Emily Comes Over To My PlaceEmily Comes Over To My Place

Group Sex

A couple of days later I have a “date” with Emily. She called me, as Nancy had given her my phone number. We are going to meet at a restaurant, and as we do not know each other, we meet outside. I also don’t know the restaurant, as it is in a part of town that I don’t know.When I arrive at the restaurant there is a very gorgeous girl waiting outside.  She is looking like she is waiting for someone, so I guess that must be Emily.I walk over to her and ask, “Hi, are you, Emily?”She looks up and says, “Yes, I am. Then you must be Bill,” she smiles at me.Emily is quite long and slender. She has long blonde hair. She is wearing a tight-fitting dress, which shows her curves nicely: she has a nice ass and also has nice full breasts. I would say they are smaller than Nancy’s but I am not sure. Her dress is long and closed at the top, so she is showing no cleavage, which I am very glad about as that would be quite distracting.I extend my hand and she takes it and pulls me a bit closer and gives me a quick kiss on my cheek. Then we walk into the restaurant. It must be a place she knows, as she walks to a table in a corner, which is quite a bit away from other tables and the door, so we can talk without anyone listening in.She sits on a bench at the back and when I want to sit on a chair opposite of her she tells me “No please come sit next to me, then we can talk a bit easier, as you are closer.”So I sit next to her. She places her small handbag next to her, so we keep a bit of distance, and we talk a bit, about the weather, the traffic, etc. Just some chit-chat to kill time.The waiter comes by and we order diner and some drinks. She orders a salad and some water, I order salmon and a local beer. She asks me how I know Nancy. I don’t know what Nancy told her, so I tell her about how I know her.”I know Nancy from our high school. We were in the same class but then she moved to another town. We were no friends or anything, so it was no big deal.  But, you know what she does for a living now, right?” I look at Emily and she nods.”Yes, I know what she does, at the club,” she tells me. From the tone, I get the impression that she does not like it very much.”I met her again at this club where she works now. It was the first time I went to a club like that and then she showed up, which was a surprise for both of us. So that is how we met again.””Yes, she told me. Also that you were not very good with girls at school, and still not,” she says while smiling at me. “But I don’t care about you visiting that club and seeing her there, I know that a lot of guys do that. As long as you are güvenilir bahis careful that you are not meeting girls that are not doing it out of their free will.” Now her smile disappears and she looks away from me.Our diner is being served, and quietly we start eating.”How do you know Nancy? Do you live close to her?” I ask her, to get the conversation going again.Then she starts telling me about her life, and I am just telling it in my own words. Once she starts she cannot stop. Once in a while, I could ask something and she would answer and then continue.She knows Nancy from a safe home, where she fled to escape from her then-boyfriend. I now learn that Nancy works there a couple of days a week, just to help the girls staying there. She did not mention once what her occupation was when she was helping the girls.But after a few months, as she recovered from her escape, Emily managed to find a house very close to Nancy. Nancy kept in close contact, to make sure nothing happened and she could recover further. That is when she learned what Nancy did for a job as she was there during the daytime but was away at night. But as they already had become good friends she just stepped over it, even as she did not like it at that time. But by now she is used to it.Then she started to tell me how she got into the situation with that boyfriend. She starts very early with her story. I will not quote her but just tell the story the way I remember it. She did not tell it all in sequence but sometimes jumped back and forth, but I am trying to make one story out of it.She became sexually active at a young age, much younger than Nancy even. It happened when she was just sixteen, her boyfriend was almost seventeen.  He took her home when his parents were out, and took her to his room. She was not ready for it, but still, he went on. It was not real sex, actually. He got her panties off and he put his trousers down. Then he jumped on top of her on his bed, and the moment hit dick touched her vagina he already lost control and came all over her. So it was just a really bad experience.She then broke up with him, as she did not like that. She had some other boyfriends, but they never did anything again, until she got a bit more serious as she turned nineteen. She had some friends and had some good sexual experiences, just like a lot of other girls probably had.When she was twenty-two or twenty-three she was dating a twenty-five-year-old guy, who already had had several girlfriends, and they all more or less ran away, as he was considered a bad boy. But she missed all the red flags of güvenilir bahis siteleri that and he treated her nicely.He was really good in bed, really caring and all and making sure she also had her orgasms in bed. He also gave her lots of gifts.  