Dad’s The Man Ch. 13Dad’s The Man Ch. 13


Jul. 24/09

I was telling Gina about my efforts to find Sheila online this morning after Daddy went to work. I also told her about wanting to leave some kind of safe message, possibly some sort of bait, something to flush her out.

Both of us sat at the kitchen table with our second cup of coffee, Gina listening closely. She didn’t say much beyond some sounds of understanding accompanied with an occasional nod until I finished.

“You want to speak to her?”

“Preferably, I suppose. As long as I’m comfortable with the arrangement.”

“Okay, I have to ask: Why?”

“Well, I,… because it’s Sheila. I wanna know.”

“Slutty, what do you want to know? What do you think she can tell you that will help you?”

” … I don’t know. Maybe I’m just curious.”

“Did you tell Dad about this?”


“I can understand your curiosity, but before you do anything, you really need to talk to Dad first.”

“Yeah, but he understands my curiosity, too. He said so.”

“This is different. Studying the label on a can of worms is one thing, opening the can is quite another. You’d be involving her in your life and that may very well end up affecting all of us.”

“I know, I thought of that, but,…” I trailed off.

“But you’re curious. Baby, if I were you, I’d curb my curiosity. Think of the mess she made the first time around. Think of how Dad felt about her. Think about our,… lifestyle here.”

“You don’t think I should do it.”

“No, I don’t. I think it’s a very bad idea to contact her in any way and, while I can’t tell you not to, I’m asking that you don’t.”


“Talk to Dad about it, at least.”

” … I will. If I decide I want to, if I can think of a way to do it without making us vulnerable.”

“Kat, please don’t get mad at me when I say this, but I really wish you’d just forget all about her. Again, I understand why you don’t, she being your biological mother, but it’s never done you any good, thinking about her and,… now this. I really think we have enough to deal with where Peggy is concerned, don’t you?”

” … Yeah,” I admitted with a sigh.

“Promise you won’t try to contact her without talking to us first?”

“Yeah, I promise.”

She displayed a careful smile, then got up and came around the table to give me a hug, then a kiss.

“Thank you, Slutty. I trust you to keep that promise, too. I wouldn’t have asked for it, otherwise.”

I nodded, feeling a little better about my efforts being curtailed now that I’d had the hug and kiss.

“What are you doing today?” she asked, arranging my Marilyn Monroe locks.

“I’m gonna go rent a buzz saw for the weekend.”

“Oh. … A buzz saw?”

“Yup, I’m gonna cut the basement door a little wider, so I need one of those buzz saw thingies to cut the cement foundation.”

” … Does Dad know about this?”

“He did tell me I could do anything I wanted.”

“He probably meant within reason, though.”

“This is perfectly reasonable. It’s going to be the outside door to my secret laboratory.”

“What secret laboratory?”

“The one I’m going to build.”

” … Oh. You’ll be like our little mad scientist down there, won’t you?” she asked, gently twigging my ear and smiling lovingly.


“So, what kind of things will you be up to in this, ‘secret laboratory’ of yours?” she asked, air quoting with her fingers before returning them to my hair.

“Stuff.” I said with a beaming smile for her.

“What kind of stuff?”

“Superkitten stuff. It’ll be kinda like the Bat Cave, but not. It’ll be the Kat Cave. (giggle)”

She got a laugh out of this and then asked, “Well, are you going to have a work bench and things like that in there?”

“Yup, and a little compressor and a tool wall with pegboard and all that, but it won’t be just that, it won’t be exactly what you think. I’m moving my PC in there and there’ll be a nice bunk with a soft mattress and heavy blankets, poofy pillows,…”

“That sounds nice. So it won’t all be super weapons and reanimating dead cats as your personal army of feline zombies?”

“Nope. Well, maybe a super weapon, now that you mention it.”

“You nut.”

“I’m even putting room aside for you and your cauldron. (giggle)”

“What, I’m your sidekick?”

“Hmmmmm,… more like a loose, evile alliance.”

“Well, superkitten,…” she began, leaning down and giving me another kiss, “however you want to see it, you’re definitely my hero.”

She was in a great mood the rest of the day, even going out with me to rent the saw and get some other supplies, standing and listening to me talk to sales clerks. She had me stop at the liquor store and wait while she went in for beer and wine, saying that the three of us should have a bit of a party tonight before directing me to Blockbuster.

