Birthday PresentBirthday Present


Amber and I have been sleeping together for a few years. She was short bout 5’2 athletic build. She had C cup tits and an absolutely amazing ass. It was my 27th birthday so she messaged about doing something special for me.

The closest place to meet was my dads. He was gone for the day so I let us in. We walked into the living room and she shoved me to the couch.

Quickly climbing on top of me kissing me hard. Pushing her tongue into my mouth. As our tongue battle with each other I grab the bottom of her shirt and pull it up. We stop kissing only long enough to slip her shirt over her head.

I reach behind her and undo her bra setting her perky full tits free. She lowers her arms letting her bra fall off. I have a hand on each tit. Squeezing them. She grabs my head with in hand pushing it back into the couch.

She kisses my neck as I continue to squeeze her tits. She kisses my neck a few times before moving to my ear lobe. She nibbles and bites my ear lobe. I move my hands so I can pinch her nipples between my thumb and index finger. Pinching both nipples at the same time.

She moans softly in my ear before kissing me again and sliding off me. She grabs my shorts and boxers pulling them off me. She put her fingers in her shorts and starts to wiggle as she slides them down here legs. I quickly take my shirt off not waiting to miss anything.

Amber turns around so her back was towards me. She looked over her shoulder winked and bend over super slow as she proceeded to pull her shorts down. Her ass being shown little by little as she teases me while pulling down her shorts. She tans everyday and looks amazing.

Her ran full ass with a white thong barely visible between her ass cheeks. She finally has her shorts all the way down. She stays bent over and wiggles her ass in front of me. I smack her ass hard. She jumps and turns around. She puts her hands on my chest as she kisses me once again.

She kneels between my legs putting her hair into a pony tail. She grabs my hard cock and starts kissing the head of my dick. After a few kisses she slides her lips over the head of my cock. She starts slow sliding merter escort up and down my cock lubing it with her saliva. Stroking just the base as she works the rest of my shaft and head with her mouth. Has she works up more speed she sucks harder. Amber is now pumping fast and sucking hard as she fucks my cock with her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the head of my cock and shaft as she works up and down.

Amber sucks an amazing cock and now how to make me cum quickly. I warn her I’m close. She continues to work my cock with her mouth and I unload into her mouth. She swallows every drop. She sucks for a moment or two after I stop coming making sure she doesn’t miss any.

She grabs my hand and pulls me to the floor as she lays in her back. I catch myself before landing on her. My face just above her tits. I lean forward taking her nipple into my mouth. Sucking on it hard.

I let it slip from my lips and take it between my teeth flicking my tongue over it. I then do the same to the other nipple before kissing down her stomach. I reach the top of her white thong. I grab it with my teeth and start pulling it down. She lift her hips and I pull it off with my hands.

I grab her legs spreading them wide as I lay between them. Her pussy is dripping wet and looks amazing. Her landing strip is perfect. I tease her at first just letting the tip of my tongue touch her pussy lips. She grabs my hair and tries to push my face Into her pussy. I get another lick up her pussy lips before I finally let her push me I to her wetness.

I slide my tongue between her lips lapping up her pussy juices. She moans as go from licking between her lips to fucking my tongue over her clit again and again. She is now pushing my face hard I to her as she grinds yourself against me. I suck on her clit for a moment before slipping my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucking her. As I work my tongue in and out of her pussy my nose rubs against her clit. She cums hard in my face as her body stiffens and she holds my face against her pussy.

I remove myself from between her legs and lean over her. I miss her softly and tell her she istanbul escort better have more in store for me today. She pulls me into her again kissing me hard. My cock as been hard for few mins now. She can feel it against her leg as she kisses me.

She reaches between us and grabs my cock telling me she has a much in store for me as I can handle has she places my cock between her pussy lips. She stretches a little to line my cock up and I push. Her pussy is always super tight.

After cumming from my mouth she is still tight even though she is wet from clit to asshole. I push hard and finally start to enter her hot wet pussy. She moans as I push my cock into her. Little by little I push more if my cock into her. Finally I’m all the way inside her. Her tight pussy gripping my cock as I begin to pick up the pace and fuck her faster. She moans more and more the faster I go.

After a few mins I’m slamming into her hard. Trying to fuck her through the floor. Amber and I often fuck outside standing up (more bout that later) so it’s nice fucking her laying down being able to pound her as I look into her eyes kiss her and see the enjoyment on her face. She cums again as I keep pounding away at her.

Once she stops cumming I pull my cock from her pussy. On your knees I tell her. She quickly rolls over and is on all fours. Knowing what is coming she looks over her shoulder as I get in position. I grab my cock and tease her rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit pushing harder as I reach her clit. Fuck me already she yells at me as I tease her. I obey and shove my cock into her waiting pussy. I reach under her and grab her tits as I start to fuck get from behind. Squeezing them and using them to pull her back into my cock as I fuck her deeper and deeper. I let go of her tits and put one on her hip and the other to my mouth.

I lick my thumb and then press it against her asshole. Still pulling her into my cock as I fuck her with one hand my thumb pushes against her tight hole and causes her pussy to clamp even tighter in my cock. I push my thumb a little hard and it starts slipping into her ass. She cums bayrampaşa escort as soon as my thumb fully enters her ass. She is so tight at this point I can barley move. She again looks over her shoulder this time telling me she wants it in her ass.

I pull my cock from her dripping pussy And she moves to the couch kneeling in it. Ass awaiting a fucking face and tits against the back of the couch. Her hand already between her legs rubbing her clit. I stand there for a few moments just watching her please herself as she awaits my cock to punish her asshole.

I can tell by the wiggle she does she is growing impatient and wants my cock back inside her. I again run the tip of my cock between her pussy lips. This time more to lubricate my cock than to tease her. I grab my cock with one hand and her ass cheek with the other pulling it to give me more space.

I line up the head of my cock with her asshole and push hard. She lets out a sharp moan. I push a little more of my cock into her ass. She gives a little wiggle trying to adjust to the size of my cock in her ass.

After a few mins I’m finally in her ass. My balls smacking off her hand as I push back into her. As I pick up pace she moves her hand from her pussy to her tits. I fuck her ass hard. No holding back as I pound her ass as hard and deep as I can. She doesn’t last much longer and she is cumming harder than I’ve ever seen her cum before. Her ass can’t handle anymore though. She tells me to sit down.

I pull out from her ass and sit next to her. She leans over kisses me hard then slips her tongue into my mouth before sliding her body over mine. She grabs my cock and holds it still as she sits on it impaling herself on my dick. She now has her chance to fuck me hard. She puts both hands in my shoulder and starts bouncing up and down like a Mad women. I grab her tits and hold them as she continues to ride me hard. My balls begin to tighten as I get closer to cumming for the 2nd time.

She must know I’m getting close as she slows down. Almost stopping. She starts to grind me slow and dip rolling her hips as she works my cock with her pussy. I take a nipple in my mouth and pinch the other. My free hand is on her ass pushing her as she rolls forward while fucking me. I can’t hold back anymore and cum deep inside of her. She stays on top of me for a few mins just kissing me. We get up get dressed and leave. Until next time.

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