Cathy Loves ItCathy Loves It


Disclaimer: All names and places have been changed to protect the anonymity of the participants. My wife, Cathy is her fictitious name in this story, was 18 at the time of the events described. Her parents, whose fictitious names are Harry and Mary in this story, were 40. My goal is to assemble all the details Cathy related to me about this period in her life in a chronological order. How she became the sensual, uninhibited woman that I met when she was 35 was a subject we never tired of talking about.

The story continues…

Sex went from being a non-factor to the focal point in Cathy’s life from that day forward. For the first time, Cathy felt she had discovered something she was really, really good at. Nothing in her life up to that point gave her such a feeling of confidence. Instinctively, Cathy understood the effect her body had on both Harry and Mary and how use it for effect. The multiple orgasms she experienced that first day also taught her that she absolutely loved sex. Seeing the lust in her Daddy’s eyes was all the incentive Cathy needed to follow every instruction she was given with delight.

Mastering new techniques was easy for Cathy. Anything she could do to enhance Daddy’s pleasure and, as a result, her own, created a desire to be great at it. That’s what set sex apart from everything else in Cathy’s life. She loved it, she was great at it and she had a burning desire to always get even better at it.

From that first time she stood naked in front of her Daddy and saw the lust in his eyes, Cathy realized she had a valuable gift-an awesomely hot body. Now lingering naked in front of her mirror (something she avoided up until now), running her hands over herself She could admire it in a way she never had before.

Daddy is right, she remembered thinking. My breasts are beautiful. Large, totally firm, cute pink nipples. Beautiful! Even at 18 Cathy had a womanly body, curves in all the right places, a shapely but firm butt and legs that were made to wear high heels and mini skirts. Looking at herself naked began to turn her on too. Masturbating suddenly seemed very natural. Cathy was on the same page with her Daddy. She was hot and she loved it too!

Mary had her hands full during the next few months keeping an air of normalcy around the house. Keeping Cathy focused on being the big sister instead of Daddy’s insatiable lover took constant attention. Mary made sure Cathy didn’t dress any differently or show any differences in her behavior towards Daddy. The secret had to be kept.

For Cathy, controlling it while going through the daily routine of school and helping Mom with the many tasks involved in keeping the other 4 kids fed, clothed and transported to their various after school activities required a lot of concentration. Acting like nothing was different when, in fact, everything was different was critical to the success of their arrangement. Mom, Dad and Cathy all worked very hard to make sure that there were no clues for anybody to think something was going on.

From Monday though Friday, Harry worked the 4-12 shift at the machine shop so he was around only for an hour in the afternoon when everybody came home from school. In that time before work, Harry too worked hard to maintain the facade that not a thing had changed. He spent the time talking with everybody, playing catch in the backyard with the boys if the weather was OK, enforcing the rules about chores, etc. just like he always had done. Cathy was just one of the 5 kids in the afternoon.

It was at 12:30 when Harry came home from work when the facade could come down. Mary could let Daddy and Cathy loose on each other. As Mary noted to Cathy, now Harry always has a big smile on his face when he comes through that door.

The mood for each night’s encounter began to develop the moment Cathy opened her eyes in the morning.The glow she felt from being fucked so thoroughly just a few hours before was a wonderful feeling to wake up to Cathy remembered. Lying in bed touching herself, with images from the previous night flashing through her mind aroused Cathy’s imagination in anticipation of how hot doing it all over again that night was going to be.

Harry and Mary’s day started out the same way. Like a teenager, Harry woke up with an erection despite having come 2 or 3 times before sending Cathy back to her bedroom. Mary was thrilled torbalı escort to see this excitement in Harry and the happiness it brought to their marriage. Talking about the previous night and listening to the ideas Harry would come up with about what he wanted Mary to do to prepare Cathy for tonight always turned Mary on. Mary would alternate between stroking and sucking Harry’s cock while they talked. Once the plans were finalized for that night, Mary would expertly suck Harry off and swallow his first load of the day.

Bedtime for the younger kids was strictly enforced at 9:30pm. As was her custom, Cathy would help get the kids to bed and then take her shower. Cathy’s new custom now was to masturbate for the second time that day in the shower. Gently rubbing her clit with one hand and feeling her nipples with the other, it never took long to bring on a body shaking orgasm. Even then, one orgasm was never enough for Cathy. All she could think about after she came was how to get started on the next one. Leaving the bathroom and very quietly turning towards her parent’s bedroom instead of her own, Cathy always knew Mary was ready to help her make sure the next one wouldn’t be far away.

Now the mood changed from mild anticipation to full sexual arousal for Cathy. Mary too was aroused waiting for Cathy to come sit with her on the bed. Watching her beautiful daughter fuck Harry so well each night gave Mary a desire to touch Cathy in ways she had never felt before. Cathy remembered sensing within the first couple of days of their bedroom conversations that her Mom was turned on by her almost as much as her Dad was.

