Becky’s incarcerationBecky’s incarceration

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Becky awoke strapped to a sturdy steel chair resembling an electric chair located plain white interview room at the town’s Obedience Enforcement Department. She thought back to the last time she was conscious which was the previous night when the when the OED officers arrived at her house.

A disembodied voice filled the room “Rebecca Sarah Johnson” our you were observed by your’ school’s CCTV cameras as engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviour with a student of the same gender at 13.00 yesterday.”

a screen embedded into the wall she was facing fired up and displayed an image of her school’s toilets. A slim blonde girl 5’6” walked in, Becky immediately recognised as her friend Hailey who was in the year above her. Becky and Hailey had been close friends since play-school but had never done anything “Inappropriate” together until that day when Hailey who was well into puberty and was sporting small round b cup breasts had decided to tell the less developed Hailey who still didn’t wear a bra that she “fancied” her. Becky practically worshipped Hailey and would do whatever Hailey wanted. So she gladly followed her into the toilet where they began to make out.

After minuet or so the video stopped, somewhat t Becky’s annoyance. The voice called out “after reviewing the presented evidence the OED sentencing department has decided that you must be incarcerated for 2 weeks. This incarceration will begin immediately OED officers will shortly escort you to the processing room.

“2 weeks…” Becky thought to herself “that should be easy” she knew that the local imprisonment facilities were fairly comfortable and had a TV What Becky did not know was that due to the excessive overcrowding in her region’s imprisonment centre her region had adopted the new idea of incarceration. Which allowed for existing facilities to hold 10 times their usual capacity.

A door in the wall opened and a young man who seemed to be around 18 entered the room and touched his watch to the side of the chair and the chair lowered into the floor and Becky found herself strapped to the floor. Her wrist ankle and neck cuffs were then disconnected from the floor and she sat up.

The young guard told her “don’t try and run or those cuffs will send a massive shock across your whole body and paralyse you. This is what it will feel like.” he pushed a button on his watch and Becky felt a huge electrical pulse flow through her body and caused all of her muscles to tense and she curled into a ball and started to shake

the guard who had seen this many times before said “Now get up and follow me.” with no sense of warmth. He led her through a door in the wall to her left which he opened with his watch. There was a black basket in the centre which bore a screen with the writing
Rebecca Sarah Johnson,
age 13,

5st 8lbs

14 south St,

Medical conditions – asthma
allergies – lactose
menstruation – irregular

incarceration until 13652

“Take off all of your clothes, ill be back in 2 minutes” said the guard before he left the room again.

Becky stood alone in the room and could see no way of escaping so she decided it would be best to serve her sentence. She unbuttoned her white blouse revealing her firm little nipples and felt a cold breeze from the extractor fan blowing against her naked flesh she removed the blouse and placed it in the basket. Her attentions then moved to her multicoloured stripy socks which she gently slid off her feet revealing her pink toe nails that she had painted at a sleepover with Hailey on Monday she started to slip out of her tartan knee length skirt revealing her frilly pink hello kitty boyshorts and slipped it over her ankle cuffs and dropped it into the basked. She then pulled down her underwear showing her sweet pussy with the first tuft of pubic hair showing above her slit. Hanging down from her pussy was a short green string attached to the tampon she was wearing as she was experiencing her first period. Becky wondered weather this counted as clothing but before she had to decide the guard walked back in.

“nice…” he smiled

“should I, err.” she mumbled before the young man responded

“no you can leave that in, they’ll sort that out later. I’m afraid you wont be allowed to speak from this point onwards so I’m going to have to put this on you.” he held up what looked like a snooker ball on a few strap. “turn around and open wide.” she obeyed remembering that he could easily electrocute her. He forced the ball into her mouth and clipped the strap together and tightened the strap by twisting a dial Göktürk Escort he had passed it through. “turn around again” she did and he smiled looking at her wishing that this was at one of the registered brothels and not at his work. He then attached a large syringe into a hole in the ball and squeezed so that the ball enlarged to fit her mouth. She now could only breath through her nose.

Ok now up these stairs. He pushed a button on his watch again and opened another door with 6 steps steps leading up to a long white room which contained 7 other naked teenage girls each firmly attached to either the floor or walls, by all 5 cuffs, including Hailey who smiled with her eyes at her in a sorry way. Both girls wondered what sentence the the other girl was receiving. “keep moving” she was firmly told.

“Computer demagnetize!” and the girls were all released “go and stand or lie comfortably at the end” then ill turn on the magnate and you will be locked for about 2 hours, one of the girls who was lying stood up and Hailey who was standing lay down and opened her legs in Hailey’s direction, Becky decided she would stand with her back to the wall so she could watch Hailey’s sweet shaved pussy for the duration of her time.

