Jamaican Holiday Ch. 09Jamaican Holiday Ch. 09


2nd Tuesday – 3rd day as BBC Slut wife

When I woke, Jaye and Samuel were already intertwined, kissing as she stroked his erect Big Black Cock. They were a beautiful study in Black and white She sensed me and rolled part way from him, but kept on stroking his Black Cock.

“Hi, B! How are you this morning?”

“I feel like the North Korean Army just marched through my mouth!”

She giggled. “Well, I feel like they all gang-banged me!”

She had obviously gotten up during the night and cleaned up because her raccoon mask and smeared lipstick were gone (although her eyes were still bloodshot and sunken). But what surprised me was the number of dark bruises on her tits, thighs and hips. She had had a real working over. Samuel slid his long Black fingers up her thigh and nuzzled her ear.

“I want you, too, Samuel, but I’m sore all over and my clit is still so sensitive it hurts!”

“Ah, missy, ja don’t understand. Dat ain’t sore, it’s wantin’ fo mo!”

Horny or not, Jaye wasn’t buying that.

“Ja doan unnerstand! Many white women come to Jamaica for sex. They have a good time and go home, mebe come back. But a few discover something here. We all natural beings and rational beings. In your white world, women be schooled as rational beings and told to lock up they natural selves. In Jamaica we be natural people: we live, love, sing, dance, make love, have children as easy as the sun floats and the tides flow Some white women, when dey get to Jamaica, their hidden part is woken up. It like dey reborn. I heard about ja missy, before I met ja. Ja was pointed out to me to help ja be born again. How ja feel about last night?”

Jaye closed her eyes, remembering the feelings. “I , I was humiliated, being passed around from stranger to stranger like a whore or piece of meat. But so turned on also – they wanted me. My body was making them hard. I was scared, scared that they would rape me – and yet I wanted them to. I wanted to feel spread open and taken, powerless, and at the same time I wanted the feeling of power that I get when you two cum in me and suddenly become weak in my arms. The knowledge that I did that.”

“See missy? Dat how a natural woman feel!”

“But what do I do with the new me? I can’t go back to the Midwest and keep doing this!” Tears were welling in her eyes.

“Doan worry, missy! We each need balance in our lives. Yours been so one-sided, ja jus naturally swung way over. Ja’ll swing back to whatever your balance point is after you leave here! Dat brings us back to the issue in ja hand. Ja say ja too sore to do what ja want to do. Dat may be some, but dat tickling in ja clitty ain’t sore, it tellin ja to keep going. Ja know dat doan ja?” (His eyes narrowed and she seemed to shrink.)

“Y, yes. I have these huge orgasms when you keep going after I beg you to stop. But believe me, it isn’t tickling – it burns! But then it changes and it’s like my whole body is an extension of my pussy! I keep cumming until I’m so sore I can’t move.”

“Missy, ja can’t know pleasure if ja don’t know pain. I agree ja had a work out last night, particularly for a white woman. But dere be tings we can do…”

He had me start sucking gently on one nipple while he did the same on the other and we softly stroked her body, staying away from her pussy. Her eyes closed and shortly her legs opened and her knees raised. I slid one finger down to the bottom of her pussy and felt the wetness.

At this point, Samuel told me to get between her legs and start licking her ass, but make sure to stay away from her pussy and clit. I started to say no, but my wife begged me to do as he said. He moved to her head and fed her his Black Cock while I buried my face in her ass cheeks and started to lick her puckered hole. Surprisingly, it tasted sweet. After several minutes, I felt her sphincter relax and a trickle of pussy juice run down onto my tongue. “She relaxed yet?” “Mmmm” from both of us. “Now stick ja tongue in” I did, hesitantly at first, but almost immediately Jaye let out a moan and raised her knees to her chest to give me better access.

Minutes went on. Her anus was relaxing and tightening rhythmically and she was juicing heavily down her crack and moaning frequently. Samuel told me to change positions with him. Kneeling between her legs he reached up two fingers to her mouth and told her to make them wet. My wife stopped sucking my cock and took them into her mouth. Then he withdrew them and inserted one into her relaxed ass. “Mmmm!” she sighed softly around my cock. Then the fingers went back to her mouth, then back to her ass. The first finger slipped in and then he worked in the second.

Back and forth, in and out. Her hips were rising to meet his fingers.

