Italian Delight Ch. 01Italian Delight Ch. 01

Big Boobs

I wish to tell you readers of something that happened to me. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Kay. I am a Chinese gal, 33 years old and married with 2 kids. My hubby is a caring, kind and committed guy and we’ve been married for 6 years. I adore my hubby and kids. I am just under 5′ 2″, 105lbs and 34-27-32. I would say I am still attractive and sexy as I try to keep a good figure all the while, and I noticed men giving me the look when I am in figure hugging outfits. The only negative thing I can think of my body is that slight rounded tummy that most mothers have after giving birth to a few kids.

Sex life was great in the beginning but as the kids came along, it got quite mundane and at times just plain routine. Before I met my hubby, I went out with just 3 other guys, so you can say I had not had a lot of sexual experiences but enough for me to know what good sex was all about (or so I thought until recently!) My hubby, Al, measures somewhere below 5 inches and just nice in circumference. He makes sure I cum at least once every time we made love, usually through oral sex. I rarely cum through penetrative sex as he normally lasts about 5-10 mins. However, I am still satisfied with the other aspects of my life, so sex isn’t that important to me until these events happened.

I am a professional and the scope of my job entails me to meet up with a lot of senior management staff from various organizations. I have met a lot of people from this level both local and foreign but mostly guys. I have always conducted my businesses in a very professional way, even though there were a few occasions my clients were openly flirting with me and wanting to date me out. However, barring those occasions where there were official functions or after office meetings, I have always turned them down and told them that I am happily married. Things have since changed after I met Ric.

I met him during my visit to his company about 3 months back. The course of my business necessitate I meet up and deal with Ric. He is an Italian with bluish eyes that captivates you when he gazes deep into one’s eyes, which was what captivated me in the first place. He is close to 6 feet tall, well-toned body with muscles at the right places, tanned skin (because of his being under the sun a lot) and a broad chest. He has a deep voice that at times hypnotizes you to want to listen to him.

We started out very professionally and the business kept me quite occupied, almost not noticing how gorgeous and virile looking he was. Anyway, my mind was always tuned to working mode except for those moments when I just couldn’t look away from his captivating eyes. It was towards the conclusion of our business that we really started to talk about our personal lives. I am not usually open about my personal life but his smooth deep voice made me open up quite easily. We soon discovered details about each other – work, family, likes, dislikes and eventually sex.

It started out innocently after one of our dinner meetings. I was waiting for Al to pick me up as my car was in service and he was having a late meeting too. While waiting, Ric decided to keep me company. We were having some wine at the bar when he began innocently by asking whether I’ve gone out with white guys before.

“Sure I do, I deal with a lot of foreign companies. So it is inevitable that I meet many of them,”

“That’s not what I meant, I mean have you… you know, been with any white guy before?”

Ric looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes. Here I was waiting for my hubby to pick me up, and a handsome Caucasian was getting fresh with me! I was beginning to feel flushed and could feel the blood rush to my head.

“No. I see no reason why, as I am happily married and am satisfied with my life,”

I was trying to act cool to hide my nervousness. Ric laughed as he caught on to my discomfort.

“I don’t mean to frighten you, but I find you really attractive and voluptuous and was wondering whether anyone had asked you out before because I sure would like to take you to bed. Your husband must be a very lucky guy.”

Maybe I was a little bit intoxicated; I surprisingly was not offended and told him that my husband fulfills me enough for me not to wander.

“Your hubby must be skillful in bed huh, to keep a sexy woman like you satisfied. But won’t you want to know whether there is excitement with someone else? Look Kay, over these months I’ve found you to be sexually attractive and your body turns me on. Your ass is simply delicious looking, I want you to be the first Chinese woman I make love to. I promise you it will be pleasurable and enjoyable. Try something different, be bold, be adventurous,”

Just then my mobile phone rang. It was my hubby, he was waiting for me outside and I quickly stammered my goodbye and left. I could feel his mischievous gaze on my back as I walked out of the bar.

I got into the car and was greeted with a peck on my cheek from Al. He asked me how my day was and I said it was fine. I could feel the blushes Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort still on my cheeks as Al commented that I must have been drinking a little too much.

