Incestuous Bedtime Tale 2: Daughter’s Anal Birthday GiftIncestuous Bedtime Tale 2: Daughter’s Anal Birthday Gift


Incestuous Bedtime Tale

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Two: Daughter’s Anal Birthday Gift

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Melissa Young – October 2018

I was nervous in the changing room. My eighteen-year-old body quivered as I stared at the outfits before me. They were all so much more adult than I was used to wearing. When Daddy said he wanted to take me shopping, I was so shocked. He never wanted to take me shopping, but when my college classes got out, he’d offered to take me.

He said I was beautiful and pretty.

It sent all these butterflies through my stomach. It made me think of Daddy as a man. Not just as my father, but as a man who liked women. Liked my mother. He said I looked as pretty as Mom did at my age. They were high school sweethearts. They had grown up together. Loved each other. He was so sad after mom passed away a few years ago.

I slipped off my top and sat it carefully on the bench. My small breasts jiggled in my purple bra with white polka dots on it. My flaming hair swayed in the mirror’s reflection. I grabbed a halter top. I pulled it on, trembling at how naughty it was. It showed off so much flesh. There were only spaghetti straps that went over my shoulders and…

I could see my bra. The top of the cups peeked out and the straps were thicker than the halter top. I bit my lip. It was designed to be worn with a different type of bra, like a strapless demi bra. I didn’t have one of those.

Should I take my bra off?

I gnawed on my lower lip in indecision. Daddy was outside the changing room. He wanted to see how beautiful I was. This strange, hot itch formed between my thighs. It was this wild heat. I groaned as I could feel Daddy waiting to see me.

I pulled off my halter top and then, in a flash, darted my hands behind me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I undid the fastener and slipped off my bra. My small breasts came into the view in the changing room mirror on the back of the door. They jiggled. My nipples were hard.

It wasn’t cold in here…

I grabbed my halter top and pulled it on. I drew it over my head and torso. A tingle raced through my eighteen-year-old body as I finished donning it. This pleasure tingled out of me. I adjusted the top, my breasts cradled in the outfit’s cups. My breath quickened. I couldn’t believe I was wearing this.

I pulled off my long skirt, my purple panties with the white polka dots felt so innocent for what I was going to be wearing. I swallowed as I grabbed the black skirt I picked out for this outfit. I stepped into the skirt. I dragged it up my thighs. It was so short. It fell barely halfway down my thighs and hugged lower on my hips. I zipped it up.

“Am I really wearing this?” I whimpered. My fingers played with my skirt’s hem. There was this strip of exposed flesh, my stomach on display. “This is—”

“How’s it going in there?” Daddy asked. “I bet you look pretty.”

“It’s going… fine,” I said, my voice tight. My heart fluttered faster and faster. My breathing quickened. My cheeks burned, spotted with dusky freckles.

“I’m eager to see how beautiful you are,” he said.

Beautiful? I wanted to be beautiful.

I trembled, my stomach writhing and squirming. I grabbed the doorknob. My chest felt so tight. I opened the door and stepped out before my father. He was a tall man, his hair as red as mine, his goatee a darker shade of fire. He stood tall, broad-shouldered. He was a PE teacher and coach at my college. His eyes flicked up and down my body. They widened.

“Is it too much?” I asked, trembling before him.

“Lord, no,” he said. He cupped my chin, lifting my head. “You are as beautiful as your mother. You just look so pretty. Radiant.”

My cheeks burned hotter as this pleased delight rushed out of my nethers. That hot itch grew more. It was so naughty. I shouldn’t be feeling like this around my father. I was so aware of my hard nipples and the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Turn around,” he said while his hand slid from my chin across my cheek to push back my hair behind my ear. His touch left tingles in his fingers wake. “Let’s see how gorgeous you are.”

“Daddy,” I whimpered, that warmth growing more. I was happy and embarrassed and confused all at the same time.

I turned around, his hand moving to my shoulder. He touched me as he stared down at me.

“That skirt looks great on you,” he said. “It really makes you look cute. It fits you perfectly. Really makes your… your butt look great.”

“Daddy!” I groaned as I kept turning around. My breasts rose and fell as I completed my circle and faced him.

“Yes, you are just beautiful,” he said.

I felt so daring now for pulling off this outfit. My butt looked cute? That was amazing. What about my breasts? I wanted to ask Daddy that, but it was far too embarrassing. His hand was still on my shoulder, his finger slightly stroking me. This warmth rippled through me.

He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek as his hand stroked down my arm. His lips were so warm. I trembled, my heart fluttering faster and faster. This amazing treat surged through me. I wanted to turn my head…

Why was I feeling anything like this for my daddy?

