Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt. 18Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt. 18


Chapter 20

Marcy had a wonderful night’s sleep while she didn’t realise it, the only reason she had a quiet night was because Lisa had demanded it. What he also didn’t realise was that while he was sleeping peacefully John was setting up a website, turning him into a real pornstar. Once it was online John hoped he would make a good amount of money off his sissy neighbour. Money he could spent on further sissifying Marcy as per Lisa’s requirement. Not that he minded. Today he would get a first return on his investment, and if it depended on him it would be a first of many.

At exactly 7 a.m. John woke Marcy up with the speakers. The loud distorted voice Marcy had come to jump for made that easy. “Wakey wakey sissy, today you can skip your daily masturbation and everything. I just want you to go into your bathroom, give yourself your morning enema, shower, dry and brush your hair and I’ll get back to you with further instructions.”

Shocked out of her slumber Marcy got out of the bed with a loud groan. Although it was a relieve not to have to finger herself with those dirty boxers or having to kiss that dildo Lisa had fucked her throat with yesterday, she certainly didn’t look forward to what she did need to do at all.

Back at his house John was licking his lips. Marcy emerging from under her covers was a real sight to behold. Sure she had a bed head now, but compared to how her hair had been at first it actually looked pretty neat. The sissy’s smooth slender body also just looked marvellous dressed in her pretty pink lingerie. The very tight girdle pulled her waist in just enough to give an illusion of hips. At first glance Marcy really started to look like a girl. At least when she first got up. To her friends she could probably still maintain her normal appearance with the baggy clothes she wore on the rare occasions she still went to the skate park.

Marcy already looked Marvellous, but John was no where near satisfied yet. He was going to direct her to go back to that exciting sexy sissy schoolgirl look he had seen her wear yesterday. John’s erection was raging, but he decided not to jerk off in his boxers like he normally would when toying with Marcy.

With a sigh Marcy sulked off to the bathroom, only to be stopped right after her first two steps. “What the hell are you doing sissy? Go back to your bed, carefully make it, then mince your way to the bathroom. You know that hip shaking dainty way of walking you did yesterday in your heels. Whenever you move around your room I want to see you walk exactly like that or you’ll be sorry.” John said over the speaker.

The sound of the speakers actually had Marcy very worried. She wanted them to get into action as little as possible. It was only 7 a.m. her parents left at 7:30. They should be downstairs having breakfast by now, but the thought that they were still in the house made her nervous.

Her parents walking into her room out of worry for what that noise was, was a frightening thought. There simply was no way she could explain anything that was going on right now. She certainly didn’t want to even try. She would keep this a secret whatever it took until this whole ordeal was over, whenever that would be.

Trying her best to silence the voice on the other end of the speakers Marcy carefully minced back to her bed. She thought back to what Linda had told her about how she should walk. Heel to toe, swaying hips, small steps, arms sticking out sideways and limp wrists. Marcy hated walking like that. it made her feel like way more of a sissy. Even more than her lingerie did. She paid very close attention to walking exactly like that though. After all the less mistakes she made, the less the speakers needed to be activated.

Delicately Marcy made her bed, straightening out the pink satin sheets she had stolen from her teacher crush from back in high school. Running the slippery satin fabric through her hands made her shudder. Once the sheets were neatly straightened out Marcy started mincing her way to the bathroom.

Once inside she was very glad to have her own bathroom. Well she had been glad from the moment puberty had started, but now she was gladder than ever. The bright pink enema bag with the pink dildo nozzle attached to it made sure of that. An instant wave of embarrassment hit her upon seeing that awful bag again.

With a shaky hand she picked up the bag with its tubing, and nozzle attached. She felt awful just touching it, but she knew she needed to get through this. “Don’t forget to add that scented soap.” The voice over the speakers reminded her as she filled up the bag with lukewarm water and added some soap. Hanging it up from her shower rod Marcy shuddered looking at the thing.