The guard left and closed the door and the computer said Magnates active in 3… 2… 1… Becky took her place against the wall. One of the other girls, a 15 year old who had long brown hair and E cup breasts ran over to a younger girl who who had 2” long blonde hair and was completely undeveloped(age 12] was lying exhausted on her back[she had been there for 5 hours as she was the first to arrive] and placed herself so that she could easily press her face against her pussy. “Magnetise” all of the girls felt their cuffs pulled onto the wallfloor. Hailey had opened her legs up slightly more and Becky could clearly see her labia but she was more interested in looking at the girl who had quickly moved over to the other girl. The older girl was Alice who was the daughter of a prostitute at the local brothel and as happened with all children of prostitutes she was being raised to work in the brothel they were born in. This involved having hormonal injections from the age of 7 so that their breasts develop rapidly to a exceptional size by age 12 and that they have a huge sexual appetite and would commonly become the class sluts. Alice had had sex for the first time at the age of 8 with a 15 year old boy she met at a bus stop and had had sex with over a hundred boys by the time she turned 13. her mother had noticed this and told her on the morning of her 13th birthday that she would now be working at the brothel[see Alice’s first customer which I will publish soon] Alice was sentenced to 2 months incarceration for having sex with an 13 year old girl at school using a strap-on.

Alice had been strapped to the wall for over 3 hours and had been looking constantly at the young girl’s tight pussy. The young girls name was Sarah and she the daughter of a local factory owner and she was still a virgin, her crime was looking at pornography whilst under-age this carried a sentence of 3 days.

All of the girls felt a shudder then a revving noise and it became clear that they were all in the back of a large van. Alice didn’t really care, her whole world right now was consumed by her view of that cute virgin pussy, she was so annoyed that the gag would stop her from tasting that cute girl but Alice had been incarcerated for a week before and was aware that this would be the closest she would get to sex for 2 months so she went for it.

She began to press her nose against Sarah’s pussy and began to rub up and down, Sarah let out a small yelp but this was absorbed by the gag, Alice continued, she could smell the sweetness of that virgin pussy and was becoming very aroused. Alice was finding it difficult to keep her neck moving so rhythmically and was very restrained by the neck cuff. Alice began to thrust her nose in and out this caused Sarah to audibly moan.

Hailey wasn’t facing this and had no idea what was going on but Becky saw the whole thing and was wishing it was her it was happening to she felt her chest flush and her pussy get moist. She loved watching Alice move her body backwards and forwards as much as the cuffs would allow and she could see the shockedscaredcurious look on Sarah’s face that told Becky that she was enjoying her first orgasm.

Alice could also tell that Sarah was beginning to climax due to the pussy fluid on her nose. Sarah began to shake and moan loudly despite the effective gag and after one loud moan Sarah came. Escort Göktürk Alice was very pleased when she got a gush of virgin pussy juice all over her face and thought “I’m awesome, I can make that hot little bitch cum with just my nose”

Sarah who hadn’t even seen Alice dive on her had no idea what had happened but wished it would happen again, 5 minutes later it did, more intense and more wet, it happened 3 times over the whole trip and on the 3rd try Alice managed her goal of getting Sarah who hadn’t been to the toiled in 7 hours to piss on her. Satisfied she fell asleep and Sarah did too.

The trip took over 4 hours and eventuality the cuffs were padded Becky could barely take it any more she had enjoyed the show but wanted to lie down, on top of this she badly needed a piss. She noticed 3 of the other girls including Hailey had already gone.

Suddenly the van pulled to a halt and the back door opened a guard walked in wearing a blue jumpsuit and stared at Alice and Sarah and then around the room, he seemed angry.

He took out a pda and spoke into it,
“Alice Symmonds homosexual activity on-board an OED vehicle, sentence 3 addition months”
“Sarah Michaels ejaculating after homosexual activity on-board an OED vehicle, sentence 2 days 3 counts total 6 additional days and urination on an OED vehicle sentence 2 days total sentence 8 days”
“Hailey Elizabeth Arnold urination on-board an OED vehicle sentence 2 days”
“ Rebecca Sarah Johnson failure to refrain from observing a homosexual act 2 days, 3 counts inappropriate arousal 1 day 3 counts, total sentence 9 days.”
2 other girls were given urination sentences.

Emily a 17 year old girl was the other girl who didn’t receive any additional time was to serve a 5 year sentence as this was her 3rd offence for raping a girl using a strap-on. She was glad of this however as her prosecutor was pushing for a permanent sentence.

“Ok girls welcome to polywood incarceration centre do as we say or you will get further time added onto your sentence! You will follow me and stop when I tell you any disobedience will result in a shock, nod if you understand.” all the girls nodded against their neck cuffs. “demagnetize” all of the girls were released, Becky crashed to the ground exhausted. “get up… Get Up… now!!! Rebecca!!! he pressed a button on his key pad and Sarah screamed her little body curled up on the floor. “oops laughed the guard wrong button, bloody technology” he pressed anther and held it down Becky writhed in the floor in agony. “that cost you another day Rebecca get up and line up in-front of the door. All the girls did this and stretched their aching muscles “Follow me”

The girls walked down some steps and then walked between two electrified fences toward a brightly lit complex with watch towers and they could see that they were already inside some high walls. It had got cold now and all of the girls nipples were becoming erect, Sarah who was the smallest began to shiver. No one stopped to avoid getting shocked again. They reached the the complex door and were directed inside.