“Let’s see how beautiful you look in your next outfit,” Daddy said.

“That’s so cute that you’re putting on a dress show for your father,” the salesgirl said. She was a few years older than me, her black hair framing her round face. “And you do look so pretty in that. It fits you.”

I headed into the changing room. I closed it behind me. I whimpered. I felt so… so juicy. I was dressing so daring. I had to stop thinking that Daddy was seeing me as more than a pretty girl. He was just being a loving father. The guilt burned hot through my guts for these taboo feelings. I pushed them down as I peeled off my halter top.

My breasts came into view again. There was a faint flush creeping down my breasts. My nipples were so hard. I bit my lower lip. I groaned as I grabbed the scoop-neck blouse. I pulled it on as fast as I could. It fit tight, the material stretchy. It had a plunging neckline that showed off some of my cleavage and…

I should have put on my bra first. I could wear it with this top. The material, this shimmery pink, felt so amazing on my nubs. They poked at the front of the fabric. It was so thin, it molded to me. Though it completely covered my tits, it still managed to show off more of my breasts than the halter top.

I felt practically naked without the bra.

I bit my lip. This strange, wicked, daring sensation seized me. My pussy clenched as this wild thrill shot through me. I unzipped the skirt and dropped it down my thighs. I would buy both of these outfits. I grabbed the pair of pure-white shorts I chose for this fun blouse. I slid it down, feeling how tight it was. It was stretchy, molding to me.

I worked it up my hips, my braless breasts bounced and jiggled. My heart beat faster and faster. I pulled it up higher and higher. I drew it over my hips. I wiggled, feeling it seating so tight against my rump. Hugging it. I fastened it.

I bit my lip as I adjusted it. I looked over my shoulder at me at the mirror, seeing it hugging my rump and…

I could see my panties. It was so tight, it molded to my underwear. I swallowed. Should I buy a thong? I had never thought of buying one of those, but now… with these shorts… I swallowed. It would be so naughty.

Daddy could see how cute my butt really was in this.

“I’m eager to see your next outfit, Michelle,” Daddy said.

“Okay,” I groaned, my voice squeaking.

I could do this. Daddy wouldn’t realize how sexy I was. He would just see me as his daughter. He was just being supportive. My heart beat so fast I thought it would erupt. Heat surged through my flesh from my naughty pussy. I grabbed the doorknob, twisted it, and stepped out.

“Oh, my,” Daddy said, his eyes flicking up and down me. “You look just perfect. Wow.”

He grabbed my shoulders, pulling me closer. His hands slid down my arms, past the short sleeves, to grip my bare arms above my elbows. His thumbs stroked my skin as he stared down at me. My breasts rose and fell. The fabric was outlining them. I was practically naked.

“You are just…” He shook his head like he was speechless. “Wow.”

“She is looking so cute,” said the salesgirl.

I smiled.

His hands stroked down my arms to grab mine. He squeezed them, smiling at me. He was such a handsome man. This nervous energy in my stomach squirmed more. My skin felt so tight. That juicy heat built and built between my thighs. My panties felt so juicy.

“Now turn around,” he said. He had this rumbling bass. Was his voice sounding deeper? It was… masculine.

I turned around and felt his eyes on my rump. I wished I took off my panties so there were no visible lines. His hands released mine. He grabbed my hip, working me. Then his hand stroked across my rump like he was adjusting something.

“Yes, you are just as gorgeous.” He had a catch to his voice. Something deep and gravely. “Just like your mother. God, Michelle, you are perfect.”

I kept turning around as the taboo tingles increased. I turned to face him, staring up at him. His eyes were so green. This strange desire to kiss him seized me. I wanted him to lean down and claim my lips. I felt like such a woman right now. I had never felt these feelings before. I had noticed cute boys at my college. I had experienced a small, hot flutter through my body before, a little tingle in my pussy, but it was a nebulous heat.


This felt so immediate. So present. So burning. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I shouldn’t feel these emotions for my father. My heart raced. I lifted my head. My tongue wet my lips. I wanted him to just claim me. To Kağıthane Escort forget that he was my father.

What was wrong with me? I shouldn’t feel this for my father, but… but…

His hands gripped my shoulders again, his hands were so large. So strong. He leaned down and kissed my forehead. Not my lips. I felt the heat searing across my temple. He broke it, smiling at me again as I swooned.

“How would you like to go to dinner,” he said. “Pick out a nice outfit. A dress. We’ll go to a fancy restaurant.”

Like a date?

No, no, he was just being a good father. “Okay.”

“And maybe some underwear to go with it,” he said, smiling. “You know, whatever you feel like wearing. To make yourself feel pretty. Because you’re gorgeous.”

