Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine 8: Dad’s Incestuous DaughtersIncestuous Tales of the Quarantine 8: Dad’s Incestuous Daughters


Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine

Story Eight: Dad’s Incestuous Daughters

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

“Daddy!” Linda moaned as she worked her pussy up and down my cock. “Yes, yes, Daddy!”

The week since we’d started our incestuous relationship had been wild. I couldn’t believe the things we’d done in my office while the rest of the family was busy in other parts of our large house. Quarantine was still on, and here I was savoring my eighteen-year-old daughter’s cunt sliding up and down my cock. Her black hair swayed about her face. Her blue eyes shone. I gripped her ass, my computer chair creaked.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m going to cum,” Linda moaned, her pussy squeezing about my dick.

Ever since she snuck into my bedroom after I had made love to Ashley, my wife, and had sucked me off, things had changed. Linda had learned so much about sex, ostensibly for her stories. But that was the pretense. She had hardly written any of her stories.

She had spent a lot of time researching with my cock. Oral, anal, and different positions. Bent over the desk, pinned to the wall, on her hands and knees, riding me like she was right now, on her back, her side. She’d deep-throated my cock. I fucked her face.

We had done so many things. I groaned, my eighteen-year-old daughter working me towards that orgasm. The rest of the family would be disgusted. My wife would divorce me. My son, Clancy, would despise me. My other two daughters, Nancy and Renee, would think I was a disgusting pervert. But I couldn’t stop. Linda was addictive.

Her pussy squeezed about my cock as she slid up my shaft. My balls tightened. I came closer and closer to erupting. Closer and closer to spurting my cum into her snatch. To just flooding her with all my spunk. My face twisted with rapture.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” she moaned. “I’m so close. Are you going to cum in me?”

“Yes, yes, I am!” I groaned, gripping my daughter’s asscheeks. She slammed her pussy down my cock.

The door to my office opened.

Ashley walked in, her blonde hair framing her smiling face. I had been looking at the door, my back to the desk, and I froze, my daughter’s cunt squeezing about my dick. Linda threw a look over her shoulder and squeaked in fright.

“Michael, honey,” my wife said pleasantly like she wasn’t seeing our eighteen-year-old daughter impaled on my cunt. “The garbage disposal is clogged. When you have a minute, can you unclog it.”

I gaped at my wife as she strolled over to Linda and me.

“You can finish up with Linda, of course,” she said and ducked her head down and kissed me on the lips. And not a quick peck, either. It was a hot one. My dick throbbed in my daughter’s cunt.

What the fuck was going on here?

Ashley broke the kiss, her blue eyes flashing to Linda. She then kissed our daughter on the lips. Linda squeaked, her pussy clenching down on my cock. She shuddered on me, my wife’s lips working on my daughters. The ache swelled at the tip of my cock.

What the fucking hell was fucking going on here?

Ashley broke the kiss and said, “So you’re taking care of your dad?”

Linda gave a slow, stunned nod.

“But you’re not riding him,” Ashley said, sounding exasperated. “You have to ride him to make him cum. Here, let me help you.”

My wife’s hand slid over mine gripping Linda’s left butt-cheek. Her fingers slid into our daughter’s crack, moving down. Then Linda gasped, her back arching and cunt clamping down on my cock hard.

“Mommy!” she squealed.

“Oh, I am positive your father has broken in this hole,” Ashley said. “He’s my husband, sweetie. I know what he likes. And since your my daughter, I know what you like.”

Ashley was fingering our daughter’s asshole? Had the world gone mad?

Then Ashley ducked her head down and sucked on Linda’s small nipple topping her round breasts. My daughter squealed in delight. My wife nursed and moved her hand. The wet sound of her sucking filled the room.

My daughter squirmed on my cock, stirring her cunt around my dick. Her flesh squeezed and relaxed. She moaned and groaned, her pants growing louder and louder while my wife kept sucking with passion on Linda’s nipple.

The ache swelled at the tip of my cock as the pleasure of this moment swelled through me. It was incredible to watch my wife suckling on my daughter’s nipple. I had no idea Ashley had any bisexual desires in her or that she would be fine with me fucking our youngest daughter.

The chair creaked. My pants rose. Linda’s face contorted. She moaned and gasped and whimpered. She made such cute and adorable sounds while my wife fingered her asshole and suckled at her nipple. My balls tightened, the explosive ache building at the tip of my cock.

“Fuck,” I breathed.

“I know, Daddy,” groaned my daughter. “She’s sucking on me. It’s… Oh, Daddy, it’s so strange. She’s really, really, really sucking on me. It’s making me dizzy. I’m going to cum.”

“Good,” I groaned, loving the way she squirmed her little cunt around my dick, my own orgasm building and building.

“Mommy!” she gasped. “Oh, Mommy, I’m going to… to… Yes!”

