Her BeginningHer Beginning


It was a lazy Saturday morning in the Cody breakfast nook. Her husband was working, so it was just Carol, her son, her daughter and Kylie. Carol eyed her daughter’s friend with avaricious delight. She marveled at how a young woman as beautiful as Kylie could seem so entirely unaware of the power that beauty gave her and what it inspired in others. Naive, raised in a conservative Christian household, she would be a spectacular conquest.

Carol retreated to her bedroom. Her lust had built to the point of bursting. She couldn’t possibly go about the rest of her day without some relief. Standing before a full length mirror she dropped her robe and took in her image. Not bad for a woman on the wrong side of 40, she thought. Sure, there was a bit of a swell to her tummy now, and gravity was just beginning to catch up to “the girls.” That was to be expected, given their size and the fact they had fed two children.

She weighed both breasts in her hands, kneading them softly, them letting them drop, feeling their weight bounce back before settling, not sagging. She recalled her teen years, when her development began catching the notice of the men around her. She loved the attention. She had flirted, dared to show as much cleavage as decorum would allow, always loosening a button or two once outside the jurisdiction of her mother’s watchful eye.

It wasn’t until her freshman year in college that Carol learned the delights of a woman’s touch. Her roommate, a cute little A-cup wisp of a woman, had commented many times about Carol’s ample bosom. Late one evening Carol was preparing for bed, her breasts jiggling and swaying in their braless state. She saw that Sandy was once again watching her with what seemed to be a lustful gaze. Sandy smiled with embarrassment and broke the silence by admitting her curiosity as to their weight.

Thinking little of it, Carol had pulled off her pajama top and invited Sandy to have a feel for herself. What began as an almost clinical examination quickly became something else. In the dimly lit dorm, sitting close to each other on Carol’s bed, Sandy’s weighing hands gently caressed the large breasts. Their friendly chatter about budding bodies and boys’ attention quieted as Carol’s nipples stiffened under Sandy’s thumbs. Only the sound of their breathing remained. Sandy’s touch was exquisite and Carol was surprised at how sexually charged the situation had become.

“God Sandy, you’d better stop.” And Sandy did, just long enough to remove her long t-shirt before pushing Carol to her back and straddling her left thigh. Sandy returned to massaging Carol’s breasts and grinding her leg into the very center of Carol’s need. Sandy found her arousal overwhelming and ground Mersin Escort harder and faster. Carol sensed Sandy’s approaching climax and reached her hand between her legs to quicken her own impending orgasm.

Sandy fell forward as the waves began crashing over her, wrapping her arms around Carol, feeling her bare chest cushioned against her, their nipples rubbing together. Neither had imagined that sex with a woman could be so satisfying. They reached their peaks in unison, Carol’s hips jerking upwards to meet her partner’s thrusts.Her and Sandy rarely slept separately for the rest of that year.

Carol, now laying on her bed, smiled at the memory. Her left hand caressed her breasts as her right worked its way down her stomach where a certain ache cried out for attention. A knock at her bedroom door jolted her out of her bliss. It was her daughter. Work had called. They needed her for the lunch shift. Kylie would hang around until she got back. The mood broken, a frustrated Carol headed for the shower.

Kylie had had a crush on her friend’s brother for years. He was tall, strong, handsome, and had a smile that never failed to make her knees weak. He was home on break from college. With her friend gone and Carol indisposed, she finally had an excuse to go hang out with him. Going down to the basement she heard music coming from his room in the far corner, beyond the laundry room. Kylie’s heart beat so fast and hard she thought it might burst before she got there. She was not ready for what she saw when she peeked inside the door.

Devin lay on his bed, naked, left hand cupping his balls and his right slowly stroking the first real-life erection Kylie had ever seen. She froze, unable to look away. She knew this is what boys did, had seen videos on the internet, but what she felt now was completely different. The musky aroma of his room filled her nostrils, the sound of his heavy breathing and soft moans filled her ears. She had only one thought; having him, it, inside her. Unaware that he had an audience he increased his pace.

Typically he would have backed off, taken his time. He even had an ongoing contest with himself that went back many years, to see how long he could edge himself without cumming. Forty minutes was his record. He wouldn’t try to break that today. His need was too great.

He had seen her at breakfast. Kylie, that friend of his sister who had filled so many of his masturbatory fantasies before. Her blond hair, pouty lips, tight little body. My God, what he wanted to do to her. His strokes quickened further. He was close now. He imagined her riding him. The image pushed him over the top. He gasped her name just as the first blast of his cum shot high in the air, Escort Mersin a second, third, and fourth quickly followed, streaking his stomach, chest, and comforter.

Kylie had an urge she had never had before. To lick him clean, to taste his cum. She found she had taken a step inside his room when she caught herself and, too frightened to advance, quickly retreated. She hurried upstairs only able to think of one thing: her name . . . he had said her name.