I would buy that thong. I would. My heart raced.

“Okay, Daddy,” I said.


Avalon Young – July 2037

I trembled in bed between my parents, my mouth latched onto my mother’s nipple. I had just turned eighteen an hour ago when midnight struck. The moment it did, I’d darted into bed with my parents, waking them up. I was so eager to lose my virginity.

Daddy’s cum leaked out of my pussy. It felt so naughty in me.

I suckled on her as Mommy said, “I had to buy that thong,” she said. “I felt so wicked and naughty. I was so eager for that dinner and so scared of what I was feeling.”

“You were so gorgeous,” Daddy said.

Mommy was also my sister, though I rarely thought of her that way. She was my Mommy, Daddy’s first daughter. I sucked harder on her nipple. I grew up knowing the truth, Mommy telling me that when I was eighteen Daddy would make me into a woman. He would love me and make me feel special and I would get to do adult stuff like Mommy did.

I popped my mouth off of Mommy’s nipple. “What happened at Dinner?”

“Mmm,” Mommy said, her hand stroking my own round breast. I had bigger tits than Mommy did at my age. Her finger reached my areola and circled my nipple, sending naughty tingles through me. “I think Daddy needs some relief. Why don’t you suck on his cock while I take care of you?”

I licked my lips. “Ooh, do you need relief Daddy?”

“Of course,” he said. It was dark in the room, but my eyes had adjusted. He was so handsome and fit. He still coached and taught PE at the college I would start in a month-and-a-half, though he was getting close to retirement. That kept him in shape. Kept him sexy. “Hearing your mother talk about those days… I am so hard.”

I smiled and licked my lips. I shifted on the bed between them. I crawled between my daddy’s legs. I felt them around me, strong and hairy. I rubbed up them and leaned over his crotch. I stared down at his cock. It thrust up over his belly.

I groaned, my pussy clenching. More cum leaked out of my pussy. I hoped Daddy had bred me. I licked my lips as I grabbed the cock that had deflowered me. Loved me. The cock that had created me in my mother’s womb.

His own daughter, like me.

I was his second generation daughter, and I hoped I would give him a third generation. I wanted to raise my own daughter and watch her lose her virginity to our daddy. It was just an amazing thing.

I lifted his cock to my lips. I smelled the tangy musk of my pussy. That wonderful scent. It made my mouth water. I licked at his shaft. I lapped up the throbbing girth, gathering up all that delicious cream that came from my cunny. It was this amazing treat.

“Ava,” Daddy groaned as my tongue reached the tip of his cock. I swirled around his crown. “Just such a loving daughter.”

I smiled up at him, wiggling in delight. I was so ready for this. It was just so naughty to do wicked things with my parents. My mouth engulfed the tip of his cock. I sucked on him like I’d always wanted, his cum leaking down my thighs. Hot and sticky and wonderful.

All these wonderful, incestuous delights rippled through me. My cheeks hollowed. I bobbed my head and sucked hard. I loved my daddy. It was so amazing. This was all my dreams come true. I’d waited all my life for this moment.

“Oh, Avalon, you’re such a good daughter,” moaned Mommy. “I remember the first time I sucked your Daddy’s cock. Look at you go. You’re so much bolder than I am.”

“She’s a little firecracker,” Daddy said. “Like your mother.”

I never met my grandmother, but she sounded amazing. Daddy and she fell in love when they were younger than me.

Mommy moved behind me as I loved Daddy’s cock. I sucked on him. I bobbed my head, worshiping every inch of this delicious dick I could fit in my mouth. My heart pounded in my chest. This wild, wicked desire surged through me. My hips wiggled from side to side. This wicked, wanton, wild lust rippled through my body.

I shuddered when Mommy grabbed my rump. Her fingers dug into my butt-cheeks. I felt her breath on me as I sucked on Daddy’s cock. My toes curled. My hips wiggled back and forth. It was this amazing delight.

“Mmm, Daddy, we made a beautiful, little girl,” Mommy purred. “This pussy is just succulent. She’s still so tight after you broke her in, and she’s dribbling with juices.”

“She was as tight as you,” groaned Daddy. “As tight as your mother.”

“Such a wicked father,” Mommy moaned while I nursed on his cock.

“And you’re not a wicked mother?”

Mommy giggled. “I am your daughter. Why be surprised?”

“Michelle,” he groaned. “And my sweet Ava. Damn, I’m lucky.”

I groaned as Mommy’s tongue ran up my thigh. It was incredible. She licked up the cum running down my leg. This wicked tingle raced ahead of me as she licked Daddy’s jizz off of me. Our daddy’s jizz. It was amazing to experience this taboo passion.

