Her Petite Possession Ch. 02Her Petite Possession Ch. 02


It was almost lunchtime when Kate, her eyes still closed, stretched out on the sofa. ‘Mmm, what a night’ she purred as she thrust her hips back into the sofa. She giggled to herself as she remembered the night before and how she had tucked her boyfriend inside her pantyhose.

Shit, where had she put him? Kate rolled on to her side and pulled up her dress to reveal long slim socking covered legs. When she realized Brad wasn’t there, she sat up with a start and ran her hands up and down her legs and butt. Now on her feet, she unzipped and removed her dress, her pantyhose and her panties and looked on in horror as she saw her boyfriend submerged in her wet vagina.

“I’m so sorry,” she spluttered as slipped back into her dress and then used it to wipe him dry.

Hearing her cries, Emma walked into the lounge wearing her white gym top and yellow gym shorts.

“Oh my God, what happened last night?” Kate exclaimed.

“We had fun.”

“Yes, but do you remember me passing out on the sofa?”

“Yes, you were tired.”

“But did I do anything else before I fell asleep?”

“Like what?”

“To Brad.”

“Not that I know of,” Emma lied, “Why?”

Kate was almost too embarrassed to tell her friend what had happened and even cupped Brad between her palms before she spoken.

“He spent the night tucked into the front of my fucking panties!”

“No way.”

“I must have been some pissed horny tart last night, what must he think of me?”

“You’ll find out when he returns to normal size tonight,” Emma reminded her.

Kate was mortified and checked that her hands were fully sealed together so that Brad couldn’t see her in this state. “Can you look after him this morning, I’m not sure I trust myself,” she sniffed.

“If you want sweetie, “Emma replied kindly, “I can lock him in my safe.”

“OK,” Kate replied without thinking as she handed her boyfriend to her blonde flatmate.

The girls walked into Emma’s bedroom and over to a small but secure looking safe that had been drilled into the concrete floor. Emma typed in a ten-digit combination and then used a key from her key ring to open the safe door. She then took out her small jewellery box, opened it and dropped Brad inside.

“Are you sure about this?” Emma asked as she put her jewellery box back inside the safe.

“Yes, lock him up,” Kate replied, “I need time to think about how I’m going to explain this to him.”

Emma closed the safe and turned the handle, “He’s locked up tight now,” she announced firmly as she picked up her keys and sat down on her desk, her yellow shorts resting on top of a pile of papers.

Kate remained kneeling on the floor, looking at the safe. “I’m sorry,” she said to no one in particular, “maybe we should let him out and explain.”

“It’s not your choice anymore, he’s locked inside my safe,” Emma replied as she grabbed her keys, walked over and sat down on top of the safe.

“Yes, but he’s my boyfriend.”

“You asked me to lock him up.”

“But, I’ve changed my mind.”

“Too late,” Emma said firmly, “there’s no way I’m letting him out.”

Kate reached between Emma’s legs and pressed a few buttons on the number pad and pulled the handle. Emma gave her a sympathetic smile.

“OK, it’s probably for the best,” Kate said as she stood up and walked away.

Emma followed her out, turning to blow Brad a kiss as she went. She locked her door and ran down the stairs, her blonde ponytail and her little yellow gym shorts bouncing as she went.

Brad sat down and leaned against the inside of the jewellery box. Why was his girlfriend so easily dominated by Emma? Why did she feel she needed Emma help? Why had she handed him back over to the blonde bitch?

There must be a way out of Emma’s safe, but first he needed to get out of her bloody jewellery box. He strained to lift the lid, but the small metal catch that Emma had pushed into place, almost without thinking, was already enough to stop his escape plans in their tracks.

Two hours later Emma returned from the gym to find the flat empty. She showered and stood in front of her safe wearing nothing but the elastic that held her ever present ponytail. Deep in thought, she opened her wardrobe and pulled out a few items and then gave the same thought to the content of her underwear drawer. The outcome was a pair of blue nylon elastic panties, denim shorts and white t-shirt.

With the trap ready, Emma unlocked the safe and with Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort one quick flick of her thumb undid the catch to open the flowery jewellery box.

“Lucky you’re still in my care,” Emma purred, her lips only inches from his body, “and I’m wearing some pretty mean panties.”

She unbuttoned her shorts with one hand and jiggled them down over her hips to reveal very tight underwear. The hems were creating indentation across her butt and the shiny material in between stretched tightly around her round butt. The cut of the garment also made the material pull in between her cheeks like a valley between two round hills.

“Mean panties, nothing gets out of them.”

Emma pushed Brad into the back of the panties and positioned him between her cheeks towards the lower part of her butt. As she removed her hand, the garment regained its original shape and the silky material pulled tight between her cheeks, taking Brad’s body in with it.

“Oh that’s so nice,” Emma breathed, “you feel so nice.”

She pulled her blue denim shorts back up and secured them around her slim waist. The shorts were tight with a central seam that also pulled in between her cheeks. Even though they were short and revealed a glimpse of her butt when she leaned over, they still created a near airtight seal around her.

