Aunt Michelle Knows Our SecretAunt Michelle Knows Our Secret


“C’mon Bray, we are going to be late!” my cousin yelled as she was walking down the stairs.

“I’ll be done in a sec Brooke, damn!” It was that time of the year, our annual family get together at the lake. I, for one, didn’t want to go. Mainly because I hated how my parents praised and worshiped my sister and all of her accomplishments. My sister was a doctor or some shit like that. My parents and I never really got along, which is the main reason why I was living with my cousin, Brooke.

“You know I hate this shit.” I said to Brooke as we got in her car.

“It’s not that bad, we are only going to stay long enough to make our rounds. Maybe an hour or so.” We left and headed to the lake.

When we got there, Brooke walked over to her parents and I headed straight for the food table. It wasn’t long before my parents arrived and walked over to me. My mom made a stupid comment about me eating all the food before everyone else could get any.

“So Bray, what have you been doing lately. Still giving alcohol to those cheap girls?” my mom asked.

“As a matter of fact, yes. But they are by no means cheap.” I replied back. I was a bartender at a local night club.

After being at the lake for about 30 min, I decided to go for a swim. I walked over to Brooke and asked if she wanted to come. “I don’t have any extra clothes” she replied.

I gave her the look, her and I both know that clothes wasn’t the issue.

“Well, I’ll just go alone then” I said back to her.

I walked over to the bank of the lake, stripped off my shirt and shorts and jumped in. I guess Brooke didn’t want me to be alone because not long after I got in, she came strolling towards the lake.

I know she was my cousin but Brooke was sexy as fuck. She was a short slender girl, maybe 5′,110lbs if that. She had some of the most perfect tits I had ever seen. Big, round, and perky D cups. Her ass was flawless; round and firm. She stripped down to her bra and panties and got in the lake with me.

“You see, it ain’t that bad” I said to her.

“Fuck you, Bray” she replied back.

“Promise?” I questioned.

“Shhhhhhh, not so loud. If anyone finds out, we are both dead.” she answered.

Brooke and I have had a sexual relationship ever since I moved in with her about 2 years ago. We figured if it was only sex and not feelings toward each other then it was ok for us to have sex.

We swam for a few minutes and then got out. I quickly pulled my boxers off and pulled my shorts back on. I stood and watched to make sure no one was looking while Brooke took off her wet bra and panties and put her clothes back on. She had me run to her car to get some band-aids to cover her nipples because she didn’t want them poking through her shirt and everyone to noticed she was no longer wearing a bra. Once all of that was done, we rejoined the family. My parents, as usual, we’re talking about how my sister received an award from the hospital and shit like that.

My uncle looked Ankara escort at me and asked,” Bray, what have you been doing lately? Still in college, I’m guessing?”

I wanted so bad to tell him I have been fucking his daughter but I looked at him and said, “Yep, still in college, I have 2 semesters left.” My parents looked at me with a shocked look on their face. Like they were surprised that I hadn’t dropped out yet. I had been going to college for photography and videography. Not a very proud profession in my family, seeing as everyone in my family was a doctor or lawyer or some other profession that made a lot of money.

After a few more minutes, I looked at my watch and made some lame excuse on why I had to leave. Shortly there after, Brooke and I walked to her car. Brooke’s mom followed us.

“Brooke!” she called out.

We both turned and her mom walked up to us. “I was wondering if maybe I could stop by later this afternoon, after I get your dad home?”

Brooke looked at me and then said, “Oh well Bray and I have a lot of work to get done at the house.”

“Brooke, I know better than that. I know about you and Bray fucking each other.” she replied. “You remember about 2 years ago when y’all first moved in together, I had come over to help y’all move in. I guess y’all thought I had left and y’all started fucking on the couch. Well I saw you guys and I decided to keep it a secret.”

Brooke and I looked at each other like we had just been caught.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, as long as I get to join from time to time.” she commented.

What choice did Brooke and I have. We had to say yes or our secret would be told to everyone.

“Sure mom, feel free to stop by anytime you’d like.” Brooke said to her mom.

We got in the car and drove away. “What the fuck was that about?” I asked Brooke.

“I have no fucking clue” she answered.

We were about half way home when we both got a text from her mom. It was a picture of her pussy, dripping wet. The message said, “I can’t wait for you to feel how wet I am” We both looked at each other, shocked.

I could feel my cock starting to get hard. The thought of not only fucking my cousin but also fucking my aunt on a regular basis was getting me excited. Brooke must have noticed the bulge in my shorts because she reached over and began rubbing my semi hard cock. Neither of us knew what we were getting ourselves into but we didn’t care.

We soon pulled up at our house and walked in. Brooke headed upstairs to take a shower after having swam at the lake.

“Why don’t you come shower with me, Bray.” she said.

“I’ll be up in a minute” I replied back to her.

I was flipping through the channels and stopped on one of the porn channels we had. Wasn’t long afterwards when I heard the water start running upstairs. I put done the remote and headed upstairs. Brooke stood there in front of the full length mirror she had in her bathroom. She was admiring her sexy body. Ankara escort bayan I walked in and pulled my shorts off, my cock still semi hard, swaying freely.

“I guess I should shave my pussy, right?” Brooke asked me.

I walked up to her and ran my hand over her trimmed pubic hair. I could feel the heat and moisture coming from her tight pink pussy.