My cum-filled cunny clenched as she came closer and closer. Her hands gripped my thighs. She reached my shaved pussy. She fluttered her tongue around my vulva, licking at my cream. It was this amazing, delicious treat.

I loved it.

I moaned and whimpered and sucked on Daddy’s cock. I bobbed my head as Mommy’s tongue darted around my pussy slit. She licked up all of Daddy’s spunk. She stimulated me. Her fingers dug into my rump.

She fluttered her tongue through my folds. She licked and lapped at me. I swirled my tongue around Daddy’s cock. She caressed my delicious twat. Pleasure surged through me. She devoured our Daddy’s cum out of me.

“Mmm, our little girl tastes so good with you in her,” Mommy purred.

“You’re making her suck so hard,” Daddy groaned. “Damn, she’s just hungry for it.”

“Why wouldn’t she be hungry for your cum?” Mommy licked my pussy then smacked her lips. “It’s incredible.”

I wanted to lick Daddy’s spunk out of Mommy’s pussy. That would be so wild.

Her tongue fluttered through my folds again. Her tongue darted through me. She licked the cum flowing out of me. Her lips were on my pussy. Precum spilled over my tongue as I nursed on his dick. I sucked on him.

I bobbed my head faster. I wanted Daddy to cum in my mouth. I stared up his body. His face twisted in pleasure. He groaned and growled, making all those naughty sounds. Mommy’s fingers dug into my ass as she feasted on me.

Made me feel so good.

Mommy’s fingers dipped into my butt-crack. She pressed her fingers into the crevasse and caressed me. She worked down lower and lower. I gasped as she found my asshole. Mommy wiggled her tongue through my pussy as she stroked towards my asshole.

Her finger found my sphincter, caressed it. I whimpered about Daddy’s cock. My entire body shuddered as these naughty rushes rippled through me. My pussy clenched on Mommy’s tongue. She stimulated me with that wonderful touch.

Then she thrust her finger into my asshole.

I squealed.

“What did you do to her?” Daddy groaned. “Oh, damn, that’s incredible. She’s sucking hard.”

“I have a finger wiggling into her tight asshole,” Mommy groaned. She sucked on my labia, sending a naughty tingle through me. “Mmm, she’s so hot and delicious. You’re going to love fucking this hole.”

My bowels squeezed on her finger. Such a wicked thrill shot through me. I was so focused on losing my cherry and being bred, I hadn’t thought of anal. It was this amazing treat. Delight shot through me as I imagined Daddy back there.

Mommy thrust a second finger into my asshole. She worked her fingers in and out of my depths. I groaned. This amazing treat surged through me as she licked at my pussy. My orgasm swelled and swelled as she did such naughty things to me.

I sucked harder on Daddy’s cock. I worshiped him. Incestuous rushes rippled through me. Two different delights. My asshole drank in the feel of her fingers pumping into my bowels. It was this incredible treat to experience.

She latched onto my clit. The feel of her lips made me squeal. She sucked and nibbled. Her lips sealed around my bud. This amazing treat rushed through me. My eyes squeezed shut. My breasts jiggled as I sucked on Daddy. I nursed on his cock.

“Mmm, finger our daughter’s asshole,” growled Daddy. “Damn, she’s sucking so hard.”

“She wants her daddy’s cum,” Mommy purred.

I did.

My hand found Daddy’s hairy balls. I massaged them, stimulated them. They felt so delicate and yet were full of all that baby-making cum. I sucked hard on him, feeling them twitch. Daddy groaned, that wonderful precum spilling over my tongue.

“That’s it, little Ava,” he groaned. “Damn, I’m going to shoot off in your mouth.”

“Make your Daddy cum,” Mommy purred. “Just make him explode.”

She pumped her fingers in and out of my asshole. I felt more and more relaxed with every plunge. She was stretching me out as her tongue swirled over my bud. The pleasure swelled in my juicy cunny. The velvety delight in my asshole melted down to my hot pussy. Sparks burst from my clit, feeding my flames.

Her nose nuzzled into Kağıthane Escort Bayan the folds of my cunny. I wiggled my hips back and forth, grinding on her hot lips. I massaged Daddy’s dick. I sucked with all my passion. This amazing heat surged through me as I nursed on Daddy’s cock, swallowing his yummy precum.

“Yes, yes,” Daddy growled. “Oh, sweet Ava, yes!”

His cock twitched.

His cum fired into my mouth.

Hot jizz spilled across my tongue. I shuddered at the taste of him. This salty, wonderful, delicious treat. It swirled around in my mouth. It coated my teeth. I gulped it down. I swallowed my Daddy’s delicious seed.

