By The Time I Get To PhoenixBy The Time I Get To Phoenix


Readers, this is a fictitious story told in the first person. If you’re looking for a piece of work to get a quick jerk-off job, I can save you the time and assure you that this story isn’t it.

It takes time to set the stage for the erotica later. Still, it’s more of a love story with some erotica mixed in.

My wife, Carol, was amazing in so many ways.

Those that only knew her as a casual acquaintance saw the stone-faced, almost emotionless, façade. She has been a loan manager at a large bank here in town for over 25 years. That’s her business face.

At home, she was funny; sometimes silly. Often playful. She could laugh at others as well as laugh at herself. She was passionate in the bedroom, which for me is a good thing because I can match that passion and even at 52 years old, I still have an enormous sex drive. She willfully went toe-to-toe with those desires.

We each had lovers before we met 31 years ago. In some ways, those lovers prepared us for our time together.

I had dated a lovely, shy girl named Donna during our senior year in high school and continued through the middle of our sophomore year of college.

We both came from strict homes and we each had to wait until we were 18 to date on our own. Prior to that, there was always someone older with us to act as a chaperone.

I turned 18 in April during our senior year, and Donna turned 18 on the day after we graduated.

Finally, we had our first date alone. No more meddling adults. No more chaperones. No more simple and bland good night kisses.

We drove down to Disneyland for a day trip. That’s what we told everyone. We did go to Disneyland, but I also rented a hotel room a few blocks away. Before entering the park, I entered her.

The passion that had built up between us for so many months had overflowed. Although we were both virgins, we had no inhibitions about getting undressed and exploring each other’s bodies.

It’s not surprising that I didn’t last long at the first attempt. I was rock hard the minute I began to remove her tank top. I had been hard most of the 3-hour ride to Disneyland because I kept reaching across and feeling up her small breasts through her top and bra.

I also snuck my hand inside her shorts and could feel a thick mat of hair above her opening. My blonde girlfriend wasn’t lacking for pubic hair, that’s for sure.

We made love three times in the first two hours in the room. We finally walked to the park, got on a couple of rides and viewed some of the attractions.

Donna had always been self-conscious about her small breasts. She was extremely cute, but she never saw herself that way. I’ve never considered myself to be a great catch, but I always believed the right girl wouldn’t care.

I honestly thought Donna would be THE one for me. For nearly two years we dated. I did notice some changes in her. She became much more at ease with herself and her body.

Although she wasn’t necessarily an exhibitionist, she had no problem wearing clothing that was very complimentary to her figure, especially her nice ass.

It wasn’t uncommon for her to have on the shortest of shorts and wearing a shirt that left no doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She loved tank tops and often they’d be loose enough at the sides to give an onlooker a good side view of her tits.

She got angry with me once when I pointed out that her shorts crawled up her leg enough to expose a few of her blonde curls from the bottom.

“So, I’m a woman. I have pussy hair. I don’t see the big deal, she replied angrily.” The former introvert had done a complete 180-degree turnaround. I was happy to see her come out of her shell, but she had gone too far the other direction.

She had changed. It really wasn’t a surprise when I discovered that she had enjoyed at least two other guys. Although not surprised, I was still heart-broken. We had discussed marriage a few times, but we both wanted to finish school. I always sensed that I was more enthused about marriage than she was.

At the time of our breakup, I was working part time at a The Pizza Shack. One of my co-workers, Pam, knew what happened with Donna and told me that she had a friend, Carol, that was very cute and very available. Carol was a friend of Pam’s cousin that lived on the other side of town. Pam and Carol became friends through that connection.

I would have shown more interest in Pam, but she was in a relationship with a guy named Ricky. Ricky came into the Shack frequently. He was a good-looking and entertaining guy. There was something about him, though, that I had an innate feeling of mistrust. I imagined myself treating Pam with a little more respect that he did…if she were my girlfriend, at least.

To be honest, Pam was kind of a plain-Jane, but to me that was a positive thing. She wasn’t unattractive, but with the reputation that had spread about Ricky and his more attractive former girlfriends, I was surprised that he would bahçeşehir escort be interested in Pam. Still, I personally found her very desirable; both physically and personally.

