Annabelle Ch. 03Annabelle Ch. 03


Annabelle 03

On the drive to school, my twat was steadily leaking my husband’s cum. By the time I parked up, my bush and thighs were a very coagulative white mess. I knew I would have to be very careful to stop my lower half becoming the talk of the school.

I failed abysmally at this, as soon as I got out of the car.

I had to spread my right leg far away from my left, which gave anyone who happened to be looking up my skirt at that moment, a fantastic view of my sexy cunt. And the person who just happened to be doing that, was Mr. Green, the head teacher. Our eyes met, and the look of horror I had on my face, was not reflected in his. If anything, there was the slightest smile. And then he turned and went into the building.

I walked as quickly as I could to my office, without getting any unwanted attention. I knew I should have cleaned myself up, but instead, I sent a text to my hubby, Nick: ‘Mr. Green has just seen my messy pussy!’

I got a response almost immediately: ‘wow! Let me know if he fucks you’

I sat there stunned. Before last night, we had had virtually no sex life for the past ten years. And now, after he saw me fuck a student in this very office yesterday afternoon after school; we had fucked like rabbits last night…in the middle of the fuck, he told me he wanted me to fuck Lenny in our bed! So I should not have been surprised at what he said, but it was still a bit of a stunner!

Then there was a ping as another text from Nick arrived: ‘Let me see how messy you are!’

As I was beyond surprised with his reaction, I just pulled my skirt up, spread my legs and pointed the camera.

‘Oh fuck, that’s almanbahis lovely. I wish I was there to clean you up with my mouth!’

Nick had loved to go down on me to eat my creampie. The thought of this starting again made me even wetter, which led to a fresh trail of cum down my thigh.

I sent him a quick ‘love you’ back–the first I had sent in a very long time–and then went to the assembly. Mr. Green did not treat me any differently during the assembly, but at the end, he asked me to come to his office for the second period which he knew I had free.

Before I started class, I sent a text to my husband: ‘he wants to see me in his office in 40 minutes!’

A message came back instantly: ‘great! let me know what happens. I bet he does not eat your creampie.’

I must admit, I was not very nervous as I walked to his office. I suppose because I knew what was coming. I also decided just before I knocked on the door, to play the submissive, nervous teacher.

Mr. Green answered my knock with a firm, “Come in,” and in, I went. He asked me to sit down. He had a very stern face on him. I sat looking very nervous on the edge of my seat, with a worried frown on my face. I let this frown get much deeper when he got up, walked around me, and locked the door.

“What are you doing?” I asked, with real worry apparently in my voice.

“We need to talk about this morning in the car park,” he said again, sternly. “And I think you would like us to do that in private.”

“Why?” I asked, as I looked down at the floor.

“Because if I told the governors about how you flashed your private parts to me, I am sure they would not almanbahis giriş be impressed.”

“You would not do that!” I gasped, with a real fright and tone in my voice.

“I could, unless there was something we could do, that could persuade me otherwise.”

We both knew, of course, what he meant, and my getting-even-wetter pussy revealed to me, that I was up for this, but I dragged it on a little bit more. “I can’t believe what I think you are asking me to do? I think you are asking me to have a sexual act with you.”

“That is exactly what I am asking,” he said, still with command in his voice.

“I really do not think I can do that. What about my husband and your wife?”

“I do not think they come into it, do you?” he answered, matter-of-factly.

“Why not?” I asked, finally looking up at him.

He now had a broad smile on his face. “Because they do not need to know. It can be just between us. Now, please stand up and take your skirt off.”

Feigning real reluctance, I slowly stood up, and after a long pause, reached back to unhook the skirt fastener. It fell down and pooled at my feet. Slowly, I stepped out of it, finally standing with my legs spread wide. “Is this what you want?” I said quietly, in a submissive tone with my head bent down.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he groaned. He was out of his seat and in front of me in a second.

It was my turn to groan, when, without ceremony, he shoved two fingers deep into me and wriggled them round, before sniffing them and licking them clean.

“You were fucked well this morning. I think you want more cum in you, and I think you have to help to make me ready.”

His almanbahis yeni giriş hands reached up to rest on my shoulders, but I was already on my way down to my knees. His trousers and boxers were around his ankles to greet me. I was not surprised to find he was only average in length and thickness. I realised his need to control was kind of making up for what he knew or thought was an inadequacy.

Having already decided I would never be fucking him again, I decided to give him one of my best blowjobs. Using fingers, lips, tongue, and face; I spent ten minutes bringing him to the peak again and again. By the time I pulled away, he was panting, grunting and groaning.

“Oh no!” he almost shouted, “don’t stop!”

“I thought you wanted to fuck me!” I said, in my best-little-girl voice, and got up to bend over his desk.

He was on me instantly, burying his length in full. He then pumped as hard as he could, oblivious of my needs. To be honest, I like a good, hard, meaningless shag occasionally, and this was not a half-bad one. So when he came a a little frigging of my little soldier brought me off at the same time. He pulled out straightaway, and I heard him stumble back to his office chair. I then moved quickly despite my post-orgasmic shakes. I had my mobile out of my skirt pocket, and managed five quick pictures of Mr. Green, before he had realised what was happening.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he demanded, angrily.

“Making sure you never take advantage of me, or another teacher or student in this school because you are the head teacher. If I hear of any other naughtiness, I will get these pictures to your wife and the governors!”

He gazed at me in amazement, and then jumped up. Unfortunately, he had forgotten his trolleys were still round his ankles, and he fell onto his knees.

“Prat!” I laughed, pulled up my skirt, and left.


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