Ian and Michael – Coming to Terms Ch. 02Ian and Michael – Coming to Terms Ch. 02


September 3rd 2007.

I woke up in a daze looking at the alarm clock on the bedside table and panicked. It was reading 1030 am and I need to be at the restaurant for my shift in thirty minutes. I got up rushed to get ready grabbing my uniform as I ran out the door, my mom had left the keys to the sedan out for me.

I arrived at 1055 to a stern look from my floor manager.

“Ian if you want to be a server you need to show up on time,” he said playing with the wispy blonde goatee that he was trying to grow.

“Sorry John” I told him, “I over slept so I’m a little flustered today,” as I walked to the hosting station and started wiping down menus for customers when they came.

It was a rough day, my mind kept wandering to what had happened last night. Everytime I replayed events in my head my cheeks would start to burn and I would mess up whatever I was doing. I went over the things I had said to him and groaned internally remembering that I had said he was the biggest cock I had ever seen. Of course he was his is the only one I’ve seen in person aside my own and the boys from gym class.

During my fifteen minute break I flipped my phone open and saw a message from Sam letting me know she was heading back to her dorms around 7 tonight and wanted to hang before then. I replied I’d be done at five and would head over right away.

There was also another message from an unsaved number saying: Hey had fun last night 😉 hope we can do it again. My heat leaped into my throat and I felt my dick twitching. istanbul travesti I didn’t know how to reply and just said the boring sure no problem.

I got a message back as I was about to head back to work saying: Awesome how’s tonight sound, I’m at the Campbell’s house till tonight. I laughed out loud at my good Fortune and told him I was heading there after work and that I would see him there.

I had the biggest smile on my face the rest of my shift, and didn’t even order my normal Greek salad after work and just bolted out the door. I called my mom letting her know what was going on and not to save me any dinner as I’d likely eat at the Campbell’s.

I got to Sam’s and went through the normal run down of hellos to her parents, Todd, Sam and Michael were in the shed waiting for me to arrive so I went on out there. I could here the music before I opened the door it was a band I had never heard of, it was way heavier than the stuff I was used to listening too. When I walked in I noticed Todd had control of the CD player hence the choice of Uber hardcore metal.

Sam and Michael were on the couch the middle free for me to squeeze into, as I sat down I looked at Michael and nervously smiled at him while brushing my hair away from my eyes. He smiled back and my heart did a back flip.

We sat and chilled listening to music and talking about random shit, eventually Todd left and the music switched to music more my style. Sam busted out the bong and some weed and we smoked a few bowls before too long istanbul travestileri Sam left as well to go pack to return to her dorm. That left just Michael and I.

I looked over to say something to him when he essentially jumped me and started to make out with me. After a few minute I felt him playing with the bulge on my pants, nervousness over took me and I broke off the kiss

“Sorry” I said, “I’m just a little self conscious, I know I’m not the biggest so I don’t want you to be to upset” which was true I was definitely under average for length at 5″ but I made up for it with a thicker cock than most I noticed.

He laughed “don’t worry” he said as he undid my belt and pants fishing into my boxer briefs and pulling my already hard cock out and started to stroke it. It felt so good I had never had anyone else touch me before and I was in heaven. After a few minutes of this he readjusted and went down on me taking my whole cock in his mouth in one go and sucking like a pro. He definitely has experience.

It took me less than a minute to cum in his mouth he giggled a little and came up and started to make out with my while he still had my cum in his mouth. Something came over me and I accepted the kiss and let him deposit my own seed in my mouth, it tastes sweet compared to his last night.

“How was that?” He asked with a big smile on his face, I was flustered.

I looked him in the eyes and even surprised myself by saying: “Great but I’d rather give than receive” and moved to take travesti istanbul his cock out of his pants. He once again wasn’t wearing underwear so it was easy to get to. He was only semi hard as I went down and start to suck his cock.

He moaned and said “My god, toy are a natural at this, one of the best” his words encouraged me and I want to town, moans escaping from my lips as I bobbed my head up and down until he told me he was going to come soon.

I pulled my mouth off his dick and as if someone else had control of my looked him in the eyes and said “cum all over my face, please, I want it, no need to feel your warm seed on my face.” He stood up and started to jerk his big thick cock until he moaned loud and 3 large strings of cum hit me in the face mostly near my mouth and it started to drip on the floor as I cleaned his cock of any juices that may linger.

Sam walked back in saw my cum covered face and laughed giving Michael a high five ” Say good by to Mike you little slut, we gotta go” I was upset by her proclamation but for up and wiped my face on some paper towel and kissed Michael good by telling him to message me whenever. We also made plans to meet that Friday night after I was done work. I would head to his apartment in the city.

“I’ll take you on a date, how bout it?” He asked me and I blushed saying that yes I would love that and kisses him one last time, in front of the whole house and I didn’t care. I didn’t feel as confused and dazed as I did last night. In fact the opposite I felt more sure of my self. Until I got home and I remembered who my family was.

I sat in the sedan and cried, recalling a memory of something my dad said when we had gone to the city and saw a gay couple holding hands. ” I’d rather be dead then have a faggot for a son”

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