A night with a stranger.A night with a stranger.


A night with a stranger.My husband and i were married a long time and he always had a fantasy of watching me have sex with another man. My husband (steve) and i started dating when we were teenagers so he is the only guy i ever had sex with so i was intrigued with his fantasy. So after years of telling me this is something he really wants and assuring me that he would not get jealous i finally agree and we posted something on xhamster to find a guy i wanted to meet. It wasnt long till i found a handsome gentemen (adam) i wanted to get to know better. We chatted for about a month to get to know each other before we decided to meet at bar located inside a hotel for some drinks. That way if the night went well, we just had to go upstairs. It was finally the day we were supoosed to meet and i was extremly nervous and excited. I wore my satin black thongs, black bra, with black stockings and garterbelts with my short black dress, white blouse, and black heels. My husband and i got to the bar and i was sweating i was so nervous. I was talking with my husband at the bar when adam sat next to me. He was just as sexy in person as in his pics and he smelled amazing. I was so nervous that i could barely speak but adams charasmatic personality and some libations finally loosened me up and it wasnt long before we were all bahis siteleri laughing and having a good time. As we were talking adam put his hand on my thigh and i felt a surge of sexual excitement pulse thru my body. The dj played one of my favorite songs and i asked adam to dance with me. It was at this point that i was getting excited. He was grinding on me and i could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass as we danced and his hands were running all over my body. I wanted him now. I grabbed my husband from the bar and we headed upstairs to the room. My husband sat on the couch and watched as adam kissed my neck and undid the buttons on my blouse. He lifted my skirt and grabbed my ass as he took of my bra off and.began to suck on my nipples. I looked over to my husband and he was already stroking his hard cock. Adam was very aggressive and i loved it. I could feel my pussy get wet as i seen the huge buldge in his jeans. Adam pushed me on the couch right next to my husband and spread my legs as he kneeled on the floor in front of me. As adam pulled my thongs off i ran my hand up and down my husbands cock. I moaned softly as adams tongue ran between my slit. He reached up and fondled my breasts as his tongue danced all over my wet pussy. It wasnt long before my husband got to excited from seeing a stranger canlı bahis siteleri please his wife and he erupted cum all over himself. Adam continued to lick my pussy until i was moaning loud and fast and gave me a long and hard orgasm. I i got up off the couch and lifted adam to his feet, took his shirt off and knelt infront of him. I took off his belt unzipped his jeans and took his big cock out of his pants. My husband has a big cock but adams was bigger. As i sucked on the head of his cock i slid his pants to his ankles. I looked over and my busband was once again jerking his cock. I wrapped my lips around his cock as i slid my hand up and down his shaft. I tried to take all of adam in my mouth but i was unable too. I licked and sucked his cock as i comtinued to pump my hand up snd down his shaft. i felt his balls begin to tighten and he began to moan loudly. I sucked on his balls as i jerked him off and i knew he wasnt going to last much longer. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked as hard and fast as i could and adam moaned loud as he came all over my tits. We adjourned to the bed and adam took off one of my stockings and licked and sucked my foot as he began to finger my wet pussy. My husband made himself cum as he watched us. Adam began kissing his way up my leg until he reached my pussy. canlı bahis He continued to finger me as he licked and sucked my clit. He kept going faster and faster until i squirted all over. I wanted to feel him inside me so bad. I sucked his cock real quick until he was rock hard again. I rolled a condom on his hard cock , climbed on top of lap and slowly slid my wet pussy down his shaft inch by inch until it was all the way in. Omg, his cock felt amazing. I moaned loudly as i rocked my hips and worked my way up and dowm his big cock. It wasnt long before i was able to make myself cum riding his big cock. He then put me on all fours and went behind me and slid his cock in from behind. He grabbed my hips as he fucked me deep, hard and fast. I was im heaven as he slammed me with his big cock over and over. He then grabbed me by the hair and just slammed me on his cock like i was a whore. Adam then threw me on my back and spread my legs. He sucked my toes as he inserted his hard cock inside me again. My husband climbed on the bed next to me and jerked his cock until he came all over my tits. I could feel his warm cum run down my body as adam fucked me as fast and hard as he could. I lost count but he had me cumming over and over again as he fucked me hard. Adam grabed my thighs and squeezed hard as he pulled his cock out of me , ripped his condom off and came hard all over my pussy and body. It was one amazing night that i will never forget and even tbough i say i wont do it again i still think about how amazing his huge cock felt inside me.

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