My daughter bucked. Her black hair flew, blue eyes squeezing shut. Her cunt rippled around my cock. That tight, hot, and young cunt rippled and writhed around my dick. It was amazing. Just absolutely amazing.

The pleasure convulsed around my shaft. The heat rushed through my body. My daughter’s hot cunt sucked at my cock. She made me feel incredible. I groaned, my face contorting. The pressure at my dick hit that peak.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned and erupted.

My wife ripped her mouth off our daughter’s nipple. Ashley turned to face me, her blonde hair swaying over her shoulders, her big boobs jiggling against her very tight crop top. “Are you pumping your seed into our daughter’s cunt?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

“Wonderful,” she moaned and kissed me with heat.

I shuddered, my dick pumping spurt after spurt of my jizz into my daughter’s cunt while my wife thrust her tongue past my lips. She swirled it around in my mouth. It was incredible. I loved it. My eyes squeezed shut as every blast of my incestuous cum into my daughter’s young womb sent me to the heights of rapture.

I hovered there for one glorious moment, spurting my last blast of spunk into Linda’s cunt. I growled into my wife’s kiss. My daughter whimpered, her pussy’s convulsions slowing. She stopped milking my cock and slumped forward.

My wife broke the kiss. “There. Wasn’t that nice.”

“Yeah,” I panted, still stunned.

My wife straightened and pulled her hand from Linda’s asshole. My wife held up two fingers and thrust them in her mouth, sucking on them as she sauntered out of the office. She paused at the door, cheeks hollowing, lips ruby. She wore a tight skirt that hugged to the curve of her ass.

Her fingers slid out of her mouth. “When you get a chance, the garbage disposal is clogged.”

“Yeah,” I said, stunned as she walked out, leaving the door to my office open.

I panted, so confused by what had happened. Linda leaned on me, her round and firm titties pressing on my chest. My cock was still hard in her cunt. I couldn’t believe how arousing that was. I wanted to beg my wife to stay. See if she would eat out Linda’s cum-filled pussy.

“Well, well, well, Daddy,” Nancy, my oldest daughter said. The twenty-one-year-old girl, twin sister to my son, peeked in. Her brown hair spilled over her face, her blue eyes looking naughty. “You and Linda, huh?”

“Uh,” I swallowed.

“Hot,” Nancy said and stepped into the room wearing a short tennis skirt that looked three sizes too small for her and a tank top that gripped her round breasts. It was clear she was wearing a bra. “Hey, Renee, check this out.”

Renee, the middle child at nineteen, peeked in next, her sandy blonde hair spilling over her shoulders. She wore a red bikini top whose triangles barely covered her youthful, C-cup titties. She wore a similar tennis skirt to Nancy’s that looked too short on her tan body. She had spent the quarantine poolside.

“Oh, hot,” Renee said. “Linda, you little cutie. I can’t believe you seduced Daddy. That’s so awesome.”

“It is?” Linda asked, sounding so unsure as her two older sisters stared at her. “I mean, it is. I seduced him. I sucked his cock while he was sleeping after he had been with Mom.”

“Nice,” Nancy said, sauntering to us, Renee following in her wake. “So, do you have a pussy full of Daddy’s cum?”

“Yep,” Linda said in that way the youngest child would when she had her older sisters paying attention to her. Trying to act mature and sophisticated. Showing off.

Nancy and Renee both licked their lips, nipples poking at their tops. “Hot,” Nancy moaned. “Renee and I love eating creampies.”

“Creampies?” asked Linda. Then she said. “I love them, too.”

“You don’t even know what they are,” Renee said. “But you will.”

Renee and Nancy grabbed my daughter and pulled her off my cock. She gasped as she stumbled off my body, her naked body flushed. Round titties jiggled. She had a nice set of C-cups, the same size as Renee’s breasts. Nancy had D’s while my wife was blessed with big F-cups. Our daughters were taking after her.

Linda squeaked as she was bent over her desk that set on the left side of my office. She was bent over it, her keyboard shoved out of the way. Her mouse fell to the carpeted floor. My other two daughters bent over, their skirts riding up and over their round rumps. I shuddered at the sight of their young asses.

“Mmm, daddy-daughter creampie,” moaned Nancy.

“Yum!” groaned Renee.

They both pressed their heads in, cheeks tight together. They wiggled their hips, their asses almost pointed at me. I swallowed and stood up. I moved behind them to watch them licking my cum out of Linda’s pussy.

I could see their pussies. Renee had hers shaved, her tight slit beading with her juices. They coated her plump vulva and ran down her thighs. Nancy had a brown-furred muff beaded with her Kandilli Escort cream. I breathed in deeply.

The sweet scent of Linda’s pussy had permeated the room, but two new scents were added to it. Tart and spicy. My daughters’ scents formed a naughty melange in my nose. I groaned, my mouth salivating. My dick throbbed, thrusting out hard and dripping my youngest daughter’s cream.

