Hot Swimming PoolHot Swimming Pool


It is the first day of term. Your name is Arnold. You arrive at Skyviews college. It has been a girls boarding college up to now. This is the first year that they have decided to allow boys to attend the college. This will be your home for most of the next 2 years. You know that you will be one of only a few boys surrounded by about 300 girls. This will be great!

You feel a mixture of nervousness and excitement. You only know one girl at the college. Francess was your best friend from your home town. You went to college together and lived in the same street a few houses apart. It will be nice to see her again.

As you approach the main entrance you pause to decide where to go first.

You head over to the central office and ask one of the secretaries where you can find Francess. After checking the schedules on the computer she informs you that she should be swimming at the aquatics centre. On your way there you think that it will be great to see Francess, and that it will be great to see her in a swimsuit. Francess has a great body and it’s always a pleasure to see her in something so revealing. When you arrive, there is disappointment as there is no one in the swimming pool. However, to your left, from behind an unmarked door, you can hear several girls voices.

You promptly go over and open the door and walk into the room beyond. Apparently since the school used to be girls only they must have decided to save a bit of money on signs. Signs like ‘Girls Locker Room’. But in a way you’re quite glad that they didn’t as the sight you see as you step into this room is incredible.

It’s wall to wall girls with most of them being naked. Some are just standing by their lockers getting dressed. Some are standing together talking. As if this wasn’t enough, many are having showers, lathering soap all over their young nubile bodies.

You are completely in awe at the amount of naked young flesh in this room. You look down to see that your cock has also taken interest and has swelled to attention. The school uniform you have on has an incredibly large tent showing off your excitement.

You look up to again partake of the view only to realize that you also have been noticed. The girls have all gone silent and are looking your way.

An athletic woman who looks about 25 years old approaches, “You must be one of the new students! Hurry and get undressed and shower, and join our class. I’m Miss Silverton, what’s your name?”

“I’m Arnold, but I don’t have a swimsuit!” You explain. gaziantep escortları Bummer.

“That’s okay Arnold, we always swim naked, so you’ll be just like the rest of us,” she assures you as she slips her shirt over her head and unsnaps her bra. You stand there like an idiot as you stare at the most perfect set of breasts ever!

“Snap out of it Arnold, you’ll have to get used to seeing all of us naked and being seen naked by us too, so get over to that empty locker, get undressed, and take a quick shower. We start drills in the pool in two minutes!”

You get your bearings back and see her smile as she walks past you fully nude and out to the pool area. Her pussy is shaved bare. You don’t have time to dwell on this, the clock is ticking, so you rush over and quickly strip down to nothing and run into the shower. The hot water is gone so the water fixes the ‘problem’ with your hard-on.

You make it out to the pool just in time to hear Miss Silverton’s whistle blow, and see the first group of girls dive in and begin laps. You realize your earlier assessment of Miss Silverton’s breasts was not exactly true. All the girls breasts look perfect!

“Hi, Arnold! It’s nice to see you made it!” It is Francess, but you have never seen her like this! Francess is sitting on the bleachers, relaxing before her turn in the pool. Her legs are open and you can see her bare pussy. She isn’t being vulgar, just comfortable it seems. You suddenly realize all the girls have no pussy hair.

“It’s nice to finally find you Francess, I came over here hoping to see you.” You pause before adding, “But I didn’t expect to see this much of you!”

Francess laughs that giggly laugh that you love so much! “You bad boy! I guess you didn’t read much of your orientation package!”

“Well I…” you begin, but then are interrupted.

“Arnold, Francess, front and center!” yells Miss Silverton.

You and Francess stand in front of Miss Silverton as she addresses you both: “Okay, Arnold, you have obviously failed to prepare for this class. You are new, so I will make a special consideration for your case, and not give you the customary punishment. You and Francess will go to my office and pick up the necessary supplies, then Francess will help you prepare for the class. That will probably take the rest of the class time, so I will inspect the work next class meeting. Is this assignment all right with you, Francess?”

Francess nods.

“Are you willing to follow Francess’s orders to satisfy the class requirements?” Miss Silverton asks you.