Now he was sliding his Black Cock up and down her ass crack.

Finally, he told me to take his Black Cock and put it in her. Mesmerized, I held it as I had last night and pressed the head against her hole. She whimpered, but no lube was necessary – my licking had relaxed and wet her Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort sphincter, his fingers had opened her, and her own juices were continually running down onto his Black Cock, keeping it naturally slick.

I pressed harder and watched as the mushroom head went almost all the way in. Now out. Now deeper in. The head popped through her sphincter.


A pause and then I pulled it out.


Then back in about 2 inches deeper. She flipped her head back and forth, eyes closed, and moaned. “Oh shit!”

Back out and then in deeper.

A wait while she processed the feelings.

I had been fucking her ass for over 20 years but nothing as sensuous as this.

A few more strokes and he was all the way in. Then he slowly withdrew and rolled her over, re-entering her gently and slowly. She moaned softly as he slid in deep. In and out, in and out. In, now all the way out. Back in – all the way out. Her ass was gaping now and he didn’t need to ease it in anymore.

All the way in, all the way out. 5 minutes of this went by.

Suddenly, her groans turned to cries, urging him on, urging him to cum in her ass. Her breathing was ragged and she was clutching the sheets in her fists.

The cries intensified – and then an orgasm hit! With a squirt! (Jaye had always enjoyed anal – or at least never refused it and sometimes asked for it – but she had never cum from it. This was a first, and with a squirt as well. It occurred to me that she was squirting much more frequently – again, a rarity until we got to Jamaica, but now seemingly a regular accompaniment to her orgasms.) Samuel continued stroking until he came, then withdrew. I bent down to lick the cum leaking from her ass, but he told me to fuck her in her pussy.

“But, I thought….”

“She be ready now. But when ja cum, do it on her face.”

Then he shoved his Big Black Cock into her mouth to suck clean. We had never done ass-to-mouth before but she didn’t hesitate. I mounted her and gently rubbed my cock along her slit. She was still having aftershocks and when my cock hit her distended clit her whole body jerked. She tried to say she was too sensitive, but couldn’t with his cock in her mouth. “See, Missy? Ja pussy really asking fo mo! Relax and go wid it!”

Her knees splayed out wider and she pushed her crotch at me. I pressed gently in and set up a rhythm similar to what Samuel used. Her orgasms kept rolling over her as I built up speed and force.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer and pulled out, moved to her head and jerked my cock over her face. “Yessss! Please!” And she opened her mouth to receive my load. When it came I splattered it over her mouth, eyes and cheeks.

As we all caught our breath, Samuel stroked her hair and said, “Dat what you wanted de mens do ta ja last night, ain’t it?”

She stretched like a contented cat. “Yes, Samuel, that and more. I’m such a slut! If someone offered money, I’d be a whore!”

We took it easy the rest of the day to let her lady parts heal and skipped the beach in favor of a nap. Jaye stayed naked and curled up with Samuel, her hands and mouth never far from his Black cock. She was like a kid who had discovered candy and couldn’t get enough. He spent some time playing with her nipples and had her blow him, but there was no fucking.

After dinner, Samuel told Jaye to get dressed to go out dancing. We both looked at him and asked if we could go back to the Z’Club after having been thrown out. He said this was a different place that didn’t have the same rules. Jaye showered, douched and gave herself an enema, then put on her sun dress, without underwear. Samuel told her to take it off and put on her outfit from last night. She paused, but dutifully made the change. I called a cab and Samuel told him where we were going. When the driver heard the address he turned around and leered at Jaye then sneered at me.

The club was in a part of town we hadn’t seen, a little way from the port where the cruise ships came in. There was a bar along one wall, tables and a dance floor. The capacity sign at the door said 450 but there were only about 70 there. Near the bar was a DJ station, and there were two platforms with topless Black go-go dancers moving in a bored fashion to the music. Lighting was low, with spotlights on the dancers. The clientele was almost totally Black, the white contingent consisting of Jaye and I, and two other couples, the women sluttily dressed and the men looking thuggish (Russian whores and their pimps, Samuel told me). A few minutes after we arrived, Marianne walked across the dance floor to a table where Kevin and the Black man they had introduced to us as Levon were sitting with two other Black men. Marianne was wearing a crop top so short the bottom of her pendulous breasts were showing and a short skirt. Both she and Kevin appeared to be earing dog collars. She waived hesitantly, but made no attempt to join us. There were a few Black women, but overall, Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort males outnumbered females about 6 to 1.

