Dave Gives into AndyDave Gives into Andy


Andy had been out of town most of the week. Ever since he took Dave’s anal virginity, Dave’s head swirled with uncertainty. It hurt, especially initially, but that was some of the best sex he had ever had.

Dave had so many questions. How did he fall for Andy’s charms? He’s a sweet talker with a smile that just puts you at ease. But I’m not gay, am I? Or at least I wasn’t until that night. How did Andy fit that monster in my ass? It hurt like hell initially, but after the third or fourth time, there wasn’t any more pain, only pleasure. And wow, it was pleasurable. This must only be a one-time event, right? We can’t keep up this affair like this, or can we? Was it an affair? It was just sex, right? But I felt at peace and safe in his arms as he held me tightly.

Dave didn’t know what to do. He was just happy he had time to think about it while Andy was away. He continued his workouts alone. But he thought about Andy all the time. He had decided he needed to talk with Andy when he gets back and tell him that sex was off the table in their relationship. It had to be.

Andy flew back into town Thursday night, so Friday morning was back to the normal workout routine for them. When Dave arrived at Andy’s place, he was greeted with normal pleasantries.

“Welcome back to Andy’s Gym!” Andy said with a big smile as he let Dave in.

“How was your trip?” Dave asked, avoiding eye contact.

“It was good, real good. Learned a lot at the conference.”

Andy chatted about the classes he took at the conference as they made their way to the gym. Andy went over some new exercises they were to try out and showed Dave what he learned. Dave grew more comfortable, and no longer avoided eye contact with Andy.

Dave didn’t have the guts to bring up the events of last weekend. Both of them went through the workout as if nothing happened.

“Wow, that was a good workout, I’m dripping in sweat!” Dave commented, looking down at his drenched shirt.

“I’m having some work done on the guest bathroom, so you can just use the shower in the master suite. It’s a much nicer shower any.”

“Sounds good,” Dave said as he grabbed his bag and left the gym. He didn’t need directions; he knew where the master bedroom was.

Andy had quite the fancy on-suite bathroom. It had a huge tub as well as a big walk-in shower. Dave was admittedly jealous of it. This is what I was looking for when I bought my last house, he thought. It gave a sense of living in luxury.

Dave got the water running in the shower, then got his shampoo and soap out of his bag and stripped down as the water warmed up. The thing Dave liked about this shower, other than the awesome waterfall tower, was being able to step away from the running water to lather up. After washing and rinsing his hair, Dave stepped back from the water and began soaping up his body. He had finished his front side and started reaching around his back when Andy walked in.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Andy was already naked as he stepped into the shower. He walked right up to Dave from behind, reaching around him to grab the washcloth. As he did, he reached both arms around Dave’s chest and squeezed him tightly as he nuzzled Dave’s neck.

Dave moaned in pleasure as he leaned his head back, eyes closed, thinking, Andy’s strong arms around me feel so good. Dave could feel Andy’s cock begin to grow as it crept up the inside of his legs. Dave then reached his right arm up and istanbul travesti around Andy’s neck behind him and placed his left hand on Andy’s hands. Turning to Andy, with his eyes still closed, he parted his lips slightly waiting for Andy’s full lips to touch his.

Andy did not disappoint. He leaned his head down and kissed Dave’s waiting mouth. Their tongues continued the exploration of last weekend. They made out like that for a couple of minutes, until Andy’s cock reached full erection. Andy pulled himself back enough to line up the head of his throbbing cock right where Dave’s ass cheeks and thighs met.

Andy slowly pushed his cock into the sudsy space. His mushroom head passed Dave’s wanting hole, rubbed his taint, pushed by the balls, and appeared on the other side. Dave looked down long enough to see the head of Andy’s cock reach past his meager package, making all the parts looks very small. He marveled at the stark contrast between Andy’s very large black cock and his own little white penis. Is this the difference between an Alpha Male and a beta?

Andy moved his left hand down, with Dave’s hand still on it, just above Dave’s tiny penis, using the hold as leverage as he began to pump his massive member between Dave’s soapy legs. Dave leaned his head back again and accepted the lips and tongue Andy offered.