“Sweet Ava, you’re amazing!” he groaned. “I love you!”

Daddy loved me. Heat rippled through me, a joyful wave.

I gulped down his cum while Mommy sucked on my clit. My pussy clenched. My asshole squeezed about her fingers. She thrust them in deep and fast. I whimpered, the pleasure building and building as I swallowed all that jizz.

My orgasm exploded through me.

Incestuous rapture surged through me. My pussy convulsed hard. Juices gushed out of me. My bowels spasmed around my mommy’s fingers. I sucked out the cum from Daddy’s dick as the pleasure burst through me. Sparks exploded across my vision.

It was incredible.


My parents loved me.

Their incestuous passion created me, and I wanted to create my own daughter with Daddy. I shuddered, the pleasure washing through me. I massaged Daddy’s balls. I sucked out the last of his cum as I squealed in delight.

“Oh, damn, you are just delicious,” Daddy growled. “You are such a sweet daughter.”

“She is,” moaned Mommy. “Mmm, so much yummy pussy cream. I’ve been waiting to eat you out.”

I popped my mouth off Daddy’s cock. I shuddered and moaned, “I’ve wanted this so much. This is amazing. This is the best birthday of all time!”

Daddy chuckled while Mommy kept licking at my pussy. My orgasm kept rippling through me. Her fingers pumped in and out of my asshole. She thrust a third finger into my bowels, making me gasp. She stretched me out even more.

“Mommy!” I squealed. Stars burst before my eyes. My mind drowned in the incestuous rapture.

My hips wiggled back and forth. My hot bowels rippled around her digits. I gasped and moaned. Her tongue kept lapping at my cunt. She kept making me feel amazing. I loved it. I loved my parents. I squealed out as loud as I could.

I collapsed my head on Daddy’s firm stomach. I whimpered against him as Mommy loved me. It was so wonderful. Her fingers reamed my asshole. Her tongue lapped at my cunt. I hit this amazing plateau of rapture.

My orgasm hovered there.

Then my pleasure collapsed into buzzing bliss.

“Oh, what a yummy daughter we created, Daddy,” Mommy moaned. “Mmm.”

“Yes, we did,” Daddy said.

I managed to crawl up Daddy’s body and lay down with my back to him. Mommy moved up and snuggled into me from the front. Daddy rolled over onto his side, spooning me from behind. I felt his half-hard cock rubbing my asshole as I trembled through my orgasm.

My parents shared a kiss as my head snuggled into Mommy’s breasts. Her tits were so soft and round. I hugged her tight as I drifted through my orgasm. This amazing, delicious, wonderful joy filled me. I felt so light, I could float away.

They were sharing my pussy juices. They were tasting me. I nuzzled into Mommy’s nipple and sucked on her. I wished she had milk. That would just be incredible. I nursed on her nipple as they kissed, wiggling my hips.

Then I popped my mouth off. “Daddy?”

“Mmm?” he asked, his cock throbbing against my rump.

“What did you think when you saw Mommy?”

“I was scared,” he said. “This was a big step. I wanted her, but what if she didn’t want me. Clint gave me the advice, it sounded great, but what if it didn’t work. Plus, I was wrestling with whether or not I loved your Mommy or just was seeing your grandmother in her.”

I sucked happily on Mommy’s nipple as he talked.

“As I watched her pick out the clothing, I noticed a trend. It gave me hope. I paid attention to how she moved. While she had been a shy girl, there was something about how she was acting that was new. She was blossoming. I was seeing her becoming a woman and, well, Rachel never would have chosen that halter top. That pink blouse.”

I could almost hear the smile in Daddy’s voice.

“That blouse…” he groaned, his cock twitching against my rump. “It was clear she hadn’t put on her bra back on after trying on the halter top. My cock almost tore out of my pants right there. It molded to her small breasts. They were these cute, little titties. Her nipples were poking at the fabric. And those shorts… I could see her panty lines on her rump.”

“That was so embarrassing,” Mommy said, her hands stroking my hair. “I could feel your eyes on my rump, seeing my panties. It’s why I bought that thong.”

“I didn’t know that,” Daddy said. “I just knew how sexy you looked that night.”

I sucked hard on her nipple. I swirled around her nub. My lips sealed around it. My cheeks hollowed as I loved her.

“You didn’t say I looked sexy,” Mommy purred.

“I wasn’t sure I could,” he said, his hand stroking my thigh up to my hip. I felt his chest against my back, and his cock… Daddy was growing harder. I wiggled and groaned as his dick pressed between my butt-cheeks. I nursed on Mommy’s nipple as I loved my incestuous bedtime tale.

