Aunt Kris and Cousin Lindsay Ch. 2Aunt Kris and Cousin Lindsay Ch. 2


It was getting late and I took my cousin and Aunt’s bags to the extra bedroom. My Aunt walked into the room and grabbed my ass. I could feel my cock begin to harden.

“ Ok, my little slave… for the rest of the weekend when you are at home you will be naked unless I tell you otherwise,” my aunt said. “ Take your clothes off now, and you can be my toy right before bed. Oh, and don’t forget I would like you to address Lindsay and I as ‘Mistress’.”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

“ I want you to lay down on the bed, spread your legs and don’t fight me.”

My Aunt pulled some nylons out of her bag and brought them to my wrists and tied my wrists to the bed. Believe it or not I couldn’t move. She then tied my legs to the bottom of the bed. My Cock and asshole were totally exposed. My dick was fully erect and I couldn’t wait to pleasure my Aunt.

“ Now Steve, if you do a good job I might let you cum, and even if you do a good job, that doesn’t mean I will let you cum.”

My Aunt crawled onto the bed and lifted her nightgown to expose a black thong. I was getting more excited now. She told me she wanted me to use every part of my face to make her cum. She lowered her ass to my nose. I could smell the aroma of her pussy. She then pressed her panties to my face and wiggled a little making me submit to her completely. I was engrossed with the smell of her pussy and would listen to her every command. She lifted herself back up and then lowered her thong. I could see her wet twat glistening from the hall light. She quickly sat back down on my face and I was caught Ankara escort by surprise. I stuck my tongue out and could taste her love juice. She tasted so good. My Aunt slowly gyrated her hips, smothering her pussy all over my face. I continued to lick and suck her pussy and I could hear my Aunt begin to moan.

My cock was so hard. I was praying that my Aunt would suck me off or let me masturbate for her. I was feeling a little light headed, since I was not able to get much air in between sucking my Aunt’s cunt and swallowing her cum. I had my nose pressed into her puckered asshole while I swirled my tongue in her pussy. I started to get dizzy and suddenly blacked-out.

I woke up and could not see a thing. I felt cool air on my legs and crotch area. I tried to move my legs and they wouldn’t budge. My hands were tied above my head and I could not move them either. I could hear my Aunt’s voice.

“Oh, is my little slave awake? How did my pussy taste slave? You must have brought me to at least 3 orgasms. I have put you in my little contraption here. It is a plastic box with a toilet seat on the top. You are going to be mine and Lindsay personal toilet for the week.”

Then I saw the top of the box open and I could see my Aunt looking down on me. She stepped across the box and straddled the seat. I could see up her skirt and my cock began to stir. She was wearing a bright yellow pair of underwear which she began to pull down. She then took the underwear and stuck them in the seat and put the crotch to my nose.

“Smell that pussy Steve? I wiped all Ankara escort bayan the cum off your face onto these underwear. Stick out your tongue and taste my cunt.”

I licked her panties as I was forced to and I could taste her cunt. She quickly pulled them away from my mouth.

“You can taste my pussy later after I relieve my bladder from this urine.”

My Aunt then lowered her beautiful ass onto the seat and I could see her cunt spread as she sat down. I knew what was coming next. A drop of liquid fell from my Aunt’s pussy and landed on my forehead. Then at once a huge flow of liquid splashed onto my face. I opened my mouth and let some of the liquid in. I then swallowed and could taste the sourness right away. My Aunt really was serious about making me her toilet. She must have pissed for a minute and a half and when she finally stopped I had a chance to swallow and clear my throat from all her piss. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would, but still very hard to drink too much. My Aunt lowered her head to the seat and rubbed her hand on my nose and then stuck her finger in my mouth.

“How does that taste little nephew? Get use to it. I think little Steve down there is a little happy.”

My cock was still rock hard. I felt my Aunt grab it with her hand and start to rub my member. Then she said she had to go and my cousin Lindsay would release me from the strain of all the semen I had built up.

I saw my cousin Lindsay standing over the seat.

“Hi Steve, enjoying your week so far?”

“Yes Mistress,” I answered.

“Steve Escort Ankara I need to use the toilet, and if you promise to drink the majority of my urine I will be more than happy to play with your cock.”

“Oh please mistress Lindsay, use me, I would love to drink your piss,” I replied hoping to finally release all the cum in my nuts.

My cousin lowered her purple panties and I could see an up skirt view of her beautiful ass cheeks and cunt. She sat down on the seat and placed her feet on my cock. She started to rub her toes up and down my shaft making me even harder, if that is possible. She continued to use her feet on my cock, I was in heaven. I then saw her pussy lips spread and she began to pee down onto me. I opened my mouth wide and did my best to swallow every last drop. I could feel a few drops stream down my chest. Her pee was so warm, and not quite as sour as my Aunt’s. She finished using me and used her feet to pleasure me again.

I was nearing my orgasm.

“Oh Mistress Lindsay that feels so good.”

“I hope you drank all my pee otherwise your going to be in big trouble after you come all over my feet. I didn’t last much longer. My cousin stroked her feet real fast up and down my cock, and I shivered as my whole body was filled with pleasure. I came hard all over my cousin’s feet. She sure knew how to get a man off.

‘Thank you Mistress,” I said.

“I hope you enjoyed my pee my little slave. Now I am gonna get you out of this contraption and let you clean my pussy. She pulled the box off my head and I had to let my eyes adjust to the daylight. My cousin then without warning sat her pussy on my face and ground her ass into my nose. She tasted better than my Aunt, and I stuck my tongue as far into her cunt as I could wanting to make her happy.

To be continued…

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