My other two daughters wiggled their rumps at me. Their hips moved back and forth. I shuddered, the sight so intoxicating. They were clearly teasing me. They had come in here for a reason. My wife’s behavior was starting to make sense.

I wasn’t the only one who had found incestuous delights with our daughters during the quarantine. Now Ashley was sharing.

I pressed my cock into Nancy’s brown bush. Her wet curls slid over my dick and brushed the crown. The pleasure tickled my spongy flesh. I groaned at the feeling of her hot cuntlips kissing the tip of my cock. She was a wild girl. I knew she had been sexually active for a year. I hadn’t been happy.

But now…

I thrust into her pussy with ease.

“Daddy!” Nancy groaned as I slammed to the hilt in her cunt. I savored the incestuous thrill of being in my oldest daughter. She felt different from her mother and younger sister. I groaned, savoring that delight. It was incredible.

“Fuck,” I gasped, savoring this delight. “Oh, fuck, that’s good.”

“It is,” moaned Nancy as I drew back, her pussy gripping my cock.

I slammed back into my eldest. I fucked my daughter with passion, ramming my cock to the hilt in her pussy and then drawing back. That snatch was incredible to feel wrapped around my shaft. Just a treat.

I shuddered, my dick throbbing. My balls tightened. The ache swelled and swelled, my dick coming alive with the pleasure of her twat. I held her hips tight and fucked her with passion. My cock buried to the hilt in her again and again. I loved every moment of it. I plunged to the hilt in her cunt, fucking her hard, my hand resting on Renee’s ass as I did.

“Daddy,” Renee moaned. “Don’t forget about my pussy. Fuck me, too!”

“Oh, god,” I groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Linda moaned. “Daddy, Daddy, they’re licking all your cum out of me. Then they’re going to teach me about creampies.”

“They are teaching you about creampies,” I groaned and pulled my dick out of Nancy’s cunt.

My eldest groaned her disappointment as I shifted over to Renee’s shaved cunt. I pressed my cock against her plump vulva and tight slit. Her pussy lips spread over my cock and sucked me in with ease. She moaned as I savored the fourth pussy in our family.

Nineteen-year-old cunt squeezed so wonderfully tight around me. She whimpered as I slid into her juicy depths. Her cunt clenched hard about me, teasing me. I groaned, savoring this pleasure as I pumped away at her. I fucked her hard.

She moaned, licking at Linda’s cunt as she did. Her blonde hair spilled into Nancy’s brown as they feasted on Linda’s cum-filled pussy. My youngest daughter moaned and gasped, squirming on her desk. She squeaked out in delight as I fucked Renee.

“Daddy,” Nancy groaned. “Get back in me. You have to fuck us both.”

“Shit,” I groaned and ripped my dick out of Renee’s.

The ache at the tip died some in the few seconds it took to change pussies. I slid through Nancy’s silky bush and found her cunt. I buried to the hilt in her. She gasped and groaned, squeezing her cunt down around my cock. The pleasure of that moment spilled through me.

I groaned and my dick throbbed, the pressure in my balls growing stronger and stronger as I pumped away at Nancy’s cunt. As I did, I cupped Renee’s shaved pussy. Her hot flesh felt amazing on my digits. I pressed them into her twat.

Three digits slammed to the hilt in my daughter’s twat. She groaned, her cunt squeezing down on my fingers. It was incredible. Just something delicious to enjoy. I thrust away at her Nancy’s cunt and fingered Renee’s twat.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” groaned Nancy.

“Oh, Daddy, that’s nice,” Renee purred. “Keep my pussy warmed up until it’s my turn.”

I groaned, fucking away at Nancy’s cunt. I plowed into her, that wonderful ache swelling. I just wanted to stay in her pussy, but Renee’s twat felt so amazing around my digits. She beckoned, too. Her snatch needed my dick.

I pulled out of both my daughter’s cunts and switched. I thrust fingers into Nancy’s quim as I slammed my dick to the hilt in Renee’s cunt. She gasped as I penetrated her. I filled her up to the hilt. Her moans echoed through the room. They were so delicious to hear. Her cunt squeezed tight about me, massaging me.

“Fuck, yes!” I groaned, fingering one of my daughter’s cunt and fucking the other’s.

“Daddy!” Renee moaned.

“Mmm, yes, Daddy,” Nancy moaned. “I knew you’d be a stud.”

“He is!” Linda squealed. “I’m going to cum. Oh, my, yes, I’m going to cum!”

“Do it, baby sis,” Nancy moaned.

Her cunt squeezed tighter about my fingers. I groaned and ripped out of Renee’s cunt. I shifted over my left hand fingering Renee as I slammed my cock into Nancy’s furred muff. The pleasure was incredible. My balls tightened as I fucked her.

