Aunt Rae’s BootyAunt Rae’s Booty


The last thing Rick wanted to do was spend a weekend with his Aunt Rae. He was 18 and he believed it was his rite to be home alone during his parent’s short get away. But his dad knew that Rick’s poor judgment would get the better of him and something could go wrong. So off he went.

Friday after school his parents, packed and ready to go, picked him up from school and took him to Aunt Rae’s house. They dropped him at the front, gave him fond wishes and were off faster than lightning. Rick, with his bag around his shoulder, slowly strolled up the drive way.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like Rae, he did very much. She was in her late thirties and full of youthful enthusiasm. She had short Blonde hair, average but nice figure and loved to dress hip. She played Rolling Stone records all the time and let Rick watch rated R films with none the wiser. The only draw back was she usually had a boy friend that was annoying and he usually never cared for Rick being around. Also, at 18, Rick wanted to grow up and be on his own. His dumb friends had gotten dull and now the girls at school preoccupied his thoughts.

He couldn’t help but stare at a few of his favorite girls in Class and he loved the way they dressed. With their tall leather boots and mid riffs exposed he was experiencing feelings harder than ever before. Also, during school, his fondness for one of his teachers was growing and he didn’t know why. She wasn’t your typical underwear model but she would were the sauciest outfits. Knee high leather boots, leather skirts and once she wore black leather pants. He suspected she was asked not to wear them again. He could never concentrate in her class. Only on her and her outfits.

He walked up to Aunt Rae’s door and knocked. “C’mon in, Rick!” he heard. He walked in put his bag down and was prepared to meet the latest man of the month. Aunt. Rae, came down stairs and smiled. “Ricky, when did you start becoming and big Man?” She asked. Rick just shrugged. “Hi, Aunt Rae.” He monotoned. Rae wrinkled her brow and mimicked his under whelmed response and then added; “Hey, that’s it? Give me a hug.” She opened her arms and he walked towards her. It was then he noticed her outfit.

She wore a fitted cotton black knee length dress. It was meant for comfort but since it was fitted in accentuated her body and her round hips. Most of all she wore knee length brown boots with zipper’s on the inside and heels that made definitive sounds as they hit her hard wood floors. She looked good for an aunt. They embraced and he could smell her faint perfume. When they released she gave him her typical slight kiss. “It’s so good to see you.” She crooned. He wasn’t buying it. “Who’s coming over tonight?” he asked. She gave him a look. “Well, aren’t we a pessimist.” He just sat down and smiled respectfully. “Believe it or not, Mr. Smarty, I have no guests tonight.” Rick picked him self up, “Cool lets rent some movies.” “Ok, Ricky but first we go to dinner. So if you want filthy movies tonight I need to at least get fed first.” Rick and Aunt Rae, headed out the door. He couldn’t help but think about the prospect of “filthy” movies.

He knew she was kidding but what if she wasn’t? They went to a local Bar for burgers and she had a beer. Rick started bugging his aunt for a beer too. He figured if she let him watch his movies why not a beer. “No, because your dad, my brother, will kill me.” “C’mon Aunt Rae, just one and I swear I won’t tell. I never had a beer.” “You’re a liar, Rick. You have so. You think your dad doesn’t know when you sneak a beer from the basement cooler?” Rick froze. Yes, he figured his dad didn’t know. He began to feel some panic and embarrassment.

Rae knew he had gotten worried by the look on his face. “Hey, don’t be so surprised. Your Dad was the same way, at your age, besides you seldom do it, so he doesn’t care too much.” Rick, felt better but he was still embarrassed. “What else does my Dad know bout me?” “Don’t worry about it. Your fine.” Rae, brushed it aside but Rick was embarrassed. Their burgers came and she ordered a another beer.

By the end of diner she polished off beer number three and when she stood up she laughed. “Rick, did you bring your permit?” Rick, found himself driving to the video store in Rae’s new SUV. “This is cool.” He said. “Yeah, except for the payments.” Rae smiled. “Look Rick, don’t tell your dad I told you that stuff about the beer. Ok?” Rick felt uneasy “Sure, Aunt Rae” “Tell you what Ricky, you can rent whatever you want tonight, Ok?” Rick was surprised but let out a; “Cool!” Just remember you have to watch it with me so don’t embarrass yourself.” Rick parked and went in the Video Shop, Rae stayed out in the SUV. He flirted with getting something overtly smutty but decided on silly Charlie’s Angels. When he climbed Ankara escort in Rae grabbed his choice and looked at him, “Ok, Ricky I hope it’s not a porno?”

