Dance NightDance Night


This is a work of fiction. It contains descriptions of graphic sex between men. The disclaimers apply: if you are too young or a repressive government does not permit you to read it, stop. You have been sternly admonished. All rights reserved.

This is a continuing story from the “Beach Day” series. It is highly recommended to read those first to see how Andrew got to this point.

* * * * *

I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water when the phone rang.

“Hello.” I answered

“Andrew. It’s me Bob.”

“How is it going?” I asked

“Pretty good. My place is pretty much set up. Are you ready for tonight?”

“I sure am.” I was set up to dance and strip tonight. It was for his nephew that had just graduated from law school. Bob had explained to me that about 10 people would be in attendance. I would dance and hang out for a hour. “Little nervous, but excited. I pretty much have down what I intend to do tonight. Actually, I can’t wait.” I smiled to myself.

“After the performance you put on the yacht, I can’t wait either.” I had met Bob a few weeks earlier on this beach I visit frequently. He had invited me back to his yacht where I danced for him. He responded by fucking me raw on the front rail of the yacht out in the wide open without any regard for any people passing by. I had slept well that night. Just the thought of that day had me running my hands over my hard crotch.

“I told the fellows about you and they are looking forward to this very much.” Bob said

“What time would you like me to be there?” I asked

“9:00 PM.” He replied. “Just knock on the front door.” He then started giving me directions to his place.

“OK. I’ll see you at 9:00 PM.” I said taking down the last part of the directions. “Get ready for a wild night.” I told him

“Oh, I’m sure it will be wild.” He laughed and hung up the phone.

I finished my drink and put the glass in the dishwater. I looked at the clock and saw I had a couple of hours until it was time to leave. I decided to take a little nap until then……….

I woke up around 7:00 PM and went into the bathroom to jump in the shower.

I felt the warm water run up and down my body. I ran my hands over my body and washed very thoroughly over my torso and up and down the crack of my ass. Just thinking about night coming up had me getting a hard on and was dripping precum in no time. But now was no time for play. I wiped my gland with my fingers and licked the precum from them, savoring the exquisite salty taste. I attached the anal shower head, tested the temperature and slowly pushed it into my hole. I felt how the lukewarm water filled my bowels. After I took the anal shower out, I squeezed the muscles around my hole, keeping all the lukewarm water inside. After five minutes I relaxed my muscles and let the water run free. I quickly jumped out of the shower

The enema, as usual, did not have a softening effect on my dick. As I slowly walked towards the big mirror, I looked at my dick, that slowly swung from left to right with each step. I took the shaving foam, put some on my fingers and rubbed it onto my butt and into my crack. I spread my legs and bent over. Through my legs I had a good view of the areas to be shaved in the mirror behind me. When I was done shaving, I stepped into the shower and rinsed off the remaining foam. I took the towel and dried myself, checking the shaved areas thoroughly. No hairs were left, so I applied some baby oil to the shaved areas. I walked into my bedroom to prepare for the night.

I watched my self in the mirror as I opened my top drawer of my dresser to get my toys that I would put under my outfit. Looking at my self in the mirror I couldn’t wait to dance and show myself to a group of guys. It had been a few years since I had in danced in front of a group of people and just the thought of it was making me rock hard.

At 27 yrs old, I liked what I saw and felt good about myself. At 6 ft. tall and a solid lean 175 pounds, I was in the best shape of my life. I wasn’t broad as a swimmer but I wasn’t as skinny as a long distance runner either. My body is totally shaved except for my under-arms and a little tuft above the base of my dick. My shoulders are semi-broad which taper down to 6 pack abs and narrow waist. My skin is a nice dark bronze color from laying out on the beach and had, I think, one of the best tan lines around. I now had 2 pierced nipples with small gold hoops. I turned around exposing my round asscheeks and loved the firmness of them. Thank God I was a bottom. It would have been a shame to waste this ass as a top.

I started with putting on the steel cockring on my now semi hard dick. I put it on as tight as possible, because I know this will preserve the semi-hard state of my dick, providing a nice bulge in my outfit. I looked for the nipple clamps, but before applying them, I took my fingers and pulled the hoops until they were fully erect. I quickly put on the clamps, holding the chains that connected the Ankara escort clamps until the initial pain subsided. I gently released the chain from my hands and felt how the weight gently pulled my hoops. From the chain that connected both clamps another chain hung down, waiting to be attached to the cockring. I attached it to the cockring and adjusted the chains slightly. Perfect!