It was so naughty.

“When you came out in that evening dress,” Daddy groaned, “my heart nearly stopped. It was incredible. That short, black skirt swaying about your thighs, the way the sequins glinted on your bodice, how supple your exposed back looked. It was so clear you weren’t wearing a bra that time too. My heart almost stopped.”

“I felt so grown up,” Mommy moaned, her hand joining Daddy’s as she stroked my hip. I squirmed, so excited by this wicked bedtime story as Daddy’s cock throbbed between my butt-cheeks. I squeezed around him. “A woman for the first time.”

“You were a woman,” Daddy said to Mommy, his voice throaty.

I could feel their love. I was so glad I could share in it.

I hugged Mommy tighter, my hands grabbing her rump. I sucked on her nipple, my tongue exploring her little nub. My own breasts rubbed into her body, my nubs tingling. My pussy felt so wet and juicy from my orgasm.

A new heat built in me.

Daddy’s cock rubbed on my asshole. It was this wonderful experience. I trembled on the bed I wiggled and squirmed, sliding my butt-cheeks up and down Daddy’s cock. His shaft nestled into my crack, feeling so thick and warm there.

“The salesgirl thought it was so cute,” Daddy said. “She had no idea that I was lusting for you.”

“What if she did?” asked Mommy. “What if she knew you were a Daddy wanting to love his daughter.”

“Then, I guess I was lucky she didn’t say anything.”

“Maybe she loved her own daddy,” purred Mommy. “Incest was starting to spread. Clint and his harem were making ripples through the college. She could have been a senior there. A girl neither of us knew.”

“Maybe,” Daddy said. “It would be hot if she was.”

“Mmm, I bet,” Mommy said. “Daughters loving their daddies is the most beautiful thing in the world. Right, Avalon?”

I popped my mouth off her nipple and moaned, “Right, Mommy.” I grinned at her. “Daddy’s cock is so hard. He’s nestled in my butt-crack.”

“Oh, is he?” In the dark, I could see the smile playing on Mommy’s lips. “Well, that’s because he has both his sexy daughters in bed with him. What daddy wouldn’t be hard right now?”

“Damn,” Daddy groaned. “You are just as sexy as your mother and grandmother, Ava.”

I beamed at him. I turned, twisting my body, to look at him over my shoulder. His lips claimed me. His goatee scratched on my lips. I shuddered, tasting something faint and spicy. My pussy cream from when Mommy kissed him.

Mom shifted as Daddy kissed me. His tongue darted into my mouth, swirling around. His hand tightened on my hip. Mommy twisted, her breasts pulling away from me. The nightstand drawer rattled open. I heard her rooting around in there.

What was she getting? A vibrator?

I knew that one of my gifts downstairs on the kitchen counter, waiting for morning, was a vibrator. She questioned me all week to figure out just the perfect sex toy to get me. I shuddered, wanting to play with my new toy with her.

I broke the kiss with Daddy, turning to see Mommy reaching past me. She handed whatever she grabbed to Daddy. Curiosity shivered through me. I wiggled as Daddy’s cock twitched between my butt-cheeks. This excitement surged through me.

“So, Daddy, you almost had a heart attack when you saw me step out of the changing room in my little, black dress?” Mommy asked.

“Yes,” Daddy groaned. “My face was on fire. The salesgirl was standing there and all I could think about was kissing you and how terrified I about the consequences.”

“I can’t imagine you ever being terrified of anything,” I said.

“Well, I wasn’t terrified of tonight because I knew you wanted me,” Daddy said to me. “But your mother was a different story. She had never shown any signs of desiring me.”

“I didn’t until that day. I remember how you stared at me when I stepped out and how badly I wished you weren’t my father so we could do things.”

“I’m so glad you did things,” I said. “That’s why I’m here. You got pregnant right away, didn’t you?”

“Maybe,” Mommy said.

Daddy’s cock pulled out from between my butt-cheeks as he shifted. I heard the pop of a lid uncapping. I frowned, wondering what Daddy was up to. Part of me wanted to look, but another part of me trembled, anticipating my birthday gift.

“That’s so beautiful,” I said. I nuzzled into her nipple. “I hope your Escort Kağıthane little sperm is swimming to my little egg right now.”

I did the count. I should be ovulating right now. Lucky me.

I latched onto Mommy’s nipple again. She gasped and then hugged me, her right arm sliding beneath my body. She grabbed my butt-cheeks and parted them. I shuddered, feeling my asshole so exposed.

Then I gasped as Daddy’s finger pressed between my parted asscheeks. His finger was sticky with something. It was coated in this cool gel and… It was lube. My eyes widened as he found my sphincter, rubbing against my naughty back door.

