A Friend and a FleshlightA Friend and a Fleshlight


For visual aid, Matt is slim, with short brown hair and green eyes. John has short blonde hair and blue eyes, and has a slim, athletic build. Both are tall and attractive.

The clock struck midnight. Matt was officially 18 now.

“Happy birthday old fuck,” John said from across the room. The two were up late playing video games since it was spring break.

“Old fuck? You just turned 18 a few days ago yourself, you know!” Matt shot back.

“True, but I carry it better.”

“Yeah, okay,” Matt retorted sarcastically.

This type of exchange was typical between the two. They had been best friends since 2nd grade, when Matt moved in from a few towns over.

“So what are you going to do now that you’re 18? Buy cigarettes? Rent porn? Buy a scratch-off? You can do it all now!” John joked.

“Can’t it be all of them?” Matt replied.

“Haha, true, true.”

“Actually,” Matt continued, “to be honest, I was thinking about ordering a fleshlight.”

John chuckled. “Are you serious? A fleshlight?”

“Yeah man. Don’t tell me you’ve never went on the site and wanted to buy one.”

“Well you got me there. I thought about buying one after my birthday actually, but they’re kind of expensive.”

“I know, that’s my only reservation, really,” explained Matt.

There was a short pause in the conversation.

“What if we went halves on one?” John suggested.

“Halves? How would that work? You mean like hand it off every week or something?”

“Yeah exactly,” John said. “I mean my cock might stretch it out and ruin it for you but hey, it’s better than nothing man.”

“Yeah, right. We’ll need to order the tightest model just so your little thing can feel it,” Matt shot back.

“Oh there’s no question, we’d definitely get the tightest one,” John replied seriously.

“Oh yeah,” agreed Matt. “So you really down for doing this?”

“Yeah, why not? If we split the cost it isn’t that bad, and then we both get to see what they’re like. Plus, I hear if you can last 10 minutes in a fleshlight, you can last double that in an actual girl.”

“Yeah I’ve heard that too,” said Matt. “Okay, what the hell…should we order one now?”

“Yeah man.”

Matt pulled his laptop out and they went on the site. The videos with beautiful porn stars showing how it worked certainly made it look promising. They found the tightest model and ordered it. It was expected to be at Matt’s house by the end of the week.

Over the next several days, Matt was anxious. At night, he couldn’t help but jerk off to the simple fantasy of being able to finally use it. Finally, after what seemed like weeks, it arrived that Friday. Luckily his parents were going out that weekend, so he would be able to use it the whole weekend without any disturbances.

John was over and they were again playing video games when the package arrived. Knowing the fleshlight was due to arrive, they dropped their controllers immediately and ran to the door after hearing the doorbell. Matt opened the bursa escort door to see the delivery man walking away, and then he looked down to see a small brown box on the porch. It was finally here.

They took the box back to Matt’s room, where John cut open the box with his pocket knife. He feverishly unraveled the packaging, which produced the beautiful pocket pussy. It looked tight.

He ran his index finger up and down the fake pussy lips and into the hole. There was no doubt – he needed lube, even for his skinny index finger. This was going to be great.

“Dude, I can’t even fit my index finger in here all the way without lube,” John explained.

“Damn,” was all Matt could muster. He liked what he saw too. “Let me feel it.”

John handed the fleshlight over to Matt. Matt imitated John’s motions, caressing the soft, fleshy lips and then trying, but failing, to plunge the length of his index finger into the tight hole.

“How the hell does a dick fit in here? Damn,” Matt wondered aloud.

“Well there’s only one way to find out,” John replied.

Matt let out a short, nervous laugh. “Right now?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’ve been waiting to try this forever, I can’t wait any longer. Can you?”

“True, okay, let me pull up some porn.” Matt couldn’t argue. At this point, he was dying to fuck that thing.

Matt went on his desktop and went on porn site while John continued to try and finger their new toy. Matt managed to quickly find a nice porno – a big-titted brunette taking on two cocks.

Matt was sitting in his computer chair while John was on Matt’s bed with the fleshlight. John began to lose interest in the fleshlight as the brunette on the screen took both of the huge dicks in front of her into her mouth at once.

“Damn,” Matt said. His cock was getting hard already – half from what was on the screen, half from the anticipation of fucking the fleshlight.

A couple of minutes passed, and now the brunette was taking her friends’ two huge cocks at once – one in her pussy and one in her ass, expressing her love for it quite vocally. Matt and John had both been fondling their cramped cocks through their jeans. Finally, John said it.

“Alright I need to try this thing.” With that, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled out his beautiful 7 inch cock.

Matt was shocked. Sure, they had just gotten this fleshlight and were anxious to use it, but the two had never masturbated in front of each other before. They had watched porn together many times, but John always went in the bathroom to jerk off while Matt stayed in his bedroom.

“Haha what the fuck, right here?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, why not? We got the same equipment, we’ve been friends for years, and plus I actually want to see the porn while I jack this time. It gets old having to go to the bathroom to do it.”

John had a good argument. Matt shrugged and decided to lower his pants as well, exposing his 8 inch cock. He glanced over again at John who was slowly rubbing his hand over the length of his bursa escort bayan beautiful member. The two were straight, but Matt couldn’t help but be transfixed by John’s package. It was circumcised, 7 inches long and fairly thick – nice and proportional. His balls were cleanly shaven, matching the rest of his hairless torso.