Linda’s back arched. She squealed in delight, the sounds she made when cumming. Renee’s and Nancy’s heads both moved as the two sisters licked up Linda’s cream. I groaned, fucking Nancy hard at the lesbian, incestuous sight.

“Yes!” I growled, slamming into Nancy’s cunt hard.

“Daddy, Daddy, they keep licking me!” Linda moaned. “I love it!”

“Good!” I groaned and switched.

I savored the heaven of sliding into Renee’s cunt while my right hand fingered Nancy’s twat. Her silky curls tickled my knuckles as I pumped my digits in and out of her cunt. But not as hard as I fucked Renee’s twat. My balls tightened, my orgasm hurtling closer and closer.

I had to cum. Explode. I had to burst with such passion. I groaned, the pleasure swelling and swelling in me. My cock buried hard and fast into my middle daughter’s cunt. I groaned, thrusting my digits into Nancy’s twat.

Then I switched.

I went back and forth.

I fucked one daughter’s cunt and fingered the other. My balls swelled in pressure as each pussy brought me closer and closer to erupting. I kept them wet and ready with my digits. They were moaning and lapping at Linda’s cunt.

My youngest loved her sisters’ cunnilingus. She moaned and gasped. She came again, her body shuddering through her pleasure as I growled. Switching pussies calmed my dick down just enough that I was lasting twice as long as normal.

But that was starting to change. The ache built faster. I groaned, pumping away at Nancy’s cunt. I shuddered, my ache swelling. I buried into her, my two fingers reaming out Renee’s juicy pussy. Nancy’s head threw back.

“Fuck, yes, Daddy!” she gasped.

Her pussy went wild around my dick.

I groaned as I thrust away at my eldest daughter’s cumming pussy. Her flesh rippled and writhed around me. She sucked at me with such hunger. I groaned, my nuts tightening. This was insane. I wanted to cum in her, but…

I ripped out of Nancy’s pussy, tore my fingers out of Renee’s quim, and then replaced them with my big dick. My middle daughter moaned. Her pussy clenched tight about me. I buried to the hilt in her, my heart racing. The pleasure swelled and swelled.

She gasped. She came. Her pussy went wild around my dick. Her hot flesh sucked at me. It was incredible to feel. I loved every moment of it. She sucked at me. I shuddered, my balls tightening as I hurtled towards that moment of my eruption.

“Fuck, yes!” I groaned. “Oh, my fucking god, that’s amazing!”

I exploded in Renee’s cunt.

My cum pumped into Renee’s pussy, but Nancy needed it, too. Grunting, pleasure slamming through my body, I ripped out of Renee’s cunt. I splashed jizz on her rump and Nancy’s. I slammed my cumming dick into my eldest daughter.

Basted her incestuous pussy now, too.

Nancy’s pussy rippled around my cock as I fired the last few spurts of cum into her. She groaned, her face twisting with rapture. She shuddered, her twat milking around my dick. She sucked at me. Made me groan and growl. My face contorted as I fired those last blasts of spunk into her twat.

“Damn,” I panted, my chest rising and falling.

Then I heard more moans. Gasps. Pants. A woman groaning. Flesh slapping flesh. I glanced over to the right at the doorway where my wife stood naked, hands braced on the doorframe. Her big boobs heaved as our son fucked her from behind. I gaped at the sight of Clancy’s youthful face appearing over his mother’s shoulder. He grinned at me as he dipped into my wife, fucking her hard and fast.

“That’s it, Clancy,” moaned Ashley. “Ooh, fuck your mommy hard.”

“He’s amazing,” Renee moaned, rising up. “Clancy and I are lovers, Daddy.”

“Mmm, so are Mom and me,” Nancy moaned, her cunt squeezing down on my cock.

“And me and Daddy!” Linda moaned, sounding so happy.

“Yeah,” I panted, surprised by this.

My wife smiled at me, then she motioned to me as our sun fucked her. I swallowed and pulled out of Nancy’s pussy. My dick swayed, throbbing hard from this strange moment. I approached my wife, her big tits heaving.

She grabbed my face and kissed me with such passion. Her lips melted against mine. She thrust her tongue into my mouth with passion as our son fucked into my wife. He pounded her hard from behind, grinning as he did. He had brown hair, looking like a younger version of myself.

My wife broke the kiss and moaned, “Love you, Michael.” She grinned at me. “Mmm, Nancy taught me it’s not cheating if it’s incest.”

“Fuck,” I groaned and then gasped as my wife bent over. She grabbed my hips and sucked my dick into her mouth fresh from two of our daughters’ pussies. She nursed on my cock, bent over, getting nailed from behind by my son.

He groaned at me as my wife bobbed her head up and down my cock, sucking me fully hard again in moments. Ashley had always been a Escort Kandilli great cocksucker, and she sucked me with passion, loving my dick as our son fucked her hard from behind.

