Brink of InsanityBrink of Insanity

She stood there in the very short light blue satin nightie trimmed in dark blue lace. Her fingers clutching the kitchen counter, barely able to stand the onslaught of what was being done to her.

One of the men standing next to her whispering naughty erotic things into her ear, an occasional nip or nibble upon her earlobe to break up the monotony of his words.

A soft groan or moan coming from between her moistened lips. Those being the only sounds she could mutter per his instructions before they had even begun this sweet delicious torture.

The other man is kneeling in front of her, teasing her sopping cunt with his mouth, lips and tongue.

Her half naked body covered in sheen of sweat as her entire body trembles and shudders

Her now dark blue eyes darting from the one man to the other, the glazed over orbs displaying pure animal lust towards the one knelt between her trembling thighs, a pleading look of desperation directed at the one standing next to her, knowing he is the only one who would allow her the final release her body was aching to achieve.

Her grip tightening upon the counter, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip to stifle the “Oh fucccckkkkkkkkkk” she would have uttered as the man who was knelt down in front of her sunk two of his digits deeply into her well lubed cunt; while the man standing next to her slipped his hand under her full breast pulling it out from under the silky material. His fingers gripping one of her taunt pert nipples, pinching it and rolling it between them.

Her eyes closing as she fought the urge not to explode.

A very firm order of “Don’t you dare cum” being murmured against her ear as his grip Ankara escort tightened on her nipple.

The fingers, which just got plunged into her cunt, start to slide in and out.

Her quick intake of breath and soft gasp escaping between her parted lips. Her legs start to tremble as her entire body starts to shudder.

Both men are well aware any one of the things they were doing to her right at this moment by themselves would have had her careening over that edge, and to combine them was driving her completely and utterly insane; but this is what they all wanted.

Both of the men want to drive her to the point where she couldn’t form any type of thought.

She reveling in the idea she was entirely at both of their mercies.

The thought alone made her cunt clench and drip.

Her eyes flicker to open, letting them fall upon the man standing next to her. The reflection in them begs him to let her cum now.

His lips curling into a wicked grin as he knows he can push her just a bit further. Cruelly twisting her nipple he has held in his grasp, watching as her body slumps a bit, as he shakes his head no. He utters a “Not yet” under his breath.

Her cunt instantly clutches at the digits, which are now plunging in and out of her soaked pussy. Her inner thighs are wet and glistening with her warm juices. A soft moan emitted from her as her now red erect nipple gets released.

He grazes his hand down along her side, pulling up the bottom of the nightie, fully exposing her wet naked mound and cunt. His middle finger trailing slowly and teasingly up her wet slit, in search for her clit. His middle finger lightly presses against it, making her Ankara escort bayan body jolt at the contact. He begins to slowly make circles upon it.

She drops her head as her resolve starts to fade away. Her mind screaming in her head that she has to cum. Her entire body yearns and aches for that sweet release.

“Look at me” she hears.

She raises her head and looks at him, her now animal lust filled eyes only focused on his.

“Tell me what you want”.

She struggles for the words. She rims her lips with her tongue, dropping her gaze to the other man positioned between her legs.

“Tell him,” he further instructs.

A deep intake of breath as she fixes her gaze back upon the first man. “I want to cum’, she utters very softly.

“How badly?” he asks.

She struggles again.

He steps closer to her and grinds his rock hard cock against her hip, his finger applying more pressure to her throbbing clit. “Beg me to allow you to cum.”

She groans softly and whimpers. She affixes her lust filled eyes on him and pleads to him “Please, I want to cum.” Pausing to take a quick soft breath. “I need to cum.”

He grins at her and backs away from her slightly, looking at the other man and in turn nodding at him.

She looks back and forth at the two of them wondering what is going to happen to her next.

The man who was kneeling on the floor slides his drenched fingers out of her cunt and settles back onto his heels.

She hears the rasp of a zipper. She turns her head and watches as the man who was standing next to her drops his jeans to his feet.

Her eyes immediately lower to his now rock hard cock. She inwardly Escort Ankara groans, and then glances back up to his face, awaiting further instructions.

He hops up onto the counter, which is adjacent to the one she has been leaning against and flashes his sexy grin of his at her. He motions for her to come closer to him.

She nibbles her bottom lip as she moves closer to him, knowing what he wants her to do. She quickly rims her lips with her tongue and engulfs the entire length of him into her warm wet mouth, tongue flicking along the veined flesh, swallowing as the tip of his cock hits the back of her throat.

His groans being heard as he pushes his cock forward, sinking it into her throat. He leans over and whispers into her ear. “You can cum when I do.”

She glances up at him and nods slightly.

She jumps a bit as the other man begins to lick and suckle on her pussy. His tongue delving into her tight wet entrance. Fucking her with his tongue, as his fingers were doing previously. She begins to work her mouth and lips up and down the hard shaft, knowing the sooner she gets him to erupt, she can too.

Both of the men’s mingled moans and groans making her get hotter and wetter, driving her to work quicker upon the cock she’s sucking. Her cheeks hollow as his cock pumps in and out of her mouth.

She feels his hand grab onto her tousled locks, tightening, gripping and tugging at them. The signal telling her he is close.

She quickly plunges her mouth around his entire length, sinking the entire head into the back of her throat.

“Cum NOW!” he demands as his cock swells in her mouth.

She feels the thick rope of cum erupt and spurt down her throat.

She closes her eyes and savors that brief moment before her entire body tenses. Her cunt spasming and rippling seconds before it erupts, gushing and squirting hot sweet liquid into the other man’s mouth.

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