Matt began stroking his cock with his left hand and massaging his cleanly shaven balls with his right. “No homo dude, but nice cock,” John said.

Matt laughed. “Thanks man, you too.”

“Where’s your lube? We gotta break this thing in.”

“Oh yeah. Here, let me get it.”

Matt opened the bottom drawer of his nightstand and handed John the bottle of water-based lube. John took the bottle and squirted some onto the folds of the fleshlight and then inside. After it was well lubricated, he squirted some up and down the length of his cock, then used his free hand to rub it all over. After the entire thing was glistening with lube, he aimed his cock upward toward the tight hole of their new toy. After some resistance at the tip, the lips gave way to let John’s cock slide in deep.

“Fuck,” exclaimed John. “This feels amazing.”

John continued to lower the fleshlight slowly until the entire length of his penis was inside. He let out a small moan as the lips of the fake pussy hit his balls.

Matt was becoming more interested in the show five feet away from him than the porn on the screen. Sure he was straight, but he couldn’t help but think that this was hot. John was an attractive guy after all, and with an impressive package. Matt had been wanting to try a mutual masturbation experience like this for some time now, but was always too nervous to go through with it. Luckily, John was way ahead of him. It was cool to be able to relax and partake in this intimate activity – it felt brotherly. It was like the ultimate male bonding.

John pulled the fleshlight back up from the base of his cock up to the head, only to push it back down again. As he worked the toy over his cock more, it began to loosen a little, allowing him to increase his speed.

Matt began to jack harder too as he watched his friend fucking their new toy. He loved seeing it glide over John’s big cock while the lube dripped down to his large, low-hanging balls. After a minute or two, he needed a crack at it.

“Okay, you’ve had some fun with it, my turn now,” Matt said.

“Haha, fine, fine,” John reluctantly agreed. It took him a while before he finally found the will power to pry the fleshlight off his cock and hand it over.

Grabbing the fleshlight with one hand and the bottle of lube with the other, Matt squirt some lube on his cock and a little more on the fleshlight for good measure. After rubbing the lube over the entire length of his shaft, he lowered the fleshlight down onto the tip of his penis. It was still warm from John. He loved the sensation, and as the lips of the pussy hit the base of his cock, he pulled it up again. Gradually, he found a nice rhythm and picked up speed. It felt amazing. escort bursa

John was still stroking his cock. Between the gorgeous brunette on the screen getting doubled fucked by two huge dicks and his best friend fucking a fleshlight before his very eyes, John was harder than ever. He gripped his dick with both hands and was now tugging hard. After a couple of minutes, he needed another round with the fleshlight.

“Okay, man, my turn again. I wanna try actually fucking this thing,” he said.

“How do you mean?” Matt asked.

“Well, I dunno, we can wedge it in between the mattress and the base of the bed, kneel down on the floor and fuck it doggy style.”

“I like the way you think,” Matt said, handing over the fleshlight to his inventive friend.

John took the fleshlight and wedged it in between Matt’s mattress and the bottom of the bed. At this point, he took off his pants and socks completely for easier access, followed by his shirt. Matt followed suit – he simply preferred being naked anyway. Kneeling down on the floor, John slid his cock into the tight hole, thrusting slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed.

Matt enjoyed the show. He forgot about the porn and was now jacking his cock to the site of his friend’s dick thrusting in and out of this tight fuck hole, his balls slapping against the surface and his six-pack clenched tightly together. Matt had never been more turned on.

John picked up his speed even more and now was fucking the fleshlight at full speed. It seemed not even a minute before he announced he was going to cum.

“Fuck dude, I’m getting close,” he panted.

After a few more seconds of thrusting, he began moaning, barely keeping his composure to thrust as the powerful orgasm surged through his entire body. He slowed down his thrust, and Matt could see his dick pulsating as it unleashed rope after rope of thick, hot cum into the fleshlight.

“Fuck dude,” John said panting. “That was intense.”

“Move over,” Matt said. “My turn.”

“What? Shouldn’t I clean it out first?” John asked, surprised.

“Screw it dude, I need to bust now, move over.”

John complied, taking his glistening cock out of the fleshlight and sitting on the bed. Matt kneeled down quickly replacing him, sliding his swollen cock into the tight hole. He could feel his friends hot cum glide over his cock as he plunged deeper inside. It was better than any lube. John apparently had cum a lot – soon Matt’s cock was covered in John’s cum. Glancing down, he could see thick globs of it all over his cock as he thrust in and out.

It didn’t take long before Matt was nearing the point of no return himself. He began thrusting as hard as he could. Soon he was moaning as he felt a wave of pleasure surge through his cock. Another wave surged through it shortly after – a massive load of warm, slick semen, which shot into the fleshlight in eight thick ropes.

As his powerful orgasm was subsiding, Matt put his fingers around the base of his dick and gave the fleshlight a few small thrusts to squeeze the last few drops of cum out. He finally withdrew his cock, which was covered in the two friends’ white, pearly jizz. Out of breath, Matt collapsed on the bed next to John. That fleshlight was worth every penny.

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