Emma sat down on the edge of her bed so that her full weight passed straight through Brad’s body. Happy that she was applying the maximum possible squeeze on him, she walked over to the mirror to check that he couldn’t be seen or signal for help. She checked that the seam that ran down her butt was still a smooth curve and then felt the denim with her fingers. Mmm, it was pulled so tight that he had no way to signal for help.

“Perfect, Kate will never know our little secret,” she smiled cruelly as she lay down and stretched out on her bed.

Kate returned an hour later and Emma, still dressed in her Daisy Dukes, walked down to the kitchen to see her.

Deep inside, Brad was buffeted left and right as her gluts tensed and relaxed. He had to get out. Emma was bound to sit down again soon and he had to take this chance to either slide himself up towards her waist or down towards her crotch, anything to get out of the crush zone.

He reached out and pushed upwards against the inside of her panties, but the material was so smooth that he could get no grip at all. He pushed against her skin and could get some grip, but it was nowhere near even to counteract the friction between her butt and his body. He couldn’t move and could do nothing but take the punishment from her butt and hope that she wouldn’t sit down anytime soon.

Kate was sitting in the kitchen in jeans and jumper with a large glass of wine and a bar of chocolate in front of her.

“Is he alright?” Kate asked.

“I don’t know, he’s still locked in my safe,” Emma lied as she sat down with a smile on her face.

“Oh he’s still in there is he?”

“Unless he’s managed to escape, which I think is unlikely.”

“I want to check he’s alright.”

“He’s fine Katie, probably glad of sometime apart after a night in your panties.”

Emma knew that that would make Kate feel ashamed and she watched as Kate finished her remaining drink in one mouthful.

Emma put her arm around her friend. “Remember what the woman said about the spell’s safety features. If Brad is somewhere that would mean that returning to full size would hurt him, then he will stay small for another day. So if you’re worried about what he’ll say when he returns to normal size tonight, I can always leave him in the locked safe and you can deal with it tomorrow.”

Kate thought for a minute, “No, I want him back now.”

“Katie, he’s not your possession.”

“Well, he’s not yours either.”

“Yes, but we agreed that it would be best if we left him in my safe.”

Kate was starting to get frustrated and folded one leg beneath her to get a little more height.

“How can spending the day locked inside your safe be ‘best’ for him?”

“We know what you did to him before.”

“Stop saying that! I know he would prefer to be in my care rather than locked in some other girl’s safe.”

Emma sat motionless on the black leather seat enjoying the feel of Brad’s body crushed beneath her. It was Brad’s own fault, why the hell had he chosen to date Kate over her anyway? He was so fucking cute, she would have done anything to have him. Well now she did, for a while at least.

“Em, Em, are you listening to me?” Kate said trying to get her friend’s attention.

Emma knew that there was no reason not to return Brad to his rightful ‘owner’, but she had a small logistical problem, given that Brad was in her panties and not in her safe as billed.

“Katie, I think you should dress in something a little… sexier before Brad sees you.”

Kate didn’t feel like dressing up, but she knew that Emma was right, she had a lot of making up to do and so she trudged off bare foot in old jeans and jumper.

While Kate showered, Emma returned to her bedroom and pulled Brad out from between her cheeks. “Lucky for you that your owner wants you back,” Emma sighed as she held Brad up to her face and brushed her long blonde hair forward so that it completed surrounded him, “you were going to take up permanent residence in my shorts.”

Brad looked at Emma’s cute smiling face with its big blue eyes as she placed him back inside her safe. She was beautiful and right then looked heartbroken and vulnerable, with slight lines showing around her eyes. Yet only minutes earlier this innocent face had taken sadistic delight in crushing him.

“Time to lock you up,” she sighed as she closed the safe door and turned the handle.


Just then Kate walked in looking amazing in a short pastel dress and boots. Her long dark hair was down, seductively framing her tanned features. It was this sultry look that had won Brad over in the first place and a look that no doubt he’d enjoy in his current state. Emma reluctantly picked up the keys and reopened the safe, held Brad between her fingers and handed him to Kate.

Kate cradled him in her hands as she carried him gently back to her room. She closed the door behind them, lay down on her bed and placed Brad on the white sheet beside her.

“Only six hours until midnight and you’ll return to your normal size.”

Brad couldn’t make himself heard and so he walked across the bed and kissed Kate’s seemingly huge leg that towered above him. Kate couldn’t hide her relief as he tried to climb up on to her.

“You want to come up and play?” she smiled through moist eyes.

Kate lay on her side, lifted one leg and placed Brad on the inside of her lower thigh, where he was now effectively inside her dress.

“You know I could squash you right there,” she sniffed as she lowered her top thigh to just above Brad’s head.

Brad was smiling and had his hands above his head in an attempt to push her thigh back up again. Kate lowered her leg a little more, “I think I might win this one honey,” she giggled.

Brad had now been forced down on to his knees and yet he still tried to resist the force of her leg. At six foot tall he was a strong guy, but now he could do nothing against his slim girlfriend. She was now closing in on him quickly and he dived down on to her bottom thigh as her legs closed completely. Her legs completely surrounded him, leaving him pinned helplessly in his dark cell.

“Try and escape from in there honey,” she breathed as she touched herself.

