Captain Jack Ch. 02Captain Jack Ch. 02


Buzzzzzz, Buzzzzzz, my eyes opened. The alarm was sounding, damn, was I tired. I reached over and turned it off. I just lay there looking at the bulkhead and suddenly I felt a hand on my chest. I looked across my body and there was Sheree, sprawled out. Her legs were open, moving back and forth. She was smiling, Her eyes were alive with fire and she was blowing me kisses, all the while she was playing with my chest hair. Her fingers felt good, they moved slow and gently. I reached across and pulled her into me. She was so warm and soft. She snuggled and started kissing my neck, my ear, and my eyes and finally her mouth was on mine. Then her tongue was probing my mouth, sliding in and out and now sucking my tongue into her mouth.

She moved across my body and straddled me, her mouth still attaching mine. I could feel her thighs around my cock and her tits burning into my chest. She was rubbing her pussy on my cock, dry fucking me.I could feel her hand around the shaft, they were moving up and down. She pulled her ass off me and straddled my cock. I could feel the head of my cock massaged in warm velvet like tunnel. Damn, it felt so good, I reached up and grabbed her hips and pulled her down all the way on my engorged member. She slid up and down my cock, while our mouths were still locked in tongue wrestling. She rode my cock for about five minutes and then she lifted off of it and started sucking me. The next thing I new her pussy lips were in my mouth. I kissed them licking her clit and sucking on it very tenderly. I could feel her starting to cum. Oh baby; she was cuming hard, pushing her cunt hard into my face. I was struggling to get my breath; but she just kept on cuming and cuming. When she finally stopped cuming she smiled and rolled off.

She was now laying on her back with her legs spread wide and her knees up.

She smiled and said, “I want that horse cock in my cunt right now”.

I crawled between her legs and kissed her pussy, pushing in my tongue. She was shaking and moving her hips. “Please fuck me”, she smiled, “ I need you in my honey pot”.I moved up between her legs and lay my cock on her mound and started sucking and licking her nipples. When I started to nibble on them she had another orgasm. “Please fuck me I’m begging you,” she said. I took her legs and put them on my shoulders, I pushed forward, and her ass was rolled up like a beautiful ball. Her cunt lips were open and dripping her sweet nectar. I put the head of my cock into her pussy and she moaned with delight. I move it in and out very little, but she was trying to suck it in deeper. Then I rammed it in her all the way to the hilt. She let out a small scream and shuttered, while I was fucking her hard and fast. She was meeting every thrust and arching her back to get more of my cock in her. She was moaning, “oh god, oh god”, over and over. I could finally feel my cock start to pulse. I had cum so many time today that I didn’t think I could again. I exploded and it was unbelievable, I shot rope after rope of cum into her cunt and she was cuming at the same time. I could feel cum running down my cock and onto me. She was squirming under me like a snake, still trying to fuck me. My cock was still hard. That pill really did the job, but I was exhausted.

I woke up with the sun shinning through the porthole. Sheree was still sleeping; I slipped on my shorts and shoes and left her sleeping like an angel. Damn, she had the most beautiful ass. The more you looked at it, the more you wanted to kiss it.

I headed toward the bow of the ship to check with Singhi and see when we would get to Ensenada. I was in the shower when I felt the boat dock for fueling. As I came up on deck they were just starting the fueling process. Singhi was waving his arms directing the workers. I had to smile at the way he bossed them around. We took on some drinking water and three cases of Tequila. The best money could buy, so they say.

After fueling was finished we left the harbor and headed south toward Pt. Canoas, which is about 150 miles south of Ensenada. There is shelter and a nice beach for the guest to sun and swim. We will anchor there for the night. I told Singhi my plans for the night and he agreed with my decision.

He told me he was going to fish off the stern, for our dinner. He head for the stern and was gone. I heard voices in the saloon and stuck my head in the door. The two men were in a heavy conversation and the women were relaxing on the couches. They were both still topless and I did not mind at all, the view was beautiful. Sandra’s tits are succulent a little more than a good mouthful, nipple sticking straight out. Sheree’s were at attention, the nipples we pointing at the ceiling. Sticking out a half inch, just waiting to be sucked.

Sandra purred, “Hi captain I hope you had a lovely evening”. I said, “Why thank you Sandra I surely did have a great evening”, smiling at Sheree then Sandra.