As I got comfortable in the car seat, I felt that my panty was clinging to my pussy and it was damp. Amidst my nervousness, I didn’t realize that I was subconsciously aroused by Ric’s bold conversation. My nipples were hard against the confinement of my bra, and I was still feeling the wetness of my pussy as I pondered on Ric’s proposition during the journey home. Al asked what I was thinking about and I just answered – work!

At home, I undressed for my bath and discarded my clothes together with my sticky panty into the laundry basket. My pussy was still wet and my perky brownish nipples were still protruding proudly on my breasts, which are still rounded and firm even after breastfeeding two children. I soaked in my bath, as my horniness was still raging on.

After Al had his bath, he found me in bed with nothing on, usually a prelude to our lovemaking. He got onto the bed and started kissing me first on my lips and slowly down my already hard nipples and towards my soaking pussy. He remarked how wet I was (he didn’t have any idea as to what really got me that way!) as he started to lick and suck my pussy. As his tongue started to flick on my clit, I came hard as thoughts of Ric appeared in my head.

Al quickly got up on his knees as he began to spread my legs and slid his hardened cock into my pussy. As my pussy was so wet, it excited him and after a few pumps and grinding, he ejaculated. Al said that was good and commented it has been some time since I was that wet. He soon fell asleep after kissing me goodnight. I couldn’t sleep as I thought of Ric. I had never entertained carnal thoughts of other men but I couldn’t get those words out of my head. I wondered what it was to be held and made love to by Ric. I have definitely heard some talk of how white guys had bigger dicks and lasted much longer in bed with my Asian girlfriends. I began to fantasize how big Ric’s cock was and how long it will last (definitely longer than Al, I’m sure). My pussy was getting wetter as I used two fingers to slide in my slick pussy as I imagined Ric fucking me. I came again as I felt my juices trickling down my fingers. Al was right; I have never been this wet before ever since the early years of my marriage. I boldly decided I had to see Ric tomorrow.

In the morning after Al had left for work, I called in sick for work. I took a long soak in my bath with some fruity fragrant oil in it, as I lathered and shaved all traces of body hair off me, no matter how little it was. I trimmed my pubic hair into a small nice “v” patch as I felt that tingling sensation again down there. I was feeling wet all the time and I’ve never felt so wanton and sexually alive before. I stood before the mirror and examined my body, which would soon be consumed by Ric, I hope.

My nipples were still pointy and a dark brown shade. My breasts were still a good B-cup size and showed very little sagging. My tummy was a little protruding that made me looked womanly, not like those skinny models. My pussy lips are quite thin and firm and it still retained that pinkish- red shade.

I put a little perfume into my white satin thong as I wore them and put on a half-cup laced-bra of the same colour. I wore a figure hugging top that wasn’t obviously sexy but still showed my curves as I put on a black pantyhose and a black tight fitting skirt, which showed off my tight bums.

Then I called Ric and he sounded not too surprising that I asked him out for lunch. He recommended a restaurant near his condominium and that we should meet there. I drove over to the restaurant with eagerness. I was still nervous and had butterflies in my stomach as I had not done this before, but I just had to experience this. I told myself that this would just be a one-time affair and that it will end there.

When Ric arrived, we were shown to a table at a secluded spot in the restaurant. He held my hand as he led me to my seat. His touch sent shivers down my body, like the feelings I felt during my first courtship days. He then ordered a bottle of red wine.

“This is indeed a wonderful surprise Kay, but I knew you would call me. To the beginning of pleasurable delights for the both of us,”

“You know Kay, I have always wondered what was behind those clothes of yours. I’ve always noticed that tight bum of yours swaying whenever you walked. I’ve always dreamed that my hands are gliding and my tongue tasting all over your body, sucking your tits and tasting your pussy, bringing you to the brink of orgasm,”

He was almost whispering as he said those words, making my nipples hard underneath my blouse. I wondered whether he noticed the pointed tips showing through my sheer lace bra. My pussy was getting that now familiar wet feeling as I squirmed underneath my seat.

“Be careful not to leave any stains,” Ric chuckled as his hypnotic gaze swept over my Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort body.

We had lots of seafood, he ordered oysters, lobster and caviar – to build up the appetite he explained! We drank lots of wine too. It was good as it helped me to loosen up and gather my courage.