Next I took a thick 6 inch buttplug and lubed it up with some baby oil. Turning my ass toward the mirror, I slowly inserted the toy into my hot tight hole twisting until it was the way down the base. The base was very narrow and was able to adjust it that it could disappear between my cheeks. I turned around and looked at the mirror. Totally satisfied and with a hard on, dripping precum, I went into my walk in closet to get dressed.


I arrived at Bob’s house right before 9:00 PM. It was huge as I anticipated. It had a circular driveway and there were at least a half dozen cars parked. I slid into my flip flops and grabbed my backpack and boom box and walked up to the front door.

I knocked on the door and waited a few seconds before someone answered. The door opened and it was Bob.

“Hey” Bob said “Come on in. Did you find the place easily?”

“Yes, I did. Piece of cake. Nice place you have here.”

“Thanks. Is this what you are wearing?” Bob asked

“No, It’s actually underneath and in my backpack. Is there somewhere I can get ready?”

“Yes. Down the hall and to the left”, he pointed

“Cool. Can you take this and put it somewhere down where I’ll be dancing?” giving him the boom box. “I’ll come out when I hear the music start playing after everyone has sat down.”

“Will do.”

“OK. I’ll be out in a few moments” I said

I walked down the hall into the bathroom and closed the door. I put down the backpack and took off the flip flops. I took off my sweatshirt and sweat pants and went to the sink and washed my hands.

I checked myself out in the mirror. I was satisfied with the results of my outfit. The tight fit of my leather pants really showed off my legs and bubble butt and showed a very nice bulging crotch. The butt of the black leather pants fit skin-tight and smooth because there weren’t any pockets or designs. The only other feature was the zipper that replaced the crotch seam. Right in the top back of the pants, was where the zipper started. The zipper went down and underneath my butt crack and back up to the front of the pants. Though the zipper only stopped at the bottom of my crotch, the zipper separated the globes of my ass nicely. I turned I slid into my white fishnet tanktop. It was skin tight and a bit too short: through it, the clamps and the chains were visible and, being too short, showed off the lower part of my abdomen.

I put on a pair of socks and slid into the cowboy boots. Last thing I put on was my black leather jacket. One more time I checked out my image in the mirror. I was sure it would be hit with the crowd and who knows, maybe guarantee me a fulfilling evening. I squeezed my hand onto the front bulge of my pants for some last minute adjustments. I grabbed my backpack, turned off the lights and opened the door. I could hear voices around the corner and the start of music vibrating through the house. It was showtime!

I walked around the corner into the room. I guess it was the entertainment room because this where the TV and stero was set up. I did a quick count and saw there were 10 men in the room including Bob who was leaning up against a bar. Some were standing while some sat. Right in the middle was a young guy sitting in the leather chair. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes and a smooth face. Yummy, I thought to myself. I walked up to him.

“I’m Andrew.” I said. “And you are?”


“Well Josh. Congratulations on you finishing school. I’m your present. Would you mine pulling of my boots and socks? I hate having things on my feet.”

“Sure, no problem.” While he was doing this, I took one last glance at the crowd around the room. I couldn’t hear the talking because of the music, but I took it as good sign since they were still looking at me.

As Josh finished taking off my boots and socks, I started dancing to the music. I shook my ass and gyrated to the beat, bending over, and grabbing my crotch. Within 10 minutes, because of the leather pants, I was working up a sweat. It was time to take off more!

I took of my tanktop to let everyone see my jewelery. There were nods of approval as they saw the clamps attached to my rings connected to the long chain going straight down to my cockring that was tucked into my pants. The sweat from my body was making little puddles at the top of pants. I moved from each guy sitting down, except Josh, a feel of my bulge or ass. A couple just tugged on the chain, with each pull sending signals to hard throbbing cock, just aching for release.

“Let’s see that ass!” Ankara escort bayan someone yelled above the music.

I turned my back to them and started unzipping my pants. I slowly puled them down teasing as much as I could before both of my cheeks popped out over my pants.

“Oh yea, look at that smooth ass.”