As he drove she switched he position from sitting face forward to sitting with her back to her door. She put her feet up and on Rick’s lap. This wasn’t unusual his Aunt Rae was always the touchy feely type. Rick glanced down at her boots, however. He noticed how worn in they were and how smooth they felt on his lap. The Brown leather felt soft on his legs, even through his pants. He suddenly felt excited.

Rae looked at his choice for the evening. “Oh, I’ve wanted to see this.” And she started talking about the TV show when she was younger. Rick tried listening but her leather feet kept sliding on his lap with every small bump in the road. “Boy, those women back then were considered so sexy. I wanted to be just like Ferra Faucet. She would have some revealing posters, Boy. She wore bathing suits but they were so tight and you could just see her nipples.” This conversation was now not helping.

The boots, combined with barley showing nipples was getting to Rick and he was growing. Like he would on the morning bus, totally uncontrollable. “I even had Ferra poster…” Rae continued “What does a guys like you have today. Besides your Penthouses.” Rae blushed and so did Rick. “Did my Dad tell you that?” Rick croaked. Rae sat quietly with embarrassment.

After a long pause she spoke up. “Ricky, I’m just a little tipsy and I’m just guessing.” She slid her leather boots off his lap and when she did she noticed a lump on his leg. She quickly looked forward and felt strange. Not only did she embarrass him but he had gotten hard him self. Rick also noticed. It certainly felt like the worst day of his life.

“I’m sorry,” Rae finally said as they walked into her house. “I’m sorry too.” Rick mumbled as he sat on the living room couch. Rae walked around in the kitchen she wanted to make it up to him. Rick sat, embarrassed. “Rick, come in here…please.”

Rick slowly went in staring at the floor the whole time. “Ricky, honey we all have embarrassing things about are selves. And when you’re a teenager, you can’t, unfortunately, hide too much from your parents. Believe me your Dad had porno too and I wasn’t a saint either.” “So, why did he have to tell you?” Rick mumbled. “I’m his little sister and frankly he doesn’t want to tell your mom. So he talks about it with me. It’s not a big deal, Ricky.”

There was a pause and then Rick spoke up. “Mom, doesn’t know?” “Nope.” She answered and she could tell his embarrassment was lessened. “Hey, since your being cool, how about a few drinks to help you forget about this silly stuff.” Rick’s head popped up with a surprised look on his face. “Just don’t tell you parents or else they’ll kill you and me.”

“So, what do you say?” Rick just shrugged but a smile was creeping on his face. Rae said “Why don’t you say, Auntie Rae, make me a screw driver.” Rick repeated it and they both laughed. She went ahead and made the drinks and Rae made him tell her stories of other times he had drinks. He told her a few things but he was mostly glad that his bonner from earlier seemed forgotten.

She handed him a drink and he took a sip. I tasted, ok but he knew it might give him a buzz. “C’mon, wanna watch some Charlie’s Angels?” He agreed and they went to the living room and put it on. He watched the movie and he didn’t seem to notice the slight buzz set in. When he was finished with his drink he was ready for a new one. He looked at Rae and asked if he could make another and she said yes.

He made one for her as well and he made them strong. When he walked back into the living room he took one look at the TV and was stunned. There was Lucy Liu all decked out in leather. He was spellbound. He handed his Aunt her drink and sat down and watched. He quickly asked if he could rewind in order to see the scene he may have missed. “Sure.” was Rae’s answer and she took a sip. “Whoa, pretty strong Boy.” He just let out a halfhearted “Yeah” and continued to stare at Ms. Liu’s sexy leather body moving. How he wished he could touch her and have her spank him with her crop. He couldn’t believe what he was thinking. Rae, noticed his total devotion to the scene. He liked Lucy Liu, she thought well who could blame him she thought.

She reclined on the couch and Rick continued to sit on the floor with his drink. She reached to unzip her boots, but she just unzipped one and never took it off. She leaned back and felt very tired and closed her eyes. Rick was captivated, he wanted so bad to jerk himself due, to the sexy Ms. Liu, he thought of going to the bathroom. He took another swig and got up, when he turned around, with an excuse ready to take a “number 2”, he saw his Aunt laying Ankara escort bayan silent, with her eyes closed.