“Ric, I know I may look like a slut asking you out for you know what. I just wanted to make it clear to you that I only want to experience what it is like making love to a white guy. Just this once and we go separate ways after this. I love my hubby too much to allow this to continue beyond today,”

Ric looked deeply into my eyes and while holding my hands, told me that after he has fucked me good, I wouldn’t want to make love to anyone else but him. I was tingling all over as I felt my blood rush to every pore of my body.

After lunch, we ended up in his condo. As we stepped into his home, he held me close and started to smell and touch the fringes of my shoulder length hair. He traced his hands slowly down my cheeks, tracing the outline of my lips and then down my neck, all the while keeping his face and breath very near my face.

“Mama mia, you smell so damn nice. I want to taste and eat you,”

I had goose bumps all over me as no one had ever touched me in this sensuous way before. His hands deftly ran through the outlines of my bra-encased breasts as he took my blouse off over my head. He continued to bring his face close to my heaving chest as he began to smell and breathe through all over the top part of my body, my sides and underarms. (Luckily, I had shaven clean there)

Then his hands wandered down my lower sides reaching underneath my skirt, then my pantyhose as he slid up and down my encased thighs. Shit! This guy was really teasing me good and I was trembling all over in a highly aroused state. We had not even kissed, and my nipples were begging to be released from its confinement and I could really feel my pussy wetting my panty.

He slowly reached for the garters of the pantyhose underneath my skirt and rolled it down teasingly. Next, his fingers went back under as he lightly brushed them over the insides of my thighs, slowly moving on and tracing over my trim bush and outside of my pussy lips through my very damp thong. He could feel my wetness.

“You are very wet, can’t wait for me to eat you, huh? Relax and enjoy the sensations. I promise you ecstasy,”

He then unhooked my bra and dropped it to the floor.

“Let me taste your sensuous lips and mouth, my lovely Kay.”

He put his lips to mine and just nibbled my upper lip and then the lower lip. He kissed me full on the mouth and I felt his tongue gliding over my lips and tasting them. He didn’t rush to put in his tongue. Meanwhile his hands were circling the outsides of my breasts, slowly drawing towards the aureoles. He was gently scratching around my nipples moving closer to the erect buds. This man was really heating me up all over!

His tongue then started to probe the insides of my mouth as I opened it. I could feel his tongue caressing the roof of my mouth, and then moving along my teeth and the insides of my cheeks. My tongue finally met his tongue and we were really into some deep French kissing, as we tasted each other’s tongue and our saliva mingled with each other. His mouth tasted like vanilla, which was very pleasant to me.

I didn’t want the kissing to stop. His right hand started to move down and was caressing my pussy through my drenched thong, releasing more juices from within my pussy. His hand got underneath the band as he pulled off my thong. He took my panty and breathe in the scent and told me it was intoxicating to him. Ric’s hands were encircling my mound, gently caressing my patch of pubic hair and then my outer lips.

“Come love, let me see you,” as he gently pushed me away from him as I stood stark naked in front of him.

“Wow Kay, I was not wrong, you truly are gorgeous. You’ve got a great body. You’ve got great tits and ah… you shaved… for me?”

I nodded in agreement as I stood in front of him flushed.

“I can’t believe you have 2 kids, your body doesn’t show it. I’m going to give you the best fuck of your life, Kay.”

“Say no more. Just do it now Ric,”

I pulled him down onto his king-size bed. We started to kiss again.

“Hmmmm… ughhhhh…”

I gasped when his thick middle finger slid into my pussy and started to finger fuck me. Moans escaped from my mouth as he slipped another finger into my already slick pussy.

“Damn, your cunt is very wet and you’re hot inside,”

His fingers were feeling all around inside my pussy, I even felt him touching my cervix before moving his fingers into an area where I’ve never been touched before. He was gently massaging my G-spot, which Al had never bothered with and of which by this time; I was beginning to feel fantastic sensations running through my entire bottom region.

“Ohhh Ric that feels so goood. Please don’t stop, hmmm…” I urged Kadıköy Vip Escort him.

My G-spot was being continuously caressed and I had a blinding orgasm as I felt juices trickling down from deep inside my pussy, wetting his entire palm.

“Ooohhhh huh,huh,huh,huh,huh…”

“Fucking sweet mama, you are like a dam bursting,”

Ric brought up his fingers to his mouth as he licked off my juices from his hand.