I shuddered, my dick aching and throbbing. Another load of cum was building and building in my nuts. I couldn’t believe this was happening. This was surreal. The entire family fucking. I swayed, bemused by this.

My dick throbbed and ached as my wife sucked hard. She swirled her tongue around the tip, sending pleasure rippling down to my balls. She moaned, too, groaning from the pleasure of our son fucking her pussy.

The pussy he came from.

“Goddamn,” I groaned, incest turning me on big time.

I glanced behind me to see Renee and Nancy pulling Linda up and then kissing her. The three of them engaged in a lesbian, three-way smooch full of tongue. My dick throbbed and ached as I watched, my cum dripping off of my daughters’ rumps.

Their tongues danced together while I savored my wife’s sucking. She slid her mouth up and down my cock, rocking to the force of Clancy’s thrusts. My son pounded my wife hard. He fucked his mother with passion.

Nancy broke the kiss and moaned, “Linda, time for you to lick some pussy!”

“Yes!” squealed Linda. “I have to research that for a story. Know what it’s like for the guy.”

“Or the gal,” said Nancy. “Girl-on-girl fun is hot.”

“Mmm, it is,” moaned Renee. “And so’s getting fucked by our brother.”

I shuddered as Renee pressed Linda down to her knees. Then Renee pulled her little sister to her pussy. Nancy knelt down, her hand on Linda’s ass, and started whispering instructions. I couldn’t hear them, but Renee shuddered, her hands untying her bikini top. Her round breasts spilled out.

I groaned, savoring this. It was so hot. My balls tightened as my wife sucked on my dick with hunger. Pleasure flowed down my shaft and through my body. She nursed on me while our son fucked her with passion. He pounded her.

“Oh, damn, Mom!” Clancy groaned. “Love fucking your pussy.”

How long had their incest been going on?

“Yes, yes, I’m going to dump my cum in you, Mom!”

“Do it,” I groaned, finding myself turned on by the idea of my son spurting his cum in my wife. If it was another man, I’d be furious, but he was made from Ashley and me. Nancy was right. How could incest ever be cheating?

Our children were Ashley and me recombined in new and exciting ways.

I groaned, hearing Renee’s moans as Linda learned to lick pussy, devouring the few shots of cum I had fired into Renee’s cunt. I panted, my dick throbbing and aching in my wife’s sucking mouth. She nursed with hunger.

“Mmm, I licked Dad’s jizz out of Mom’s pussy, and it was hot,” Nancy purred.

“What?” I groaned.

“Yeah, that day Mom and you had that afternoon delight,” Nancy said. “You know, what got you and Linda to start banging.”

“I listened and was masturbating in Renee’s bedroom,” Linda cooed. “Then I sucked Daddy’s cock.”

“Just like I had hoped,” Nancy purred.

Was my eldest the mastermind behind all of this?

I shuddered and groaned, my dick throbbing. Pleasure rippled through my body. The pressure in my balls ached. It felt incredible. my wife sucked hard as our son rammed into her from behind. He fucked her with passion.

Renee moaned her delight. Linda’s lesson proceeded. She made her older sister shudder. I kept glancing over my shoulder to watch Renee’s round tits jiggle. They were firm and tan save for pale triangles around her nipples.

“Oh, Linda, yes!” Renee moaned. “Ooh, you’re such a good, little sister.”

“Pussy tastes so good,” purred Linda.

“Yes, it does,” Nancy moaned.

My wife groaned around my cock. I swear she was agreeing, too.

That had my blood boiling. I shuddered and grabbed my wife’s head. Her blonde hair spilled over my fingers. I fucked in and out of her mouth now, driving my cock to the back of her throat while my son fucked her hard.

He grinned at me, nodding and he thrust just as hard. My wife moaned, her fingernails biting into my hips. My cock hit the back of her throat. I felt her relax then I was sliding down her gullet. My balls smacked into her chin.

“Damn, Dad, did you just deep-throat Mom?” Clancy asked.

“Your mother has a lot of talents,” I groaned and drew back, Ashley moaning the entire time.

Her vocal cords hummed around my dick. She massaged me. I groaned, loving the feel of the buzzing around the tip of my cock. Then I was out of her gullet and just in her mouth, her tongue sliding around my tip. I groaned and drove back down her throat.

My nuts smacked into her chin over and over again as I fucked my wife’s mouth. I rammed to the hilt in her. I groaned, the pressure building and building in my balls. I came closer and closer to erupting. Closer and closer to exploding.

I loved it.

I drove my cock down my wife’s throat again and again. She sucked and slurped, such wet and sloppy sounds coming from her mouth. Clancy slammed hard into her. He groaned, his face twisting in pleasure.

“Come on, Mom,” he groaned. “Come on and cum on my dick!”