Their explicit conversations soon evolved into demonstrations of techniques that would involve Mary using a dildo and, soon, her mouth on Cathy. Feeling quite special, Cathy loved the attention from her Mom too. Listening to Mary tell her about how her Daddy loved something she did the night before (like the first time she 69’ed with him) or instructions about what Daddy wanted that night (like fucking her tits) made Cathy feel totally comfortable and excited about all of it.

Cathy estimated that it was within the first week when one of these demonstrations turned into Mary eating her. Cathy remembered standing in front of Mary with one foot up on the bed next to her. Mary was using the dildo on her to show Cathy how Daddy was going to fuck her standing up that night. The passion built so quickly that it seemed perfectly natural when Mary dropped the dildo and got on her knees and buried her face in Cathy’s pussy. Cathy remembered holding her head with both hands and grinding her pussy hard against her Mom’s mouth. The intensity of that orgasm left no doubt in Cathy’s mind that being eaten was great by either sex. Kissing her Mom afterwards, tasting herself on her lips, Cathy felt so happy and content in her Mom’s arms. From that day forward, lesbian sex became an important part of Cathy’s life too.

As 12:30 neared, the ladies would assume their positions in preparation for Harry’s arrival home. Mary would go downstairs to wait for him in the kitchen and usually Cathy would lay nude on the bed waiting for them to come upstairs. Harry and Mary would sit in the kitchen and talk for 5 or 10 minutes about the plans for that night and any last minute changes Harry might have come up with (like the night he decided he wanted Cathy to come downstairs and bend over the kitchen table for him). Usually though, they would walk into the bedroom, beer in hand, and lock the door.

As soon as Harry and Cathy saw each other, they both couldn’t wait to start fucking. Cathy would tease Harry by touching herself while he undressed knowing he was already going crazy getting his clothes off as fast as he could. The sight of his thick, 8″ cock, fully erect never failed to make Cathy eagerly assume the position Mary had instructed her to for their first fuck of the night. Whether she got on her knees or stood up or lay on her back, Harry would bury his cock in her and start fucking his hot, insatiable daughter like a dog in heat. No foreplay necessary. Their pent-up passion came out all at once in 10 or 15 minutes of seriously hard fucking. Harry would flip his daughter over, or lift her up off the bed like she was weightless and pin her against the wall while he rammed his cock into her or sit on the edge of the bed urla escort and bend her over in front of him so she could sit on his cock and let his hands guide her hips up and down on his throbbing erection.

Whatever positions Harry cycled her through the ending was always the same. Cathy’s mouth on Harry’s cock, swallowing every drop of his come.

Mary would watch from a chair by the bedroom door just in case anybody got up unexpectedly. Watching the passionate scene unfolding before her eyes satisfied Mary in a different way. The way she saw it, she had saved her marriage by suggesting this arrangement and loved the confirmation every night that she had been right. Oddly, she never felt like she wanted to join in with them. Their fucking was so intense she thought it would be an unnecessary intrusion.

All they needed was each other. Mary enjoyed her time with each of them individually at other times of the day. She thought of herself at Cathy’s age and how wonderful it would be to have a lover like Harry. There was no jealousy in Mary’s mind when she thought of Cathy. Of course Harry would love to fuck such a hot young girl compared to her. That’s why she proposed the idea in the first place.

Mary knew Harry still loved her as much as ever and maybe even more since this all started. He was happier than he ever had been and thanked Mary for it. Mary enjoyed her role as spectator to the hottest live sex show in the area. Once the two lovers collapsed back in bed to catch their breath after their first fuck, Mary would quietly slip out of the room and get a beer for Harry and a glass of ice water for Cathy. Seeing them laying in each others arms smiling at her as she handed them the much need cold drinks was a great reward for Mary.

Their second fuck would be a more leisurely affair. Now they would take the time to kiss and caress each other while they drank their cold drinks. Cathy loved to kneel between Daddy’s legs and suck him while he sipped his beer and encouraged her efforts. When Harry put his beer down, things would start moving along much quicker. Harry loved to eat Cathy so they often ended up in a 69 for awhile or Harry would have Cathy sit on his face.

Harry loved Cathy’s ass too so he never left that out. Rimming Cathy was one of his favorite things to do. Watching Cathy squirm against his tongue, Mary knew it wouldn’t be long before Harry would want to start fucking that beautiful ass too. Cathy loved getting rimmed so much she figured Harry would like it too. Mary had never rimmed Harry because he never once expressed any interest in her doing it. When Cathy decided to go for it one night while she was blowing him, He loved it. Cathy loved feeling him react to the touch of her tongue and incorporated rimming him into her blowjob technique thereafter.

Watching each of them do anything they could think of to pleasure the other was beautiful to see for Mary. They were making love to each other.

