Hot Indian Moms and Sons Pt. 01Hot Indian Moms and Sons Pt. 01


Naren Singa and Radha Singa were siblings. Naren was 5 years older than Radha. They had a huge ancestral home in a small town named Telilda in South India.

At a young age of 25, Naren took over their wealthy, family-run export business when their father Mr. Singa passed away after a heart failure. They had lost their mother when they were toddlers. Naren’s childhood friend and brother from another mother, Madhav also joined him in the business.

Naren asked Madhav to marry his sister Radha as he wanted her to be in good hands. Initially Radha was not interested in this idea as she was still only 21 and had plans to study abroad. After 1.5years of persistence from her brother, she finally agreed. It was a huge deal for Madhav to marry Radha.

Radha was a bomb in her college, very fair, dark curly hair, thin frame with an extremely good looking face. Once Radha and Madhav were married, within the next couple of months Naren got married to Lakshmi who was also from an affluent family.

The following year both the couples were blessed with baby boys. Naren and Lakshmi’s son Arjun was born first and three months later Madhav and Radha’s son Nikhur was born. For the first few years all of them stayed in the Singa ancestral home.

Madhav and Radha then moved to another town 50 kms away called Vehuna as they extended their business warehouses. As years passed by, both the partners Madhav and Naren diversified their business and invested heavily in stocks and startup companies.

Madhav and Naren went on a lot of business trips and were not loyal to their wives. They had a lot of extra marital affairs.The wives were not treated well. Radha and Lakshmi grew very close in these times and were there for each other. As the children got older, they slowly realised what was going on and had regular fights with their fathers.

Madhav and Naren were hated by their own family. They brought escorts home and had lavish parties. When the kids were 19 years old, Madhav (aged 46) and Naren (aged 46) died in a car crash. Their death only brought more money to the wives and kids. Radha is now 41 years old and Lakshmi, 44.

Before we go ahead with the story please read the below description of the characters. Do visualise the characters while reading.

Lakshmi – ex-wife of Naren. 44 years old, 5’5 tall, wheatish colored skin. thick dark straight hair which she mostly ties it into a bun or plaits it. She has big soft breasts with large areolas, 36D and a big balloon ass. Overall body figure was a lil plum with fat at the right places (Similar to pornstar Charlee Chase with thick long black hair).

Arjun – Lakshmi’s son. 19 years old,6ft, medium athletic body and wheatish colored skin like his mother, Lakshmi.

Radha- ex wife of Madhav. 41 years old, 5’3 tall, super fair skin, curly dark hair till her tailbone which she ties into a bun. Her breasts were 34C and had a medium size firm booty. She had an amazing, firm ass. Her overall body structure was a thin frame but had little fat around her waist which made her look smokin ‘hot (Similar to a few years older version of pornstar, Stoya with curly black hair).

Nikhur – Radha’s son. 19 years old, 5’7 tall, thin athletic frame and slightly dark colored skin.

Meena – Meena is Lakshmi’s elder sister. 47 years old, 5’7. fair skinned with dark silky long hair that ran below her butt. Her hair was still healthy and thick like her sister, Lakshmi. Meena’s breasts were beautifully saggy 36Ds. Her Butt was big, heavy and soft. A bubble butt. (Hard to find a pornstar similar to Meena but the closest would be a fitter version of Carmella Bing).

Sarita – The step sister of Singha and Radha. house Mr. Singha adopted her before he died. She also has a share in the wealth. She’s 34 years old. Thick long oiled hair which was always neatly tied into a bun. Skin Colour is in between wheatish to brown. Perfect firm 34D breasts and a firm booty ass.

(If we have to compare her to a pornstar then it would be a slightly heavier version of Cory Chase with jet black long thick hair.)

—–Arjun will narrate the story in first person—-

A few days after the incident, my mother Lakshmi asked Radha aunty to move back to our Singa ancestral house along with her son Nikhur. Radha and Nikhur brought a few things they needed and moved in with Lakshmi and Arjun. Nikhur and I studied in the same college but took different disciplines.

I was doing a business management degree and Nikhur was doing a financial course.

The college was closer to our Singa house and Nikhur was happy with the move.

Radha aunty was obviously happy to be back to her real home. Our family lawyer wanted to come home to read out the will and the distribution of assets. He asked mom to make sure Sarita was also present for the hearing.

The ancestral house was huge. It had an acre of greenery with trees from the main gate entrance to the main door. The main door opened into a huge living room.