She groaned and then she shuddered. My son groaned. My wife squealed. I knew she was climaxing on our son’s cock. I groaned, my dick plowing down her throat. I pulled back, the suction incredible.

“Yes!” Clancy gasped, his head throwing back. “Take it, Mom!”

“Fuck,” I groaned and came in my wife’s mouth.

My son and I fired our jizz into my wife. She sucked down my spunk with hunger. She nursed it all out of me. I groaned as she did, my face scrunching up from the pleasure. She gulped down my cum while her pussy worked our son dry.

Clancy groaned, and I moaned. In the background, Renee whimpered. I loved all these sounds. I savored all these moments as I emptied my balls into my wife’s mouth. Stars danced across my vision. I shuddered at the passion.

Then I slid out of my wife and stumbled back. I sat on the edge of my daughter’s desk, panting. My wife straightened, licking her lips. She had cum on them. Then Nancy bounded up and darted over. She pressed against my wife. I hadn’t noticed when Nancy’s top had come off, but her D’s pressed into my wife’s soft F’s.

They kissed with hunger while Clancy panted and pulled out. My wife and daughter kissed with passion. It was incredible to watch. Nancy and my wife’s tongues went at it. They drifted to the side, my wife pinning Nancy against the wall.

Clancy headed into the office and went for Renee. She glanced at him, her face twisting in passion. She reached out her right arm and hooked the back of his neck. She pulled him in for a kiss as Linda kept feasting on her pussy.

I watched my son and daughter kiss. Linda kept feasting, her black hair spilling down her back. She was the only child I had with my hair color. She looked so cute with her mouth planted on Renee’s twat.

Clancy broke the kiss and groaned, “Are you going to cum on our little sister’s face?”

“Yes!” Renee moaned. “Oh, god, yes!”

“Do it,” he panted.

She grabbed his cock, stroking him. She pumped her hands up and down his dick as she ground her pussy on Linda’s face. My dick twitched. I swallowed. It was impossible that I could have anything stirring in my cock after three orgasms.

I was in my early forties.

And yet my dick was chubbing up. My wife and eldest daughter were still locked in their tongue wrestle, bodies pressed tight. My wife tugged off our daughter’s skirt. It fell down around her waist. They were both naked now, loving each other.

“Make her cum, Linda,” Clancy said, his hand placing on the back of Linda’s head. “Make our sister cum.”

“Yes!” Linda moaned.

Renee shuddered and then she threw back her head. She came. Her body bucked. Linda whimpered. She licked up those pussy juices. Was Renee the tart one or the spicy one I had smelled. I shuddered, my dick swelling almost fully hard.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Renee moaned. “That’s so good. Oh, Linda!”

“Mmm, drown our sister,” Clancy groaned, sounding so excited at the prospect.

“I am,” groaned Renee. “I’m drowning her. I’m dumping so much cream down her mouth. She’s gulping it all down.”

“Good,” I panted.

“Yes,” Ashley moaned. “That’s so good.” She let out a throaty moan. “I love Nancy’s pussy.”

“Mmm, Mom is a pussyhound for my cunt, Daddy,” Nancy purred. “She just loves it.”

“I do,” groaned Ashley as she sank down to the ground. “I shouldn’t have favorites, but…”

I glanced at my youngest and understood.

Linda pulled her face from Renee’s pussy and then glanced over to see my wife’s. Ashley dripped with our son’s cum, her blonde bush matted in it. Linda licked her lips and then she crawled over to my wife and buried her face into that bush, licking away.

“Linda!” Ashley moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, lick your brother’s cum out of me.”

“It’s almost as good as Daddy’s cum,” moaned Linda.

“She has no taste,” Renee said, looking over at Clancy. They stared at each other like a couple in love. She kissed him, their tongues dancing. He gripped her ass and backed up, finding my computer chair. He pulled her down with him as he sat on it.

She grabbed his cock, still kissing him. Her tan ass, savor for a narrow, pale triangle that covered her crack, wiggled. She guided his cock to her shaved pussy and impaled her cunt down his dick wet from her mother’s cunt.

I groaned at the sight. Renee rode my son to my right and my younger daughter devoured her mother’s pussy to my left. Linda feasted on Ashley who devoured Nancy. My eldest daughter, her firm tits jiggling, smiled at me.

“Incest is the best, isn’t it, Daddy?” she cooed, her blue eyes sparkling.

“Yes, it is,” I groaned.

“You should fuck Renee in the ass, Dad,” groaned Clancy, his hands parting his sister’s butt-cheeks. “Renee is an anal fiend.”

“I am!” Renee moaned. “Oh, Daddy, I would love for our first time to be with you fucking me in the ass while I ride Clancy.”

“Ooh, she’s Kandilli Escort Bayan getting the first DP,” gasped Nancy. “Damn, I wanted that.”