Singhi came in and told us lunch was ready and Escort had caught a nice sea bass for dinner. The men got up and followed Singhi.

I was alone with the “hot sisters”. “My lunch is in your shorts”, purred Sandra, “and I want it now”. I looked at Sheree and said, “ Why don’t you both share it together”. In a flash Sandra was between my legs with my cock in her hands. She kissed the tip of my head and took the head in her mouth. Her tongue was traveling up and down the shaft, stopping for a suck then moving up and down the shaft. Damn Sandra, “Let me get my shorts off”. She grabbed them pulling them down and threw them on the floor. Sheree moved toward me and took my balls in her hand and starting massaging them ever so gently. Then she got down on her knees and took on of my balls in her mouth and sucked it almost all into her mouth. Sandra was sucking my cock like a vacuuming cleaner, and Sheree was mauling my balls. I could feel an orgasm starting to come. I told Sandra I was going to cum and she sucked my cock down her throat deeper. I exploded and she sucked and swallowed. She took every drop, I could not believe it and she kept on sucking.

Damn, I pulled away and she pouted. Sheree kept sucking on my balls, I didn’t know if I should cry or shout for joy. She sucked on my balls, for what seemed an hour. I was lying back on the couch in heaven, when she stopped sucking and I felt her sit on my cock. Her cunt was like a steel furnace, hot and smoldering. He cunt was pulsing on my cock as she was ridding up and down on it. Sandra was on my side sucking on Sheree nipples as she was riding my cock. Sheree screamed,”0hhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddd”. She was in a constant orgasm; she was all over me, fucking like a wild woman.

Then she became quit and just slowly moved me in and out of her pussy. I laid her on her back and fucked her slow and steady for almost an hour, all the while Sandra sucking on Sheree’s nipples. When I finally did cum it was very intense and last a very long time. I rolled off her and fell to the floor, just lying there.

Sheree came down on the floor and kneeled by my head and kissed me, again and again. She got up and went to her purse and came back to me, handed me a pill and said, “Take this pill sweetie because you’re going to need it tonight”! She smiled and said, “I get to fuck you one more time today, and then Sandra gets you for the night. She will fuck you till you can’t walk. You better eat a nourishing dinner ” She leaned down and kissed me then left me laying there on the floor. I lay there with a big smirk on my face, unable to move. Finally I raised my tired body and stood on my feet, dressed and head toward my bunk.

The sky was beautiful, light floating clouds, in a powder blue background. The wind was coming from the South, a warm light zephyr. The sea was tranquil and the boat was moving lightly with the waves. Singhi approached from the stern, with a tray of food. He set the tray down on the counter, looked at me and smiled. “I don’t believe that anyone man can be so lucky. Where do you find these women, how come I am never that lucky”? Shaking his head he walked away mumbling to himself. I looked at the tray, Tuna salad on a bed of lettuce with asparagus spears and glass of ice tea. Looked good and it even tasted better. The tea was ice cold and I drained the whole glass.

I opened my humidor and chose on of the Cohiba’s. Cuban cigars are hard to come by these days, unless you have a source. My cutter was on the counter; I reached for it and cut the tip, slipped it into my mouth and just tasted the tobacco. I finally lit the cigar and took a big drag, Mmmmm.

Damn, it doesn’t get much better than this. I set the autopilot and walked to bow and looked out onto the sea. The breeze was directly in my face and the smell of the sea in my nostrils. I looked to the right; there was a school of dolphins skimming the water top. They were jumping and playing like a bunch of kids in a park. I continued to smoke my Cuban and just enjoy the world around me. I looked at my wristwatch and it was 1:45 pm, my timing was perfect. We should reach Pt. Canoas at about 5:30 pm, give or take a few minutes. Boy, this cigar really tasted good.

The dolphins were now on the side of the boat following us and the passengers were on the deck watching them play. They were leaning on the railing, Sandra and Sheree were both still topless, and the men were in swimsuits. What a group of misfits they were, how do people like that ever find each other? They were as different as day and night, Joe seemed like an ok guy, Jason looked like he lived in cave with that gray pallor. Sandra the nymph extraordinaire and Sheree the pixie nymph.