Once you reached the end of the living room, on the left gerçek resimli gaziantep escort was the dining and kitchen section. On the right it opened into a small pathway with stairs that led to the first floor. If you didn’t take the stairs and continued on the pathway you would find two bedrooms on the ground floor.

My mother continued to stay in the ground floor master bedroom. Nikhur insisted he wanted the adjacent bedroom on the ground floor as it had a private balcony. My room was on the first floor. Radha aunty moved to the room next to mine (it was apparently her room when she stayed here).

My bedroom’s balcony and Radha aunty’s bedroom balcony were connected and faced towards the main gate. The bathroom ventilators also opened towards the balcony. Inside either of the bathrooms, one could hear the smallest of the noises from the other bathroom as there was only a thin wall that separated both the bathrooms.

A few days passed and we all were comfortable with each other’s presence. Radha aunty and Mom helped each other in everything.

Next to our main gate, around 100mts from our main door path, there was a vast outhouse where Sarita lived. It was locked most of the time.

The outhouse was initially constructed with the intention to make it like a mini palace but was stopped midway after Singha lost his wife. However the interiors were rich and a couple of bedrooms were fully furnished. The other rooms were left unfinished and it remains the same till today.

Mr.Singha adopted Sarita when she was 12 years old. He treated her like a princess. Radha also treated her as her little sister. Once the old man died a year later, Naren started treating her like dirt. Naren could never digest the fact that his dad wrote a will including Sarita in it with a 20%share set aside for her.

However, most of it was fixed assets apparently. Naren forced her to quit school and made her do household work. He threw her in the outhouse all alone. It was Radha who fought for Sarita and helped her secretly to study and finish her matriculation. Once Radha got married and left, Lakshmi convinced Naren to educate Sarita.

Even after she finished her graduation, Naren still treated her like a house maid. One day, when Sarita was 21 and I was 6, Mom and I went to my maternal grandparents house. Only my dad and uncle Madhav were home drinking. Both of them tortured Sarita and forced themselves on her and had unprotected intercourse.

They put her on pills and continued their disgusting act for the next 10 days. When Lakshmi returned, the men were out on a business trip. She noticed the outhouse unlocked and entered inside. She found Sarita naked in the bedroom, tied with leather ropes.The room had sex costumes and BDSM equipment.

Sarita’s body was red with marks everywhere. Lakshmi hugged her and took care of her. Instead of making her file a case, Lakshmi begged Sarita to save her marriage. Sarita revealed that both Madhav and Naren have been secretly using her since the last two years. She never opened her mouth out of fear.

Unfortunately Lakshmi and Radha could never save Sarita from being used as a bitch.

Every once in a while Madhav and Naren used Sarita. They made her use so many pills that put her at risk. She remained unmarked and helped us in the house.

Back to the present…..

Both the widowed women stopped wearing their jewellery and bindi. They wore plain solid sarees. Both looked ten times hotter than before. Their clear, smooth and fair skin shined bright. I had a habit of smoking a cigarette or two on the balcony late in the night after which I would whack off and go to sleep.

One night after dinner I said goodnight to everyone and went to my bedroom balcony to smoke. After a few drags I heard a noise towards my right and it was Radha aunty. She was in her one piece nightdress.

Unlike mom’s, her nightdress was made of silk and slim fitting which made her ass jiggle and visible to anyone who watched her from the back when she walked.

“I kinda knew it was you who was smoking everyday but wasn’t sure,”

Radha said as she walked towards my direction and raised her hand indicating to pass the cigarette. “Don’t be scared Arjun, I won’t tell anyone. Do you mind sharing?”

“But aunty, I think a little of my saliva…,” I tried to warn, before she just took the cigarette and took a drag.

“Hmmm… it’s been a long time since I last smoked. 20 years I guess, when I got to know I was pregnant. And yes, this butt is a little wet,” Radha said as she took another drag and we both laughed.

We spoke random things like about my college life, her college days, etc and so on.

“Hey don’t forget to call me every night whenever you’re out here.Sleep well Arjun. Goodnight,” Radha said before she turned and walked back to her side of the balcony. Once she reached the door she turned around to look and caught me staring. She smiled and went inside.

Her gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan ass jiggling in the moonlight was just too hot for me to handle. I went and jerked off using my cock-sleeve vibrator and slept.