The fucking usually started with Cathy on top. Harry loved watching her squat over his hips and impale herself on his long, thick cock. She would steady herself by leaning forward slightly and placing her hands on his chest and then start her hips bouncing up and down on his rock hard shaft. Cathy remembered loving to fuck like that. The combination of being able to look in his eyes, feeling his hands on her breasts and being able to control the speed and depth of her thrusts fit together in a way that made Cathy feel completely confident in her ability to pleasure her Daddy.

Cathy loved showing Daddy that she loved it hard and fast too when she was in control. They never stayed in one position for too long. Harry loved whispering instructions to Cathy and getting her into different positions. To give her a rest from being on top, She often ended up on laying flat on her stomach with Harry kneeling across her hips, driving his cock into her from behind. Then he might pull her hips up so she would be kneeling allowing him to plow her doggy style.

After 5 minutes, he would have Cathy lay on her side with her leg up so he could hug it to his chest while he knelt between her legs. That’s the way they fucked. Moving from one position to another eagerly proving to each other their desire to do anything to please each other.

After 30 or 40 minutes of this this, Mary could buca escort tell when Hary settled into a position that would be the last. His hips started driving Cathy harder into the mattress bringing gasps of pleasure from her with every thrust. Soon he would be grunting involuntarily from the effort of pistoning his cock as hard and as fast as he possibly could into his panting, orgasming daughter. This time he would come inside her not wanting to to stop his rhythm a second earlier than he had to. Harry’s body would twitch when his come started spurting into Cathy’s dripping pussy and the sounds that only come from people in the throes of orgasm filled the room.

Mary would sit on the edge of the bed when they were done and hand them their drinks. They were both covered in sweat from their exertions and exhausted. Recovering enough for a third round would take too long except on weekends so they would all just relax and talk knowing the night’s encounter was coming to an end.

That is until one day when a thought popped into Cathy’s head. She loved the way Mary ate her and realized that, with her pussy throbbing from all that fucking, it would feel wonderful right then. Cathy pulled her Daddy’s head over so she could whisper in his ear “Daddy I would love it if Mommy would eat my pussy right now. It would feel so good and she could get all that come out of there”. Harry pulled away and looked at her surprised by such a request. In a second he realized that if Cathy wanted it she should get it no matter what it was.

Harry turned to Mary and smiled “There is something we would like you to do Mary”. With that Harry opened Cathy’s legs and wiped some of the come off her thigh with his index finger. “Taste this Honey. Cathy wants you to eat the rest out of her pussy. Will you do that for us?”

Mary nodded and moved on the bed until she was kneeling between Cathy’s legs. She leaned over and kissed Harry “Don’t you worry Mister. I will get every drop of that delicious come out of Cathy’s pussy” With that she grabbed Cathy’s legs just above her knees and pushed them back to her chest. Come had already started leaking out of her pussy on to the sheets. Mary started by licking up that little puddle and then ran her tongue the full length of Cathy’s pussy bringing a shudder of excitement to Cathy’s body.

Harry watched closely as Mary started licking the come from Cathy’s thighs fascinated. Cathy smiled at him and moaned letting him know how happy she was that he asked Mary to do this. Mary buried her tongue in Cathy’s pussy going after every drop as she had promised.

“This is by far the best time to be eaten” thought Cathy to herself. Cathy didn’t need the recovery time Harry did for another orgasm. Mary had her coming in less than 10 minutes. Feeling Cathy’s body quivering through another orgasm, Mary stopped eating her and moved up to give her a long, deep kiss. Cathy put her arms around her and kissed her back. Cathy wanted to include Mary in their lovemaking and this was a perfect way to do it. Harry kissed her too not caring that there was come on her cheeks. This became part of their daily routine from that day forward.

Cathy remembers the months from her birthday in November to the spring vacation week in February as kind of a blur of sex like that every night. Some things would stand out, like the first time Mom ate her in front of Daddy, but she remembers it as one continuous orgy of fantastically wonderful sex. She loved everything about it. Enjoying everything about sex came naturally to Cathy. Whether it was the first time she swallowed come or rimmed Daddy or had anal sex or let Mommy eat her Cathy loved it all.

Her eagerness to try new things was an aphrodisiac for Harry that drove him to constantly think of new things to do. Their pleasure was mutual and fed off of each other. The wheels started turning in Harry’s mind about how he could get more time with Cathy than a couple of hours a day. The answer came when his sister Ellie called to invite the family to her house in upstate New York for spring vacation. Mary caught on right away too that his was what Harry was waiting for. Mary told Ellie that she would love to come with the kids but Harry had not been able to get that week off this year and Cathy had her job at the local supermarket so they wouldn’t be able to come.

Of course, Harry never asked for the week off and Cathy had started that job a month ago to set up her excuse to stay home in just such a case. Yes! A week alone!. Harry’s imagination ran wild with all the things he wanted to do. It’s time to take Cathy to the next level.

Spring vacation on the way…

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