Backscratch Ch. 02Backscratch Ch. 02


My eyelids fluttered open. I felt like I’d been run over by a truck. I was exhausted! I turned to look at the clock; 9:45?! Holy shit! I never slept this late. My mind sprang awake as I noticed the sun leaking last the curtains.

My breath suddenly caught in my throat as the recollection of last night suddenly washed through my addled brain. “Holy shit!” I whispered aloud, recalling every detail of what had occurred last night. My penis, already thickened by my need to urinate, fairly sprang to full erection at the memory of Mom kissing the tip last night, the image of my cum splashing over her nude body, the feel of her nipple in my mouth. “Hoollllllllyyyy shit!” I repeated.

I suddenly listened for signs of life from the rest of the house. Mom must be up by now. My ears rang with the silence of an empty house. I thought of my best friend Rhett, who lived just 4 doors down the street, faster if you took the cut through the woods. How could I ever tell him about last night. He already was jealous of how close my mom and I were, always touching and very physically affectionate. I can’t tell him. I can never tell him. I wondered briefly if he would be able to tell without actually being told.

I was starving! I hadn’t been hungry when we sat down to dinner and before my usually late night snack, Mom had come in to scratch my back. I never did get back downstairs. I briefly thought of a shower, but then thought of the pool and Jacuzzi, maybe I would just grab something to eat and have a swim instead. I got up and wrapped a towel around my waist and headed downstairs, wondering where Mom would have gotten to.

I strolled into the kitchen and noticed her sitting at the table in the bay window, legs pulled up, arms around them, gazing into the yard. She turned slowly to me and her thoughtful look shifted to a warm smile. “Good morning, sweetie. You’re very late.” I just stood and stared as she dropped her feet to the floor. “This coffee’s gone cold.” She stood and brought her cup over by me to heat it in the microwave. “How’s my beautiful boy?”

I noticed that she was wearing the thinnest, gauziest, little robe over an otherwise completely nude body. Her perfect breasts swayed and danced as she moved. I could clearly make out the slightly darker nipples and the soft tuft of dark blond hair above her otherwise shaved pussy lips. I watched her from behind as she put her cup in the ‘wave and watched as it heated. Her hips were bobbing slightly as if to music. I had noticed that she did this a lot these days.

I went and sat at a barstool at the kitchen counter to watch her, my erection tenting the front of my towel. I had begun to notice the fact that Mom had become a bit odd since the loss of my Dad and brother; a bit dingy, but mostly just in a world of her own, hearing music that was only inside her head. She was just not quite all there; not all quite here actually, she was partly somewhere else most of the time. This was part of the reason she had become so unconcerned about her being so casual and immodest around me lately.

Her coffee warmed, Mom came and climbed onto the counter next to me, sitting her sexy round bottom not a foot away. The sun, slanting through the room, backlit the sexy soft hair on her thighs. Her calves were always shaved smooth, but she had never shaved her thighs. The hair was downy soft and almost invisible except for the backlighting. It was very sexy. I could clearly make out the musculature under her skin as she flexed her thighs getting comfortable.

“So, what’s on for a lazy Saturday?” she asked.

“Well,” I started, distracted, “I was thinking to have a soak in the hot tub, …”

“Mmmmm that sounds so nice right now!” she interrupted. Her pale blue eyes flashed playfully at me over the rim of her coffee cup. She took a noisy sip. “Would you mind terribly if I joined you?” I smiled and shook my head. She glanced down at my erection. “I suppose you were going in naked?” I nodded. Another sip of coffee. “Would it be terribly bad of me to do the same?”

“I don’t mind.” I told her, standing. Her eyes fell onto my erection again. I watched as her breathing deepened, her robe doing nothing to conceal the rise and fall of her chest. Her nipples seemed as erect as my cock. I took a few slow steps away from her, and then slowly, rather obviously, undid the towel and removed it, holding it in my hand and exposing my hard cock to her watching gaze.

It bobbed a bit, at its slightly upward angle, as she watched it. I extended my hand and it took her a beat to understand the invitation. She set down her cup and slid off the counter. We just stared at each other for a moment and then her hands went to the sash at her waist and began slowly to untie it.

“I get excited when I show you my body.” She said quietly. She had told me this last night. I simply smiled at her. “Do you like my body?” she asked. I nodded slowly “The way that it looks?” I just kept nodding and smiling. She waited for porno izle an answer.