It’s been two months since we started sharing cigarettes and stories. We became really close and shared a lot of things. I think except for one secret I shared everything else with her.

Radha aunty told me a lot of things about her life, her terrible marriage, how her brother (my dad) forced her into getting married to Madhav and a lot of stuff. We occasionally flirted with each other too.

Today, I decided to tell Radha aunty about my secret. I turned on the aircon as usual so that it’ll be cool when I return from my smoking session and entered the balcony.

I was sitting on the floor of the balcony leaning against the wall and looking at the night sky and thinking how I should start the conversation.

Radha aunty came and sat next to it. She was smelling really good today. She told me she had bought a new lip protection cream which was berry flavoured.

Radha grabbed the cigarette from my hand, took a deep drag and blew the smoke on my face. I got an instant hard on. The smell was just mesmerising and I closed my eyes as I inhaled the scented smoke.

“Wow aunty that’s just magical..,” I muttered.

She turned towards me, narrowing her eyes and with no smile. She blew the smoke out slowly on my face. It turned me on so much that I started to sweat. I’m sure Radha aunty knew what I was going through but she still continued. Finally she stubbed the cigarette and said she was going to sleep.

I watched her walk back to her room with her ass bouncing up and down. I quickly made my way back to my room and closed the balcony door. The room was dark and cool.

As I knew my room well I didn’t bother to turn the lights on. I reached for the cupboard which was right after the balcony door, then I removed my vibrating cock sleeve,lube and tissues. I then quickly removed my clothes and kicked it aside.

After that I put the lube on my palms and rubbed it gently on my cock tip, slowly moving down as I carefully pulled my foreskin back. I kept whacking for a few minutes, then used the sleeve to enhance the feeling, closing my eyes.

I think more than 30-40 mins passed and I was close to my orgasm now. My eyes still closed. I was imagining fucking Radha aunty in doggystyle position and squeezing her ass cheeks.

The sound of the switch startled me and I opened my eyes to a shock. The semen already reached the opening and blasted out of my Dick onto the floor in quick spurts.

There was my cum all on the floor and the last drops dripped from the tip of my cock. It was an intense orgasm with a big load. Fear took over and I stared in silence in the direction of the bed.

No it was not Radha Aunty. It was Lakshmi, my mom. Her hair was a little messy like she just woke up from her sleep but her eyes and mouth were wide open.

“Ma… I’m…,” I stammered. I couldn’t even reach for my clothes as I had kicked it out of my reach.

“What on earth.. what the hell…this is so embarrassing and gross.. why couldn’t you use the bathroom… shit… what did I just witness… no no no… and you’re such a pervert, vibrator sleeve and what not,” Lakshmi screamed.

“It’s to solve a problem Ma, it’s not what you think. I can’t help in…,” I replied as I got cut off.

“Solve a problem? Do I look like a fool? My aircon stopped working and I came here to get some sleep, only to be woken up by your moaning and then witness your perverted act,” Lakshmi continued in a loud voice.

“Shhh.. Ma, please. You’ll wake up Radha aunty. I beg you. I’ll explain,” I said with tears in my eyes.

I quickly bent down and wiped the semen off the floor with the tissues, grabbed my clothes and ran to the washroom. I dressed and came out, removed a file from the cupboard and gave it to Lakshmi.

” Four months ago I visited this doctor and I was under his treatment for impaired ejaculation. He helped with getting this imported sleeve and gave me this lube and medicines,” I told her.

As she looked at the files closely, my eyes fixated on her huge smooth cleavage as her night dress was loose. I visualised big and beautiful they could actually be.

Even though I just masturbated, this preverted thought visualising my mom Lakshmi, made my chock twitch.

“What are you looking at? You disgust me! Now you’re looking at your own mother,” Lakshmi replied.

“No Ma, I wasn’t staring. Im really sorry. I just zoned out imagining,” I replied

“Imagining your own mother? My God! Am I hearing you right?” Lakshmi asked in a angry voice.

“Mom, please. Wrong choice of words. I was really thinking of what a shameful position I got into,” I said looking down.

“I don’t believe you. Liar. This is a made up story to cover your perverted act. I’ll gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort talk to you tomorrow, please don’t sleep next to me here. Use the extra mattress and sleep on the floor, ” she said and then went back to sleep with her back facing my side.

I took a deep breath as I looked at her figure and admired her booty ass through the night gown.

I don’t know why these thoughts started but it felt like there’s no stopping it now.