Rushing to her friend’s room she nearly collided with Carol as she entered the hallway. The girl apologized and sped past. Carol was puzzled by the girl’s appearance. What was her hurry, and why was she so flushed?

Carol was half-way to the laundry room before deciding she had better check to see that everything was alright. Not thinking to knock upon reaching her daughter’s room, she opened the door to see Kylie scrambling to cover herself. It appeared she had been laying on the bed, bottomless and preparing to stroke herself. Overcome by guilt, Kylie burst into tears.

Carol quickly approached and wrapped the girl in her arms. Placing Kylie’s head on her shoulder, Carol stroked her hair and spoke softly into her ear. “It’s o.k. Kylie, it’s o.k. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. We all masturbate. It’s perfectly natural.” She rocked the girl back and forth and breathed in her scent. Slowly, Kylie began to recover from the shock of being discovered. She had so rarely contemplated let alone performed this sin. As she regained her composure, she sat back from Carol and broke their embrace.

Carol’s robe had fallen open. Kylie took in the sight, then immediately looked away, embarrassed. Carol pretended not to notice, but it was enough of a spark to reignite her fire. Her frustration at not having finished what she started earlier and her desire to initiate this young beauty impelled her forward. Her thoughts and actions were without conscience now. Hunger was driving the predator to exploit all her cunning and skill. This opportunity may not come again. She would have her, by persuasion ideally, coercion or force if necessary.

Carol reached out and gently brushed a strand of hair from the girl’s face. “Kylie dear, it’s time you learned to pleasure yourself without shame. Let me show you.”

Kylie pushed herself back against the wall, hugging her knees to her chest while covering herself with a blanket. “Oh no, Mrs. Cody, no I couldn’t possibly, that’s so wrong.”

Carol spoke slowly, quietly and softly. “Don’t be silly honey. You’re 18. You’ll be in college in a few months. Now is the perfect time to explore your sexuality. Here, where it is safe. With someone who cares about you deeply and can teach you Mersin Bayan Escort everything you need to know.”

Carol began to pull the blanket away, but Kylie only tightened her grip. Carol shifted gears. If gentleness wouldn’t work, perhaps playfulness would. “Now Kylie, you’re forgetting something. I’ve known you a long time, and I know your weakness. Here comes the tickle monster!”

With that Carol leapt at Kylie, who squealed with laughter. “Don’t you dare! Please!”

Kylie put up a fight. But Carol was determined, and the larger woman eventually wore down her opponent. Laughing and weakened, Kylie finally went limp. The blanket lay on the floor. Kylie, naked except for the t-shirt now bunched around her neck, lay on her left side. Carol, her robe hardly covering her at all, spooned the girl from behind. “Let me do this for you Kylie.”

Stroking Kylie’s hair with her left hand, Carol quietly whispered into her ear. Her tone was soothing and assuring. Telling her how natural it was, how beautiful and womanly Kylie had become, how good she could make her feel. With her right hand she drew circles on Kylie’s stomach, slowly easing her hand ever lower. Upon reaching her soft curls, Carol diverted her hand to the girl’s hip. She would not move too quickly. Soon the girl would relax, give in to desire. Sure enough, Kylie’s breathing became shallower and her body leaned back into Carol. The older woman eased away, allowing Kylie to roll over onto her back. As she did so, her legs parted, and Carol’s hand shifted to the inner thigh.

Her hand’s circles now moved upwards until she could feel the curl’s on the girl’s labia. Kylie’s untouched bush somehow seemed more innocent than if she had been shaved smooth. Feeling the woman’s hand brush her pussy Kylie’s eyes popped open and looked at Carol. A flash of fear was quickly replaced with a look of longing. She was inviting Carol to go further. Kylie’s breath quickened and a moan escaped her lips. She looked at Carol’s heaving bosom and wet her lips with her tongue.

Carol turned and raised her upper body until her breasts hung over Kylie’s face. Her hand was now massaging the girl’s pussy, but she was careful to avoid the clitoris. Carol slowly lowered her right breast. Kylie strained her neck upwards and eagerly sucked the nipple into her mouth. Carol lowered herself further, allowing the girl to settle back. The suckling gave Carol the most incredible sense of intimacy she had ever had.

Kylie’s hips now moved in circles. Carol knew it was time. A finger tip found the girl’s bud. Kylie gasped. Carol broke the contact. Kylie’s hips left the bed, yearning to reestablish that touch. Carol would not tease her. Not this time. Using her entire hand Carol rubbed Kylie’s pussy. There was no trace of shame as Kylie pursued the intensifying pleasure. Staccato grunts became one long groan and then an ear-splitting shriek. The orgasm shot through every nerve. Kylie fainted.

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