“I love your body Mom. It is so beautiful and sexy.” She was still holding the robe closed in front of her.

“Yeah? You think so? I’m not getting too old to show it off for you?” I told her that she was perfect and not old at all. “So you like to see it? You enjoy seeing your mother completely nude?” I moaned that I did. “My breasts?” she asked, shrugging the robe off her shoulders, exposing both perfect tits for me. She gently shook her shoulders, making them sway just a bit. “They are still firm enough for you?” I grinned like an idiot, nodding.

“Oh Benjy! I loved having you suckle my breast last night.” She brought one hand up and began to tease the very nipple that had been between my lips last night. I was curious about the ‘Benjy’ moniker, but didn’t ask. “Mmmmm this nipple. This hard nipple. You have always suckled me so beautifully, when you were a baby, you would make me so wet!!” I could feel my cock bouncing with each heartbeat.

“You make my pussy ache, sweet baby.” She purred at me, glancing at my cock. “Oh Benjy, you naughty, naughty boy. Is your sweet penis all hard for Mommy?” I nodded to her smiling. “What a perfectly lovely hard penis you have, Benjy. I can’t believe I was so naughty as to actually kiss it and taste it.” We stood there just gazing at each other for a long moment. “You make Mommy’s pussy all swollen and moist. We make me very aroused. We are so very naughty together, aren’t we?”

“Are we?” I asked her. “Are we naughty, or simply in love?” Her eyes came to mine, at that thought. She seemed deeply thoughtful for a moment. I truly could not fathom what was passing through her mind at that moment. I had come to feel as though she weren’t really connecting with reality completely.

“Do you love me, sweetie?” she asked. I told her that I loved her more than life itself. “Life itself.” She repeated slowly. “Life, …” her look became distant. “Life, … and death, …” she mused quietly. “That is where we are, …” I was confused. “You and I, … we live somewhere between life and death, … here, but not here.” Her gaze went out the window as if she was mentally flying away. “Apart, …” she whispered. “We are apart from the world. Alone, cut off.”

After a long, uncomfortable pause, her gaze returned to me. “That is why we are together, like this, … aroused, naughty, …” My look told her that I wasn’t getting it. “We love, but are dead. No one else could ever, … get it, get us, be with us, … or us with them. There is no one else to turn to for love. We turn each other on,” her gaze returned to my aching cock. “We turn each other on so much, but can never be with each other, not like that, not ever.”

We shared a long look. Mom smiled gently. “You make my pussy so wet and ready. Do you know that?” Her right hand disappeared into her robe, touching her pussy behind the light fabric.

“Do I?”

Oh yes, Benjy. So wet.” We shared a long look. “Would you like to see?” I nodded slowly. “Yes? Would you like that? Would you like Mommy to drop her robe and show you her naked pussy, all wet and swollen?” I nodded again. “I get excited when I show you my body.” She said again.

I watched her slowly remove the robe and then her hand. Her pussy lips were so swollen and pursed open, exposing her inner labia and clitoris. “Can you see?” she asked. I staggered a bit and sat heavily in a chair and stared, entranced and nodded. “See my naked pussy, sweetheart? See Mommy’s bare pussy? I can see your lovely hard cock. We are so hot for each other, but can never, … can never, …” my eyes came up to hers, she was staring at me with a burning look. ” …fuck!” she said abruptly, sharply. “We can never fuck!” she repeated. “Benjy, you can never fuck me. You can never fuck your own mother.”

She moved over towards me and half sat on the table, staring at my cock. “You can never take this amazing cock, this gorgeous hard, luscious cock and push into my pussy. Spread my lips with its thickness. Fill my vagina with its fullness. You can never ram that beautiful member into me, hard and deep, again and again, over and over, …”

Her eyes came up to mine brimming with tears. “Oh Benjy, as much as I might want you to take me, to make love to me, to fuck me hard and deep, we can never do it.” I was about to faint. I could see stars behind my vision as she teased me, teased us both mercilessly.

She leaned over and her hand slowly reached out and gently cradled my heavy shaft. “I want it.” She whispered, so softly I almost didn’t hear her. “I want it so badly, I want you so badly, but, …” I reached down and gently raised her face to mine and I kissed her mouth softly. Her tears began to flow in earnest. “You would feel so good.” She moaned into my mouth. “You would fill me so good.”

I steeled myself and moved back. We were both about to turn into puddles on the floor. “I love you so much.” porno I told her. We exchanged a long look and then I stood, cock right in front of her, turned and headed for the hot tub. She simply sat there and watched me go.

