Medallion Ch. 02Medallion Ch. 02


Joey was late for school, after he arrived he got summoned to Mrs. Cameron’s ,the school principal, office. When he arrived at the principal’s office he was made to wait inside her office. As Joey was looking around he saw pictures of Mrs. Cameron in various poses of receiving awards and he kind of liked the way she dressed on those pictures.

Mrs. Gretchen Cameron was the principal of the local high school as she has been for the past ten years. She’s in her late 50’s but you wouldn’t notice her age just by looking at her. She had a trim and beautiful body, with her creamy soft skin covering her firm and tender breasts, her long slender legs accentuated perfectly her sumptuous figure and to top it all off her angelic face made her even look sexier. Although you can see some wrinkles on her face but you tend to overlook them due to Mrs. Cameron’s kind disposition and caring attitude. Mrs. Gretchen Cameron was a very classy lady she has been married to the same man for 35 years and she has already two grandchildren.

As Mrs. Cameron entered her office Joey greeted her

“Good Morning Mrs. Cameron.” “Oh its you again Joey may I know what brings you here.” Mrs. Cameron asked Joey.

“Oh I’m just here to get my tardiness pass ma’am?” Joey replied.

“Joey you are late again?” Mrs. Cameron asked with a hint of her getting angry. “This is the 5th time this month!” Mrs. Cameron proclaimed getting ready to lash out at Joey.

Joey sensing the impending punishment he was to have rubbed the medallion inside his pocket and then said

“Mrs. Cameron I want you to sit down and write down my tardiness pass” Joey commanded her.

Gretchen was stunned by the young man’s arrogance but she could not refuse his command. As if on a trance she sat down and wrote down Joey’s tardiness pass.

As she was doing this Joey studied this very mature woman with her long Çapa Escort creamy white legs crossed and then he looked at her face and he concluded that she must have been the prettiest girl in school when she was younger. And then Joey decided that she would be his next victim. As Gretchen Cameron handed the pass to Joey he got her hand and then told her

“Would you like to help me relieve myself, Mrs. Cameron?”

“What do you mean, Joey?” Gretchen asked Joey innocently but at the back of her mind she knew what Joey was asking for.

“I mean, I want you to jerk me off!” Joey confidently told her.

Gretchen was really surprised at what Joey was asking her to do, but she could not say no. She felt a shiver run through her as she heard the young man’s voice and she couldn’t get herself to turn down his request.

“Joey are you asking me to masturbate you?” Gretchen asked Joey trying earnestly to conceal her growing arousal. “Yes I want you to make me cum Mrs. Cameron.” Joey answered her, sensing that the old lady was beginning to come under his spell.

“Well, okay Joey sit down on the couch and wait for me here. ” Gretchen’s mind wanted to smack the boy but her body wouldn’t follow her as she acceded to the young man’s demand.

Gretchen went outside her office and told her secretary that she must not be disturbed for the next hour and then returned locking the door as she went in. By now Joey was sitting on the couch and waving at her to join him. Sitting next to Joey she asked him

“So what do I do now?” She innocently asked Joey as her vagina started to leak with her juices as she speculated on what her young student was up to.

“You can start by helping me take off my pants.”

Without hesitation she kneeled in front of Joey and then undid his trousers and pulled it out from under him. Gretchen was in awe when she saw Çapa Escort Bayan Joey’s 10-inch cock.

Joey, sensing that this mature lady was hesitating, got her hand and guided it to his cock. Gretchen felt a stirring, piercing sensation between her legs as her hand made contact with his student’s cock. After gently wiping the pre-cum that oozed out from the tip of his cock she began to stroke his cock very gently ,sending the young man groaning in pleasure.

“Oooooohhhhhhh………Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…..” Joey sounded off his approval.

Hearing the young man’s groan of appreciation, Gretchen felt a rush of delight emanate from her pussy as it enveloped her whole body. As Gretchen rode the wonderful sensations that she was experiencing she tightened her grip on the young man’s penis and started to stroke it a little bit faster bringing Joey to the brink of cumming but before he could cum he stopped Gretchen’s strokes and then

“Please take off your blouse, Mrs. Cameron.”

Gretchen hesitated for a while, she was quite reluctant on letting Joey see her naked. She wasn’t sure if the young boy would like to see her 58-year old body naked. Joey, sensing that there was hesitation on Mrs. Cameron’s part, stood up and gently raised her up and told her to continue stroking his cock. And then he gently kissed Gretchen on her cheeks and slowly unbuttoned her blouse one erotic button at a time. After he had finished with all the buttons he let the satin blouse slide off his mature victim’s body and was delightfully presented with her excited breasts, there was nothing wrong with her breast, to Joey it was just perfect. Having been presented with such an alluring bosom he gently played with one mound and then kissed the other. Gretchen had to restrain herself from screaming after she felt Joey’s hot tongue lick her rock hard nipples. Thrills wilder than any Escort Çapa she’d ever imagined was possible to feel were coursing through her. Joey’s gentle touches were bringing her closer to the edge of a fiery climax until

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh……..Joeeyyyyyyyy……” Gretchen squealed as her body shuddered from the incredible sensations that ran through her anatomy.

Sensing what the mature lady was experiencing, Joey continued pleasuring her bosom as she rode the peaks and valleys of her orgasm. As they both sat down on the couch, Gretchen having fully extracted all the pleasure of her thunderous orgasm, continued to stroke Joey’s cock as he gently massaged her firm breasts. Then Joey reached down to Mrs. Cameron’s crotch area. As Gretchen felt Joey’s hand she stopped him and then told him

“I’m a married woman Joey, as much as I would like to let you do that, this is as far as I could go” Gretchen begged Joey

Having been separated from his medallion Joey retreated and continued his exploration of Mrs. Cameron’s mature bosom as the old lady tried her best to masturbate his ten-inch cock Joey was beginning to feel an orgasm welling up on his balls as powerful sensations, incredibly delightful ones rocketed through him.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!” he moaned, as sound finally burst from him.

“Mrs. Cameron I’m cummmmminnng, Please jerk it faaaaaaaasterrrr!” Joey begged the old lady jerking him off.

After a few seconds Joey’s cock shot streams and streams of his semen in to Gretchen’s hand and then collapsed on her breast. Spent and shaken, Joey let himself fall back on the couch, straightening his legs, gasping for breath. He felt Mrs. Cameron’s hand slide away from his cock and glide gently down his leg running her fingers up and down his thigh. After a few seconds of silence Joey got up and stared at his latest victim she was exhausted too. Then Gretchen got up, got dressed then kissed Joey and tore the pass that she made for him and then kissed him on the cheek and then said

“Now be a good boy sweetie and return to your class.”

Joey got dressed and then went on his way thinking that he had to someplace, sometime fuck this sensuous woman.

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