Bikini And A Badge Ch. 11Bikini And A Badge Ch. 11


Friday morning, Brittany awoke to the sounds of muffled voices in her hospital room. Her head was throbbing intolerably. Trace was sitting on the foot of the bed. Moving her head slightly, through her blurred vision, she saw Karen and Richard sitting by the window.

Trace rushed to her side, noticing she was awake.

“Where am I?” Brittany mumbled.

“You’re in the hospital here in Kingston.” Trace responded. “How ya feeling?”

“I’m ok.” Brittany muttered. “Just get me outta here.”

“You’re staying till the doctors say you can go.” Trace stated. “You’ve had a bad head injury.”

Brittany was too weak to argue and the pounding in her head wasn’t letting up. A nurse came into the room, giving her some medication to ease the sickening headache. Karen approached Brittany, taking hold of her hand.

“I had to shoot her.” Brittany muttered. “She’d gone back for the gun if I hadn’t.”

“I know. I know.” Karen murmured. “It’s ok. You did what you had to do.”

Brittany’s comment alerted Karen that Brittany might not be thinking straight, evidence of a slight concussion.

After an extensive examination by the resident doctor late in the afternoon, Brittany was released from the hospital but only after promising to get plenty of rest. Karen helped her get dressed for the brief ride back to the marina. Brittany’s headache had eased but she felt strange from all the medication.

Back on the Navigator cruiser, Brittany gradually started feeling better. The fresh air and warm tropical breezes cleared her head. She was still quite unstable on her feet, her equilibrium obviously hampered by the strong medication she was taking. The team kept a close eye on her for any signs of problems.

“Where’s Evelyn?” Brittany muttered. “I thought she’d be back by now.”

“She got delayed in Miami.” Karen replied. “She’s flying to Dallas before coming back. She’ll be here in the morning.”

Brittany woke early Saturday morning after sleeping uninterrupted, cuddled safely in Trace’s arms. Her headache had dissipated and she felt steady on her feet. After taking a long, hot shower, Brittany dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Joining the others in the salon area of the luxury cruiser, she sipped on a hot cup of coffee and lit up her first cigarette in almost two days.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” Jake inquired.

“You guys are done.” Brittany replied. “I’ll have Evelyn fly you all back to Tampa as soon as she gets here. She‘ll make sure you get the final payment for your services.”

“What about all the guns and ammo?” Richard asked. “We’ve still got four Laws rockets left too.”

“I’ll make arrangements with Duke to pick them up at the airport in Houston.” Brittany responded. “He can store them for me.”

“Why don’t you sell them to him.” Trace asked. “You don’t need them anymore.”

“I’m not selling them.” Brittany retorted. “I paid for them. I’m keeping them.”

“Ok! Ok!” Trace responded. “Take it easy will ya?”

“You and Wayne can take the boat back to Tampa.” Brittany said, glaring at Trace. “Clean it up and get rid of it.”

“What about you?” Richard asked. “What are you gonna do?”

“I’ll stay here till Ramirez and his wife pick up their boat.” Brittany muttered. “I’ll catch a flight back to Dallas later on.”

Brittany’s curt behavior with everyone had them more than willing to get back stateside. The team went about packing their belongings for the trip. Brittany poured herself another cup of coffee before ascending the stairway to the upper deck of the cruiser. She preferred to be alone rather than in the company of her team.

Evelyn arrived shortly before noon accompanied by Brad Langley. Boarding the boat, Evelyn immediately joined Brittany on the bridge.

“How ya feeling?” Evelyn asked. “You looked like hell yesterday. Really scared me.”

“Can you get everyone back to Tampa right away?” Brittany replied, avoiding Evelyn’s question.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Evelyn responded. “What’s the big hurry?”

“Take Langley with you.” Brittany stated. “He and I don’t have anything further to discuss.”

Evelyn was appalled at Brittany’s strange behavior. Returning to the salon, she gathered everyone together.

“Would someone mind telling me what’s going on?” She inquired. “Why’s Britt acting so strange?”

“Might be the medication.” Richard spoke up. “Most likely, it’s post-combat syndrome. I acted the same way after I got back from Vietnam.”

“Yeah, kind of a downer after all the shooting and killing.” Jake added. “It’s not uncommon, considering what she’s been through.”

“Will she be alright?” Evelyn asked. “Maybe I should stay with her.”

“Best to leave her alone.” Richard responded. “Let her have time to herself. She’ll come out of it eventually. It just takes time.”

Evelyn was apprehensive about leaving Brittany alone but she felt Richard and Jake knew what was best.

“Just to be on the safe side, make sure we take all the guns with us.” Evelyn stated.