“Yea, nice tan.”

I pulled my pants off and quickly turned around. All of I left of my clothing was a thin narrow white g-string. You could already see the wet spots from my pre-cum. I moved over to the guys sitting to make a pass again. Except the guys that were standing before moved over with them to run their hands around my whole body. By the time I got through the line with them doing as the same before with 2 guys actually spanking my ass. I thought my cock would burst any second!

I teased the audience for a few moments, tugging on the g-string in such a way that would give maximum show with out exposing my cock. I looked at Josh and decided to give him some attention. Next came the baby oil which I grabbed out of my bag. I slowly dripped it on my body. I started at my neck and with 3 big squeezes and watched the oil dripped all over my body. After I had covered every inch of exposed skin with a generous application of oil, I smiled briefly at Josh to hook his attention. I rubbed it onto my body until I was glistening wet. Where the baby oil touched my g-string, the g-string became transparent. My hard rock cock became more and more visible as my dance continued. Still looking directly at him, I poured more oil onto my hand, and then proceeded to oil my nipples and pulled on my rings. I walked over toward him and turned around so my ass was right in his face. Looking over my shoulder, I gave the bottle of oil to him.

“Would it be to much to ask to help me put some oil on my back?” I asked.

“No, not at all.” said Josh

Sighing deeply, he massaged the oil into my skin and ran his hands all over my back, legs, and ass. One he was done, I turned around and could see the bulge of his cock trying to escape his pants. I took the bottle from him. I cupped my hand and splashed more oil into my palm. Pausing a moment for dramatic effect and to ensure that I had his complete attention, my hand descended to the center of my manhood, where my three middle fingers disappeared behind the small triangle of fabric. My thumb and pinkie finger framed the white cloth, as it was far too narrow to cover all five of my fingers.

His gaze was locked onto my lewdly swaying, almost-naked crotch. After adjusting my chains, I straightened up, moving ever so slowly and running my hands up my legs. When my fingers reached my cock, I took my thumbs on each hand and reached the inside my tiny thong and pulled it down slightly, as if I needed to smooth it out over my cock. I gave him and anyone else a grief glimpse of my hard rock dick until it almost popped out then pulled it back up higher on my hips.

Eventually there was no way the g-string could contain my struggling cock and turned around to the guys and pulled my g-string over my ass. I let the g-string fall to the ground. My hard rock cock swung free. It was a nice slim 5 inches nestling on two beautiful tight balls. I continued my dance, my cock slowly getting more erect as it slapped from side to side. As I exposed my ass to the crowd, I noticed the shuffling in back of me was peppered with murmurs of approval. They were enjoying the show. I knew what these guys wanted. I bent over further and felt my nutsacs poke out between my legs. I did pushups, giving the audience a nice view of my bubble butt from behind. I then layed on my back and grabbed my ankles and brought them back around my head lifting my ass off the floor opening up my sweet fuck hole. I couldn’t see who was talking, but I could hear what they were saying.

“Damn look at that!”

“Never seen that before.”

“Does he have something in his ass?”

“Yea, he does, what is it?”

I walked over to this one guy sitting. He was an older guy with not much hair and wearing glasses. He didn’t look into my eyes, just at my crotch. I could see him massaging his dick through his pants. I turned around smacked my ass — SMACK! – the sound echoing throughout the room. He still looked was looking at my ass until I pulled his chin up.

“Why don’t you show whoever asked what is up my ass!”

There was some hoots and hollering around as he slowly pulled the buttplug out of my ass. It made a nice “pop” as it came out. The plug was nice and wet from the lube and my juices. I grabbed the plug from his hand and brought it to his mouth.

“Wanna see what I taste like?” I winked

He grabbed it shoved it into his mouth which almost brought the house down. Then I turned around and leaned back on my hands and feet arching my smooth lean body while I fucked the air above with my hard dick. My pre-cum coated the entire length of my five-inch dick in sticky fluid as I came close to shooting his wad in front of the him and his friends Escort Ankara in this erotic position.

I jumped back up and went around to make my last round before I gave all my attention to Josh. There were 1 guy that actually had his dick out stroking! God this was hot! I went to the last guy which was the big black guy with a shaved head that looked like a football player, I moaned as he pulled me closer by the chain leading down to the cockring.

