The Backyard of Earthly DelightsThe Backyard of Earthly Delights


In the throes of Anne’s orgasm, the almost too hot liquid continued to dribble along her clitoris and labia. Nick, her husband, was enjoying his morning cup of coffee, which mixed well with Anne’s natural flavors. He had drawn this moment out, in order to maximize her pleasure. But, after he had let the last mouthful of coffee flow out over her pussy, he graciously sucked on her clit until she came, forcefully.

“Please, don’t stop!” she repeated several times before keening loudly, as she was prone to do during climax.

It was their “kinky day off,” which they had looked forward to for the last two weeks. The kids had just gone back to school after their summer break. Anne and Nick had gone about their usual morning routine, so that they wouldn’t arouse the suspicion of their teens, who were naturally inquisitive. They both got up at the normal time, and dressed as if they were going to work.

Typically, they split the duty of dropping the kids off at their separate schools and that was exactly what they had done that morning. However, instead of driving to work after the drop off, they both went home and met in the kitchen.

Nick made it home first and was waiting with his coffee as Anne walked in from the garage. He was tall and fairly lean. Standing against the counter, his long legs were crossed at the ankle. She approached him languidly, wearing a sly smile on her face.

“Well, we did it, Babe. A whole day to ourselves,” she said. Anne stopped just in front of Nick and placed her hands on his chest. He was still fully dressed, although he had loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top of his dress shirt. She rose onto her toes and attempted to kiss him. As usual, he leaned down so that she could reach his lips. Their tongues met, and a fire sparked.

Nick broke the kiss and was succinct. “Take off your clothes, slowly.”

Anne was only too happy to oblige. She had worn something simple today in anticipation of the sensual outcome. Her pumps came off first. Then, she slowly unbuttoned her dress pants and wiggled her hips as she removed them. Her arms crossed in front of her and she grabbed the bottom of her shirt. Lifting slowly and uncrossing her arms, she shed her simple black top.

Anne was left standing in her sheer black boy shorts and matching bra. Nick far preferred to see Anne naked; she was very aware of that fact as she paused. Nick raised his eyebrow expectantly and Anne smirked as she leisurely removed her undergarments.

Stepping forward Nick ran his hands along her shoulders, down along her breasts and paused at her waist. She gasped as he easily lifted her after his hands had made it down to her ass. She wrapped her legs around him and reluctantly let go when he placed her in a sitting position on the kitchen island. She noticed that her already wet pussy had left a mark on his blue shirt.

They were now face to face as he stood between her legs which were widely spread. Nick grabbed Anne’s hair and tilted her head up as he aggressively leaned forward to kiss her deeply. She matched his intensity and sucked his tongue into one of the three warm holes she would offer him today.

Nick pulled back, stepped away to the refrigerator and emerged with a bottle of champagne and orange juice. He poured Anne a mimosa which was very skimpy on the juice. She took the glass as he offered it to her, and drank it carefully. Nick had put his hands on either side of her hips, dipped his head down and proceeded to maul her right nipple with his mouth. It was now her turn to grab his hair and she did so to guide his head from her right nipple to her left.

Anne’s nipples were very sensitive and Nick knew exactly how much force it took to drive her to the brink of an orgasm, after all, they had been together for nearly thirty years. He sucked and nipped at her tits while she started to display a rising level of excitement by throwing back her head and sputtering impassioned sounds. Her babbling continued as Nick grasped her tightly around the waist. Worried that she was unable to finish her drink due to her mounting frenzy, he eased off. Nick was usually a gentleman, until the fun and games really started.

After she had downed her mimosa and put the glass on the counter, Nick came up for air to move the glass off of the island. He returned to her quickly and stared into her hazel eyes while he reached into a kitchen drawer directly beneath Anne’s ass. Two sets of handcuffs emerged and Anne eyes widened with excitement. Nick gently laid Anne down across the island. Her knees were splayed obscenely and her shapely ass was positioned just at the edge on one side. Anne’s arms were stretched above her head and secured to drawer handles that lay beneath the edge of the counter. Sitting on a stool Nick found himself favorably positioned with his face close to her freshly waxed pussy. His travel coffee mug was in hand.