Taking a deep breath Marcy started taking off her clothes. If the voice over the speakers said anything about it, she would just tell that she didn’t want to dirty her lingerie. In fact the sole reason she was stripping first was because she wanted to put this task off as long as she could without the person Kadıköy Yabancı Escort behind the speakers starting to interfere.

Once she was naked and her lingerie folded neatly on the side Marcy could no longer put this off, slowly but surely she got down on all fours. First she took the tube of lube to slowly slather up the pink nozzle dildo, she then did the same to her butt hole, dreading what was to come more and more.

Finally Marcy nervously gripped onto the dildo, aligning it with her butthole. Fingering her ass was one thing, but actually shoving a dildo up there was way worse. Especially one that had the goal of rinsing her butt. Who the hell did that anyway? Marcy didn’t even want to think about the sole reason one could have to clean out their butt.

A soft groan escaped Marcy’s lips as she pushed the dildo past her sphincter and all the way in which luckily wasn’t very far. Still not very far felt way to far and invasive for Marcy. Deciding to make this ordeal as short as she possibly could, Marcy bit the bullet and opened the valve, allowing the water to flow into her.

This was a new low for her. Couldn’t this have waited for about half an hour at least? Then her parents would have been gone. While she knew that her parents couldn’t see her, it felt extra wrong to be sticking a dildo up her butt while they were in the house.

The dildo spraying water inside her remained a very strange and embarrassing feeling to Marcy. one she sadly had to go through, for Lisa and for the person behind the speakers. Once she started cramping up too severely Marcy closed the valve again. Bracing herself she pulled the dildo out and rushed to the toilet where she relieved herself of the water in her bowls.

It looked rather clear, yet there was more waste in it than the result of the second rinse yesterday. Not nearly as much as the first rinse yesterday though so by all means she should be squeaky clean inside now. She didn’t like the thought, but at least she had gotten it done.

After cleaning up and safely putting away the enema kit, Marcy turned on the shower and quickly washed herself, readying her for the next step. She had no idea what she was actually getting ready for and it made her nervous. At least she could hear the garage meaning her parents were leaving. It was a small relief, but every little relief helped right now.

Since brushing her hair when it was wet was near impossible, Marcy took her hair dryer and started blowing it dry. Once the results were good enough, she started brushing it out carefully. Due to the blow drying there was a lot more volume in her hair than usual.

Just as she was about to put the brush away the voice over the speakers came back to life. “Alright sissy, you can proceed by putting your hair in pigtails like your girlfriend so carefully showed you last night. Then you’re going to put on that sexy outfit from yesterday and a good thick coat of that luscious lipstick.” Came the next orders.

Was the person behind the speakers going to make her preform again like she had had to do in the past? It was looking more and more likely and Marcy was not at all looking forward to it. It would mean even more blackmail material, not that it made much of a difference by now. With a sigh Marcy started brushing her hair into two equal pigtails, tying them off with the tartan ribbons in a big floppy bow.

Now that her hair was up as demanded Marcy minced over to her new dreaded outfit. As if lingerie alone wasn’t bad enough already. Even worse was the fact that she would have to work at that dreaded store tomorrow to “earn” this outfit back. An outfit meant purely for others pleasure at her expense.

On top of making Marcy feel ridiculous it was a very uncomfortable outfit as well. The tight girdle made it feel like it was going to cut Marcy in half. She was getting pretty experienced at hooking up stockings to garter tabs by now, a skill she had never even considered before all of this. They still remained a pain to put on though. Especially the ones attached to the back of the opaque white stockings.

Fastening the bra was easy at least. The band around her chest was rather tight however, digging into her skin making it uncomfortable as well. Among her guy friends at the skatepark knowing your way around a bra gave you bragging rights. They even sometimes played games trying to unhook the bras of the girls around through their shirts using only one hand. There were no bragging rights in how well Marcy was handling a bra however and she realised it full well.

The panties went on over the stockings and garter tabs. It went pretty much automatically for Marcy by now. She never even thought about it anymore. She just put panties over top instead of underneath out of habit. The fact that it made for easy access was lost on her by now. Not that it really mattered in this set, with the heart shaped cut out, laced shut in the back of the panties, these granted easy access either way.

