bit her lip with some excitement.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she whispered to me.

“Karla has made me think that to myself several times.”

It turned out our conversation wasn’t going to last much longer. Betty was far too eager to get out of there, to the point anything I said would be met with nothing but honeyed hums and squished breasts. I barely even had time to pay for our drinks. The moment I turned away from the counter, Betty was already behind me, ready to take my hand. She ended up excitedly leading me out of the Typical without letting go of it.

A lot of enticing questions were running through my mind. I wondered what Betty liked during sex. What her fetishes were, which positions she liked. I even wondered if she was as submissive as our first time had led me to believe. We didn’t say a word until we reached her car, mostly because I had no clue if she would be comfortable answering these questions so soon. Besides, a lot of the fun in these questions was related to discovering their answer empirically.

Betty unlocked her car with a sultry expression. Despite there being no kids at the school now, the afternoon was hot enough for us to still need to drive elsewhere. I vividly remember the way Betty’s tits popped out of her dress when she put on her seatbelt.

I chose to have fun during our little trip. My hand slowly made its way to her thigh and, once Betty spread her legs, her nether regions.

“Oh… Fuck, I need to stop this car.”

She had aroused me far too much for me to show mercy, though. I couldn’t have been rubbing her pussy for more than a couple of minutes, but her panties were already wet. Betty only became more soaked once I leaned in to kiss her neck while I hurried up my rubbing.

“Oh, God…” she whispered. “You’re gonna make me crash…”

I couldn’t help but feel like Karla was the reason I had become so emboldened. Any sexual adrenalin I had ever enjoyed had been thanks to her, and at that point I was quite happy to seek some more on my own. I bit my lip as I pushed my fingers harder against her pussy.


Betty parked her car in a manner I’d almost call reckless. We were left under the shade of an old oak, occupying two spots at once thanks to her haste. I was still so close to her face by the time she stopped that Betty had no trouble pressing her lips against mine right away.

“You’re a risk-taker, aren’t you?” I heard her whisper between kisses.

“I guess I’ve become one,” I whispered back.

We moved as quickly as we could to the backseats, eager to resume our lovemaking. My hands finally got to caress Betty’s breasts, though there was too much of them for my bare palms to cover. I could feel her nipples hardening under her dress. At that moment, I only wanted to use her body for my pleasure.

“I need you out of that dress…”

“Yes, sir…” she purred.

It was a delight to see her enormous nipples bouncing as her breasts were freed from their tight bra. I wasted no time to stroke them with my thumbs. Still I had a hard time getting used to how puny my hands looked when trying to fondle all that flesh. Betty smirked as she brought her hand to my cock and groped it over my clothes.

“Now I need you out of your trousers.”

Betty showed just as much delight when she saw my pulsating member then as she had done the first time around. My cock felt her warm sigh of awe and only got harder because of it.

I immediately felt her tongue tickling my glans. She was obviously eager, since it wouldn’t even be half a minute of this before she was sucking me off instead. Betty lacked Karla’s devilish tongue, but she certainly made up for it with her enthusiasm. I could tell she had a hard time deepthroating my whole dick, but that didn’t stop her from pushing hard either way. Fighting my urge to push her down further, I instead caressed her hair while she choked and slobbered all over my member. Not that this act of mercy mattered in any way. I only noticed moments later that my hips were still happily pushing my cock against her throat whenever Betty tried to swallow it again.

“Betty… I’ve never asked this of any woman I’ve been with… but I really really need to fuck your tits.”

I was telling the truth, if you are curious. To be quite honest, apart from Karla, no woman I had been lucky with had ever had breasts large enough for a titfuck to even be plausible. The only reason I’d never asked Karla was because there had only ever been one time when she’d given me control, and at that moment I had had other holes I desperately wanted to be inside.

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