But after some time he started to invite friends over and they could join in. She did not like it, but then he loved her and she loved him, and she would not want him to dump her, would she?This was just the start, as the next stage was that he called her and told her to go to one of his “friends” and do what he wanted, just for him, as he loved her so much. This happened many times until she found out that they paid her “boyfriend” for this. When she asked him about that, he hit her and told her that she should be done as told, otherwise he would tell everyone what a whore she was and send all the pictures he had to her friends.So she continued with it, and he never paid any attention to her afterward, unless she did not do as he expected. That happened a couple of times and then he became really violent. The worst time was when she got pregnant from one of the customers. As this would be bad for business he made her get rid of it, and that was still such a bad experience she only mentioned it very quickly, but I could see it was still a very sensitive issue.After one of those episodes she had a customer who asked about her bruises and she told him she bumped into a door by accident. He just paid her and did not do anything to her that time. Just a few days later this guy had another appointment, and she thought he would want to catch up on the missed opportunity, but to her surprise, he was not alone, but another girl was there as well.She thought that the guy wanted a threesome, which she had done a couple of times before, but then the girl started to talk to her and had her talk about what had happened. When she told her about her guy she looked really alarmed.Then she offered to help her get away from this and to make sure he could not find her anymore. This girl was Nancy, and she helped her escape to this town and the safe house.I look at her, really surprised about her story. I did expect something bad, but this was so much worse than I expected, being exploited for sex. I never really thought about this happening.I have to say something. “Oh wow, you had such a bad time! We are the same age, but you did have a so much worse time than I had. I really feel sorry for you that you ran into these guys, they must have made you hate all men. And then, I went to a club to pay for sex, without thinking once about iddaa siteleri what could be happening behind the scenes.”She smiles. “No I don’t hate all men, I know there are some good men out there, and if Nancy is right, you are one of them. It’s just that I lost a bit of trust in other people, I look at people differently now. And after I learned what Nancy did we discussed that several times, but that club really only has girls that work out of their free will, not with a pimp. So you choose the right place for that.”She is quiet for a short while and then sights.”But I am so glad I could tell my story to someone. They told me I should talk to other people about it, and I am glad you wanted to listen. I hope it does not bother you, to listen to something that must sound like a horror story to you,” she continues.”No, it was not fun, but it must have been worse for you. Just tell me if and how I can help you, if you need help,” I tell her, as I really want to help her get back on track with her life.”You know, just going out like this and talking to someone already means a lot to me, so that would already be nice if we could do this much more often,” she tells me while looking at me.”We certainly can, and maybe talk about some other things, things that will not pull you back to the past.”We continue to talk after we finish our dinner and order some extra drinks. We talk about a lot of things from the weather to work and everything else. I tell her about the kind of work I do and she tells me about the things she does, as she does not have a job yet. It feels really good as if we knew each other already for quite some time.I call the waiter as it is already almost closing time and I pay for both of us.When we leave she takes both of my hands and pulls me closer and gives me a quick kiss. I move my hands to her back but then decide it’s better not to pull her close, but she pushes my hands to her back.”Yes, you can do that, I don’t mind. It was such a nice evening and I will look back at it very happy,” she says as she also puts her arms around me and I kiss her softly.She then breaks the embrace and walks over to her car. I wait for a moment to see her drive away and then I also walk over to my car and drive home. I do have a lot to think about now.The next day I call the number that Nancy called me from, as she did not give me her number yet.”Hello, who is it?” she asks with a bit of a suspicious voice.”It’s Bill, hi Nancy!” I say, glad to hear her voice.”Oh hi Bill, how did you get my number, I thought I did not give it to you?” she says, still a bit suspicious.”Yes, you did not give it to me, but you called me and I wrote that number down,” I say with a little smile.”Oh yes, that is true, you are right,” Nancy says, and I can hear that she smiles. “How did it go yesterday, did everything go alright?”

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