With all the lingerie Kadıköy Yeni Escort put on the overtly short skirt and rather see through blouse were up next. They provided very little coverage for the lingerie, but at least it was something. The high heels finished the outfit and were also the most uncomfortable part of it. Not in the way of being to tight, but in the way that they drastically changed Marcy’s balance. Something she wasn’t used to yet. Not at all. With the heels strapped to her feet she had no choice but to mince. It was the only way she could keep her balance. At least as far as she knew.

Last but not least was that horrid backpack holding all these products one could ever need for sex with the texts printed on them making them even more sexual. The thought of condoms called “Sissy Snack Bags” turned her stomach. She didn’t know what cum tasted like and she never wanted to find out either. Luckily it appeared that those things were just for decoration as far as she could tell.

Now that her outfit was on Marcy minced back to the bathroom and started applying that thick coat of bubble-gum pink lipstick. Mincing with these heels was even worse than just mincing. She had to be a lot more concentrated in order to maintain her balance. The loud clicking sound they made also served as a horrid reminder of just what it was she was wearing.

Looking in the mirror fully concentrated on applying this damn thing correctly Marcy couldn’t help but feel even more girly. She knew she had to get this right though or there would be complaints from the speakers, and those had never turned out well for her at all.

She was just finishing up with the lipstick, smacking her lips together when the speakers turned on again. “You look so cute Marcy, well since you do look so cute, I have a present waiting for you. It’s waiting for you in front of your house inside a box wrapped in pink paper with a nice big bow on top. Looking at those fluffy pigtails I just know how much you like big bows.” The voice over the speaker taunted.

Marcy froze in shock, a girly present like that in front of her house? What would any of her friends think if they drove by? Worse even, how the hell would she retrieve that present. She couldn’t go outside looking like this, not in a million years. God she didn’t even want to imagine anyone even a complete stranger seeing her like this and if anyone was around they would notice for sure. The loud clicking of the heels would surely drag attention.

“Oh and Marcy, if I were you I would be very excited about getting a present like that. In fact I you’re not back in your room with that present in five minutes, I’ll start livestreaming your camera’s to any site for adult content I can think off, along with your address and a text saying you feel lonely and you’re craving some dominant male attention. How long do you think it will take for the first men to arrive? How many men do you think will drop by once they see the fun those first get up to, and do you think you can please all of them well and quick enough to leave before your parents get home tonight? One thing’s for sure. You’ll have more than your hands full all day long.” The speakers said before shutting off again.

While she had no problems coming up with doom scenarios on her own, having a horrid situation like that explained to her made her lose her mind in panic. Rationally she should know thing wouldn’t go that far most likely, but she wasn’t thinking anymore. The extreme time pressure and horrid possible consequences made sure of that.

In her panic all that mattered was getting that present up to her room as fast as she possibly could and hoping it would be within those 5 minutes. Not even hesitating anymore. Marcy minced to the door as fast as she possibly could manage without tripping over. It made her whole hip swaying walk even more exaggerated than before.

Getting out of the room was easy, going through the hall was easy as well, but then she arrived at the stairs and was faced with a whole new problem. How the hell would she ever make it down these stairs safely? Seeing no other way Marcy slowly moved sideways, moving one step at a time while holding onto the railing for dear life.

Taking the stairs had been a time-consuming thing and time was one thing Marcy really didn’t have. She just hoped that she would make it within the five minutes. If not she would be royally screwed. Mincing towards the front door Marcy prayed that no one would be around. It was all she could really do since being cautious and having a look first to see if the coast was clear wasn’t something she could afford timewise.

With a deep breath she grabbed the door knob, swung it open an started looking for the present. Instead of right at the door that bastard had put it all the way out front on the sidewalk in front of her house. It was only a 40-foot walk, but that was way beyond Marcy’s comfort. Still under pressure she had no choice but to go and get it. At least no one seemed Kadıköy Masaj Salonu to be around. Most people here in the neighbourhood still worked so that wasn’t all that surprising. Plus in the front yard she was still relatively shielded by the side fences. Going out on the side walk would leave her completely exposed however.