I commented that things seemed slow and low energy compared to Z’Club. Samuel said that was because there was no cruise ship in town tonight. When the tourists hit, the place was lit up and packed.

A $20 tip (from me) got the DJ to switch to reggae and calypso, and Jaye and Samuel started dancing while I ordered drinks.

She melted into his arms and they started their grinding and caressing. Soon he turned her to face me, a hand on her tit and the other pulling her head up by her hair. She looked straight at me and pushed her ass into his crotch while lewdly sucking on a finger. At the end of two songs, they came back for a drink. Samuel told her to finish it, then took her out again. I looked around and saw both Marianne and the two Russian whores dancing with Black men also.

After 2 sets – and another downed drink – Samuel called the waitress over. “Da lady like to dance.” The waitress leaned over, lit a candle sitting in the middle if the table and brought an empty glass. Almost immediately, a fat Black man walked up and told Samuel he’d like to dance with “the woman.” Samuel looked at Jaye and told her to go with him. The man put some cash in the glass and took her hand.

As they rubbed and ground on the dance floor, Jaye at first was stiff and hesitant, then got into the rhythm. I asked Samuel about the glass and the money.

“House rules: $2 a dance, 3 fo’ $5.” So that’s what tonight was about: Jaye had said she wanted to be passed around and used as a whore, so Samuel was going to make her fantasies real! My wife was graduating from slut to whore! What was going on here and why was I allowing it? The song ended and the fat man brought her back. Samuel had a drink ready for her. “Samuel, did he pay to have me dance with him?” “Ja. How ja feel about dat?” “Humiliated, but hot in a way. Do I keep on?” “De candle, she mean ja available. Ja doan wanta, blow out de candle.”

Jaye paused, looked at me. I said nothing. I was humiliated as well, but also turned on. And, if she had this fantasy, she had to deal with it – live it or leave it.

Just then, another man walked up and put $5 on the table. My wife swallowed, bit her lip, put the money into the glass, and let him lead her onto the dance floor. They ground for the full set, and Jaye rubbed her tits against his chest so hard her top shifted off. Immediately she turned her back to him and placed his large, Black hands on them, grinding her butt into his crotch. He mashed them for a moment, then pulled her nipples out from her body, stretching them before going back to squeezing them. She spun around, straddled his leg and started sliding her crotch up and down on it while sliding her hands under his wife-beater.

When the set was over, he returned her to the table, and she gulped down another drink before another Black man came up and put $5 on the table. This time she ignored it, letting Samuel pick it up, and led the stranger onto the floor. When she returned from this set, again re-arranging her covering, she was glowing from the booze and stimulation of being so openly groped.

“He had a big cock! I think he wanted to fuck me!”

“Ja want him to?”

“I’m your missy, Samuel! Do you want me to fuck him?” Her tone was lighthearted. She was playing a game. I wondered if she realized he wasn’t.

In answer, Samuel called over the manager and the two spoke into each other’s ear. Then the manager left, and another Black man placed a bill on the table. Jaye headed off with him. When Jaye returned, Samuel had her down another shot. She was getting tipsy and giggly. Samuel told her to go with the manager and do whatever he wanted.

“Whatever he want!” Samuel repeated.

The manager took her by the hand and they headed for the back. Samuel leaned to me.

“Go wid dem. Dat way de Russians no try nuttin wid her. Sit in de corner and watch, I tole him dat ja ting. But doan let her back out. When she come back, if she wan’ quit, we quit, but make sure she do dis one.” I jumped up and followed them out through a beaded curtain.

Behind the club was another building: one story, cinderblock, windowless. The door was also a beaded curtain, a red light coming from inside. I almost missed the very large Black guard outside the door until he moved as we approached. Inside, there was one long corridor with rooms on both sides and a shriveled old Black lady lugging a bucket. There were no doors, only beaded curtains, and above each entry was a light box with a number. Some were lit with a white light and we could hear moans, groans and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh coming from them. The curtains of course were not even a vision block from up close and we could see naked couples in various carnal poses. The music from the main club was being piped in but at a muted volume as the manager walked her to the end and the room marked 5. When we Kadıköy İranlı Escort got there, he flipped a switch and the number 5 glowed white.

