A bitch gets her due.A bitch gets her due.


It was a normal day in Ms. Gomez’s class. Ms. Gomez was being a bitch as usually. The only reason so many liked being in her class was because Ms. Alyssa Gomez was beautiful Latina and dressed to display it. Ms. Gomez was twenty two year old teacher fresh out of school. She had a petite slim tanned physically fit five foot two body. Small well cared for feet , long lean legs , flat four pack stomach , firm c-cup breasts , long graceful neck and arms , long manicured fingers and nails , a beautiful face with full lips , and reddish-brown silky hair that hung down to her ankles usually done up into a braid spiraled into a bun on top of her head.

She was dressed in a black pair of low heeled dress shoes , a short silky black side slit skirt with a silver belt , anda silky sheer white dress front button low cut blouse. She did not usually wear bras or panties.Today she was in top form and had already assigned most in her class to Saturday detention. Saturday morning the detention class was full with twenty young men and ten young women. Ms. Gomez arrived at class and greeted her students with good morning you lazy lot get to work on your homework and sat at her desk.

The top students had met and made plans to teach Ms. Gomez a lesson and today she would be taught. escort service When Ms. Gomez sat in her chair she had sat on a syringe and depressed it so she was injected with a kind of sedative. She would be completely conscious but unable to move. Students moved to grab her before she could slide from her chair. Then they stripped her naked cleaned off her desk and tied her spread eagled to the desk top. They pulled two students desks to the bottom corners where they tied her feet so her pussy was right on the desks edge giving easy access.

They all appreciated that she meticulously maintained smooth shaven legs , groin , and pits. One young man came to her side preparing another syringe he told her that it was an experimental drug his father developed it was supposed to permanently activate her breasts to lactate. He then slid the needle into her left breast through her nipple and if she could have screamed she would have because it hurt like hell. Then he did the same to her other breast. She felt her breast expand with milk and her nipples leaked milk and became permanently hard and aroused..

Alyssa whimpered as each of her students tasted her milk. Then the first male student stepped up between her legs and pushed his engorged cock through her pussy independent escort dubai lips breaching her hymen and coating his dick with her virginal blood. He began violently and rapidly pumping into her and finally emptying his ball sack contents into her womb. He stepped back and zipped up as the next student took his place. While that was happening one of the young women had straddled Ms. Fitch’s face and forced her to eat her cunt until she climaxed.

When everyone had finished one girl asked Ms. Gomez if she remembered her and her friend coming to her place last Saturday well that day while her friend distracted her she replaced her birth control in her bathroom medicine cabinet and purse with sugar tablets when she had asked to use her bathroom so congratulations after today expect to be expecting. Ms. Gomez sobbed as her stuudents finished with her and left but after an hour others started appearing at classroom door they raped her.

All kinds took advantage of her and with her students she counted over four hundred males had fucked her by the time she had been released Monday morning. She could not walk and was rushed to the hospital and other than exhausted , hungary , dehydrated and sore she was in good shape. After that day her class claimed Escort Girl Dubai her and her expected bundles as theirs and made sure she stayed healthy but also continued to use her sexually on a regular schedule. The appetites of young men kept Ms. Fitch happy and very satisfied.

When Ms. Gomez’s birthday came around the class planned something special. They again planned it on detention Saturday. They again grabbed her and bound her naked across a low student desk. Then they brought in a large dark furred canine. Up to that point Ms Gomez had expected a gangbang but now she screamed as she saw they were going to have the dog fuck her. Screaming did no good as the dog approached her helpless bound body. He started with licking her pussy lips and her body betrayed her as she became wet and her vagina opened her lips spreading wide with arousal. Then me mounted her his front legs wrapping around her torso gripping her firmly. His large red cock hammered into her like a machine gun until they both reached peak pleasure and exploded much to her shame.

Alyssa became responsible for bringing many young men across that virginal barrier as each new year brought a fresh supply of virgins to her class. She also helped many of her classes young women get their cherries busted not to mention pair them with good , responsible , loving young men. Many noticed a change in her personality after her fucking she became respectful , happy , and enjoyed life more and showed it.

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