The wind was picking up and shifting to the Southeast, the sun was high in the sky and the day was getting warmer. The breeze was nice and kept me comfortable. I put my ball cap on to keep the sun out of my eyes. I had this 49ers cap for years, you could tell by the discoloration of the material the many hours of sweat it had endured. I put my cigar out and headed to the engine compartment. I checked to make sure everything was in good shape. Singhi was at my side before I knew he was there. “Ok,” he said, “Ok,” I said and he walked away.

As I was making my way back to bridge Joe approached me, Saying,“ you have a beautiful craft here Jack. Have you ever though of selling”? “No, I Never have,” I replied, “why do you ask”? “Sheree and I would like to buy your boat, do you have a price in mind”? He said. I was becoming a little aggravated at his questions. I replied, “My price is a hundred million dollars and not a penny less”. He just looked at me and smiled, looking away from me he said, “ I guess you don’t have a price tag on you, or your boat”.He turned and walked away from me and disappeared headed toward the stern.

I though to myself, “ what a funny guy he is, shit why would he want to buy my boat. Unless Sheree put him up to it? He sure has enough money to buy a boat like mine.”

Singhi approached me and stated that we were about an hour from the point. I nodded to him and he left as quietly as he had come. Michelle had loved Singhi like a father and he treated her like a daughter. God how I still miss her. “Why did she have to die with such a horrible long illness? Damn, it was not fair to me or to Michelle; we had such a wonderful life together. She loved this boat as much as I did and I could never sell the “Good Feelings,” she is a part of the boat as I am”.

The sun was getting lower in the sky and the wind had died down again. I looked at my watch and it was 5:00 pm and I could see the point up ahead of us. I did not see any other boats moored near the point. That was a good sign; we would have the place to ourselves. When we turn the corner on the point I could see that the small inlet was free. I turned the boat toward the shoreline and head into the inlet. We were snug at anchor and the water was very still, not a ripple to be seen. I looked around and marveled at the scenery. The water was so clear you could see the bottom. I told Singhi to ask the passengers if they would like to go ashore: and if they want to go ashore to lower the skiff and drop them on the beach.

I heard the wench motor lowering the skiff. I went below and took a nice hot shower and laid on my bunk for and hour. I heard the wench motor again and knew that Singhi had gone and picked them up.

When I came back to topside Singhi was waiting for me. He said, “Dinner will be ready in about and hour”. I said, “Great what are we having”. Smiling he said, “poached sea bass, string beans, salad and apple pie”. I was hungry.

Sheree was walking toward me her breast swaying with boat. He nipples were hard and protruding to the sky above. Damn did they look good, like a ripe melon waiting to be eaten! Her bikini bottoms were very skimpy; it looked like she was wearing a band-aid. She put her arms around my neck and buried her nipples in my chest and kissed me on the chin. She whispered, “I sure missed you this afternoon”. She was rubbing her band-aid on my cock. I started to get hard and my cock was straining to get out of my shorts. I picked her up and carried her to the saloon; we were in luck no one was there. I put her on the couch and she took off her bottoms. She was very wet.I knelt between her legs and kiss her lips, kissing and sucking and finally finding her clit. I rolled my tongue around her little gun and she withered in shear delight.

I stood and she pulled my shorts down and off, my cock was hard as a rock. I pushed her down on the couch. I took the head of my cock and rubbed her crack. She was arching her back trying to suck my cock head into her cunt. I slid into her and she moaned again; I started working my cock in and out of her lava flowing pussy. I kept up a nice steady pace and she was meeting every stroke with one of her own. We fucked that way for at least thirty minutes and she started to really thrust hard into me and she was crazy. She was cuming like a volcano and she was erupting violently on my rod. She was fucking like an animal and I felt my cock start to shutter. I exploded; we were both crazy now fucking hard and fast. I kept cuming and cuming and she was matching me on every eruption. I was now starting to slow down to a steady slow stroke. I was sucking her nipples into my mouth and nibbling on them as I stroked into her cunt. I was spent but kept on stroking into her and she started to cum again. She was cuming and cuming; I have never seen a woman cum like she did. I finally rolled off her and she smiled, and kissed me. She got up blew me a kiss and headed toward her cabin. Damn, I was completely fucked out for the time being.