Boarding Escort Kartal the private jet for the flight to Tampa, everyone’s thoughts were about Brittany. Karen and Evelyn were especially worried, having second thoughts about leaving their close friend.

Trace and Wayne readied the Navigator yacht for the long cruise back to Tampa. Brittany packed her belongings, moving them over to the Hatteras cruiser. She avoided contact with the two men as best she could, especially Trace.

It was early evening when Trace stepped aboard the Hatteras to speak with Brittany. She was sitting quietly in the salon.

“Well, I guess Wayne and I are gonna head on out.” He stated. “It’ll take us a few days to make the trip home.”

“Send the money to Evelyn when you sell the boat.” Brittany muttered. “I’ll have her get in touch with you.”

“You gonna be coming to Tampa soon?” Trace asked.

“I doubt it.” Brittany retorted.

Trace attempted to give her a good-bye kiss but Brittany abruptly pushed him away. Trace stepped off the boat, reluctantly walking back towards the other cruiser.

Teresa Ramirez, along with three of her bodyguards, showed up to claim the Hatteras cruiser Sunday morning. The Columbian beauty tried to strike up a friendly conversation with Brittany but she was still distancing herself from everyone.

It was late Sunday night before Brittany could get a flight out to Dallas. Arriving home early Monday morning, she collapsed on her bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

For almost a full month, Brittany kept to herself, rarely leaving the confines of her apartment except to go to the grocery and drugstore. Her life felt empty with no challenges and no goals to meet. Startled every time the telephone would ring, she refused to answer any calls. Brittany gradually started coming out of her depression. In the early mornings and late evenings she would jog through a nearby park.

“Jogging and smoking at the same time! Bet I look a sight!” Brittany kept thinking as she jogged by herself.

Arriving back at her apartment after a late evening jog, she was greeted by a familiar voice.

“Thought I’d stop by and see how you’re doing.” Evelyn said. “Seeing how you won’t answer your telephone.”

“Guess I just haven’t felt much like talking with anyone.” Brittany responded, a slight hint of a smile forming on her face.

“Everyone’s been trying to call you.” Evelyn stated, following Brittany into her apartment. “They‘ve all been worried about you.”

“You’ve been keeping in touch with everyone?” Brittany curiously asked.

“Yeah. Yeah I have.” Evelyn replied. “We’ve all been through alot together.”

“So, how is everyone?” Brittany inquired.

“Karen’s still with her father running the gun shop.” Evelyn responded. “I just got back from Houston, visiting with Jake and Richard. We’re starting a charter boat fishing business down in the Florida Keys.”

“You’re kiddin‘!” Brittany exclaimed.

“Nope.” Evelyn replied. “They loved the islands and the boats. They’re both fishing enthusiasts. We’re forming a business partnership together.”

“That’s great!” Brittany stated. “You know, without their help, we could never have pulled off any of the rescues. We owe those two alot more than what we paid them.”

“Not to mention the great sex!” Evelyn quipped, grinning.

“Yeah. That too.” Brittany agreed, smiling.

“What about the McCullough brothers?” Brittany asked.

“They pooled their money and bought themselves a raceboat.” Evelyn responded. “They’re hoping to find a sponsor to keep them going. Gonna be hard with the way the economy is right now.”

“Guess you may as well know.” She continued. “Trace remarried his ex-wife a week ago.”

“Probably married him for his money.” Brittany smarted off. “At least I won’t have to deal with him.”

“What about you?” Evelyn asked. “Thought about what you’re going to do?”

“Not really.” Brittany muttered.

“We talked once about writing a book together.” Evelyn stated. “I’ve been offered money for the book rights as well as options for a possible movie.”

“Wow!” That’s great!” Brittany exclaimed. “You gonna go for it.”

“Depends.” Evelyn spoke. “Without you, there couldn’t be a book, let alone a movie. I don’t know any of the details about what happened during the rescues.”

“I can’t forget them.” Brittany remarked. “I relive them over and over almost every night.”

Brittany didn’t want to admit she’d been having trouble sleeping. She blamed her poor ability to sleep on lack of sex rather than the terrifying experiences she’d survived.

Evelyn took an envelope from her purse and handed it to Brittany.

“What’s this?” She asked, holding the envelope in her hand.

“It’s a check for the boat.” Evelyn stated. “Trace sold it for seven-hundred thousand, almost what we paid for it.”

“This is your money, not mine.” Brittany responded.

“Our agreement was for Jared and I to give you five-million dollars.” Evelyn spoke out. “The money’s yours, at least what’s left of it. Last time I checked there was over two million left. With that check, you‘ve got almost three.”