Dave didn’t care that Andy’s long cock was abusing his dangling parts as it popped through to the front. Having the bull hold him close as he used him for sexual gratification had him in a state of bliss.

After several minutes, Andy’s breath began to get ragged, and he had difficulty keeping his lips locked to Dave’s. Andy squeezed Dave tighter as he began to pump harder, no longer kissing him as he held his head down to Dave’s shoulder.

Andy threw his head back with a loud grunt as he pushed his hips into Dave, lifting him up on his toes as streams of cum shot out from his pulsing cock. Dave moaned loudly as he lost his load at the same time, his penis untouched. Both men’s cum mixed on the shower floor as they held their embrace, Andy softly kissing Dave’s shoulder and neck.

Andy grabbed Dave’s washcloth as he stepped back. Without a word, he washed Dave’s back from his neck, down to his butt. After a quick run-through of Dave’s cheeks, Andy turned Dave around. Dave looked into his eyes thinking, can I even say no to him? Is this my new life?

Andy handed the washcloth to Dave and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. “Go ahead and rinse off so I can wash up next. I’ll see you tonight.”

Dave did as he was told like he always seemed to do when his bull gave instructions. He rinsed off, dried off, got dressed, and grabbed his stuff as he headed out the door.


Dave had a list of things to get done at the house. But all he could think of was the shower with Andy. It was so sensual without any penetration. Other than the head of Andy’s cock smacking his balls, his penis was untouched, and yet he still came hard. He relived that event in his head over and over.

Dave shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. He had stuff that needed to be done. He focused on the house projects, but still had his time with Andy in the back of his mind all day. He only managed to finish half of what he planned on getting done when he got a text from Andy.

“Come on over, I’ve got the beer on ice and will be sparking up the grill soon.” It didn’t feel like an invitation. To istanbul travestileri Dave, it felt like an order he had to follow. And follow it he did.

As soon as Dave arrived, Andy handed him a beer with no indication of what had happened that morning, let alone last weekend. Dave tried to act naturally. They hung out by the grill as Andy cooked the burgers, chatting and drinking. They moved over to the patio couches and ate, still chatting and drinking. They didn’t chat about what had happened between them. They chatted about the past week.

Andy had gone to a personal trainer conference and had learned a lot while he was there. Dave just worked like normal but managed to get a big contract signed, so he was looking forward to a big commission check. The whole time they were chatting, Dave kept wondering how he was supposed to be looking at Andy. As a friend? Maybe a friend with benefits? But after that sensual shower, were they now lovers? Dave didn’t know. All he knew was he enjoyed hanging out with Andy. And he really enjoyed the sex. Or did he? Was it the sex he enjoyed or was it just the physical contact with Andy that he desired?

After they had been talking and drinking for a few hours, Andy changed things up. “How ’bout we hop into the pool? The summer evening heat gets to you after a while.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Dave said amazed at himself. Maybe I can tell him no, he thought.

“Alright, that’s fine,” Andy said as he got up. He walked over to Dave and held out his hand.

Without thinking, Dave took his hand and stood up. Andy led him through the door that led directly to the master bedroom. As soon as they are in the room, Andy turned to Dave putting his left hand on his lower back, and pulled him in. Andy then put his right hand behind Dave’s head and pulled him in for a deep, passionate kiss. Dave melted in Andy’s strong arms. No, he could not say no to his new lover.

Andy released Dave, “Take off all your clothes. Lay down by the foot of the bed, on your back with your head on the edge.”

Dave obeyed his bull. He stripped off all his clothes and climbed onto the bed. Hanging his head over the edge, he watched upside down as Andy stripped. Dave again marveled at Andy’s body. What a specimen of a man he thought.

Andy’s semi-hard cock bounced as he walked up to the bed. Dave’s eyes followed the bobbing head as it came closer until Andy had it dangling right in front of his face. Dave instinctively opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out, reaching for Andy’s manhood.