Pam wasn’t high maintenance. She didn’t demand a lot from Ricky. A guy should want to treat a girl like that like a queen.

Pam wasn’t the typical skinny girl. She had a fuller body, although not fat by any definition. She did have large breasts, although she did her best to conceal them. While the so-called “hot” girls were size 2 or 4, Pam filled out a size 8 very nicely.

She had raven-dark hair that she always kept in a ponytail. What she lacked in classic beauty, she compensated with a genuine smile and friendly demeanor.

We were just friends, though. I met her friend, Carol, and things took off from there. Carol was the one for me.

Unfortunately, Carol had also been the one for Ricky in the past. Carol dated him twice, went to bed with him twice, then dumped him. She was taken in by his looks and charisma, then turned off by his ego. He talked about himself incessantly and never seemed to care to learn anything about her or to meet her family.

In this central California town of over 100 thousand people, the word gets around about certain individuals. Pam knew Ricky from the time he was friends with Carol. When Carol dumped him, he asked Pam out.

At first Pam refused. That was her good friend’s ex-boyfriend. She knew they had sex twice. Then, Ricky insisted that she ask Carol. Maybe if she had Carol’s blessing, he’d go out with her.

Surprisingly, Carol made it clear that he’s an ex for a good reason and if she wanted him that she had no qualms about it. She had already shared the reason why she dumped him.

Two months later, Ricky and Pam had become a serious item. After that, Carol and I began what would be a very long-term relationship.

Carol was up front about her time with Ricky. I’ll never forget her pointed words to me about him.

“Trevor, I would rather switch teams and be a lesbian than to ever date or go to bed with that guy again. Have I made myself clear? When I say he’s history, I couldn’t possibly be any clearer. I don’t like him, but I love Pam too much to disown her. Maybe she’ll dump his ass before it’s too late.”

That didn’t happen. I finished college and began my career in teaching at the local Junior College. We married immediately after my graduation. Our only child, Taylor, is now 26 and living in San Diego, although he makes trips to town every Wednesday for work.

Carol has been at the same bank for 32 years, being the loan manager for the past 25. I’m still at the same Junior College, using the same Room number H210, that I used on my first day of teaching.

Pam married Ricky the year before we married. Carol was a bridesmaid for the wedding. Pam was returned the favor for Carol. Over the years, Carol had become best friends with Pam.

Pam’s marriage with Ricky never seemed too secure to me. Somehow, it lasted 30 years. To no one’s surprise, she left him when she discovered the inevitable…he’d had several affairs over the years. She had absolute proof of at least two of them and anecdotal proof of several others.

They had their children, Chris and Jake that were now adults and married. There weren’t any grandchildren yet, but that was only a matter of time.

Pam had worked as an administrative assistant as a local hospital. She wanted to get away. There was a position open at a sister hospital in the Phoenix area and she took it.

Pam was going to start a new life. Her boys were disappointed but understood. They loved their father but were disgusted by his behavior. The boys helped her load up the moving van, drove it 8 hours away to Phoenix, and helped her get her belongings into her new apartment.

She talked to Carol almost every day. If Carol had to work late, she’d call me. Although the divorce was final, there were so many things still troubling in her mind. I believed that a professional therapist would be best for her, but she believed that having her bestie, Carol and to a lesser extent, myself and her cousin to talk to be the best therapy.

Carol didn’t mind. She missed the time together with her. They would either talk on the phone or get on Skype. I would join in on the Skype conversations.

In my years at the college, I never had to leave town for any kind of continuing education…until this year.

There had been many changes over the years with the curriculum as well as community expectations, and the college felt it was best to send its teachers to different conferences around the country. This was done over a 2-year period of time.

My location for class? Phoenix. Arrive Monday afternoon with classes all day from Tuesday through Friday morning, then fly home.

Carol thought it was great. She was hoping to go with me, but with only a two weeks’ notice. she couldn’t secure the time off. That was her bakırköy escort excuse, anyhow. I’d have to go alone.

“Well, at least you’ll get to see Pam. Make sure you give her a big hug for me as well.”

She must have sensed from my reaction that I lacked her enthusiasm about it.

“Did I say something wrong, Trevor?”

I wasn’t sure what to say.