“I think it’s time to finish my coffee,” Nick said. Anne loved coffee time, even though she never drank atakent escort it herself. The heat of his morning drink was far warmer than body temperature and it always took her clitoris a few moments to acclimate while it tried to decide if it was too hot, too cool, or just right… kind of like Goldilocks.

Nick took a long swig and held it in his mouth for a few moments before swallowing. Leaning down, he sucked on Anne’s clit while the heat from the coffee was still affecting his lips and tongue. Anne cried out from the intensity of the temperature and the vigor with which he pulled at the most sensitive part of her body. She also noted that he hadn’t shaved today, and the feeling of his facial stubble on her pussy provided extra stimulant. Just when he sensed she was about to spiral into an orgasm, he released her clit and took another swig. Unhurriedly, Nick dribbled hot coffee down her clit and labia. His tongue lapped at the hot liquid and struck out into her sopping wet cunt.

He repeated the process several times which brought the mighty climax out of his wife. It started deep within the walls of her cunt, and spread out through her entire pelvis. At the last minute, Nick had resumed sucking on her clit while he penetrated her with two of his fingers and began to massage her G-spot. She cried out as her pussy convulsed and her legs tremored. Anne’s eyes were squeezed shut as her arms struggled against the unyielding restraints. Nick knew she would have brought them down to grab at her own nipples, had they been free. But, that pleasure would have to wait.

Nick sat back and chuckled as Anne caught her breath. He was quite masterful at playing her body to achieve sexual bliss, and this was just the start of a very long day.

“Little One, it’s time to take this party outside,” Nick announced as he rose to unlock the cuffs from the drawer handles, but not from Anne’s wrists. She sat upright, slowly, and Nick poured her another very generous mimosa. Luckily, the weather was perfect for a naked romp outside. It was sunny and already 78 degrees. Nick divested himself of his clothing quickly since he was rather jacked up after having his face in Anne’s inviting pussy for the last ten minutes. His wife eyed him lustily while she finished her second drink.

“I can’t wait any longer, just fuck me now, please,” whined Anne. She leaned over a kitchen stool, stood on her tippy toes and parted her legs so that Nick could see her wet cunt. Reaching behind her, Anne pulled apart her cheeks and uncovered her delicate appearing anus. It literally took every bit of restraint that Nick contained to decline her shameless offer.

“Come on, Babe. I have a special surprise for you out back,” Nick said, after taking several deep breaths. His cock stood at complete attention, veins bulging, with a pearly liquid visible at the tip. Anne smiled sweetly, popped up and bounded out the patio door into the great outdoors.

Their backyard was idyllic. An expansive saltwater pool was the centerpiece. Beyond the pool on the right side of the yard was a gazebo which Anne initially felt was too traditional. However, it had been put to good use a few nights prior during a “kinky evening,” when the kids had been occupied at the movies.

On the other side of the yard, past the pool, stood a large freestanding stone fireplace that rose about ten feet in the air. It had rounded side walls that were about three feet tall and extended ten feet on both sides.

Their backyard was fairly private with a wooded area on all sides. If neighbors had wanted to snoop, they could. But, Anne didn’t really care. Her parents had been teenage hippies when she was born in the late 60s. While there had been many downsides to her early life, it did leave her with two distinctive qualities. The first was an unparalleled knowledge base of Grateful Dead music, which was rarely useful.

More interesting was Anne’s complete acceptance of nudity as a natural state. She was very comfortable walking around the house, both inside and out, completely nude. It wasn’t that she had a killer bod. Many men would have found her lacking, since she was far from curvy. Anne was a very petite woman, in all respects. But, she was well proportioned for her size. At 96 pounds, her breasts, belly and ass had minimal, but present curves. Luckily for her, Nick loved tiny women.

Her kids were well aware of her inclination and didn’t give it a second thought except when they were bringing friends home for a visit. Then, a warning call was always made in advance. She was very respectful of the fact that others might not share her predilection. Just in case she was caught unprepared when the front doorbell rang, a very casual, loose-fitting dress hung in a closet in the front hall.

Anne was also very at ease with the nudity of others. That may have played into her decision to become a medical doctor. The complexity of the human body fascinated akbatı escort her at all levels. An added benefit was that her very casual attitude about nudity seemed to relax some of her more anxious patients.

