Fatherly SubmissionFatherly Submission


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Fatherly Submission

A male only adult character only erotic incest mini story.

The palomino stallion’s tail flowed out across the bed, his father between his legs, taking his cock deep up into the back of his throat. Caleb moaned and kicked out lightly, ensuring that he did not hit his father, though it was clear who was in control there, between the fit, young stud and his late middle-aged father, Tim.

They looked alike but not quite, his father boasting the same, dished face and strong jaw, eyes half-lidded in the lust of the moment. With a darker coat of bay, though he did, admittedly, have rather a light mane for that colouration, Tim was only focused on sucking his son’s cock into his mouth, Caleb winding his fingers into his forelock, twisting and pulling lightly. He didn’t need to do more than that, his father right where he wanted him to be, submissive to a fault and giving him every last drop of pleasure that could possibly be gleaned.

“That’s it, dad,” Caleb grunted. “Nice and deep…”

He could only obey, only wanted to obey, the middle-aged paunch swelling out lightly from his gut, although there was muscle beneath. His son was leaner, cut, muscle uzun konulu porno on show in stark definition, the very epitome of a stud who could put himself on display with a smirk and a wink and melt hearts wherever he went.

Maybe that was why he was on his knees before him, at the foot of his son’s bed, sucking his cock while Caleb snorted and huffed softly.

But it was not solely to remain in the realm of a blowjob as Caleb’s eyes landed lustfully on his father, his thick cock throbbing, even the medial ring rising shortly, showing off what that length of meat had to offer. In a snap of his fingers, he had Tim up on the bed, lying back, showing off with his legs raised, although there was a blush in his father’s cheeks that was more than enough too to make his heart throb and pound in the very best of ways. And each beat of his heart sent blood into his cock, twitching and pulsing, even as his father licked his lips and yearned to have that cock back between his lips all over again.

The head of Caleb’s cock pressed up to a grey pucker of a tail hole and Tim’s head fell back against the pillows, submitting to his will despite wanting his muzzle filled again. There was too much to lust after all at once and he huffed hotly, eyes desperate with a wicked edge of white. The fact that he couldn’t control himself was perhaps the reason he was the submissive party but, even then, he could not help but rake his gaze hungrily down his colt’s golden body, rippling xhamster porno with muscle, though it wasn’t worth him being called a colt when, in all actuality, he was a stud.

Caleb groaned, pressing the flat tip of his cock up to his father’s pucker, though there was no pause as he pushed in. Lube was not needed, not even with his thick cock, and he went slowly, gently, demonstrating his dominance so easily that it came without a sense of any effort at all. He ducked his head down, arms braced, a smirk pulling at his lips even as he nickered under his breath.

“Been too long…unnff…”

Anything more that Caleb had to say was lost in a moan as he rocked his hips, letting Tim’s anal passage open up around him, regardless of how fervently it was trying to squeeze down around him in that very moment. It was erotic in a way, pulling him in, and Caleb was not to be dissuaded in the slightest as he thrust and found a rhythm that still conveyed the force of his thrusts, his innate dominance pushing through as he pressed down on his father’s shoulder, fingers curling around.

Beneath him, his father grunted, Tim’s head twisting from one side to the other, a hot length of horse-meat slopping about on his stomach, drooling pre-cum. It was not to be pleasured in the moment, however, even though the older equine had more than enough to get him off in the driving, pounding meat under his tail. As much as he flicked his tail, twisting back and forth, his son xnxx porno held him firmly in place, stronger than him, bigger than him, and, as always more dominant than him. Nickering softly, Tim tried to rock his hips up, legs trembling as he did his best to hold them in place. What more could a father want from his only son?


Caleb swore under his breath, eagerly thrusting as he drove into his father, spreading him open, filling him as he always so desperately wanted to be filled. Maybe that was why things had started between them in the first place, his father’s lust leading him to peek when he’d been getting his rocks off in the early days: from there, the rest was history.

Yet there was nothing Tim could do to hold back as he stretched, panting heavily, cock jerking, twitching, painting his own stomach with drools of pre-cum. He didn’t want to cum too soon but Caleb took the choice from him, as he wanted it to be, his cock throbbing as pulse after pulse of cum shot from him. Balls aching for release, he grunted and tried to buck, but it was his son’s cock that pinned him in place, pounding him down into the bed even through orgasm, forcing him to the edge and keeping him at that point of ecstasy for longer than even Tim could have thought possible.

With the older stallion’s tail hole clenching so wonderfully around him, Caleb smirked, leaning over him, his weight on his father’s shoulder. As much as his father gasped, it wasn’t over, his younger cock throbbing, mottled with pink and grey, as his glistening, white mane spilt down his shoulders like a young god.

“I’m not done with you yet…”

Breathlessly, Tim groaned. There might have been a nod in there somewhere, but who was to say?

He only knew that he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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