Inside, there was an iron cot with a dirty mattress, a chair, some hooks on the wall, a sink with soap and a pitcher of water, a bottle of lubricant, and a can of feminine hygiene spray. Under the sink was a bucket. There as a large mirror on one wall paralleling the bed and a smaller one at the head of the bed

The manager told Jaye to take off her clothes. She paused a moment and looked at me, bit her lip and undid her top then pushed off her skirt and thong. The manager started inspecting her body, hefting her small tits, pulling on the nipples, rubbing his fingers along her slit and pushing them into her pussy. It was everything we had been doing to her at the beach for a week, but here in the red light and seedy surroundings it all had a threatening nature. But still erotic. Her eyes were closed and she was grinding her pussy onto his fingers.

He finger fucked her for a minute or so, then spun her around and bent her over the bed, ass in the air. Using her own wetness as lube, he massaged her anus with two fingers, going back and forth from her pussy to her ass until first one, then both, slid in. My wife groaned at the intrusion.

He withdrew his fingers and wiped them off on her skirt, then told her to suck his cock. She dropped to her knees, fished out his Black Cock and started sucking, cupping his balls and kneading them.

Again he stopped abruptly.

“Git ja ass on de bed, white cunt!” She looked surprised for a moment – no one had ever talked to her like that before – but she did it. Stripping, he lay in the middle and told her to keep sucking him. She scampered between his legs and went at it like it was a steak dinner and she hadn’t eaten in a month. Periodically he would shove his Black Cock down her throat and hold her there until she would choke, then let her up, then do it again. Sometimes he would grab and twist her long nipples until she would whimper. But she kept on sucking him, massaging his balls, and jacking her long clit. After a while he had her put a condom on him. It took her a minute, but she got it. All the while he was calling her every name I had ever heard and some that were new to me. If anything, the verbal abuse seemed to be arousing her.

Then he pushed her onto her back, poured some lube on his Black Cock, and mounted her, ramming into her hard for several strokes and triggering an orgasm. He kept going for a while and then changed positions.

Over the next half hour, he fucked her cunt in every position possible, then flipped her over, had me bring the lube and repeated the process in her ass. By this time I had figured out that he was testing her, trying to find out what she would or wouldn’t do, how she would react to commands and insults – and how good my wife was as a fuck toy.

Finally, having road-tested her mouth, ass and cunt, the manager once again shoved his cock (he still hadn’t cum) back into her cunt.

“Time is money, bitch! Make me cum before this song ends!”

Jaye started working her hips under him but he stayed passive. She wiggled and bumped. Finally she pushed him off, got into doggie position and begged him to sink his Big Black Cock into her (He wasn’t particularly big but what man can resist that?).

When he did, she started working her cunt muscles and body the way she had on me a few days ago, literally milking his Black Cock, telling him how big he was, how good he felt in her, begging him to ram it into her, begging him to cum. He started moving, faster and faster, pulling her back onto him by her hips and gave out a groan and several final thrusts.

They both collapsed on the bed. The manager recovered first. Standing, he removed his condom and emptied it onto her tits, then dropped it onto her belly. Then he grabbed her by the hair and wiped his cum covered Black Cock all over her face.

“Ja’ll do. Dis ja short time room. Turn on de light when ja come in. In 30 minutes it start to blink. Be done by den or de guard come by an move ja out. Turn it out when ja leave. Clean ja nasty self in de sink after each customer. Do ja business in de bucket. Auntie outside empty it after ja leave. ” Then, addressing me for the first time, he said in a low voice, “Make sure she stay on de bed.”

Jaye looked at me and wondered, “Do you think I’m expected to do that again?”

“Well, Samuel sent you in here with him and you did it. Maybe you should ask Samuel.”

Back in the club, a sign with the number 5 had been placed on our table along with a garter with a badge bearing the number 5 and a box of condoms. I had noted signs on various tables and the bar, some bright, some dim, and several women wearing the armbands. Marianne and the other two white women had them on and I saw Marianne heading through the curtains at the back in company of a Black man.

Samuel explained. “Short time girls get their own rooms and pay a percentage to the manager. De sign and arm band identify who dey be so the customers know who and where to pay. De sign have a switch wid tree positions: Off – de girl ain’t working; High (he hit the switch) – De girl available; Low (he switched again) – De girl busy short time.” With that, he set the switch on high.

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