I moaned around Mommy’s nipple and sucked so hard.

“Are you ready for your Daddy to break in your last hole?” Mommy asked, her fingers digging into my butt-cheeks.

I squealed like I was seeing my favorite boy band in the world.

“Mmm, she wants it, Daddy.”

His lubed finger pressed into my asshole, slipping in with more ease than Mommy’s. My pussy clenched at the intrusion. This wicked delight rippled through me. I groaned around Mommy’s nipple, trembling on the bed. This was so exciting. I couldn’t believe this was happening. My heart pounded in my chest.

Waves of heat rippled over me. I squirmed. My heart thudded in my chest. This wonderful passion surged through me. I whimpered and groaned, my heart racing. His finger probed so deep into me. He pushed into my depths, stretching out my wicked asshole.

He thrust a second lubed finger into my butthole.

“Damn, she is tight back here,” Daddy said.

“Mmm, yes,” Mommy said, her fingers digging into my rump, keeping me spread wide. “She’s going to love your cock in her asshole.”

“Of course,” he said. “She’s your daughter.”

“And your granddaughter,” Mommy purred. “Such a filthy, old man.”

“Such a wanton, sexy daughter,” he groaned.

They kissed again, sharing in their love as Daddy’s two thick fingers pumped in and out of my asshole. I felt the tip of his wet cock rubbing into my upper thigh as he worked, lubing my asshole, getting me ready for this wonderful delight.

Then he ripped his fingers out of my bowels. This incredible heat shot through me. I groaned, my heart racing. I trembled as my asshole felt so empty and so sticky. The lube was cool inside of me. I wiggled my hips.

I moaned around Mommy’s nipple as her left hand left my butt-cheek. Then Daddy’s cock moved. My eyes widened, realizing she was guiding Daddy’s dick to my asshole. She was bringing him to me. I had the best parents in the world.

“Love her, Daddy,” Mommy purred when she pressed the tip of his cock into my asshole.

“Yes,” Daddy groaned.

He pressed forward against my lubed asshole. I sucked harder. My cheeks hollowed as I loved my Mommy’s nipple. I moaned and squealed around her nub as my anal ring stretched and stretched. Daddy’s cock was so much bigger than his two fingers.

Than Mommy’s three digits.

“Damn, Michelle,” he growled. “Oh, damn, our daughter’s asshole.”

His cock’s tip popped into my bowels. This wonderful, delicious groan shot through me. I shuddered at the wonderful feel of his dick sliding into my asshole. He went deeper and deeper and deeper.

The pleasure rippled through me. I moaned around Mommy’s nipple as this burning, velvety heat filled my bowels. He groaned as he pressed deeper. He filled my anal sheath. My cunny clenched, my asshole squeezing about his dick.

The friction increased.

“Oh, fuck, yes, Ava!” he groaned as his ticklish bush reached my butt-cheeks. “Such a good girl.”

My mouth popped off Mommy’s nipple. “I took him all, Mommy! I took every inch of him.”

“Of course you did,” Mommy purred, her blue eyes sparkling. I could see them well enough in the dark.

I had green eyes like Daddy, but she had Grandma’s eyes.

“Fuck our little girl’s ass, Daddy!” Mommy moaned.

“Yes,” I gasped. I had to make Mommy feel good, too.

I shoved my hand between her thighs. I found the shaved folds of her pussy. I rubbed at her hot flesh. I pumped up and down her juicy folds. She moaned then gasped as I sucked on her nipple again while thrusting two digits into her cunt.

She trembled on the bed while Daddy drew back his cock. My asshole clenched to him, the heat melting down to my bowels. It was this incredible treat. Then he slammed into me. His balls swung, smacking into my taint.

Incredible bliss shot through me. That wonderful, amazing, delicious pleasure. My eyes squeezed shut. I groaned. My heart hammered in my chest. This amazing pleasure surged over me. This wonderful treat that only my daddy’s cock could give me.

Even in my asshole.

“Avalon!” Mommy moaned, her left hand stroking my hair. “Oh, yes, honey. Finger Mommy’s cunt. Ooh, you came from there. Yes, yes, I love feeling you back in me.”

My fingers pumped in and out of Mommy’s cunt. I teased her. Loved her. She moaned and gasped, her passion echoing through the room. I loved it. I sucked hard on her nipple. My mouth latched on, my cheeks hollowing. My tongue danced along her bud. She groaned and gasped. Her passion echoed through the room.

I pumped my digits faster and faster in and out of her cunt. I teased her juicy flesh. Her pussy squeezed around me. I sucked and nursed on her. I loved her nipples with all my passion while Daddy’s cock pumped in and out of me. This wonderful pleasure surged through my body. My heart raced.