“You taste just like honey, love! Damn I must eat you, your juices are so sweet,”

Ric continued finger fucking my throbbing pussy. He soon brought his lips down onto my pussy as my entire pelvic region was grinding around his mouth as he began licking and sucking my cunt. This is really blissful sex. I came twice as my cunt released more secretions onto his mouth and down to his bed-sheet making a wet patch on his bed. I didn’t know I had so much cum in me as I had never cum more than twice in such a short time! Ric was busy slurping up my excess juices that was trickling down from my pussy, as I was lying down satisfied, waiting for more to come.

Meanwhile, my hands reached out for his cock as I pulled his boxer shorts down. A short gasp escaped from my lips as I saw his long and fat erect cock, the biggest I had ever seen in my life.

“Surprised huh? I know it’s bigger than your husband’s. This is what you’ve been dreaming about. You will see stars once this is deep inside you”.

Ric’s cock was almost eight and a half inches long and as thick as a cucumber with thick veins protruding around the shaft. His purplish-red bulbous head was wet with some pre-cum and he was uncircumcised. It felt powerful in my grasp and I wondered how this mean looking tool was going to get inside my pussy.

“Don’t worry, I will be gentle with you, just relax. You will soon be begging for more of this.”

He spread my legs wide open and placed them over his shoulders as he took his cock and played around my labia coating it with my juices from the opening of my pussy as I anticipated his entry with some fear. I could feel his bulbous head slowly slipping in and stretching the entrance of my pussy.

“Owwww… uhhhhh,”

I gasped in a little pain as he pushed gently more of his cock into my pussy. I felt a little more pain as he continued to put more of his meat in and my pussy was expanding to accept the entry of his enormous cock. Finally, I could feel his cock knocking against my cervical wall as he got the entire piece inside me after a few minutes of gentle shoving.

“Just let your cunt get used to my size for a while and I will bring you to paradise shortly,”

My pussy was now filled with his cock. I was amazed that his entire cock could be that deep in me. I felt my insides on fire as it began to get used to his size and length. Then he started grinding his cock in a gentle circular motion. I felt his cock grazing my pussy walls and sensations were running wild around my bottom as he gradually increased his pace.

“Ahhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh!!”

I groaned as another orgasm hit me! I was trashing my hips wildly as Ric fucked me in that grinding way with much vigour. His cock was hitting the roof of my cervix and filled me completely as I came again.

“Ah, ahh, ahh, ahhhhhh, eowwww!!”

I was screaming as another wave of orgasm hit me. No one had ever fucked me this forcefully before. Now I’d finally known how orgasms felt like through penetrative sex and I was enjoying every minute of it.

“Oh Ric, don’t stop. Fuck me… fuck me deep. Ohhhhhh… this is so goooood!”

I squealed as he started pumping in and out furiously. He used short and fast strokes to long and slow strokes alternatively. My legs were up in the air as he was holding on to them and spreading them as wide as possible to fuck me deep. I was delirious as his cock was moving in and out of my slick juicy pussy. This was truly the greatest fuck for me as tremendous sensations hit my pelvic region. I was screaming in sheer joy!

“Ahhh, uuuh, uuuh, ahhhhh,”

Ric was really fucking me hard and good. We then changed to doggy style. His cock felt longer and bigger as he fucked me from behind, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks. There were a lot of noises from the both of us as the juices in my cunt made sloshing and popping sounds whenever his shaft went in and out of my pussy.

He fucked me for over 45 minutes before he shot his semen deep in my pussy and I came about a dozen times. I wasn’t afraid of getting pregnant as I was on the pill. I could feel his cum hitting the back of my pussy wall as he unloaded a tremendous load of cum in me. Our mixture of cum dribbled out onto my thighs as he withdrew his cock out.

“Kay, you are a fantastic fuck!”

“Ohhh Ric, I’ve never been fucked this good before,”

My pussy felt sore but good and there was a gaping hole at the entrance of my pussy as Ric’s vigorous fucking left me completely fulfilled with bliss and lust. Our juices continued to drip onto the sheets from my pussy, wetting it. I knew then that this would not be the first and last time Ric was going to fuck me. I really understood now why some Asian gals just simply love being with white guys! I felt weak all over and my legs were like jelly as I walked back to my car after washing and dressing up. I looked forward to our next tryst!

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