They were told to stop as they entered a room the size of an average sitting room with a 2 yellow circles on the floor and 2 yellow loops hanging from the ceiling. They were told to stand against the wall and the door closed.

A voice called out “Hailey please place your feet in the yellow circles and hold the handles, she obeyed and magnates on poles extended and grasped all 5 of her cuffs and lifted her off the floor in an x shape, Hailey moved to the front of the room, “Sarah please do the same” and all of the girls did this Becky then Alice were last, Becky felt that Alice was getting turned on by her cute butt. The voice then said “the OEC has determined that you will be incarcerated at this facility for the period of time on your sentence. You will now be washed and prepared for your containment.”

the wall in-front of them opened up and revealed a stainless steel room and the girls were moved forwards into the room and the wall closed behind them immediately hoses appeared from the walls and began spraying the girls with water which was hotter than any of the girls would have in their shower. The high pressure hoses sprayed every inch of the girls, Alice seemed to enjoy this from her moans through her gag. The hoses stopped and brushes similar to the ones in a car-wash came out of the wall and scrubbed the girls down, Alice really liked the egg-timer shaped one between her legs. These brushes were then withdrawn and the ceiling rained with disinfectant and then water to rinse Göktürk Escort Bayan them off as they would need to be completely cleaned before their incarceration. “this isn’t sounding like a prison anymore thought Becky.”

“Cleaning Complete. Preparation will occur individually.”

the girls were taken through a girl shaped hole in the next wall which opened up, it took 1bout 15 minutes before Becky was taken through. She found herself in a room identical to the previous one which seemed empty. “you will now be prepared any resistance will result in an electroshock and a 1 day sentence.”

“Removing gag” an arm approached behind her and released the catch and another released the pressure in the ball and removed it, Becky realised how sore her mouth had become and opened and closed it a few times. “thank god that’s out” she thought.”

a thin arm extended from the floor and she felt it touch her labia, two arms then opened it up showing her pussy. A arm then extended from the ground and reached up and grasped the string attached to her tampon removing the soiled tampon and dropping into a bin then she felt that the arm had replaced it. It then withdrew leaving a rubber tube as thick as her finger in its place with a bulb shaped end holding it in. another arm extended upwards and forced a lubricated flexible tube into her urethra and withdrew the tube which was actually a Foley catheter quickly began draining her bladder and released the pressure she had been feeling.

Becky felt like she knew what to to expect and she was right. After her anus was sprayed with lubricant a large metal buttpulg with a 2” diameter was inserted into her protesting squirming body. A sudden electric shock caused her muscles to tense then relax then it slipped in.”1 additional day” the plug then opened up and then hot water was pumped into Becky’s ass. She could feel it filling up her colon and the heat filled her body. It then sucked all of her waste and the water from her system and to her distress it began to fill again, it filled and drained her 4 times overall then then the tubes were released from the system and left hanging down from her crotch.

“What was all this for, this wasn’t what Becky had been expecting at all.”

“inserting food and air systems” an arm extended from the ceiling and bent back Becky’s neck she then saw a tube which seemed to separate into 2 tubes was lowering towards her face “open your mouth” she obeyed the tube went into her open mouth and forced it’s way down to her throat and she began to gag but couldn’t overcome the pressure of the pipe. When the pipe was locked into position she found she couldn’t breathe or swallow “I’m going to suffocate” she thought until she felt the machine pump a large gulp of air into her lungs and then suck it out again. “I hope I don’t have this for my whole sentence” she thought.

“orifice sealing initiating” arms extended and inserted earplugs into her ears and a clip on her nose. “close your eyes” she did and then she felt a glob of warm fluid cover her eyes effectively making it impossible for her to open them.

“preparation complete” she felt herself move forwards and passed through into a new room and suddenly stopped. She was over a large metal box about a foot longer than her and slightly wider. She began to tilt forwards and was lowered into the box. Over the next minute robotic arms attached the tubes attached to her to pipes in the sides of the box until she was fully “installed”.

Then came the most important part of the process. From several places above the box a warn fluid began to pour over Becky and fill the box. it stopped filling when it was about an inch deep. “Is that it, what is this stuff” she thought. Then it started to expand and fill the box Becky felt it squeezes her body. It gradually began to set solid and Becky found herself to be completely unable to move.

“Rebecca Sarah Johnson you have now been incarcerated and will remain so for the next 25 days. Your bodily functions will be taken care of and you will now be transported to the storage area. You will be held in a state of total sensory deprivation. The next voice you will hear will be upon your release.”

and then silence Becky didn’t experience any sensory feelings over the next 25 days. All she felt was her forced rhythmic breathing and daily bodily function cycles which involved 2 colonic and vaginal cleaning and 2 food insertions. She began to forget how to control her body and spent all of her time thinking. Her thoughts dwelt on the girls she had seen in the van and wondered how they were and weather they had been released She also felt worried for Alice who would be in for 5 times her sentence.

Time eventually lost all of its meaning to Becky and it felt like years before she was finally released

Becky’s release[coming soon]

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