He thought; “Cool, I won’t even have to tell her.” Suddenly, a perverse thought shot through his mind. He looked at her feet and boots dangling. He noticed the one boot starting to come off. He knew she slept hard and he could push her off the couch and she still wouldn’t wake up. He would take off her boot bring it too the bathroom, beat it and bring it back. He would then leave it just below her dangling foot, like it fell off.

He walked towards her sleeping body. Her arms were at her sides, her skirt had disheveled up to her thighs and her legs were slightly parted. He stopped. He was consumed with his perversion. “None the wiser”, he thought. He got on his knee and looked up her dress. She wore black panties but she hadn’t shaved for awhile. Soft speckles of brown pubic hair rustled out from beneath her undies. He felt disgusted with himself but he couldn’t stop. He looked down at her beautiful brown leather boot. It was unzipped, worn and the leather creased around her ankle.

He reached for it and put his fingers around her long heel and toe. He pulled and it slid slowly off her foot. It moved making that great unique leather sound but it then stopped. He tried again but it wouldn’t budge. The only way it would come off is if he shook it off. He couldn’t afford to take that chance. Even if he lied to his Aunt and told her he just wanted to get her comfortable it would be so much against his character. She would’ve known he was full of shit.

He was stuck and so was Auntie’s boot. He paused and noticed her exposed leg and then her smell. Her sweat that was trapped in her boot all day was exposed and it filled his nostrils. He wanted to hate it but he couldn’t it just made his prick expand. He began to breathe heavy as he reached out to touch her leather boot. He slid his hand over the leather toe, to the leather foot, to leather shin, to the zipper and over the opening. His fingers felt the zipper, leather and skin all at once. And it was from his Auntie.

He remembered back when she gave him baths, helped him to change clothes and even on the toilet. He penis was hard and he was filled to the brim with perversion. His other shaky hand undid his own zipper and he pulled out his bonner. He started working his rod and his hips automatically pumped. His hand went up and down her boot and then his fingers found their way underneath the leather. He could feel her sexy stinky perspiration and it felt so wrong. From the back of his anus, through his crotch he could feel a sensation swell. He was going to burst and he didn’t want to stop. He had to pull himself back, but those moments of pure submission made him surge. His body instincts were kicking in despite the incestual perverted feelings. They only made it sweeter. But he had to stop. There was no way he go farther. The consequences would be too much.

He clenched his ass cheeks and started to rise. But as he did, Aunt Rae opened her eyes. “What the Fuck, Rick?” If only this moment had lasted forever. Her face was shocked and her knee had risen, exposing a full exquisite view of her panties and her hairy crotch. The foot with the unzipped boot attempted to push up from the floor. But Aunt Rae slid her hard heel her leather toe came up and touched Rick balls.

He lost control and like a suddenly unclogged hose he shot him self all over her feet and boots. His strands of cum landed like pearls on her brown leather. He let out the slightest moan but his body quivered in pure sin. Rae, couldn’t move, so just stared. “Mgmm.” Rick let out and he sat back on his arches. He was done. Small amounts of semen pooled between his fingers that clenched his disintegrating woody. Suddenly, like the cruelest joke in the world, reality set in. Rick the nephew, just jerked off on Aunt Rae’s feet.

“I think you need to leave.” Aunt Rae barley said. With that, the guilt hit Rick like anchor. He got up and feverishly put himself away. “Please don’t tell, please don’t tell, please don’t tell.” Pathetically, Rick begged for mercy. “Get Out!” screamed Rae and he panicked. He lunged for the door and went out side. Rae got up, still stunned and zipped up her boot.

The semen slicked up her fingers at the same time. She looked at her hand and gazed at Rick’s fluid on her index finger. She felt violated, dirtied by her nephew. She should be pissed. She got up, went outside and looked for Rick.

She got in her SUV and raced down the road. She could see Rick hastily walking. She pulled up beside him and yelled out the window. “Get in the Fuckin, truck Rick. Get in or I’ll call you mother right now! He looked over Rae held a cell phone in the air like a gun. He couldn’t say no. He opened Escort Ankara the door and got in. Before he put on the seat belt she screeched away.