I had been harboring feelings for Pam for as long as I’ve known her. While we were both married to someone else I knew she was forbidden fruit. Even though she’s divorced, she’s still taboo because I’m married to Carol.

Although my marriage appeared to be solid, our sex life wasn’t what it had been. It had been on the decline for the past 6 months, at least.

I still craved sex frequently. Even in my 50s, I can still go at it several times each week. Carol, at her best, was maybe twice a week…and her level of enthusiasm greatly diminished. I attributed it to age and hormones. She blamed it to a still juvenile-level interest in sex on my part.

I always resented that Ricky and Carol had sex before we met. I’ve always played it cool and tried to understand, but the thought of that playboy all over her would always disgust me.

On the nights that Pam would call for Carol but end up talking to me because Carol was late getting home, she began to get more personal about her problems with Ricky during their marriage. She admitted to knowing about his infidelity for over 10 years. I told her I suspected that he was messing around on her way back to our days at The Pizza Shack. She responded by saying that if she hadn’t been so blinded, she might have caught him way back then.

Pam was lonely. She admitted it. She liked her new job and she enjoyed getting a new start, but missed her old friends, her kids, her parents, and her cousin, Candace.

I was also getting more and more emotionally attached to her. I knew she needed more than just a “friend to talk to.” There was no mistaking her need to be physically loved as well. Sadly, I couldn’t be that guy…but I wanted to be “that guy” so badly. I could talk to her on the phone for an hour and walk away with an erection.

It wasn’t because she was talking dirty to me or trying to arouse me, it was just that burning desire to be right there, holding her, and comforting her…then having sex with her.

She was determined to persevere. As difficult as this was, she was convinced that it was the right thing. We tried to convince her to stay…as did Candace…as did her kids.

She had admitted some surprising things to Carol over the years. She admitted that the biggest reason she got the job promotion to Administrative Assistant was because she agreed to give the hospital president a blow job…twice. She equivocated her behavior because she didn’t really have “sex” with him and all she had to do is get topless for it.

One night, she blurted out a couple of startling admissions. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional, or if her mouth opened before her brain engaged. She didn’t sound drunk, but maybe a couple glasses of wine may have opened her up just a bit.

“You know how I got that first Administrative Assistant job at the hospital. I’m sure Carol told you.”

“Yes,” I answered as cool as possible. “I remember that.”

“Well, I guess my old boss, Mr. Luke Lackey, told me new boss about my “skills” and told me that if I could handle Mr. Lackey’s junk, that I could handle his junk. The emphasis on the word “junk” didn’t get past me.”

“Yes, I blew him as well. I kind of hated it because I had to swallow that shit, but I realized how desperate I was. It wasn’t really that bad if it weren’t for the swallowing part. It’s kind of fun making a guy come and seeing his satisfied face.”

“I don’t think I could ever do it again, but I did, although I’m sure I’d do it to keep my job if, necessary in the future. I’m not sure .I still had to get topless again, though. Yes, I’m a mess, Trevor. Don’t even know why I’m telling you this. Maybe it’s because I can trust you.”

She got quiet for several seconds. I had no words for her. I was just going to let her talk.

“Trevor, if I had just dated you instead back in our Pizza Shack days, I’d have you in my bed tonight.”

I was left completely speechless with that remark. How was I supposed to answer that? I’ve always been a good conversationalist, but those remarks stymied me. She really was that desperate to get a promotion and then eventually get out of town. She was also thinking about me in her bed. We would both be very vulnerable if we met up privately.

My cock got hard listening to her talk about getting naked, giving a blow job, and swallowing. The mental images were very stimulating.

She sounded shameful. She was practically in tears. Her dignity had taken a huge hit. The source of all of it was her frustrating marriage to Ricky and subsequent divorce.

“Don’t get me wrong, Trevor. Carol is very lucky başakşehir escort to have a guy like you. It’s my own damn fault for not listening to her when she told me about how Ricky was. Shit, I could have kept you to myself.”

The fact that she still had feelings for me made me feel both great and apprehensive. As I’ve stated, I still harbored feelings for her as well. Those had never subsided.

Carol knew all of this. After that last call, I told her what she admitted to me about blowing her new boss. Carol didn’t act surprised at all.