“You got to Mom and Clancy first,” Renee purred. “And Daddy. I want this!”

“I got to Daddy first,” Linda purred.

“Technically, that was me,” Ashley said.

Technically, that was Marsha when I was eighteen. But why bring her up? Ashley hated Marsha.

I moved to Renee, my dick throbbing. I opened my desk drawer to pull out the bottle of lube I used when enjoying anal with Linda. I squirted it on my cock, watching as Renee worked her pussy up and down Clancy’s cock. It was a slow glide, lazy. She was taking her time, enjoying her brother thoroughly.

She glanced back at me over her shoulder and smiled. “Daddy, getting all nice and lubed for my tight ass?”

“Don’t want to hurt my baby girl.”

“I’m your baby girl,” Linda moaned.

“All my daughters are my baby girls,” I said. “Even you, Nancy.”

“Mmm, your dirty baby girl,” Nancy moaned. Then she gasped. “Yes, Mom, you know what I like!”

I set down the bottle of lube and moved into position. I aimed my cock at my daughter’s butt-crack, her cheeks still being held apart by Clancy. Renee’s brown sphincter winked at me. I dived in as she slammed down her brother’s dick. She swallowed his shaft, taking every inch of him she could. He groaned, his face contorting in bliss.

I pressed my cock against her asshole as she started to rise up her brother’s shaft. Her anal ring pressed on my cock as I drilled against her tight hole. She whimpered, her asshole surrendering to my dick. She had definitely been broken in by her brother.

“Yes!” Renee moaned. “Oh, I have Daddy and you in me, Clancy!”

“Enjoy,” my son groaned.

“I am!”

My daughter’s back arched while her bowels squeezed about my dick sliding into her anal depths. She moaned and whimpered, her pleasure echoing through the room. I drank it in, panting and shuddering as I bottomed out in her bowels.

I drew back as she slid her pussy up her brother’s cock. The three of us all groaned. The pleasure spilled through my body. I shuddered and slammed forward. I fucked into her bowels. I pounded her hard and fast.

It was incredible to feel. Just an amazing delight to have my daughter’s young ass about my dick. She wasn’t as tight as Linda, but she still felt amazing. My hands slid around her torso to find her firm, young titties.

“Ooh, Daddy,” she moaned as I groped her. “Pay attention, Clancy, he knows how to play with tits.”

“Don’t I?” Clancy groaned.

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” I said, my fingers digging into Renee’s tits as I fucked her in the ass.

“Yes!” she purred.

Her bowels squeezed about my cock, holding me tight. I loved the feel of her wrapped about me as I sodomized her. I fucked her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her with passion. I groaned, loving the feel of her bowels squeezing about me.

The chair creaked as she rode her brother, her hands on his shoulders. His hands gripped her hips. His youthful face twisted as he experienced the bliss of his sister’s cunt. I bet her pussy would feel amazing about my cock.

I knew I’d found out soon.

I slammed into my daughter’s bowels, reaming her out. Nancy and my wife both moaned, Ashley’s groans muffled by our daughter’s pussy. It was hot hearing their lesbian threesome as I shared my daughter with my son.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mom!” Nancy moaned. “Oooh, you love my pussy!”

“I do!” groaned Ashley. “Such a yummy cunt!”

“Like yours, Mom!” groaned Linda. “Ooh, more of Clancy’s cum.”

My wife gasped while I heard Linda sucking away at her mother’s cunt. The noises were inspiring, driving me to plunge my dick hard into my daughter’s asshole. I reamed her out, pounding Renee hard with my dick.

She moaned, her flesh squeezing around me, increasing the friction in such exciting ways. I groaned, loving that bliss. It was amazing to enjoy. I loved every second of it. I groaned, thrusting away. I fucked in deep and hard. I buried my dick to the hilt in my daughter’s asshole.

“All gone!” Linda moaned. “Mmm, but Mommy, you still taste good.”

“Wonderful,” purred Ashley. “Keep licking my pussy, honey. You’re going to make Mommy cum.”

“Yes, yes, Linda, make your mother cum!” I groaned, slamming into Renee’s bowels, my fingers digging into her tits.

“Yes, Daddy!” my youngest moaned.

This was all so hot. Our entire family enjoying themselves. I shuddered, thrusting away at my daughter’s bowels. I fucked her hard and fast. I plunged to the hilt in her asshole, my nuts tightening. That pressure built again.

Four times.

Incest was amazing.

I slammed into my daughter, my balls smacking into her taint. My crotch spanked her butt-cheeks. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. The pressure in my nuts grew more and more intense. It drove me to hammer my daughter’s asshole.

She gasped, working her hips up and down her brother’s cock. Her moans mixed with Nancy’s and Ashley’s. The air brimmed with all that feminine, incestuous passion. It was incredible. I thrust hard at my daughter’s asshole.