She suddenly got up in a fit of rage and asked me to switch off the light. She didn’t realise that it in the process, her nightdress button opened up and one of her breasts were now fully visible.

I froze. Her breast was magnificent. Big, juicy and silky smooth. Her large aerolas were light coloured and looked ready to be sucked.

My cock rose up. It was hard. I felt a bit of pain but i couldn’t control my cock. I just wanted to jump on the bed and hump her boobs with my cock.

She looked down and quickly covered it with her hands. She didn’t say a word.

I told her I’ll sleep in the hall tonight and left the room.

I struggled for a while to fall asleep. The image of breast kept playing in my head. Finally after a while, I crashed.

I woke up to the annoying tone of Lakshmi’s voice calling out to me. After a couple of minutes Radha aunty tapped on my head. I opened my eyes and saw Radha aunty.

Her hair tied into a bun with the bath towel around her head. She looked so hot and fresh. Her skin was so firm that it made her look like she was just in early thirties.

“Please drink this tea, get ready quickly and come down,” Radha aunty ordered.

“Radha aunty. Did mom tell you anything?” I asked in a soft voice.

She looked at me angrily before leaving. I drank the tea quickly and then rushed to the bathroom. I emptied my bowel, got ready and went down.

“Arjun, take the car out,” Lakshmi said. Radha aunty was still in her night dress but Lakshmi was all dressed. Lakshmi and I left the house in the car. I asked her where I should drive after we reached the end of our colony road.

“Meena aunty’s house,” Lakshmi replied, still sounding annoyed. I stopped the car.

“Ma, please, not Meena aunty. There are other doctors.. please. It’s very embarrassing. And I’m sorry about last night,” I needed Lakshmi.

“Shut up and drive. She’s the only one I trust and for god’s pervert, she’s my sister and has seen you naked a hundred times before. Just drive,” Lakshmi responded.

We reached Meena aunty’s house which also housed her clinic. There were no patients as it was off hours.

Meena Aunty is my mom’s older sister who was a surgeon by specialisation. She left and started a general consulting clinic. She was very good looking but was a strict lady.

I wasn’t scared of Meena aunty, as such. She was married to uncle David, a Christian. He stayed in Dubai. They have one daughter who is married and settled in the UK.

After we all had a cup of tea, Meena aunty took us to the clinic. She looked through the files thoroughly.

Meena then looked at her sister, Lakshmi and said,”Lakshmi, he’s not lying. I’m afraid it’s true. I onlyhope it’s not worse. You said that you witnessed a lot of semen last night. Hmm.”

I looked at Mom to see her reaction. She looked worried.

“Arjun? please answer my questions honestly. How long does it take you to ejaculate with and without a sleeve vibrator? How much semen comes out on an average? Does your scrotum hurt often?” Meena aunty asked me.

“It it really takes a long time, aunty. Initially I had no one to talk to about it. I even thought I was impotent once but then understood it took really really long. Like more than an hour. Then I met this doctor who started this treatment and now with the sleeve and lube it takes 45 minutes but sometimes more. The quantity of semen is a lot, like a handful. I don’t know what’s normal. And yes my scrotum hurts,” I explained.

Meena aunty asked me to sit on the examination bed and cover my face with the blanket if I felt shy. I did as instructed.

I was then told to remove my bottoms and stand up. I was wondering what was going on beyond the blanket.

I felt a gloved hand touch my cock and balls. And pressing my balls with her finger she asked if it hurt. I said it did a little. I felt a thick liquid drop onto my cock.

“Lakshmi, come see. This is where it hurts and this is where as you know the production takes place,” Meena said as she opened my foreskin all the way back rubbing my cock head. wow that feeling was just indescribable.

My cock was still not fully erect.

She continued, “So Arjun, now we need to check the time it takes and then take a sample. Please try to think of something like you do when you masturbate and start whacking off please.”

“Akka, let me know if you need any assistance,” Lakshmi said.

I started jerking off increasing my speed slowly and in five minutes was going as hard as possible. I was getting tired already but I continued. After close to fifteen minutes, I asked if I could take a break.

Then, I felt the rubber hands take over and stroke. I felt immense pleasure and moaned but I was nowhere close to reaching the climax.

This went on for a few minutes and then I complained of pain because the rubber material was hurting my sensitive cock head with the lube drying up. After a few seconds of letting go of my cock, I felt the touch of skin. My eyes popped.

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