To The LimitTo The Limit


This is a continuation of my submission “Cat, Chris and Matt”. It describes the rest of the night that the three of us spent together. It’s the second and final part of a true story.

I’ll be very grateful for all votes and feedback – good, bad or indifferent…

* * * * *

We smoked a joint. Again, we didn’t say much. We all said we were looking forward to the rest of the night. I had time to relax again. And to start to get horny again. Chris and Matt were still fully clothed. I wanted to see those two lovely cocks. I wanted to get my mouth on them.

Matt’s mouth on my cunt was still fresh in my mind. I wanted to give him back some of the pleasure he’d given me. But I found that I was feeling very shy, all of a sudden. How could I make the first move? It seemed wrong for me to be asking for anything when I knew I would experience much more than I’d fantasised about tonight.

I turned to Chris and kissed his mouth. I felt his hand on my leg, moving slowly towards the top of my thigh. My man was about to touch my cunt – a cunt that was still wet and puffy and sensitive from his friend’s mouth. Just the idea of it made the pit of my stomach lurch in arousal.

I moaned out while his hand was still on my thigh. Matt took that as his signal and came over to us. Chris’s hands were very, very close to my aching cunt when he pulled away so that he and Matt could undress me completely. I felt suddenly very vulnerable, but that only heightened my need for someone – anyone – to touch me.

Chris guided my body until I was on my hands and knees on the sofa. He sat behind me and, without warning, put his mouth where Matt’s had been. His tongue on my clitoris sent a shock right through me. I was shuddering on my hands and knees, feeling Chris’s soft, warm, wet, knowing tongue licking and lapping at my dripping cunt. Every movement of his tongue was taking me closer.

I saw Matt undressing. He came to kneel in front of me on the sofa and I saw his cock for this first time. It was dark red and so hard that the skin looked painfully stretched. It was average length, but very thick. The perfect complement to Chris’s average-thickness, very long cock.

And it was right in front of my face.

And Chris was still lapping gently at my cunt.

And – oh fuck, but I was getting close again.

Chris suddenly drew away from me. He knew I was about to come, and he wanted something else before he would let me. He undressed. His cock was just as tight and red as Matt’s. At the sight of it my cunt muscles contracted. Oh, GOD – I needed someone to fuck me RIGHT NOW.

I saw Matt stroking his cock, slowly, two inches from my face. I watched his Escort Sincan fingers gently moving over the fat head of his cock, and, with a groan that he echoed, I pushed his hand away and put my lips around the head. I swirled my wet tongue over the end of his hot, hard cock, feeling him pulsating. I could feel my cunt juices dripping down the inside of my thigh. Where the fuck was Chris?

I looked up. Chris was standing a few inches away, his cock painfully hard and his eyes on mine while he smiled. He saw the pleading in my eyes.

Chris moved around to the sofa and kneeled behind me. Please, Chris, put your cock in me now and fuck me good like you know how! I couldn’t say it, though, because Matt’s thick cock was forcing my jaw open as I took more and more of it into my mouth.

I felt Chris’s fingers gently grazing my swollen, rock-hard clit. I tried to concentrate on moving my tongue over Matt’s cock. I tasted a drop of precum melting on my tongue. Then one, two fingers being pushed into my cunt and being pumped slowly, wetly, in and out.

For the first time in my life, I felt like a slut. It was a feeling I liked. A lot.

I needed Chris’s cock in me. I pulled my mouth away from Matt’s straining cock. “Chris – fuck me, pleeeease”. I was panting with desire.

Chris didn’t say anything. But as I lowered my mouth onto Matt’s cock again and Matt gasped, I heard a low noise in Chris’s throat. He sounded like an animal. Quickly, he knelt back behind me on the sofa and slammed his cock into me, right up to the hilt. I cried out and pulled my head away from Matt. Fuck, but Chris was long tonight. His first thrust had felt like a hard punch deep in my belly. A flash of pain and he started fucking me slowly, withdrawing almost all the way, holding the swollen head of his cock just inside my cunt and slowly pushing all the way back in, stretching me and giving me the deepest fuck I could take.

I was getting close again. I looked up at Matt. He had his eyes glued on Chris’s hips as he fucked me slow and deep, and his face was full of arousal.

I needed two cocks in me, fucking me.

I managed to get my mouth back onto Matt’s cock. He suddenly gave me a small flood of precum that washed over my tongue.

Fuck, but I felt like a dirty slut…….my boyfriend behind me, fucking me slow and deep, and my mouth wrapped around the cock of a man I hardly knew. I was shuddering with the feelings again. Chris kept his rhythm, pulling almost all the way out and then testing the limits of my cunt with his length.