“Turn around”

I was so hot from the handling I’d just received that I did as ordered without even thinking about it. The black guy began to examine my smooth buttocks, my asshole exposed for inspection. I grounded my hips in a circular motion to the slow beat of the music, while the others looked on. His thick finger worked me good that without the cockring on, I would shot my load by now. He pulled out his finger and smacked my ass.

“Yes!” I said “Smack it again!”


That one made me jump. I knew that would leave a mark. I walked over toward Josh to give him my remaining time. I removed my chain connecting my rings and cockring. I slowly moved my chest up to his face. Looking around the room, knowing he was being looked at, Josh tentatively lapped at one of the rings pressed into his face. He licked and pulled furtively, quickly while simultaneously humping up into the air trying to get some friction, any friction, against his throbbing cock. Feeling his upward thrusts, I brashly slid a hand over his bulging crotch and slowly rubbed his hard cock through his straining pants.

“You’re all hard, Josh,” I needlessly informed. “Your cock is all hard and swollen. Do I deserve some of the credit?”

Moaning around the finger I was cramming his mouth, Josh rasped “Y-y-yes all of it! You made it even harder!”

Rising off his leg, I turned my back to Josh and lowered my bare asscheeks onto his lap. I noticed that my moist dick had left a small wet spot on Josh’s pant leg. I writhed about slowly, rubbing my hard ass into Josh’s pumping crotch, enjoying the feel of his hard cock bumping up against my tight butt. Up and down I posted in time with the thumping music, making Josh’s cock throb and pulse with desire.

Looking over at Bob who was leaning up against the bar this whole time, I placed a hand on each of Josh’s knees as I worked my ass back and forth against his trembling cock. Moaning loudly so that everyone could plainly hear, I announced, “Oh God, I getting hot! I need to get something in my ass!”

Spreading my flexible legs wider on his lap, I urged Josh on as I leaned my head back to kiss him. “Finger it, Baby! Finger that hot little ass! It’s all hot and wet; dancing does that to it. Dancing in front of all these guys makes it hot!”

I placed a foot on each of the arms of the chair as the young graduate hunk resolutely drilled his wet finger slowly in and out of my splayed open ass. I shuddered as Josh added a second finger and a low moan escaped my throat as he increased the pace of his determined finger-fucking. Turning slightly in his lap, I reached around and fumbled for Josh’s zipper. Struggling to find the tab, I rubbed my hand against his straining cockshaft causing him to arch his back and press tightly against me. I jumped down and got down on my hands and knees. I looked up to Josh.

“Come on Josh. Whip out that hard cock for me. Let me see it! I moaned

He undid the snap on the jeans, then the zipper and then, pulled them down to let them fall to his feet. His cock jumped up and almost hit me on the face as I stared at it. It was nice looking cock, I’ll say almost 7 inches. I looked up at him and slid my tongue out and licked at the head.

“Oh GOD!” he moaned

“Hmmmm, tasty!” I said

He watched as I slid my mouth around the head of his cock. I looked up at him as I swirled my tongue on his cockhead. He groaned and said, “Damn I can’t believe this is happening!” I pulled off his cock and said, “I do and I want it to happen!”

I drove my mouth down on his cock till his cock bush was crushing my face and my lips were tight around the base of his hard shaft. He grasped my head with both hands and said, “Oh shit, you hungry cocksucker!”

I moaned in pleasure at his words as I used my tongue on the underside of his hard shaft, letting his cock head feel the moan in my throat. I started to feel the shaft start to swell up and backed off and spit all over his cock. I stared up at him.

“You want me all to yourself, don’t you, Josh?” I teased. “No audience, no other cocks around. Just me – and you.” I reached behind for the audience and slid two fingers into my ass. “Oh, yeah, I’m so wet right now.” I withdrew my fingers and painted a wet stripe up my chest as I leaned back on my heels and arched my back. I finished as I held my fingers above my upturned face, before lowering them into my open mouth.

“Mmmm, yes” I moaned

I reached into my bag and pulled out a nice black 9 inch dido. Still looking at him, I ran my tongue up,down, and all over until it was dripping with my saliva.

“Which hole should I do, Josh? Pick either one.” I shoved the dildo into my mouth with one hand while I fingered my asshole with the other to emphasize my point.

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