Daddy thrust harder. Faster. He rammed into me again and again. I groaned, my body trembling on the bed. His bush smacked into my rump, tickling me as he buried his cock into my asshole again and again.

“Damn, little Ava!” he groaned. “Oh, damn, that feels good.”

“Mmm, is our daughter’s asshole wrapped around your cock making you feel amazing?” Mommy purred.

“You know it, Michelle!” He thrust deep into me. “Damn, that’s amazing. I’m such a lucky father.”

He was.

I sucked so hard on Mommy’s nipple and fingered her juicy twat as Daddy fucked me. I thrust my digits into her hot pussy at the same rate Daddy plunged his hard cock into my bowels. His lubed shaft teased me. Velvety friction burned through me, increasing the growing pressure in my pussy.

My orgasm built and built. This wild, wicked, wonderful delight swelled in me. My bowels clenched about him. My heart beat so fast. His cock pumped fast and hard into my asshole. This pleasure rippled about my flesh, melting into my cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Daddy groaned.

“Oh, fuck our daughter’s tight ass! Fuck her, Daddy! Pound her!”

“I’m going to explode in her!”

“Yes, yes! Cum in our little girl’s bowels! We made her, Daddy! She’s our incestuous miracle!”

Pleasure surged through me. I thrust a third finger into Mommy’s cunt. My thumb massaged her clit. I shuddered between my parents. My bowels squeezed down around Daddy’s plundering cock. He pounded me so hard.

His cock reamed me. He pumped it into me harder. Faster. My bowels gripped him. The velvety fire blazed hotter and hotter, feeding my growing orgasm. My fingers plundered Mommy’s cunt. Her pussy squeezed about my three digits while her clit throbbed beneath my naughty thumb.

“Yes, yes, suck on my nipple! Nurse for me!” Mommy shuddered. “Oh, Avalon, you’re going to make Mommy cum, too! You’re going to make us both cum!”

“Such a loving, little girl!” Daddy panted, his balls smacking into my taint. “Ava! My sweet Ava!”

His cock rammed to the hilt in my bowels. I shuddered as his cum fired hot into my rectum. That amazing, wonderful, delicious pulse of hot jizz pumped into me again and again. I gasped around Mommy’s nipple at that amazing experience.

I came.

My incestuous pleasure rippled out of my pussy. Juices gushed out, soaking my thighs. I bucked on the bed between them. My bowels milked Daddy’s erupting cock. I sucked so hard on Mommy’s nipple. I massaged her clit and fingered her twat as the rapture screamed through me.

I popped my head off her nub and gasped, “Daddy’s cumming in my butthole, Mommy!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her pussy squeezing around my fingers. “That’s it, Daddy! Cum in our little girl!”

“She’s perfect!” Daddy groaned, his cock burying to the hilt in me. He filled me up. It was this wonderful pleasure. “Damn!”

His cock spurted hot and fast. He filled me to the brim with his cum. It was this incredible passion. I groaned, dizzying heat surging through me. My bowels milked out every drop of his passion as the rapture burned through my mind.

I bucked. I quivered.

Mommy’s pussy spasmed around my fingers. Her juices soaked my hand as stars danced through the dark bedroom. They celebrated our incestuous love. I whimpered in wonderful delight, my asshole milking Daddy’s cock dry.

“Oh, damn, Michelle, we made something special with Avalon,” panted Daddy.

“We did,” Mommy gushed. Her left hand cupped my face. She tilted my chin and kissed me hard while her pussy spasmed around my fingers.

We were both cumming together. Mother and daughter. Both Daddy’s lovers. He made us both. Our tongues dueled as the pleasure peaked in me. Daddy groaned, his arm going around us both, holding us.

I felt so loved.

I broke the kiss, Daddy’s cock going soft in my asshole. I shifted on the bed, hugging Mommy tight to me. She held me and purred in delight. Then she and Daddy traded a short kiss. Daddy groaned and Mommy sighed.

“So,” I said, squirming, “what happened at dinner? With your pretty dress?”

“That’s going to have to wait for another bedtime story,” Mommy purred, her voice sounding sleepy. “Your mom and dad need to get some rest.”

“Mmm,” Daddy groaned, his voice equally as sleepy.

It hit me then. I hadn’t been to bed at all. I had a long day hanging out with my friends, anticipating tonight. My eyes closed. I was held between my parents, feeling so loved. I had Daddy’s seed in my pussy and ass, and the taste of him still lingered in my mouth.

Best birthday gift ever.

I couldn’t wait for my next incestuous bedtime tale.

To be continued…

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