You nod and follow Francess out from the pool.

“What is going on?” you ask Francess, but she just holds her finger to her lips. You had told Miss Silverton you would follow Francess’s orders, so you keep quiet and continue following.

At Miss Silverton’s office, Francess picks up a small case, then takes your hand and leads you to the locker room. You are led into the shower stalls, and Francess turns on the water and adjusts it to a comfortable temperature. You are relieved to see the water heaters have recovered enough to be reasonable warm.

Francess goes over to the threshold of the shower room and opens the case where she had left it. She removes a shaving mug, and a razor.

Francess walks up, razor and mug in hand. “Arnold, I’m asking you to trust me. I have used this type of shaving equipment to shave men’s faces, and girl’s pussies many times in the past. We have to complete this today, or we will both be in big trouble with Miss Silverton, and believe me, you do NOT want to make her angry! I promise that if you trust me and do what I say that you will enjoy the experience and want me to shave you the next time you need it. If we finish early enough, I’ll even give you a nice reward!”

You look very sceptical, and the sight of that razor has wilted your penis to a tiny size, as if it wants to hide from the instrument! But you have known Francess for a long time and you do trust her, so you nod your head for her to go ahead. But you can’t look so you close your eyes.

Francess begins by standing you under the shower for a moment to wet you down. Then you hear her whipping up a good lather, after which she begins bathing your cock and balls with the shaving soap. It actually feels quite nice, and your cock begins to harden. Then you feel Francess working her way down your legs. You realize you will be shaven completely, not just your pubic hair. Well, it seemed the girls all still had the hair on their heads, so at least you wouldn’t be bald there.

Francess continues soaping up your chest, and finishes with your arms. You breathe a sigh of relief when you realize your head will actually be spared. But now you realize the moment of truth has come.

You feel Francess’s hand grab your cock and pull it to one side, then you feel something cold against your tender skin. You hold your breath and don’t dare move, as the metal moves across your skin. It feels funny, not like something sharp. More of a scraping sensation. In fact Francess is very accomplished, and has finished your groin area before you realize it. You also realize you were holding your breath the whole time and gasp for fresh air!

Francess laughs, “I wondered if you were going to pass out. You were starting to get a bit blue in the face!”

The rest of the shave seems to fly by, and you find you really do enjoy Francess’s touch and technique. You realize you will look forward to the next time.

Francess tells you to rinse off and you stand under the shower. There is a mirror on the opposite wall and you are surprised how you look. Much like a little boy several years younger. The only thing that doesn’t look little boy is your cock, which has returned to a raging hard state!

Francess walks up and grabs your cock, “Reward time Arnold! Put this lovely cock in my pussy and fuck the shit out of me!”

You are shocked that your childhood friend is acting like a slut, but you are so aroused that get over it in a flash. You grab Francess by her lovely ass, lift her up and position her with her back to the shower wall, then you ram your cock home. The feeling of your naked, hairless flesh is priceless, and you freeze for a moment, savoring the feeling of Francess’s pussy and your cock joined together, hot, and wet.

Francess wraps her long legs around your back and says, “Fuck me hard and fast, class will be over soon!”

You aren’t one to disobey a girl’s wishes, so you ram it to her hard and fast. Francess makes cute little squeaks every time you bottom out in her tight moist pussy. Her squeaks get louder as you realize she is going to orgasm any moment now. You pick up the pace, and soon are on the verge as well. You both hear Miss Silverton’s whistle blow, and her yell for everyone to exit the pool and get a shower, just as you peak!

You fill Francess’s vagina with a massive load of hot cream as she howls in a whisper, trying to be as quiet as she can. It would be nice if you could really let loose and enjoy the afterglow, but you hear the locker-room door bang open and girls going to their lockers to grab their towels.

You turn your back to the shower entrance, and gently let Francess slide off your softening cock. As her feet touch the floor you look down and see a little blood on your cock.

“You were a virgin?” you whisper to Francess.

She nods. “I always wanted you to be my first, Arnold. Thank you!”

You both step under the warm water and let the evidence of your coupling be washed away, as the other girls enter the showers and look at the two of you curiously.

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