“Fuck,” I groaned and slammed into Renee’s asshole, driving her down her brother’s cock.

“Daddy!” she gasped out in delight, her bowels squeezing about my dick.

I drew back, the ache building and building at the tip of my cock. My balls tightened. I groped her tits. I squeezed them as I drilled into her bowels. I was so close. I just needed a little bit more to thrust me over the edge.

“Oh, fuck, Mom!” gasped Nancy behind me. “Yes!”

My eldest daughter’s orgasmic moans echoed through the office. I glanced behind me to see her round breasts heaving. She ground against Ashley’s face. My wife’s blonde hair rustled about her shoulders as she drank our daughter’s pussy cream. I shuddered at the sight while hammering Renee’s bowels and playing with her firm tits.

Then my wife groaned. Her body shuddered. Linda purred in delight, getting to lick up her mother’s pussy juices. Her little rump wiggled, her sparse, black bush dripping with her own excitement.

“Oh, that’s so fucking good!” Nancy moaned. “Oh, drink it up, Mommy! And you, too, Linda! Drink our mother’s cream!”

“I am!” my youngest squealed.

“Fuck,” I groaned, slamming hard into Renee’s asshole.

“I know!” my daughter purred, her bowels squeezing around my dick. “Daddy! Clancy. Your dicks! Yes!”

Her bowel rippled around my dick. Her hot flesh convulsed and writhed. It was so hot to experience. I loved every second of it. This wonderful pleasure burned around my dick. It was incredible to experience. My daughter’s asshole felt amazing. Fantastic. I shuddered, my pleasure building and building in me. My back arched, the rapture swelling in my nuts. My hands squeezed her breasts.

“Fuck, yes!” Clancy groaned. “Renee!”

“Oh, yes, yes, Clancy!” she moaned. “I love it when my big brother cums in my pussy!”

I slammed into her bowels, her rippling flesh sucking at me. I drew back, her asshole spasming around my dick. Her moans filled the air while my son basted her pussy with his jizz. I groaned and buried to the hilt in her.

I erupted.

“Yes!” I growled and pumped my daughter’s asshole full of my cum. My jizz flooded into her spasming bowels. The pleasure rushed through my mind. It blazed across my thoughts. I groaned, savoring every minute of this pleasure. It was incredible. “Oh, fuck, that’s good!”

My cock spurted over and over into her bowels. She whimpered as her flesh milked me dry. She worked out blast after blast of my cum with her naughty asshole. It was incredible to experience. I shuddered, my jizz firing over and over into her bowels. I hit that peak and fired that last blast into her asshole.

“Fuck,” I panted. “Oh, fuck, Renee.”

“Daddy,” she moaned, her tits quivering in my hand. “That was incredible.”

“It was,” I panted and slid out of her. My cock popped out, and I leaned against the wall, panting.

Renee dismounted Clancy as Nancy, Ashley, and Linda broke apart. Nancy rushed at Renee, bent her over Linda’s desk, and began licking my cum out of Renee’s asshole. Clancy rose and headed to Linda, his cock swaying before her.

“Mind if I fuck you, Linda?” he asked.

“Well…” She glanced at me, her blue eyes questioning.

I nodded to her.


My son pushed her down and mounted her, kissing her and tasting my wife’s pussy cream on her lips. He slammed his dick into her while Renee moaned out her pleasure, getting her asshole rimmed out by Nancy. This was exciting.

My wife came up beside me, her big breasts jiggling and face smeared in pussy cream. She snuggled up beside me. “So, the garbage disposal?”

I stared at her and laughed. I kissed my wife, discovering that Nancy had the spicy pussy, as our family embarked on something new. I pulled my wife to me tight. God, could I go for a fifth time so soon?

I felt so young. I broke the kiss. “Once I’m done fucking you.”

My wife beamed at me.


Quarantine came and went. My wife and I had our favorite daughter, Linda for me and Nancy for my wife, while Renee and Clancy were wishing they could get married at times. Half the nights I spent with Ashley and half with Linda while my wife was with Nancy. One night a week, Renee would sleep with me and my wife would sleep with Clancy while Linda and Nancy spent sisterly time together.

We still had fun as a family. That would never change. My wife and I loved each other and our children. We all had our fun. So it wasn’t all that shocking when our daughters and my wife came up pregnant.

It was hard to say who was the father of which women.

Linda and Ashley claimed I was the father of theirs while Nancy and Renee chose Clancy as their incestuous baby daddy. Our family was about to get a whole lot bigger. It was such an exciting time. All thanks to quarantine. It made me wonder if any other families discovered this delight.

How many others were out there enjoying their own incestuous love because of the lockdown. Would we ever know?

Either way, my family was united in ways I could never imagine.

The END of this Incestuous Tale of the Quarantine

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