While Anne didn’t particularly care if someone saw her naked while walking around her house or backyard, she wasn’t jazzed about people watching her have sex. She and Nick were very careful to only engage in outdoor activities on days when they knew their landscapers and pool men wouldn’t be working. Today was no exception. They reveled in the fact that they had their own yard completely to themselves, as funny as that sounds.

As she stood on the deck, waiting for her husband to catch up, she jingled her handcuffs noisily.

“Do I still need these, Babe?” “Oh yeah, you do. Today, I have a new game,” replied Nick, who was not usually this cagey. Anne couldn’t help but notice that in his hand, Nick carried the key chain that held the keys to all of their bondage equipment. She wondered what laid in store for her and hoped it was something terribly rough.

While Nick had introduced Anne to bondage very early in their relationship, he never could have imagined the way she would take to it, and even more deviant practices. They had started dating as first year medical students, when funds were tight. The two had made do with ties, shoelaces, cheap rope and a homemade whiffle ball mouth gag (which they still had, for sentimental reasons).

When they were in a more comfortable financial situation, they graduated to handcuffs, metal chains, ceiling hooks, stockades and any other kinky device they thought might be worth a try. Where the early days were strictly about bondage, Anne had discovered she was a bit of a masochist and deeply enjoyed spankings, floggings, wax play and electric stimulation. Canings were a bit of a grey zone, depending on Nick’s level of exuberance.

For his part, Nick was a “reluctant sadist.” Causing pain was not something he initially enjoyed. Nick was a tall, sturdy, fun loving guy. But, he was happy to go above and beyond in order to satisfy Anne’s initial desires and then, her needs. As time went on, he grew more comfortable with inducing pain because it really did bring Anne great pleasure and seemed to magnify her sexual high. Eventually, he also realized that it was arousing for him to watch his wife wince and cry out from whatever method of pain he decided to inflict. Red angry marks on her ass got his cock hard, fast.

As Anne left the deck and wandered out past the pool, waiting for Nick to catch up, she could feel her anticipation soaring. They had several pool recliners on the far side of the deck with tables set between them. Nick took his time lumbering over and dropped the keys on one of the small tables. “I wouldn’t want these to get lost in the grass,” said Nick, while smiling. He could always be counted on to be aware of potential hazards.

Anne noticed a bag of “supplies” sitting on one of the Adirondak chairs in front of the fireplace. Nick walked over, grabbed the bag and turned to her.

“I didn’t get out here before the sprinkler system started, so we’re going to be behind the fireplace, where it’s still dry.” Nick shrugged. He was always able to adapt to circumstances, should a plan go awry. Anne figured his initial strategy involved a more central location, and made a mental note to ask him about it later.

Nick carried the supplies over to Anne, took her by her hair and led her to a dry patch of grass behind the stone fireplace. He told her to sit, and she obediently complied, even though Nick knew she was internally shuddering at the thought of ants and worms having potential contact with her crotch. She maintained her cool, sat cross-legged, and tried to look into the bag.

The first items Nick pulled out of the bag were four small caliber metal rods that appeared to be about 8 inches long and had a loop at one end.

“Watcha got there, Babe?” inquired Anne.

“Tent stakes. I don’t believe we’ve ever restrained you directly to the ground.”

“Oh! Can I lie on a towel, instead of the grass?” Anne sounded hopeful, but knew the answer in advance.

“No, you may not. It’s going to be a rough ride all the way around.” Nick was very firm in his response, which made Anne’s pussy juice double in volume. She swooned when he was this rigid, literally and figuratively. His cock, she noted greedily, remained fully erect.

Nick took two of the tent stakes, and reached into the bag for a hammer. He positioned her as desired, running perpendicular to the back of the fireplace arms up and out to the sides. Then, Nick hammered the stakes into the ground beyond her wrists, secured the chain running between the handcuffs to each stake and closed both parts of the cuff to the same wrist. Cuffs went around her ankles and the same procedure was performed.

In the end, Anne was left on her back and all four aksaray escort limbs were stretched as far as possible, away from her body. She appeared somewhat uncomfortable and that was exactly the intent. Nick’s eyes were immediately drawn to her tits. Even though she was not a large breasted woman, she had nipples that were absolutely perfect. When erect, they were the shape of small raspberries, and only slightly lighter in color. Nick greatly enjoyed teasing them because they were so sensitive.