Matt put his hand behind my head and pushed me down onto the length of him until I could feel the head of his cock pushing Eryaman Escort into my throat. I groaned. Did either of them have any idea how close I was to coming?

I started sucking Matt’s cock in earnest, letting him fuck my mouth and throat and moving my wet tongue around the head and up and down the length. I was right on the point of coming.

Chris drew back from me and pulled his cock out of me. I tried to move my hips backwards but Chris put his hand on the small of my back and forced me forwards and down onto Matt’s cock again. I could feel Matt tensing and I could tell he was close. I needed to taste him now. I worked hard on him, drawing his cum out of him, until with one last groan he exploded in my mouth. I felt his hot cum filling my mouth and swallowed it while his cock kept jerking in my mouth and spewing hot, salty cream over my tongue. I sucked him until he was milked dry and starting to soften, then I reluctantly let him go. As soon as I pulled my mouth off him, I felt Chris’s hard cock at the entrance to my cunt. I pushed backwards, trying to get more of it. Chris wasn’t playing with me any more. He could see my juices glistening on the inside on my thighs almost down to my knees and he’d just seen me swallow his best friend’s cum.

He put his hands either side of my hips – gripping me, holding me steady – and slammed his cock into me. This time there was no teasing. No slow fuck. He was kneeling behind me, fucking me hard and deep, stretching my slut’s cunt, hearing me gasp in pain-pleasure every time he slammed himself up to the hilt in me.

I felt Matt’s hands kneading my breasts and pulling at my nipples. Chris was fucking me harder and faster.

Oh fuck……

I came hard on Chris’s cock. He held it deep inside me, not moving, just enjoying the feeling of my cunt contracting over and over, tighter and tighter, on his bursting cock. I came so hard, his cock felt too fat inside me. I collapsed forwards onto my belly, and Chris pulled back, his hard cock making a “pop” as it pulled out of my tight cunt.

I was still catching my breath and feeling the aftershocks of my orgasm when I felt Chris’s hand gently lifting my chin. I opened my eyes. His cock looked like it was ready to burst. Gently, he guided my chin until I was sitting up on the sofa, weak and still panting. He sat next to me. Matt sat on my other side. Matt’s hands were on my nipples again, but this time they weren’t as gentle as they had been before. He started pulling and pinching at me. I was right at that point where pleasure and pain get confused when Chris pulled my head down onto his cock.

Matt pulled me and pinched me while I felt Chris’s Keçiören Escort long, hard cock forcing its way down into my throat. I couldn’t speak now. I had no control now. That realisation made me want to come again. I started moving my head up and down on Chris’s cock, moving him in my throat and never letting the head of his cock back into my mouth. I didn’t care that I was having to struggle not to gag. I wanted him to come straight into my belly.

I felt his muscles tighten and heard that low noise in his throat again. He pulled my head down further onto him and I felt his cock pulsing over and over as he shot his hot cum straight down my throat into my belly. I kept moving my lips on him until he had no more to give. As I pulled away, Matt’s hands left me. I watched Chris’s face. He was beginning to come back down to earth. He looked at us both and grinned.

I was hot again. But we had hours left together – what was the rush? So we sat together for a while, watched TV and smoked some more.

Chris has had to tell me that we smoked and watched TV. Of the time between Chris coming down my throat and my waking up the following morning, I have only little flashes of memory.

A flash of us on the sofa again, me sucking on Chris’s cock while Matt fucked me from behind.

A flash of the three of us in bed, Chris sitting behind me, me sitting on my heels and Chris fucking me from behind while Matt lay in front of me licking my clitoris.

A flash of them lying either side of me, each of them sucking one of my nipples while I felt a confusion of fingers in and around my cunt.

A flash of Matt fucking me and Chris not being in the room. A flash of Chris returning with a bowl of oil and both of them rubbing it into the whole of my body.

A flash of Chris fucking me while Matt wasn’t in the room.

A flash of shared laughter.

That’s all I remember.

I woke up the next morning sandwiched between two sleeping men. As I got up and crept out of the room, I was grinning. Before I left Chris’s house that morning, each of them made sure to fill my mouth with cum again.

It took me about ten days to stop grinning to myself all the time. I learned from Chris that, by his and Matt’s count, I’d had about ten orgasms during that night and that they eventually stopped because I begged them to, telling them they’d taken me to the limit and I simply couldn’t take any more. Then I more or less passed out.

That was two years ago. The three of us never repeated the experience. I suspect we all thought that trying to do a “replay” could lead to disappointment, somehow.

Matt is now happily married and Chris and I are still happily together. Matt and his wife have moved to another town, and Chris and I see them once every few weeks. Being alone with Chris and Matt still makes my stomach lurch with remembered arousal. I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. I hope it doesn’t.

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