Carol’s never acted jealous about the obvious affection Pam and I have for each other. Never. I’ve never given her reason to be jealous. As much as I like Pam, I’ve never acted in any inappropriate way around her.

There’s been no flirting or sexual innuendo. I’ve never made any comments to her about her large breasts (which I’ve always wanted to get in my hands and mouth) or perfectly shaped and slightly larger than normal ass. Despite my feelings of lust and friendship, I’ve always been able to control my feelings.

I had to explain to Carol why I had reservations about meeting up with Pam. That included reviewing what she already knew and Pam’s comment about keeping me to herself.

“Oh, Pam’s said that to me before as well, Trevor. Sometimes she can almost be too honest. She trusts you so much. Why else would she admit to you that she got naked and gave her new boss a blowjob to convince him to hire her? Hell, she hadn’t even told me that.”

Carol had a slight smile on her face. I wasn’t sure why, though.

“Trevor, honey…can I discuss something with you. Promise you will listen and not get mad, okay. All I’m doing with you is thinking out loud. No actions, just thoughts, okay?”

I agreed, although I had no idea what was in her mind.”

“Trevor, if you go to Phoenix and meet up with Pam, I’m 100 percent in favor of it. If for some reason you two do more than just a dinner and conversation, if you know what I mean, I would understand. It wouldn’t affect my friendship with Pam or our marriage.”

What? Was she essentially giving me permission to screw Pam? As much as I wanted to have Pam, the idea of Carol approving of it was troublesome.

I started to reply to her, but she cut me off.

“I’m not done yet, babe. This is the part where you need to listen and keep an open mind. Please hear me out before you feel a need to say anything.”

I nodded in the affirmative.

“First of all, Trev, I’m not looking to cheat on you. Okay?”

Again, I shook my head up and down.

“I’ve been hit on and propositioned many times in those years, yet I’ve never acted on those except to decline them.”

That didn’t surprise me. Carol is a tall, leggy, blonde with long hair and some still very impressively shaped B cups that defy her 52 years of age. I am an even 6 feet tall and she is nearly eye to eye with me. I always knew that I married out of my league as far as looks go. Still, I trusted her explicitly that she was faithful.

“Trev, when we first met, I only had that asshole Ricky before you and you had that gal, Donna, that couldn’t help herself from playing around behind your back.”

“What’s that got to do with…?” I began to ask but Carol put up her hand to my mouth to silence me.

“Trev, I’ve been very happily married to you for this long and I hope it continues until we croak. I understand your feelings for Pam, and vice versa, and there’s been times it’s bothered me. Still, I believe you’ve been true and you’ve never given me a reason you haven’t been.”

“I know you’ve heard of Wyatt Coker, the guy with the large farming and ranching property out on the far end of Arlin Hwy.”


“Well, Wyatt is a huge customer of ours and I’ve personally handled a few of his loans. Each time, his wife, Wendy comes in with him to sign the loan papers.”

“The Cokers are well known in the area for their philanthropy and they are truly some of the nicest people you’d ever meet.”

“It’s also not a secret that they have what can be called an open marriage. Well, Wyatt has mentioned to me a few times that he wished I was in a similar relationship because he’d love to enjoy my company for a few hours.”

I had never met Wyatt, but I had seen his picture in the newspaper before. He was a handsome man. I knew he was younger than Carol. Before I could say anything, she answered that question.

“He’s 46. 6 years my junior. Wendy is 45. She’s a doll. An absolute beauty. The fact that he finds someone 6 years older than him is very flattering.”

“You know I’ve fantasized about a guy named Wyatt when we’ve role-played in bed. I’ve pretended to be Pam, although my tits aren’t quite as big as hers,” she said laughing.

I sensed where she was headed with this conversation. Why else bring it up if she wasn’t hoping that I’d agree to it.

“Trev, babe, I will never take him up on that offer if you object. My marriage means a lot more to me than any temporary pleasure. I have no desire to leave you and I’d be heartbroken if you ever left me.”

“We’re so compatible. We have so many similar interests and we always look out for each other. We have such a special loving relationship and I’m not going to give that up for any guy’s cock.”

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