“Well, I could use a newer car.” Brittany muttered. “Mine needs everything but a set of license plates.”

“Why don’t you wait till we get back to California?” Evelyn suggested. “Jared’s got a friend who’s a Mercedes dealer. He can get you a good deal on a car.”

“Didn’t realize we were going to California.” Brittany commented.

“I want you to meet with the book publishers and some movie studio executives.” Evelyn replied. “We’ll split the money down the middle.”

The next morning, after stopping at the bank to deposit the check, Evelyn and Brittany headed for the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Evelyn’s pilots warmly greeted Brittany with hugs, remarking how much better she looked than the last time they’d seen her.

“We should be landing in Santa Barbara in a little over two hours.” Evelyn stated.

“Santa Barbara?” Brittany curiously repeated. “Did you move from Beverly Hills?”

“Just me.” Evelyn replied. “Jared’s still living in Beverly Hills.”

“We’re still together ……….. at least for now.” She added. “We’ll see what happens after the election.”

During the flight, Evelyn filled Brittany in on the book deal she’d discussed with the publishing company. There were still quite a few details to work out, something she would have her business attorney handle. The movie deal would have to come much later, well after the book had been thoroughly marketed.

Shortly after noon, the private jet touched down at the small airport just outside Santa Barbara. Evelyn’s car, a new Mercedes S430 sedan was parked just inside the hanger. The drive to Evelyn’s beachfront home was quiet but interesting, passing by homes in the millions of dollars.

Evelyn’s beachfront home was located along prestigious Shoreline Drive. The walls facing the ocean were glass from floor to ceiling, even the master bedroom’s. The home was magnificent to say the least.

“I see you haven’t given up living the good life.” Brittany kidded.

“Well, some things you just can’t give up.” Evelyn smarted back.

“How about some pizza and cold beer for lunch?” Evelyn suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” Brittany replied. “Don’t think Langley will show up unexpectedly, do you? He seems to have a nose for food.”

“No, but he is trying to get in touch with you.” Evelyn responded.

“He is?” Brittany inquired. “Why?”

“He’s got a new job, some new department he’s forming inside the DEA.” Evelyn stated. “He wants you to work with him on it.”

“And put up with alot of bureaucratic bullshit!” Brittany remarked. “No thanks!”

“You may want to reconsider.” Evelyn responded. “From what he’s told me, the job’s right up your alley.”

It was late that night before the women called it a day. Evelyn had arranged a meeting for the two to meet with the publishing company early the next morning.

“How about a nice massage to help you sleep?” Evelyn suggested, trying to suppress a grin.

“Sound great!” Brittany replied. “I can’t remember when the last time I’ve had a massage.”

Entering the bedroom, Evelyn went about lighting several fragrance candles strategically placed about the large room. The drapes were pulled back and the French doors opened to let in fresh air and the sounds of the ocean’s waves softly crashing against the shore. Brittany slipped out of her clothes except for her black, bikini-cut panties.

Stretching out on the bed, she watched intently as Evelyn removed her clothes. She admired the middle-aged woman for staying in such great shape, retaining the figure of a much younger woman.

Evelyn approached the bed, placing Brittany’s arms away from her body. Opening a designer bottle of scented massage oil, she let some of the contents drip down on Brittany’s breasts and tummy. Leaning down, she kissed her on the lips, a soft but quite passionate kiss.

Evelyn’s soft hands massaged the fragranced oil into Brittany’s breasts, stirring her near dormant desires. Brittany’s nipples immediately responded to the fingers brushing against them. Growing erect, they protruded proudly from her firm breasts. Evelyn’s nipples were also erect from the cool ocean breezes wafting through the candlelit bedroom.

Brittany’s eyes closed lightly feeling Evelyn’s lips teasing and sucking gently on her nipples. Raising one hand, she caressed Evelyn’s shoulder. Evelyn tugged gently on Brittany’s nipples; watching them stretch, then retract. Her actions brought a soft moan from Brittany.

Withdrawing her mouth from Brittany’s breasts, Evelyn’s soft hands massaged the oil into her tummy, stopping just above the elastic waistband on her panties. Placing her hands on Brittany’s thighs, she eased them slightly apart. Evelyn trickled the warm oil down Brittany’s legs, massaging the fluid lightly into her soft skin. Though Brittany’s tensions were eased, her inner passions were highly aroused. Evelyn knew Brittany’s most sensitive areas and she played upon them, tantalizing the younger woman.

“Turn over on your tummy.” Evelyn murmured.