“Well, you could if you wanted to but I would just trim it a little. I think it looks sexy like it is.” I answered her.

We got in the shower and washed each other, stopping every so often to kiss each other and play with each other. After about 30 min in the shower, we decided to get out. I kissed her and walked across the hall to my room. I pulled some shorts from my dresser and put them on. I walked down stairs, she was sitting on the couch watching TV. It was still on the channel I left it on. She was wrapped in just a towel. She knew how much I loved seeing her in just a towel.

Not long after we finished our shower, her mom arrived. She walked in through the kitchen carrying a duffle bag.

“Hey you two!” she said, catching our attention.

We looked back at her.

“What’s with the bag, Aunt Michelle.” I asked.

“Well, Frank and I got into a fight when we got home. I was hoping maybe I could stay here for a few days so we could get some space.” she replied.

“Of course you can stay, mom. You can have my room, I’ll sleep with Bray in his room.” Brooke said to her mom.

Her mom smiled at both of us, “Thanks you two.”

She walked over and sat next the me on the couch. Somehow, I ended up between Brooke and Aunt Michelle, which didn’t bother me at all.

Aunt Michelle was a very beautiful woman, not as petite as Brooke though. She was about 5’6 and a bit on the curvy side. She had big round natural DD cup tits and a big sexy round ass. The kind you just want to smack and grab. She had long reddish brown hair that went down well pass her ass. She was wearing a low cut t-shirt that showed her cleavage very well and tight black yoga pants. I noticed she wasn’t wearing panties by the slight wet stand between her legs.

She looked at me and smiled. “You have grown up to be a very attractive young man, Bray. It wasn’t long ago that I remember you running around your parents’ house butt naked, with you cute little penis out there for everyone to see.” she said.

“Thanks, but my penis isn’t little anymore.” I said with a chuckle.

“Well, mind if I see just how much you have grown?” she replied.

“He’s pretty big, mom. A lot bigger than dad and Mark.” Brooke mentioned.

Mark was her brother, I knew that they had had sex once or twice before a few years ago. She had walked in on her dad in the bathroom once, that’s how she knew what his cock looked like.

“Well, let’s see it Bray,” Aunt Michelle said.

I stood up in front of her, my cock merely inches from her face, and pulled my shorts off. My cock hanging freely.

“Holy fucking shit, Escort Ankara your cock is huge!” she shouted.

My cock was about 8 or 9 inches and 2 1/2 maybe 3 inches around.

“You are much bigger than Frank or Mark!” she said as she slowly grabbed my stiffening cock.

She took me into her mouth and began sucking my cock. I could feel it beginning to become rock hard. I looked back at Brooke and she had her legs spread and she was rubbing her clit as she watched her mom suck me off. It wasn’t long after that when Aunt Michelle had stripped her yoga pants off and was positioning me between her legs.

She put the tip on my throbbing cock against her soaking wet pussy. I leaned forward enough to grab the back of the couch, looking down at her, I asked if she was ready. She nodded and I thrust my big thick cock into her. She threw her head back and gasp as my cock filled every inch of her. I thrust back and forth a few times before she pushed me back and pulled my cock out of her. She let out a loud moan and squirted. A lot.

“Oh, fuck. Don’t stop, Bray. Don’t fucking stop!” Aunt Michelle moaned.

I slid my hard cock back into her. Her pussy was dripping wet as my cock slid in her with ease. I noticed Brooke was sitting at the edge of the couch, furiously rubbing her clit. I motioned to Brooke to come over and sit on her mom’s face. I guess Michelle took the hint as she began to tongue her daughters pussy and clit. It wasn’t long before Brooke was reaching her climax as she threw her head back and moaned as she squeezed her mother’s head between her legs. It was sure to be the first of many more that night.

I pulled my cock from Aunt Michelle’s pussy and Brooke leaned down and took me into her mouth. She moaned as she tasted her mother’s juices on my throbbing cock. It was my turn to taste Michelle, I laid on the floor, Michelle on my face and Brooke riding my aching cock. They faced each other and began kissing.

Michelle was feverishly rubbing her sopping wet pussy on my tongue as Brooke bounced up and down on my cock. With each motion, Brooke’s tight pussy seemed to grip tightly around my shaft. I knew that she was trying to get me to cum, but I wanted to save it so I could cum in Aunt Michelle’s pussy.

After a few minutes, Brooke and Aunt Michelle switched. Michelle slowly lowered her eager pussy onto my throbbing shaft. She rode me like you wouldn’t believe. I was getting close to orgasm and I saw that she was too. I timed it right, as I shot my cum into her pussy as she began to squirm and climax.

She tried to hold back her orgasm. She leaned back, my cock sliding out of her as Brooke leaned in and licked her mother’s pussy. She sent Aunt Michelle over the edge and she let out a load moan and squirted into Brooke’s mouth.

Brooke was in heaven, a mixture of her mom’s juices and my thick cum filled her mouth. She took it all in but she didn’t swallow it all. She want her mom to enjoy it as well. Brooke and Aunt Michelle embraced in a long kiss as Brooke pushed the savor cum mixture into her mothers mouth. The sight of the kissing, instantly made my softening cock hard again. We all knew that it was going to be a very long but very fun night. There was much more to cum…

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