Dinner was good; I ate in the main saloon with the guests. It was pleasant, except for Sandra looking at me like I was a piece of meat. Her eyes were burning hole into me, especially while looking at my crotch. She mouthed the words, “your mine tonight, all night”, and she had a very wicked smile on her face. We all had after dinner drinks on the deck; I had “Remy Martin” VSOP Cognac with my second Cuban cigar of the day. I was very relaxed and content. I pour myself a triple shot of cognac and was just sipping and enjoying the cigar. I still had the pill that Sheree had given me, so I popped it into my mouth.

The breeze was getting cooler and the boat was rocking more than it had since we anchored in the inlet. It was the first time since the two nymphs had come aboard that they were not topless. Sheree was wearing a long blue dress low cut; it really showed off her breasts. Sandra was wearing a short dress reaching to the upper thigh; it was yellow with a flower print. Damn, she was all legs. I watched her move and her ass was flowing from side to side as she moved. She sat and across from me with her legs open; I could see she was not wearing any panties. I was starting to get hard, so I shifted in my seat to hide my enthusiasm. Sandra knew I was shifting to hide my hard-on. She was smiling again. Damn, I could not control my self. My dick was hard as hell. She got up and walked toward me, everyone was watching her as she sat in the chair next to me. She put her hand on my arm and caressed it gently. Her nipples were almost tearing throw the material of her dress. She was breathing hard; her eyes were on fire with lust. My dick was so hard it feel like it would explode, my balls were tight and starting to ache a little.

Sandra turned and looked at Jason saying, “don’t you think it’s past your bedtime darling”. Jason nodded and stood looking at Sandra and said, “Yes dear I guess it is past my bedtime”. Ten minutes later Sheree and Joe got up and headed to their cabin.

Now it was just Sandra and I on the deck alone. She stood slowly and looked into my eyes, all the while smiling. Her tongue was licking her lips and she reached up and held the straps to her dress. She slid her right arm under the strap then her left, she let the dress slip down her body. She was completely nude, her nipples looked bigger than before. She came to me and sat on my lap. She kissed me and licked my ear; her tongue was reaming my ear opening. My hands were playing with her nipples and she was moaning into my ear. She was now finding my mouth and her tongue was probing. I looked down to her crotch and she was fingering her clit. The wind was kicking up and was much cooler. “Let’s go into the saloon”, She said.

I watched her ass cheeks as I followed her into the saloon. I could swear that I hear the material of my shorts ripping and my cock jumping out at attention. She was watching me as I undid the top button on my short and pulled the zipper down. I pulled them down and my cock jumped out, waving in the night. First lifting my right foot out of them then my left. I threw them onto the floor in the corner. She stared at me and said, “You have a monster, its enormous. I want to feel you in me all the time”. She had her arms around my neck and we were kissing, she was rubbing her body on mine. Her body felt like it was on fire; I could feel my cock rubbing against her stomach. I reached around her and grabbed her ass cheeks one in each hand and lifted off the deck and could feel my cock head moving down to her mound. She said, “I want you so bad but we have all night and I want to savor every minute of our time together”. I set her back on the floor and she continued to probe my mouth with her tongue. She pushed me down on a chair and knelt between my legs. She took my cock into both of her hands and massaged it lightly, moving her hands up and down the shaft. Leaning in she kiss the very tip of the head; I felt a surge of electricity shoot down my cock into my balls. She was now just sucking the head in and out of her mouth. I was in ecstasy and could not move a muscle. She was sending me to heaven. She sucked and sucked and I loved every second of it.

Suddenly she stopped and took me to the couch and laid me on my back, she straddled my face with her pussy and came down on my face. I started sucking and licking her pussy and I could feel my cock sinking deep into her ravenous mouth. She tasted sweet as sugar; she was really secreting her nectar. God, she was fucking my cock with her mouth and I was using my tongue like a cock in her cunt. I could feel her start to cum and that brought me to the brink also. She started cuming first then I joined her a second later. It was like we were floating on a cloud as I was shooting cum down her throat. Her juice was flooding my mouth and I wanted more. We laid there like that for a while she was still sucking my cock and I wanted her to never stop. She just kept on fucking my cock with her mouth, her tongue never stopping to rest. Damn, I could fell myself staring to cum again. What an eruption I had it felt like my balls were coming through my pee hole. Her mouth was traveling at great speed up and down my shaft. When I stopped cuming, she sat up and said, “did you like that sweetie, I know I sure did”.

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