It was still a bit chilly outside, it would warm up nicely later in the day. I moved the lid off the tub and slipped inside. My balls ached. The hot water soothed them shortly. I laid my head back, closed my eyes and replayed everything from last night and this morning. Fuck I wanted her so badly, but she was right; fucking would be so wrong.

I sat there for a long time before I heard the slider open. Mom stepped out onto the back deck, beautifully nude, with her coffee cup in hand. Her perfect breasts swayed enticingly as she approached and I was afforded a gorgeous view of her swollen pussy lips as she got into the tub. She sat opposite me, smiling gently. “Hello, my studly son.”

I smiled back and we sat for a long while, opposite each other, taking in the quiet, the warmth. Our feet had touched when she entered and remained against each other the whole time, but not moving. Now Mom’s toes began to move against me. Our feet began a slow caressing of each other.

Mom finished her coffee and as she set her cup out of the tub her breasts both came into view. They were so lovely, floating gently, full and round. Her nipples were gloriously erect. She turned to face me before they disappeared under the water again, letting me have a long lingering look at them. She extended her hand to me, beckoning me closer. I took her hand and she gently pulled me to her. Her hands moved to my hips and she turned me in the water until my back was to her.

She began to scratch my back under the water. It was heavenly, as always. I floated for a bit in front of her and let her work her nails all over my back and my butt. After a while she worked her hands around me and pulled me into her lap. Her legs were around me, our feet playing gently. Her right hand stroked up to my chest and pulled me back against her breasts. Her left hand stroked my stomach, clear down to the root of my cock, which we both noted was completely hard; of course.

“You and I,” she began, whispering to me, “we are apart from the world. You and I are alone, cut off. From everyone and everything.” She had told me this earlier. I wasn’t sure what she meant, although I sensed validity in her statement. We had lost so much; so much of ourselves. I didn’t think anyone else could really understand how much. Having our family reduced by half, in such a horrific way, had created such a close bond between us remaining 2 that no normal measure of family, familial bonding, maternal bonding, could be used to measure our connection.

In college psychology I had begun to measure the effects of Endorphins and Oxytocin on relationships and human bonding, that closeness and tenderness, created an even greater, more powerful connection, when present. It was a chemical in the body that induced labor or brought in a new mother’s milk after giving birth. The stimulation of the nipples caused a rush of Oxytocin to be released. I wondered if Mom was under the influence of such a powerful drug. My attention to her breasts, and further my suckling of her nipples may have caused even more to be produced in her.

I could feel her soft breasts against my back as I leaned back against her. “You are everything to me now, Benjy.” She whispered directly into my ear.

“Why ‘Benjy’?” I asked her, after considering the name for a bit. Mom remained quiet for a while, considering. I didn’t press, I just waited.

“When you were born, your father and I were still working on a name for you, there were several. My favorite uncle was named Benjamin, he lived in Montana. He had been a cowboy all his life and never married, but I always thought he was so cool. He was really handsome, like you, and was a bit of a tough guy. When I was a little girl though, he was the sweetest man towards me. This huge, tall studly ‘guy’s-guy’ would come and visit and sit on the floor and play with me. We’d play with my dolls and have tea parties, he let me ride around on his back and …” her voice became even more a whisper.

“Late one afternoon we were coming back from seeing a movie and his truck was run off the road by an 18-wheeler. We crashed into a ditch and his truck was stuck, the 18-wheeler just kept going. We were in the middle of nowhere. My leg was badly hurt and I couldn’t walk. Benjamin picked me up and carried me 6 miles to the crossroad where we were picked up and taken to the hospital. I didn’t find out unit later that he was injured by a piece of metal that had stabbed him in the back.”

“He lost so much blood carrying me that 6 miles that he almost died by the time we got to the hospital. I saw his clothes afterwards and they were completely soaked through with blood. I was out of the hospital the next day. Benjamin was in for a week and a half. He never let on rokettube that whole time walking, that he was hurt so bad. He was determined to get me to safety. He was willing to give his life for mine.”

I quietly laid back against her as she silently remembered this man I had never met. “He was the greatest man I ever knew.” She finally continued. “So when Daniel was born I wanted to name him Benjamin. Your father was adamant that he be named after his father. Then you came along.” She kissed the back of my head. “We fought about the name. I was just as adamant as he had been about Daniel. He could tell that I was going to get my way, or else. So, … you’re my Benjamin.” She kissed my head again.