Back at home, I successfully removed the basement door and its frame from the concrete and cut it out with the saw without much of a problem, bursa escort other than the time involved and holding up that heavy saw for so long. The heavy planks I bought were delivered and I got the frame installed, properly nailed into the concrete with a good, strong header in time to nail some plywood over the gaping doorway and run upstairs to get supper started.

Gina had the house cleaned and tidied, running around doing final touches in her little cut off denims and T-shirt, braless boobies bouncing up and down enticingly as her eyes sparkled and flashed with anticipation.

She was in such a good mood that, when she went to change, she actually allowed me to convince her to wear a rather short, bright yellow bustier with garter straps at the bottom to hold up her black stockings, and yellow bikini panties. Over this, she wore a long, black, short sleeve top with a deeply plunging cowl neckline and an elastic hem that barely covered her bum as a dress. The top of her stockings and her yellow garter straps were left exposed and, along with her black pumps and the most impressive job she did with her hair and makeup, she looked simply delicious.

I wore a recent success story from my Singer, a medium blue, under-bust vest, formerly the top of an old school dress with the skirt part removed and shortened, so that it sat on my hips and rode almost halfway up my bum. Under the vest, I wore a white silk, halter top/cammie kind of thing, just long enough to cover my boobies, proudly thrusting from my snug vest. White, V-front panties, garters and stockings, along with white high heels, finished my outfit, Gina doing a great job with my hair and makeup afterwards.

We got turned on just looking at ourselves in the mirror and were perfectly aware of why Daddy’s eyes popped when he came through the door. We each greeted him, took his lunchbox and helped him off with his coat, hanging it up and guiding him to the little spot we’d prepared for him in the middle of the couch with a small table. Waiting for him, was the lasagna that was placed there as he drove in, along with a fresh, hot cup of coffee.

Seated on either side, Gina read the paper to him as I caressed and kneaded the back of his shoulders while he ate, he smiling and shaking his head at this treatment that he’d finally learned to stop resisting.

After he was done eating, we took him into the bathroom and put him in the shower. Reaching in the stall, we lathered him all up as he stood there, just a little embarrassed and with such an exciting erection that we both kept ‘cleaning’ with our slow and deliberate little hands.

When he got out, I went to clear his dishes and the little table, putting out a nice, cold beer for him, wine for me and Gina. She brought him out in nothing but a pair gray boxer briefs, (she likes them on him and I haven’t the slightest idea why) his still hard cock jostling around a little in them as she brought him back to the couch where the evening news was just starting. We sat on either side of him again and kissed his cheeks.

“This weekend is all about you,” Gina purred after he’d finished and we cleared his dishes and stuff. “Whatever you want, just tell us and it’s yours.”

“What if I want a pet gorilla in a space suit?”

She blinked at this, not having time to clear the sudden confusion before Daddy suddenly grabbed her thigh, just above her knee and squeezed, yelling a short note with a smile. Of course, she jumped and screamed, actually waving her hands in the air in front of her for a second before struggling to remove his.

I’d just started to laugh when he did the same thing to me. So, there we were, both screaming and laughing hysterically, trying to pry his thick, powerful fingers from our legs while he laughed and finally let us go in his own time.

“So, how about that gorilla?” he asked as we tried to recover ourselves.

“Gorilla!? You scared the crap out of us!” she charged with an excited grin, the hem of her shirt having ridden up a fair distance in the struggle to show some of her yellow panties.

“Yeah, no gorilla for you!” I put in”

Gina opened and handed him his beer, saying after, “God knows, you don’t need it.”

“The beer, or the gorilla?”


“I’m a vibrant person,” he said, shrugging his shoulders and taking a drink. “Did I tell you two how great you look?”

“About fifty times, but don’t stop,” I replied.

“I think his cock says it all,” Gina said, looking at it and rubbing his chest.

“Daddy,…?” I inquired with a coy grin, “Do you want us to suck on your cock and make you cum so you can concentrate on the news and stuff for a while?”

” … Yeah, but first,…”

He reached out and put his hand down my top and felt my boobs up as I watched, sticking my chest out.

“Gina, take that dress off, I see those hard nipples.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He watched her take it off as he played with one of mine, rolling and pinching just a little. When it was off, she proudly bursa escort sat there in her yellow lingerie as he gave his head a shake of appreciation. He grabbed one of her boobies and played with it, looking back to me. The little silk top that covered mine had fallen somewhat due to his ministrations and he could pretty much see all of my chest.