Rae went off. “You fucking pervert, I’m your aunt. After everything I do for you treat me like an object. I’m not one of your pornos, Rick. I’m family!” She was lived. She drove towards their house, he stayed quiet and she continued to vent. She called him a sissy, puke, scumbag, raper, shitstain and even a queer. They pulled into his driveway and he got out. As soon as he was in the house she peeled away. He sat home alone and cried. A few hours later he heard the SUV pull in the driveway.

He heard her boots on the cement and soon she was through the door. She walked into total darkness. She turned on the light and Rick was lying on the sofa. He sat up and she glared at him while she dropped his bag to the floor. She could tell he was taking it rough but she wasn’t going to back down. “So, you into kink and incest, Rick? You like that?” She paused and he could only shake. “This crap can follow you for the rest of your life, Rick.”

She turned to leave. Just before she got to the door she turned back. “And you jizzed all over my favorite boots.” She glared again. “Don’t you think you should…” “I’m sorry Aunt Rae” howled Rick. “No, boy. I don’t want an apology, I want you to clean them.” He was confused. “Don’t you think you should clean my fuckin boots? Rick.” He sat silent and she walked straight over to him. “Clean them, now” He got up went into the kitchen and came back with a wet cloth he extended his hands toward her boot clad feet. She leaned forward and slapped the cloth out of his hand. “No!”

She stopped him in his tracks and sat on the couch. She extended her brown leather booted foot forward. “Clean them with your tongue and grovel on your hands and knees. Lick your jizz off my boots.” He didn’t know what to do. “Now, Rick your parents aren’t going to want to find you at a mental health clinic.” He put one knee down at a time and then leaned his body towards her brown booted foot, stopping himself with his hands. He looked at her boots and they were still sexy even though he could see his dried spunk dots on the brown leather. “Lick little boy.” His heart raced, he couldn’t believe in what she was doing to him.

He was so nervous but he found his tongue coming out of his mouth. He leaned even more and saw her boot getting larger, as he leaned his face up to it. “There you go.” His tongue hit the leather and he could taste its blandness and it’s polish. The smell filled his nose. “That’s a boy, now lick all your mess up or you’ll be punished. I better not see any of your sperm or else. C’mon Bitch, I said clean!” She hurled out at him. And she shoved her boot in his face.

He dug his tongue in and frantically cleaned. He was overwhelmed by the taste of her boot and her abruptness. Her manner excited him again. “Yeah, clean it boy, hmm nice, clean, clean, clean it, or else.” He licked and licked her brown leather heel, toe, leg and zipper. His tongue was dry and he thought he got it all. He raised his head. She raised her sexy brown booty and looked at them intensely. “You crossed a line with me Rick. A line that I may, or may not, let you back over…Hmph.” She extended her foot and pointed; “You left a saliva stain, get up Rick.”

Rick got up and faced her. He felt so humiliated. It made him hard. “Turn around.” She growled. He did and he felt her unbutton his pants from behind and pull them down. His cock was exposed and his ass was in her face. “Bend over.” She ordered. He did. He felt a quick smack on his ass cheek. He yelped. “If you flinch, move or say anything again, I’ll make sure to sit in the psychologist’s office with your parents, I swear,” She smacked again on the other check and then back the other check.

Back and forth his whole rear was swelling with pain but his dick was a flagpole. She spanked again and again. When she stopped his ass felt numb and swollen. “Turn around,” She said as she laid in one final crack with the back of her hand. He did and when he faced her, his pole stood out. She looked at it. He then he saw that she had her skirt hiked up and her hand had been in her panties. “Get on your knees.” He did. She grabbed her panties with both hands and ripped them open and off. She reached up grabbed his ass cheeks and wrapped he legs around his waist. Her boots clenched around his ass and her hairy muff seemed to suck in his dick.

He felt the warm slick skin of a woman around his penis. He could only mummer, “I’m a Virgin” once. She then used her boot-clad legs to pump his ass from behind. Her leather pressed on his sore ass and he could feel its sexy smooth strength move him. Her legs pumped him in and out, in and so they formed leather pumped perverted machine. “Good virgin, make me cum” she responded. He tried to speak up but her boots pressed his flesh in rhythm and she took his hands and made him caress her sexy brown boots. ‘Now shut up and fuck your Auntie Rae, Ricky.”

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