Brittany rolled over onto her tummy, her eyes looking out at towards the ocean. Evelyn trickled the warm oil onto her back, massaging the liquid into her shoulders. Evelyn’s hands worked the oil into Brittany’s back before moving down to her legs. Finishing the massage, Evelyn placed the domed lid on the glass bottle, setting it on the nightstand. Leaning down, she brushed the shoulder length hair aside covering Brittany’s neck and placed a soft kiss on a most sensitive area.

“Lift up so I can slip off your panties.” Evelyn whispered in Brittany’s ear.

Brittany arched up off the bed allowing Evelyn to slide the black panties down her legs. Tossing them to the floor, Evelyn grasped Brittany’s ankles, spreading her legs far apart.

“Your hot little pussy needs alot of attention.” Evelyn remarked. “And I’ve got just the thing to take care of it.”

Sliding out the upper drawer on the nightstand, Evelyn took out a long, slender vibrator. The flesh-colored object was shaped like a cock with veins and a mushroom-shaped head. Evelyn twisted the knob at the end of the vibrator, bringing it to life. The vibrator’s loud whirr was profoundly audible.

“Ready for a little Energizer action?” Evelyn quipped, spreading the lips of Brittany’s pussy.

Evelyn brushed the tip of the vibrator against Brittany’s clit, making her flinch. With her juices already flowing, the slender vibrator slid easily into Brittany’s pussy. The strong vibrations sent Brittany’s sleeping desires into high gear. Feeling the lifelike cock rubbing against the tight walls of her pussy, Brittany sensed an orgasm slowly building. Evelyn stroked the vibrator in and out of her pussy, sending tingling sensations throughout Brittany’s entire body.

Brittany was forcing herself back against Evelyn’s hand as she continued plunging the buzzing vibrator in and out of her pussy, twisting it from side to side. Grinding her pelvis into the bed, she felt the vibrator bringing her nearer to orgasm. Evelyn slid the vibrator from Brittany’s pussy, placing the vibrating head against her clitoris. Brittany’s orgasm crested, sending her to the peak of pleasure. Plunging the vibrating cock deep inside her, Brittany’s hand grasped Evelyn’s forcing the slender sex toy all the way in. Brittany’s hand held onto Evelyn’s till the orgasm gradually waned. Collapsing onto the soaked sheets, Brittany felt the vibrator sending its last sensations of pleasure as Evelyn slowly removed it from her pussy.

Brittany lay on her tummy, trying desperately to get her breathe. Evelyn’s hands glided gently over her back soothing her tired body.

Brittany slowly rolled onto her back. Reaching up for Evelyn, she pulled the woman to her. Their heated breasts crushed together as their lips meshed in a loving kiss.

Rolling Evelyn onto her back, Brittany kept her lips firmly against the woman’s. Sliding her hand down over Evelyn’s trimmed pubic hair, she teased the woman’s sensitive clit with her index finger. Evelyn’s body immediately reacted to the stimulation.

“Hmmmm. Now who’s got the hottest pussy?” Brittany quipped.

Holding Evelyn’s legs apart, Brittany slipped between them, her tongue licking furiously at the entrance to her pussy. Evelyn’s fingernails dug into the sheets as her body arched up from the bedding. Sliding her tongue into the woman’s pussy drove her closer to orgasm. Brittany swirled her tongue along the walls of Evelyn’s pussy, heightening her to greater pleasure. Clenching her lips onto Evelyn’s clit, she sucked lightly on the sensitive bud. Evelyn’s heels dug into the sheeting as she lifted held herself suspended on her shoulders.

As Evelyn’s astonishing orgasm consumed her body, she screamed Brittany’s name out. She was cumming hard, her juices flowing through her lust filled pussy. Brittany slipped two fingers into the woman’s butt, plunging the digits all the way in. Evelyn cried out as Brittany swirled her fingers inside the woman’s ass. The sensation was driving her crazy. Evelyn gritted her teeth as she bobbed her ass up and down on Brittany’s fingers, fucking herself. Feeling Evelyn had another orgasm waiting in the lurches, she picked up the vibrator. Lubricating the sex toy with her saliva, she eased it into Evelyn’s gyrating ass.

“OH GOD!” Evelyn screamed out. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddd!”

Brittany pushed the vibrator in halfway before twisting the knob on the end. The vibrator hummed its tune of pleasure inside Evelyn’s ass.

“More! I want more!” Evelyn cried out. “All of it! Shove it all the way in!”

“Evelyn, you fucking little whore!” Brittany kidded. “You just can’t get enough of a good thing, can you?”

Brittany pushed the vibrating cock all the way in, keeping a firm hold on the knob. Twisting the control, she sent the vibrator into high speed. Evelyn’s ass rocked back and forth as the toy worked her shameless body towards a mind-blowing orgasm.

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