“You’re both such beautiful,… sexy, good little girls.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” I beamed.

“Can we please suck on your cock now?” Gina asked, also pleased about his further compliments.

“You two just try not to make a mess,” he joked while pulling the straps of Gina’s bustier down, freeing her boobs so we could see.


“We won’t,” she promised.

He let our boobies go and we slowly assumed kneeling positions on the couch to either side of him. We flashed excited expressions between us as our hands began slowly rubbing his crotch through his boxers, feeling his stiffness and swelled balls, watching the wet spot the tip of his cock was creating get larger as our attention coaxed more precum from him.

Both our hands arrived at the fly at the same time, two sets of fingers wiggling their way in until we were jammed up. She began gently tugging and I did the same on the other side until seems let go and the front of his boxers were slowly torn open in fits and jerks. His cock sprang into view and I could have cheered when I saw his balls flop out.

“Oops,…” I breathlessly leered.

He gasped as our hands took hold of his genetalia, stroking here and squeezing there, both of us making low, apprehensive sounds as our faces drew closer, our lips parted in readiness.

We both started at the tip of his pole, sharing the precum that was there, and working our way down together, licking him like he was an ice-cream cone. Our tongues reached and prodded at his balls until we pulled his legs wider for better access.

“Down,…” she softly encouraged as he complied, slouching down for us so we could really spread his legs.

She began licking under his balls, her eyes closed as I softly stroked him, getting off on watching her nose poke at his thighs as her face nuzzled between his legs to his moans of pleasure.

I put the head in my mouth and started sucking, making an occasional slurp as I ran the tip of my tongue over it, getting rewarded with some more pre-cum for my efforts before I felt his hand on the back of my head, slowly pushing me down on him until he was in my throat.

“Glk, nguk!” I exclaimed, my lips stretched, eyes wide.

Gina licked from his balls to the base of his cock and up, slipping her tongue over my lip before I was pulled off, choking a little. Next, it was her turn and I watched as Daddy’s other hand forced her willing mouth down over his meat, stuffing her as full as he could before she began to bob there, making much the same sounds I’d been making moments before.

Gina’s become as good as I am at deepthroating and, between the both of us taking turns at his decision, he soon began to groan louder, his pelvis pushing up at our faces.”

“Gina, he’s gonna cum!” I hissed excitedly as the direction from his hands weakened.

We kept sucking and licking, finally stroking him with our hands, tongues working his cockhead when he came. We shared his load, only splashing a little on our faces when we switched mouths.

I swallowed my share and happily exclaimed, “Mmmmm, yummy, Daddy!” while Gina giggled, some of his seed leaking from one corner of her mouth before she swallowed.

And we sure made Daddy happy. I think that was one of his best orgasms ever. We resettled beside him on the couch again, slouching a little like he was to watch the rest of the news with him after he kissed and put his arms around us. It was great feeling his big, strong hand on my waist, looking at his fabulous package lying out in the open, his boxers no longer able to contain him.

By the time they got to the weather, my legs were spread, the back of one knee on top of his thigh, my fingers lightly stroking miffy through my panties. I looked over to Gina and saw that the back of her knee had laid claim to his other thigh, she slowly rubbing herself like I was. Our eyes met and we watched each other, sharing a moment.

Before long, we noticed that he was getting hard again. We watched the process as we rubbed our pussies, enjoying the organ’s transformation until it was finished, the TV meteorologist now telling us what the weather was like on the rest of the planet.

“Oh, Dad, look at your big, fuckin’ cock,” Gina almost drooled.

“Mmmm,… Daddy, can I sit in your lap?”

“Sure, sweetie.”

I hopped up and into his lap, facing him with my knees on either side of his hips and wiggling as I settled miffy squarely on my father’s cock.

Gina worked herself to her knees, leaning on the back of the couch with a dirty grin as she watched us, taking one of my boobies in her hand, asking, “Isn’t she a horny little slut?”

“One bursa eskort of the things I love about her.”

“Me, too.”


“And sooo cute,” she added, letting her hand run down my front, down between my legs and into my panties.

I sighed as her fingers traced my clitoris, grinding into him a little harder with my hands feeling his hairy chest, his on my hips, massaging the bare skin there under my skirt.