Andy carefully pushed the big mushroom head into Dave’s waiting mouth and continued pushing until Dave gagged. Dave managed to get the whole head and another inch into his mouth. He wanted more, he wanted to please his bull and take it all. But it was just too big to go any further. Andy slowly pumped in and out of Dave’s mouth. Andy tried to go deeper with each push of his rapidly hardening cock. Dave thought he got another inch in, but before he could try for more, Andy pulled out.

“That’s probably all you’ll ever be able to take,” Andy said as he looked down at Dave whose tongue was reaching out for more of that beautiful cock.

Andy walked to the side of the bed, climbed in, and grabbed Dave’s legs, pulling him up so his head was no longer hanging over the edge. Grabbing the bottle of lube from the bedside table, Andy positioned himself between Dave’s spread legs. Andy poured travesti istanbul some lube into his hand, then massaged it over the entire length of his cock, spending a little extra time on the head. He then spread the lube onto Dave’s rosebud.

Without warming up Dave’s sphincter with his fingers like last weekend, Andy leaned over and guided the head of his massive cock right to Dave’s ass. Dave felt a rush come over him as soon as Andy’s cock touched him. He gasped as the head pushed into the entrance. He loved that feeling now. The feeling of the head of Andy’s cock pushing past his outer rim. It instantly made him hard.

With the big mushroom head all the way in, Andy leaned over Dave and slowly pushed the entire length of his member deep into Dave. The pain Dave felt was nothing like last time, his ass properly stretched. This time, he only felt pleasure. The pleasure of being completely filled by his lover.

With his full cock buried in Dave, Andy laid down on him wrapping one hand behind his lower back, and his other behind his head. Andy pulled Dave in and kissed him deeply, but tenderly. As Andy began to slowly pump his hips, Dave wrapped his legs around his waist, and arms around his neck as the couple pulled each other in close.

Andy continued the slow pace as they kissed. Dave, almost completely lost in the moment realizes that they are not fucking. Not today. No, today they are making love. Dave was now fully lost to his bull. His lover.

After what seemed like an hour of tender lovemaking, Dave recognized the now-familiar ruggedness of Andy’s breath as he reached closer to his climax. Dave had already cum twice during this session between the lovers as his little penis was being rubbed between them. But the feeling of Andy’s cock engorging even larger as Andy’s pumping became more erratic and harder was enough to bring Dave close to the edge again.

Andy released Dave’s lips and dropped his head down to the side as he pumped harder and harder, squeezing tighter and tighter. He grunted and moaned into Dave’s ear as he came deep into his lover’s colon, pumping squirt after squirt of his seed. Dave let out a loud moan himself as his lover unloading in his ass took him over the threshold of yet another orgasm.

The two lovers stayed in their embrace for several minutes as they each caught their breath and coasted down from the post-orgasmic high from their lovemaking.

Andy lifted his head and looked into Dave’s eyes as Dave gazed back at him. They kissed a few times before Andy rolled off to the side, Dave instantly missing the full body contact of his lover and the fullness of his cock.

“The pillows are up there,” Andy pointed to the head of the bed. They both re-arranged themselves, staying on top of the sheets on the warm summer night. They wrapped each other up, Dave resting his head on Andy’s chest and drifted off to sleep.


Dave awoke early in the morning. After all the beer the night before, he really needed to pee. After relieving himself, he saw that the sun was just now coming up. It was still quite early, so he climbed back into the bed, scooting his butt towards Andy’s sleeping body. Andy wrapped his arm around Dave’s waist and pulled him in close. Dave felt at ease and at peace spooning with his bull. He laid there awake, smiling as he remembered the night’s fucking. No, not fucking. Lovemaking.

Andy wiggled his body as he snuggled up to Dave and pulled him closer. Dave could feel the swelling of Andy’s cock against his ass cheeks. Dave thought I could spend all weekend in bed with my new lover.

And he did. Over the rest of the weekend, Dave stayed in bed with Andy. They made love and they fucked, many times over.

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