I sat and waited for more info. Mom remained silent. “But, … why ‘Benjy’?” I asked her again.

“Benjamin is a man’s name. A manly man’s name. A perfect name for you. When you were just born though, you were, … so tiny, … so helpless, it didn’t seem to quite fit yet. The very first time I nursed you, you were a Benjy. Unlike your brother, who nursed like he was eating a bowl of cereal, late for school, you were calm, relaxed, unhurried.” She kissed me again. “He would be done in a minute and a half. You would take a half an hour.” She went quiet again for a while.

“I would hold you in my arms, my nipple in your mouth, and you would just look at me, with this happy little face. By 2 months you loved to reach up and hold my entire breast. Just suck me and suck me. I can only admit now, and only to you, that you gave me so many orgasms when you did that.”

“I did?” I asked her.

“Oh yes!” she whispered into my ear, following it with her tongue into my ear. “You would suck my breasts and I would gently stroke my clit and cum like crazy. My little Benjy. You made me cum more than you father did. Your father didn’t ever know about the orgasms, but he was jealous of your time at my tits. I loved to nurse you, sweetheart. Hold you close and let you pleasure my nipples with your lips and tongue.” Another, longer pause then, “Then, … last night, …”

Her left hand began to stroke my stomach again. “Then last night, …” Her fingers found and wrapped around my hard cock. “Your mouth on my nipple last night, … You sucking on me, … Benjy, … I know it made you as excited as it made me. You’re excited right now. Your beautiful, perfect penis is so hard for me right now.” She began to stroke the length. “My sweet Benjy.” She began to move me around again like last night.

She pulled me and turned me in the water until I was laying in her lap again. She gathered me to her, cooing. “Oh Benjy. My sweet baby.” She cradled me in her arms, scooching her breasts up out of the water. I felt like the baby again. “Yes. Just relax, Mommy’s got you, sweetheart, Mommy’s got you.” I felt her tilting my head gently. “C’mere sweet baby. Yeah, that’s my sweet baby. Suck on Mommy, sweetheart.” I reached up and took hold of the soft flesh, taking the erect nipple into my mouth, sucking and licking.

“Mmmmm yes, Benjy. That’s it sweet baby. Suck Mommy’s big tit. Let Mommy play with herself while you suck and lick.” I busied myself with her nipple, squeezing and releasing the soft tissue. “Mmmmmmm, wonderful darling.” I could tell she was working her hand under me in between her legs, playing with herself. Her right hand found my cock again and took a firm hold of it. “Mmmmmm such a manly man. Just like Benjamin. You are so like him; you’re built like him. I bet he was built like you too, with a nice big cock like yours. You have such a magnificent penis Benjy.”

We lay like that for a long time, floating, sucking, stroking. Finally our reverie was broken by Mom’s noisy orgasm. “Oh baby!” she panted. “Oh my sweet Benjy! You’re doing it again!” Our mutual quaking was rippling the water and getting it into my face. I broke away finally. Mom’s nipple was red and distended. “Mmmmmm look at that, you naughty, naughty boy! Mommy’s nipple is all red from your mouth.”

I moved to get out and sit on the edge. “I’m so hot in this water.” My cock was bobbing and weaving as I moved. Mom’s eyes never left it. “Benjy, you naughty, naughty boy!” Mom was eyeing my cock hungrily. “What a perfect cock. You look like you’re ready to cum too.” I nodded and began to stroke it. “No, no, baby! Let Mommy do that.” She moved closer and took my erection into her hand. “Yes! Thick and long and straight, … and hard as a rock!!” her fingers began to stroke up and down.

“You’re making me drool for it, you bad, bad boy! Naughty!” She drooled saliva into her hand and used it to slick my shaft. It felt so smooth slipping in and out of her tight grip. “Mmmm yes! So hard! Ohhhh baby. I would love to suck you so deeply. Take this gorgeous big cock into my soft wet mouth and lick it all over. Let you hold my head and fuck it in and out.” Her eyes flicked up to mine, with a look of burning intensity. She used a milking motion to squeeze out a fat droplet of precum. “Mmmmm.” She moaned leaning in to lick the tip. “I love the taste of you. Your cum must be so tasty, Benjy. I would love to drink it all. If it weren’t so naughty, I would. Take your sweet full load into my mouth and savor the sweetness.”

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