“Let’s put it in her panties,” she breathed, reaching through the leg hole and pulling it inside as I drew back a bit. “Mmmm, look at Daddy’s cock, slutty. Does it feel good?”

“Oh, yeah!” I gasped as she rubbed it directly against miffy now, making it as wet as I was.

“Put it right in her, witchy,” Daddy rasped.

“Mmm hmmm.”

That’s what she did, guiding me upward with a gentle hand under my bum, positioning his hardness before guiding me back down again. I cried out in sweet bliss at the feel of him slowly filling me, Gina’s fingers returning to my button again as Daddy and I looked one another in the eyes. He moaned when I had as much of him inside me as I could possibly take, closing his eyes for a few seconds while I felt him twitch inside me. I began a slow rhythm that allowed me to get used to him there again, letting out little high pitched cries as I put my hands on his shoulders.

“Ooooh, that’s right, slutty, fuck him. Fuck your own Daddy.”


Once I was accustomed to him again, I started a slightly faster pace, introducing a grind as he began to thrust his hips, perfectly timed to me. I happened to notice that Gina’s panties were halfway down her thighs, his hand between her legs with a finger buried in her canal to the knuckle. She pulled the front of my satin top down, completely under my boobies and stuffed it into my vest as her upper body subtly jerked at random intervals, her lower lip trembling. Meanwhile, Daddy started bouncing me in his lap, my boobies bouncing crazily along with me as I pistoned up and down harder.

I soon exclaimed, “Oooooh!? Ooooooohh!? AWWWWW!! Daddy, fuck,…! AHHHHH! AHHHH! UHHHHHHHH,…! OHHHHHHH-HH, FUUUUUUUCK!”

I collapsed against his solid chest, winded, panting and experiencing the strange, fuzzy after effects of my orgasm, his cock still buried inside me.

After a minute, I managed to get up and off him, smiling crookedly at Gina and telling her, “Your turn, smutty.”

Gina removed her panties, throwing a leg over his lap afterward and carefully mounting him. I took mine off too, along with the skirt, and was left with my white garters stockings and vest.

When she finished positioning herself and his cockhead was trapped just at the lips of her opening, she guided me over him until I was practically sitting on his face, bracing myself with my hands on the back of the couch behind me and at either side of his head, facing her. He spread my bum cheeks and started licking miffy and my bum hole as Gina’s lips and tongue suddenly joined his from in front of me.

She began slowly like I did, easing her way up and down his shaft as she kissed and licked miffy hello. Daddy’s tongue was working miracles of sensation at my other hole and I was soon wailing again, looking at the ceiling with my eyes closed, totally enjoying this treatment.

Gina constantly groaned between my legs with each downward drop on his stiff member, sucking my lips into her mouth, then driving her tongue inside me. I brought one hand around to hold her face to miffy by the back of her head, sluttily undulating my pelvis as their tongues made a team effort of working my crotch over.

It wasn’t long before Gina was bouncing in his lap just as I was, going at it like it was her last, best hope at survival, her cries building in volume and intensity, the sight and sound of her dragging me along to a second orgasm.

This time, we both yelped and cried out, deep satisfaction bringing a rough, gravelly edge to Gina’s vocals. We could tell that Daddy wasn’t far behind and I was able to let myself droop to the seat cushions to watch Gina, practically screaming in overload as he just kept fucking her beyond orgasm. His hands were on her hips and he was bouncing her hard, her beautiful, long hair flying as her head whipped in her mindless throes of extreme passion.

I could tell when he came, not just by his actions and vocals, but by how Gina reacted each time she felt a strong jet of his hot cum blast her insides. I know and love the feeling and watching it happen to her is almost as good.

A few minutes later, the three of us were laid out on the couch, watching nothing in particular, just basking in our satisfied afterglows, sipping our respective beer, or wine, and smiling, kissing and hugging each other in pure contentment and satisfaction. After the movies, we got into another tangle and another after that until we finally went to bed at about three thirty AM, nicely buzzed, totally satisfied and wiped out.



Jul. 28/09

It seems, in all the time I spent maneuvering the situation to where it is between the three of us, feeling the guilt of what I was doing and living with a new, somewhat humbled attitude where that type of thing is concerned, I’d forgotten how unpredictable Gina can be.

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