Not having much of a choice Marcy minced her way down the path through their front yard as fast as she could. She cringed every time her heels made that loud clicking noise. If anyone was around, they would certainly start looking her way trying to determine where that noise was coming from. Trying to put that out of her mind and focussing on the task at hand Marcy was nearing her present.

Just a few steps more, a few steps on the pavement and she could go back up to her room hopefully still on time. Stepping out on the sidewalk Marcy was shocked. A couple feet on her side her fat old slob of a neighbour, the one who at war with his parents, the one who’s house she had egged on a near weekly basis during some periods was emptying his mailbox and staring right at her in complete and utter shock.

Her face turned beet red and she started cursing under her breath as hurriedly picked up that present and minced back inside as fast as she could. She was so fucking screwed. What would that old perv think? More worrisome was what he would do having caught her like this? Marcy would just have to deal with that later now she had more pressing worries as she started mincing back on the stairs with her present in hand, carefully and slowly in order not fall. Otherwise she would certainly be to late. Hell she might even need an ambulance if that happened and she sure as hell didn’t want to be taken to a hospital like this.

Bursting into her room the present in hands Marcy didn’t get any kind of reprieve. A slow loud clapping was coming over the speakers while her heart was racing after what had been the most embarrassing walk of her life.

“Congratulations sissy, you have made it right on time. Come on I can see you’re excited to find out what I’ve gotten you so open up your present, or do you like the pink wrapping and the bow so much you don’t want to ruin them?” Came the distorted voice of his blackmailer over the speakers.

Back at his house John was smiling widely. Seeing Marcy mince in that outfit in front of his very eyes had given him a real kick. It had been a stroke of genius on his part as well. He wasn’t tired of the whole anonymous blackmailer thing yet. In fact he quite liked controlling Marcy like he was playing sims or something like that. Yet he had now found a way to get a grasp on the sissy as John as well. As long as he wasn’t too obvious about it he could easily maintain an influence on Marcy life in these two separate ways.

In her room Marcy was now nervously opening up the present she had gotten. Inside she found what appeared to be two pink leather cuffs and a package of contact lenses of sorts. The cuffs were made up with two leather bands in pink connected by a chain. Slightly puzzled she just stared at the items.

“Aren’t you just so very excited about your gift Marcy, well either way. Here is what you are going to do. You are going to lock one end of each cuff onto the posts at the foot of your bed. Then you are going to put in those contacts, sit on the floor in front of your bed and lock the other end of those cuffs on your wrists. You have another 5 minutes to complete this task or I will make my earlier threat become a reality.” The voice over the speaker said.

Once again panicking full force Marcy jumped into action and started by clipping the cuffs onto her bed posts at the foot of her bed. She then minced back to the bathroom where she opened the contact lenses clueless why they would be given to her. Maybe her blackmailer wanted her to have a different eye colour or something.

Putting the first one in things became clear. Everything instantly turned pitch black in front of that eye. These things were blinding her, completely non see through making them a more elegant solution than a blindfold. In that regard they fit right in with the cuffs in a way.

Finding her way back to the foot of the bed was difficult. In order not to trip and fall, maybe requiring an ambulance Marcy started to get down and crawl instead. Slowly but surely, she found her way back to the bed. Afraid of having lost too much time she pressed her back to the footboard, sat down on the floor and clipped her wrists in the cuffs.

With the last click her heart started racing. She had been so concerned about getting this task done in time that she forgot to think about the position it brought her in. she was completely blind, cuffed to her bed with nowhere to go. Thinking about it she couldn’t even remember seeing a key to these cuffs. There was no padlock involved with them and nothing that looked like a key hole at all. They were connected by two halves of a silver heart locking together.

Maybe it was just a small magnet holding these together? Whatever it was Marcy instantly started testing how strong they were by pulling against them as hard as she could. Apart from her bed creaking there was no result whatsoever. She couldn’t even take out the contacts to have a better look with her arms too wide apart and restrained.

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