Falling to his knees, Nick lowered his body over Anne’s. He licked her nipples gently before enveloping them in his warm, loving mouth. Anne relaxed somewhat during his ministrations, but knew the undiluted pleasure would not last. After several moments, Nick raised his body and reached over to his bag. She heard the clanking of chains before she saw the dreaded clover clamps. After giving a final pinch to her nipples with his fingers, he placed the clamps directly on the buds which were exquisitely sensitive at that point.

As often as Nick used the clover clamps, Anne couldn’t seem to get used to the severity of their grip. She breathed deeply and slowly until her poor, abused nipples were numb from the constriction. As it was, she was glad that she was restrained so tightly, because to move while wearing the clamps was even more punishing.

Instead of thinking about what she knew was coming, Anne looked up at the blue sky, which was dotted with fluffy clouds. Thankfully the sun wasn’t directly overhead, so the temperature was perfect. A tickle on her wrist caught her attention and Anne looked over in horror at a big black ant crawling up her left arm. When it came to physical and mental stress, Anne was a fierce warrior. But, when it came to insects, she would scream and run with the most girly of girls.

“Babe! Get it off! Fuck! Ahhhh! Ugh! Goddamnit!” Anne hollered with no humor in her voice. Nick’s face was impassive as he flicked the offending insect off her wrist. He skimmed his tongue up Anne’s arm to get her back into the mental state of an obedient fuck toy. It worked quickly, and he touched his lips to her forehead while murmuring “let’s get back to business.”

Anne knew what would follow and braced herself. Nick had attached an additional clamp to the clover clamps some time ago. As he scooted back on his knees, his attention turned to her engorged clit. It was completely uncovered due to the position of her legs. At first, he played nice and licked sweetly at her sensitive center. But, that was not to last, and he abruptly pinched her clit in the clamp as she called out his name, frantically.

The three clamps were attached in the middle by an “O” ring. Nick grabbed the ring and yanked upward, which further caused Anne to tense, grunt and pant heavily. Anne squirmed beneath the gleam in her beloved husband’s eyes.

Nick leaned down and whispered in Anne’s ear.

“Little One, you are completely at my mercy. What shall I do with you?” Nick’s lips grazed her ear as he spoke, which caused her to shiver, despite the warm weather. “There’s a puckered star down there that looks very empty.”

Nick dipped his finger in Anne’s pussy as a way of teasing her, and also for lubrication. She had plenty of juiced pooled in that space from their morning activities. When his fingers were coated in her nectar, they moved south, down to her as yet, unused warm hole.

Anne inhaled sharply as he rubbed his first two fingers around the outside, gently at first. He began to prod and poke a bit deeper after a moment or two. Anne loved anal sex and her whimpers took on a desperate tone. Nick’s fingers were long, thick and soon violated her most private slot, just as she had craved. He inserted them to their base and pumped them both into her ass, in synch. But, his tact changed and he began to alternate the fingers so that as one was diving in, the other was easing out.

At the same time, Nick placed two fingers from his left hand as far into her pussy as he could manage. Rotating from side to side, his left hand massaged her hot, needy cunt. Eventually he turned so that the hand in her pussy faced down and applied a great deal of posterior pressure onto the tissue which separated her cunt from her ass. The fingers on his right hand continued to piston away in her lower tunnel.

Anne was driven mad by the pulsations in her ass and the unrelenting pressure in her pussy. She was calling out “Please don’t stop!” yet again as he continued. Just when he noted she was on the brink of orgasmic rapture, he bent down and gave another yank on the nipple/clit clamps by grabbing the “O” ring with his teeth and pulling hard.

Anne spiraled out of control as she felt the complex orgasm sweep through her body. Pressure to the posterior wall of her pussy always induced uncontrolled leg shaking climaxes (Nick called them “body rocks”) and today was no exception. The clamps on her nipples and clit had added enough dynamite to blow up a train… and boy did she explode. In short, it was the perfect trifecta. Her bondage magnified the climax since she literally had no room for movement. Every muscle in her body contracted at the same time just before her ass and pussy clamped down brutally on his fingers. Small muscle spasms followed and Anne thrashed as much as her restraints allowed.

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