Kate toyed with him for the few hours, enjoying the reversal in their respective power. Her thighs were so enormous and powerful, but she used them so tenderly that she was arousing them both.

Unable to consummate their feelings until midnight, Kate decided to take a hot bath. She pulled out her metal cash box and laid it on her lap. The metal was cold and she pulled her skirt down further so that it wasn’t resting on her skin. She lined it with a silk scarf and then gently laid Brad inside.

“Can’t have you running off now,” she said with a voice that always became huskier when she was aroused, “I’ll just close the lid to make sure nothing happens to you.”

Kate lowered the lid of the small metal box and as she did she noticed that the key was in the keyhole. The power rush was just too tempting and she couldn’t help herself as she turned the key. She took the key out of the keyhole and laid it on top of the box. ‘My man under lock and key,” she thought as she placed the box on the floor and stood with one foot either side.

Feeling as sexy as she could remember, Kate unzipped her dress and let it slide off her lithe body and on to the floor where it covered the box, soon followed by her underwear. Happy in the knowledge that Brad wouldn’t be going anywhere, she slipped on her dressing gown and ran to the bathroom.

As soon as Emma heard the bathroom door close and lock, she tiptoed to Kate’s bedroom and started to search for Brad. It was one hour to midnight and it certainly wasn’t in her interests for Brad to return to size so soon. She soon found the cash box underneath Kate’s clothes, with the key still resting on top.

“What a cruel girlfriend you have, locking you in a steel box…” Emma whispered.

In Emma’s devious mind the solution was simple. She simply took Kate’s key and replaced it with a similar one of her own. Kate would never know the difference, at least not until it was too late. ‘Perfect,’ Emma thought as she pocketed Kate’s key, ‘now let’s see what happens at midnight.’


Emma lay in her bed waiting for Kate to realise that she couldn’t unlock the box and sure enough, at 15 minutes to midnight she heard cries of panic, the padding of bare feet and Kate knocking desperately at her door.

“Emma, please help!” She cried as she flicked her dark hair back out of her eyes and pulled her white dressing gown tighter around her.

Emma smiled as she climbed out of bed revealing a black negligee that barely covered her butt and with her unbrushed blonde hair covering half her face.

“Katie, what’s wrong.”

“Its five minutes to midnight. I’ve locked Brad in my cash box and I can’t open it!”

“Why did you lock him in there?”

“I don’t know… thought it might be fun.”

“You know that if he’s in a confined space at midnight then he’ll stay small for another 24 hours?” Emma could barely suppress a smile as she spoke.

“I know!”

“Have you lost the key?”

“No, it just isn’t working.”

Emma quickly put her hand to her face to cover a giggle as she followed Kate back to her bedroom. ‘The key’s working just fine’, she thought as she picked it up and slid it discretely under the hem of her underwear.

Kate was starting to panic, “Can you try?” she begged holding out the wrong key.

Emma tried as best she could, even though she knew that there was no way it was going to open. As Emma’s long painted nails were slowly sliding the key back and forth, the women saw a small flash of light come from inside the box.

“Fuck, he’s stuck at this size for another day!” Kate cried as she grabbed the box and hugged it into her chest, sending Brad clattering backwards inside the box. Kate sat on her bed with her knees drawn up towards her, hugging the box that had somehow ended up inside her dressing gown. She looked so disappointed.

Emma carefully reached behind her and removed the real key from the hem of her underwear and concealed it in her hand. “Let me try again,” she offered.

Kate unenthusiastically loosened the belt on her gown and pulled out the box. Emma placed it on the floor and crouched provocatively over it as she used the real key to unlock Brad’s latest prison cell. She deliberately paused for a few seconds with her crotch only inches above the open box.

Kate impatiently grabbed the box from her and hugged Brad against her naked breasts. “I’m so sorry!” she gasped as she crushed him into her.

Emma returned to her room, relieved that she had kept Brad small for at least another twenty four hours, albeit consumed with jealousy that he was Kate’s toy and not hers to play with. She picked up a tiny soft toy that was sitting on her desk and pushed it down the front of her pants, “Come on beg for your freedom,” she breathed in frustration as she fell asleep.

Back in Kate’s darkened room, and with no chance of having sex with a full size man, she put her panties and night dress back on and looked for a place for Brad to spend the night. “Is this jar OK?” she asked.

Trapped in a cold jar was not how Brad planned to spend his last night at this size; imprisoned in there while watching his beautiful woman sleep would have been torture. He ran across the bed and used all of his strength to pull up the hem at the back of Kate’s panties. It was hopeless, he couldn’t get in.

“Do you want to go in there?” Kate asked with surprise.

She lay on her side and pulled her underwear open to create a small hatch. “Three, two, one… I’m going to close them up again,” she declared, but Brad didn’t move. “I mean it, until the morning.”

Inside, Brad lay down on the black silk and nestled up against the lower part of her butt. It was warm, comfortable and most importantly of all, safe from Emma. He was also enjoying being trapped inside, with no hope of escape. It was dark, particularly now Kate had put a duvet over them both, and he was exhausted and within minutes they were both asleep.

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